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Ramit Sethi

There are few things in life worse than looking at photos from your high school yearbook.

No matter how cool you felt at the time, years later you look back and shake your head. What was I thinking? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

That’s exactly how I feel every time I watch older videos of myself and compare them to my recent work.

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ramitbeforeafterOne of my early videos compared to me now in my NYC studio

I’m talking about my very FIRST videos — the ones where my hair’s all messed up, the lighting is awful, the camera makes me look like I’m in a bubble, and I talk in circles. (See for yourself! I keep all my horrible old YouTube videos online here.)

On one hand, I die a little on the inside when I rewatch those videos — but it’s also kind of cool to see visual proof of how far I’ve come.

Not that long ago, I was socially awkward. This is before I even had the courage to post videos on YouTube. Ohhh god. I would walk into a meeting and start talking, and people would start looking around the table at each other.

How_to_Be_Confident_with_Ramit_Sethi“This f–cking weirdo…how did he get into this room?”

THE BAD NEWS: I was seriously socially awkward

THE GOOD NEWS: At least I recognized it!

Since then, I’ve been on national shows like the Today Show and spoken in front of big crowds. I’ve used video to teach millions of readers how to live a Rich Life. I regularly host live, online presentations with thousands of viewers.

And I’ve done all this without being a “natural” who could shoot the breeze for hours or strike up a conversation with anyone.

Here’s my secret: Social skills isn’t something you’re born with. It’s a skill. And like any other skill, you can improve your social skills.

In fact, once you learn a few quick strategies, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can go from dreading social events to having a good time meeting new people. Or go from being completely forgettable to being invited to upcoming parties.

I’ll prove it.

One of the greatest gifts I can share is the ability to improve your social skills. I’ve done it, and I’ve helped thousands of other people do it. And I’d like to help you, too — free.

Today, I’m very excited to share with you our new ultimate guide to improving your social skills.



This is some of the best material I’ve ever released on being more confident, developing charisma, having great conversations, making others like you, and overcoming social anxiety — all in one place for easy reference and beautifully designed.

And it’s free.

  • Want to meet new people and be able to start interesting conversations? Here are some simple ways to make small talk with anyone. (Covered in Part 2)
  • Can you learn to be more confident? YES. I’ll show you how confidence is a skill, and like any other skill, you can master it over time. (Covered in Part 3)
  • I know first hand that being that awkward guy, or girl, in social and professional situations is the worst. It’s embarrassing and unpleasant for everyone. Learn my best strategies for overcoming anxiety and being confident in groups. (Covered in Part 4)
  • Everyone has that friend who can walk into a bar and talk to anybody with ease. How do they do it? Learn the secrets for building instant connection (Covered in Part 5)

Notice that this is not like other ebooks, courses, and articles you’ll find. You will never find me telling you to “be yourself.” That’s lazy advice from people who don’t know any better.

Instead, this guide includes:

  • Tested conversation frameworks, proven tactics, word-for-word scripts to practice in real life.
  • “Social Skills Teardowns” where I diagnose and recommend improvements to real students’ conversation roadblocks. You’ll get access to these extraordinary videos where you’ll see their social skills improve right in front of your eyes
  • Body-language analysis so you become 10X more interesting — without changing a word.
  • Conversational scripts. Use these scripts to kickstart a conversation and keep it going — authentically and naturally

Like I said, I went above and beyond when I created this. That’s because I know mastering your social skills cuts to the core of your ability to live a Rich Life — in personal, professional, even intimate relationships.

Check out the guide. Try out some of the techniques or scripts. And enjoy the results you get for the rest of your life.

Remember — having just one conversation, making one new connection, or meeting one new person could change your life. This guide shows you how to do all that — and much more.

This truly is one the most powerful skills you can have.

I’m happy to give you the tools to master it — all for free — just for being an IWT reader.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. If you know anyone who could benefit from these tips, feel free to send them this free guide and let them know all the cool tips and valuable resources inside.

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