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The Briefcase Technique – how a 2-minute video can help you earn thousands

The Briefcase Technique is a very simple tactic you can use to dominate any job interview, wow potential clients, or negotiate a higher salary. I’ve used this exact technique to earn thousands of dollars in salary and freelance negotiations.

Here’s how it works:

Note that it looks obvious, but the real magic is in doing your homework before you ever set foot in the room. 80% of the work happens before you ever sit down for a meeting.

As the business owner, when I’m considering hiring staff, I’ll talk to them about the business, hear their thoughts and generally get a feel for their skills and their personality. If I think there’s a possible fit, I’ll ask them about pricing or salary expectations.

Now, if the interviewee is using the Briefcase Technique, that’s the exact moment when they pull out a proposal document with things they’ve found in my business that they can improve and exactly how to do it. As the business owner or hiring manager, it’s the most compelling menu I’ve ever received. It’s a list of problems I already know about, and they’ve identified them from the outside. Then, a list of potential solutions.

You’ve suddenly separated yourself from 99% of other applicants.

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Actual Briefcase Technique results

“I used the briefcase technique to submit a proposal to a client and landed a $2,500 contract w/ continued business after.” – Uy T

“I love the briefcase technique. With it, I got jobs at 3 big Silicon Valley tech firms, whereas in my previous attempt, I did not get past the first-round interview with them.” – Vishal

“The briefcase technique to land many projects. One recent was a $2,000 website update to my existing design since I was able to present to the client the benefits it would bring including ease of updating and more traffic to their website.” – Tim

3 case studies of the Briefcase Technique in action

1) Vishal was able to hand pick his full time job after using the Briefcase Technique in his job interview strategy.

His call-back rate soared from 30% to 70% after the technique forced him to do the work before walking in the door. Here’s his story:

“My first interview was with an online tech company. From my conversations with alumni, I knew their biggest challenge at the moment was cloud computing pricing. Sure enough, that question came up early in the interview. I said ‘You know, I’ve thought about that issue and have a document that should address that.’ And I don’t mean just notes. I had a tables, a whole strategy.”

The interviewer was hooked.

“I could tell he was surprised,” Vishal recalled. “No one does this. But at the end he said it was the most in-depth discussion about company issues he’d had with an interviewee.”

Of his seven interviews, six companies offered him a job. An increase from 11% to 86%.

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2) Beth G. used the Briefcase Technique to beat out 3 PhD-level grads and land her dream job

Here’s her story:

Beth found her dream job on and decided to apply by writing a hyper-focused cover letter and tailored resume to specific position describing her value, key places where she can dominate for the company and descriptions of when she has done similar tasks in the past with showed results.

Then she used her network and found out her boss/mentor knew some VIP’s at the company and landed an interview. She prepared for the interview by creating a well prepared project proposal for the last grant they received. Then, right in the middle of the interview she handed the proposal out and went over it in detail explaining how she will implement it right away.

They called her back 3 days later with a “unanimous decision” to go with her over 3 PhD-level graduates (Beth has a Master’s degree).

3) James M. sent me an email after he used the Briefcase Technique to land two new clients and earn his first $1,000 on the side.

From the email, here’s how he did it:

“I took two people that I looked up to as Entrepreneurs out to lunch to learn from them. One family friend and one friend of a friend. Both lunches were just, “hey I really think you guys are doing great things and I want to model my career in the same direction and would love to get some insight from you.”

Then, unsolicited or unexpected by them, I used the brief case technique to whip out a document that showed them some really great things that Internet Marketing could do for their business. In both cases they were so excited they said they wanted me to setup Google AdWords campaigns for them which I currently do for a company I work for now.

Each project is about 10 hours worth of work and will get $50/hour. There is my 1k on the side.”


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