How to Sell Digital Products in 2024 (Best Platforms & Products)

Want to sell digital products but are currently spoilt for choice (and not in a good way) in terms of what you want to sell and where you’re selling it? We get it — sometimes, too many good options can confuse you even more. 

So, rather than drowning you in hundreds of best-selling digital products and platforms, I’ve curated my five absolute top-performing options that you should be getting into in 2024. 

But first, let’s dive into the five reasons why digital products are a great investment. 

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Why You Should Sell Digital Products

We’ve heard all about digital products being all the rage in 2024. But do we know all the reasons why? 

Here are five compelling reasons why digital products are revolutionizing the way people maximize their income streams:

1. High Profit Margins

Unlike traditional physical products, these digital wonders are not subjected to hefty manufacturing, inventory, and shipping costs that eat at your bottom line. With digital products, once you’ve done the hard work of creating your masterpiece, reproducing and delivering it costs close to zilch. It’s like having an evergreen money tree that just keeps on giving.

2. Scale Better Than Physical Products

Scale up your business without breaking a sweat! Digital products are the rock stars of scalability, instantaneously replicating themselves for each eager customer. No need for extra warehouses or delivery trucks — there is no limit to how many downloads each product has. Plus, with an audience that transcends geographical borders, your sales grow the more people you reach.

3. Lower Start Up Costs

Ditch the financial stress and leap into entrepreneurship with ease. Compared to traditional product ventures that have higher financial risk, digital products require minimal upfront investment. Forget about costly raw materials and manufacturing equipment. The biggest cost? Your time, creativity, and genius ideas. 

4. Flexibility 

You’d surprise yourself with how many digital product “spin-offs” you can create from a single great idea. From engaging e-books that transport readers to far-off lands, to online courses that turn novices into pros, the options are limitless (see more product suggestions from my top 5 favorites below). 

And talk about customizability! Tailor your products to suit your client’s exact needs with a few easy clicks. Plus, well-designed digital products play nice with everyone, whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

5. Automated Sales Process

Passive income, anyone? Digital products sell themselves 24/7, without a single employee on standby. It’s like having a well-oiled robot working tirelessly for you, day and night. Your customers get instant gratification, and you can spend your time working on even more game-changing projects.

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Best Sales Platforms for Digital Products 

When it comes to selling digital products in 2024, you need a top-notch platform that works as hard as you do. 

To help you with that, here are my top picks, each with its unique charm to help you soar in the digital landscape:

1. Thinkific

Are you bursting with knowledge to share? Thinkific is your go-to buddy. Designed for creators selling online courses, this platform is a powerhouse for turning your expertise into profitable ventures. Create captivating lessons, engage your audience, and watch those dollar signs multiply. 

Pricing: Thinkific offers a “free forever” plan with limited features, and its paid plans start at $36 per month. 

2. Easy Digital Downloads

Got PDFs or eBooks to offer? Look no further. Easy Digital Downloads is your digital storefront for selling, well, digital downloads! Seamlessly present your creations to your audience, making those sales smoother than butter. 

Pricing: Easy Digital Downloads is a free WordPress plugin, with extensions and add-ons available for purchase starting at $99 per year per website.

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3. Sellfy

Simplicity meets elegance with Sellfy. Say goodbye to technical headaches and hello to a sleek and user-friendly design. Whether you’re selling art, music, or any digital goods, this platform has got your back, so you can focus on your craft. 

Pricing: Sellfy offers a 14-day free trial, and its paid plans start at $29 per month.

4. SendOwl

Starting your digital product journey and don’t want to break the bank? SendOwl has your back with its affordable pricing and beginner-friendly interface. Dip your toes into the world of digital sales — from audiobooks to e-books, photography, software, memberships, event tickets, online courses, and more — without feeling overwhelmed. 

Pricing: SendOwl’s paid plans start at $9 per month.

5. Gumroad

No website? No worries! Gumroad is your ticket to success in the social media and YouTube realms. Reach your audience directly, no fuss, no muss. If simplicity and social media power are what you crave, this is the platform for you. 

Pricing: Gumroad charges a 10% flat fee per transaction, excluding credit card processing and PayPal fees.

My Top 5 Digital Products to Sell in 2024

Now for the best part: What are the best digital products to sell, according to me — someone who has been in the game for decades? 

Well, get ready to conquer the market and make those digital dollars rain with these personal picks:

1. Online Courses

Are you a pro at something? Whether it’s cooking up mouthwatering delicacies or mastering the art of marketing, online courses are your platform to shine. Share your expertise, engage with your audience, and create a loyal community of learners. 

Online courses are a top contender because they offer a win-win situation. As the creator, you can leverage your expertise and passion to deliver valuable knowledge to a hungry audience. With a diverse range of subjects and a global reach, online courses have immense potential for recurring revenue.

The secret to success? Be the guide your audience needs on their journey, and watch your bank account grow as your students succeed.

2. eBooks and PDF Products

Got a way with words? Penning down your knowledge in eBooks or creating PDF products is a fantastic moneymaker. From how-to guides to insightful self-help books, the digital world craves valuable content. 

eBooks and PDF products are evergreen moneymakers. They require an upfront investment of time and effort, but once created, they can be sold repeatedly without additional production costs. 

With the ability to solve problems, inspire, or entertain, these digital products have a lasting impact on readers, making them highly sought after. So, let your creativity flow and turn your words into passive income!

3. Digital Art & Graphics

Is your imagination a whirlwind of creativity? Let your artistry be your ticket to a thriving digital career as you turn those digital masterpieces into cash! 

Design stunning graphics, illustrations, or even custom-made logos. The demand for captivating visuals is at an all-time high. From social media graphics to website designs, businesses and individuals constantly seek appealing digital art and graphics to help them stand out from the crowd. 

So, if you have a flair for design, turning your creativity into digital products opens doors to a highly profitable market. 

4. Software & Mobile Apps

Are you a coding wizard? Develop software or mobile apps that solve real-life problems! With the world becoming increasingly reliant on technology, a well-designed app or software can become a staple in people’s lives and a source of steady income for you.

So, start embracing innovation as you work on life-changers that streamline tasks, and watch your app downloads soar!

5. Memberships

Have a community that can’t get enough of your content? Offer them exclusive access through memberships. By providing exclusive access, personalized benefits, and ongoing engagement, you foster a sense of belonging that keeps members coming back for more. 

Whether it’s premium content, special perks, or a VIP experience, nurture your tribe and they’ll happily pay for the privilege.

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