meet erin

Meet Erin

“There were places where Ramit pushed me and I was like ‘You’re wrong!’ But he was right.” – Erin Stutland

She had a solid business, but it was stuck

Erin helps women lose weight and build confidence through a special fitness program she created.

“I’m passionate about helping women feel better in their bodies. A lot of time people say, ‘I hate working out. Working out sucks.’ I want to help these people move in a way that’s really fun.”

She had an online business for a year before joining Zero to Launch, looking to grow her email list of roughly 4,000 subscribers.

“My online course was doing well, but I knew that it could be so much bigger than it was. I just wasn’t sure how to do that, how to grow my list and tap into more people.”

erin at work

Erin at work

Her big breakthrough

Erin didn’t want to talk about how her program helped women lose weight when she promoted her classes. The results her clients got went deeper than that; they loved the course because it gave them confidence and energy.

“I was resistant to talking about the physical changes that are part of the workout because, to me, my program is really about the internal changes.”

By following the Zero to Launch system, Erin learned the importance of talking with her audience and deeply understanding their pains and motivations.

“Ramit pushed me to talk to more people and find out what made them sign up for the workout, what they were really struggling with. And they told me they were struggling with their body, not their confidence.”

One Facebook conversation she had with a potential client completely changed the trajectory of her business. Hear her talk about the change in this video:

This insight overhauled the way she talked about and marketed her classes. The results?

  • 366% subscriber growth
  • 4X more sales
  • She sold more online courses in one month than she did the previous year

Listen to Erin talk about her amazing results here:

This was just the beginning

Erin was so successful, she was able to hire two new full-time employees over the past two years. Now she’s free to focus on big-picture planning and only works on the parts of the business she loves.

“I really love doing most everything on my to-do list. It’s not always a walk in the park, but for the most part, I’m like, ‘This is awesome!’”

And she continues to use lessons from Zero to Launch.

“I keep applying the things I learned: interviewing and talking to people, digging deep and understanding their challenges and fears, creating a product based on their real needs. Just by talking to people you gain so much insight into what they’re struggling with and how you can help.”


Erin’s website

“I worked less this year but made more money”

In January 2015, Erin’s life shifted dramatically. She got married, lost someone close to her, and wanted to step away from work — so that’s exactly what she did. Thanks to the business she set up, she was able to spend the year traveling with her husband — while earning more than ever.

“I didn’t feel ambitious this year. But because my business was set up in such a beautiful way and had been growing so nicely on it’s own, I was able to run things fairly easily and still make really great money.

In 2015, Erin and her husband went to Thailand, France, and Napa, and took several trips to Florida to visit her family. She even tagged along on her husband’s work trips so he wouldn’t have to be alone.

“There were days I told my team, ‘I’m not working Thursday or Friday’. I varied my work based on what my husband and I were doing.”


How Erin spent 2015

Why she recommends Zero to Launch

There are tons of programs out there that can help you build an online business. So why did Erin choose Zero to Launch?

For her, it was important to learn from someone who’s been successful and is invested in her success.

“Ramit may seem like a tough guy, who is ‘serious’ about success — and he is. But what I think what people may not see is that Ramit really cares deeply about each student’s success. I sense that he genuinely gets excited when someone has a win.”

“In addition to what you learn in Zero to Launch, you see first-hand what running a successful business looks like from him. He runs a super tight ship, but there is a lot of kindness, thoughtfulness, and transparency that is felt in everything he and the team does. I felt cared for while also experiencing a great model of success.”

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