Top 5 Most Lucrative Products to Sell Online in 2024

Imagine this: You wake up one morning, grab your coffee, and casually check your emails. You’re greeted with notification after notification, each one indicating a new purchase made. No, it’s not a dream, nor have you been hacked. It’s the reality of building an online business that works for you while you sleep. 

One of my contributors at IWT took over six months to navigate the highs and lows of pre-selling one product. The process was grueling, filled with moments of doubt and countless strategies that seemed to lead nowhere. But, she persisted, learned from each setback, and finally made a breakthrough. If she can do it, so can you.

In this guide, we’re diving into the world of online sales, but with a twist. It’s not about listing random items and hoping for the best. It’s about identifying the most lucrative products that align with your interests and values, and then strategically positioning them in the market. Let’s get into it! 

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5 Best Products to Sell Online in 2024

Ebooks & audiobooks

eBooks and audiobooks are no longer just an alternative to traditional reading; they’ve become a primary source of knowledge and entertainment, easily accessible on Kindles, e-readers, and mobile devices. For those with specialized knowledge, this presents a lucrative opportunity to distill your expertise into an eBook or audiobook. But the key to success isn’t just to regurgitate information that’s readily available for free online. The magic lies in your unique value proposition (UVP).

Your UVP is what sets your eBook apart. It could be your recognized expertise and track record in your field, or perhaps it’s a novel approach that promises to save your readers both time and money. This distinction is crucial in a market flooded with generic content.

When it comes to pricing, the goal is to hit that sweet spot: affordable enough to attract readers while valuing your expertise. A smart strategy is to offer a portion of your eBook or audiobook for free—a chapter that hooks readers in and leaves them wanting more.

In essence, leverage your unique insights and expertise to create an eBook or audiobook that stands out. Make it so compelling that it becomes an irresistible download for anyone interested in your niche.

Templates & tools

Today’s digital world has reshaped how we approach efficiency and productivity, sparking a demand for tools and templates that streamline complex tasks. For experts in various fields, this demand represents a unique opportunity to monetize your knowledge by developing and selling specialized templates and tools tailored to your expertise and preferred tech stack.

These digital assets can range from standalone applications to integral components of a broader tech ecosystem, designed to address specific challenges faced by professionals in different industries. Here are a few examples:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Templates for marketers looking to outline and execute comprehensive campaigns.
  • Business Strategy Templates for entrepreneurs plotting the trajectory of their startups.
  • Graphic Design Templates and assets like icons, fonts, and UX templates, catering to web designers seeking to accelerate their creative processes.
  • Resume Templates for job seekers aiming to stand out in competitive job markets.

However, the foundation of a successful template or tool is solid expertise. You can’t fabricate a digital marketing template without a deep understanding of marketing principles and real-world experience. The credibility and effectiveness of your offerings hinge on your ability to translate your knowledge and skills into practical, user-friendly solutions.

Online courses

The dynamic shift towards e-learning has led to an astronomical adoption of online courses. This surge is fueled by their convenience, affordability, and the effective learning experiences they offer, marking a significant departure from traditional classroom settings. The allure of online courses lies in their simplicity and scalability. Unlike physical products, there’s no need for inventory management or a storefront. You create your content once, and it continues to generate revenue indefinitely, as long as it remains relevant and in demand.


This model means the heavy lifting is front-loaded, crafting and packaging your course content is where most of the effort lies. However, once you’ve successfully tapped into your target market, the possibilities for income are boundless. Whether your expertise lies in digital marketing, personal finance, physical fitness, or any other field, there’s a global audience eager to invest in their growth through your courses. Online courses not only democratize education, making it more accessible but also open up a world of opportunity for creators to share their knowledge and passion on an international stage.


Licensed content

Licensed content – think stock photos, video clips, audio tracks, and the like – is where the smart money’s at. Here’s the scoop: if your work has got that special something that keeps people coming back, you’ve got yourself a never-ending stream of passive income. It’s about making what people want and need, essentially making your creativity work for you around the clock.

So, how do you figure out what’ll sell like hotcakes? Simple: think about what your ideal customer is desperately searching for but can’t seem to find. If you’re a whiz with a camera, start snapping what’s hot. Got a knack for tunes? Create those beats that marketers are dying to overlay on their next viral video.

Then comes the fun part: selling. You could set up shop on your own digital corner (aka your website), join the bustling marketplaces already out there, or even team up with an agency to get your masterpieces out in the world. The bottom line is, with the right strategy, your creative skills aren’t just a passion—they’re your ticket to ongoing income. Welcome to the sweet spot where your talents meet real demand.


Memberships are the secret sauce to turning your brand into a community hotspot, offering perks like premium content, discounts, and first dibs on event tickets. It’s predictable cash flow in your pocket every month, thanks to subscription fees, and it’s a feel-good, feel-connected vibe for your members.

But here’s the catch: your digital lounge needs to keep the drinks (aka content) fresh and the exclusives… well, exclusive. You’ve got to show up, stand out, and deliver consistently, proving that your corner of the internet is the place to be. It’s more than just a membership; it’s a statement of belonging to something bigger, something cooler, and something worth every penny. Welcome to the future of brand loyalty, where memberships aren’t just a revenue stream—they’re a revolution.

Wrapping Up

Alright, that was my list of top 5 lucrative products you can sell online in 2024. Pick the one that appeals to you most and start selling! There’s no better moment to start than now. 

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