I Will Teach You To Be Rich podcast by Ramit Sethi

Real money stories from behind closed doors.

Why do some of us feel so anxious about money? Why do we feel guilty about spending on the things we love?

And how do we handle our finances in a relationship?

Most of us have never been taught how to have these conversations so we can get on the same page with our partner.

That’s where I come in. I’m sitting down with couples, who’ll share real money problems and real numbers from behind closed doors.

Some couples struggle, one is a spender and the other a saver. Other couples struggle on how to live their lives when they have hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt. One couple agonizes over the cost of groceries — even though they have a net worth of $8 million.

‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ gives you access to couples sharing the most intimate aspects of their lives. These are real stories about love and money from behind closed doors.


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Episode 26. “How do we create our Rich Life when we don’t trust and respect each other?”

Episode 25. “I want to pay for convenience, but my husband thinks it’s lazy”

Episode 24. “I’ve saved $0 for my upcoming unpaid maternity leave”

Episode 23. “I live in constant fear that our $425k income isn’t enough” 

Episode 22. “I’m quitting my job, but I’m worried my husband doesn’t support me”

Episode 21. Part 2: “I want to trust my wife with our money, but what if she blows everything?”

Episode 20. “My wife is going to divorce me unless I can stop being so cheap”

Episode 19. “My husband has been promising that we’ll buy a house in a few months… for five years”

Episode 18. “He’s the man & he should pay. We can’t go on like this any more”

Episode 17. “I think he should pay for everything because he’s the man”

Episode 16. “We’re worth $8 million but I comparison shop for strawberries”

Episode 15. “I have a $1 million trust fund and I’m scared to spend money on food”

Episode 14. “I hide my spending from my husband”

Episode 13. “I’m dumb with money and he’s making me feel worse”

Episode 12. “My husband won’t talk about money with me”

Episode 11. “My wife wants to quit her job, but I’m worried about money”

Episode 10. “Money is overwhelming, so we find instant gratification elsewhere”

Episode 9: “I hid thousands of dollars of credit card debt from my husband

Episode 8: “My wife is spending too much money”

Episode 7: “My parents keep expecting us to pay for them”

Episode 6: “We can’t afford to live in NYC, but my wife doesn’t want to leave the city”

Episode 5: “I paid off $50,000 of debt, but I still feel guilty buying toothpaste”

Episode 4: “My wife didn’t know I had $450,000 of debt until yesterday”

Episode 3: “My husband is going broke, but he won’t let me help”

Episode 2: “We’re worth over $1 million, but we’re so cheap, our friends don’t want to see us anymore”

Episode 1: “My husband doesn’t trust me to run our business”

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