Meet Jennifer

“I learned to get readers to click and take action by telling stories.” — Jennifer Fugo

“I went from being really sick to feeling like myself”

At 27 years old, Jennifer Fugo couldn’t figure out why she felt so tired and constantly suffered pounding headaches. After seeing doctor after doctor, she visited a nutritionist. “Have you heard of gluten?” the nutritionist asked her.

That question changed Jennifer’s life.

“I completely overhauled my diet. And I went from being really sick to feeling like myself.”

before and after

She wanted to share her experience and demystify going gluten free for others, so she started Gluten Free School. But she found that getting readers to stick around wasn’t easy.

“I was on the verge of giving up”

Jennifer spent 8 hours a week on her newsletter and blog posts, eagerly trying to get her message out there. But she had no direction.

“Whatever was in my head would come out like verbal vomit. And that’s what I would send.”

Her blog had a 7% opt-in rate, but it seemed like readers would end up vanishing into a black hole. She never heard back from anyone. There was no engagement and no community.

“No one would connect with me. No one would write me back. No one would respond to my emails.

“I spent all this energy writing to nobody. Last year, I was on the verge of giving up.”

“I’d been working on copywriting for the past year”

Then, while at a conference for women, Jennifer saw one of Ramit’s videos. Although it was really out of character for the touchy-feely event, she loved it.

“The video was the best thing ever. I loved how real Ramit was. He wasn’t afraid to be himself. He didn’t sugarcoat things. If something was a bad idea, he told you. That’s what drew me in.”

So Jennifer signed up for his email list and bought his book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

“I wanted to buy from Ramit for a long time. His book and personal finance guides were helpful, and I enjoyed his blog. One day he sent an email talking about copywriting. I got excited — I’d been working on that for the last year. I knew if he was coming out with a course, I would buy it.”

And when Call to Action opened, the webinar sold her even more.

“I was sitting there thinking, ‘Just send me the link. I’ll hit pay. I’m ready to go!’ I was probably one of the first people to buy that evening.”

“My sales pages were terrible”

Jennifer loved going through the material in Call to Action.

“It was awesome. I learn by seeing and doing, so I loved how the course had videos, charts, graphs, and exercises to explain the material in a bunch of different ways.”

Some modules made her take a deep, honest look at her business.

“The course made me realize that my sales pages are terrible. They don’t really connect with readers. They’re all about the product details. I had nothing about how customers will feel or who they’ll be at the end — and that’s ultimately what people want.”

Today Jennifer approaches the writing process differently.

“Now I spend time listing the key points I want to share with readers. And I also think about the actions I want them to take.”

“My blog posts go viral all the time”

These days Jennifer gets tons of engagement through her site.

“I now get responses to my emails every week. People say they feel like they’re talking to a real person. And I don’t feel alone in my business. I have a community now. People are happy and excited to join me in anything I offer.”

blog post


Jennifer’s blog posts now get floods of comments and shares.

“My blog posts go viral all the time. Even if I published them months ago, someone will share them on Facebook, and they’ll go viral again.”

Jennifer not only feels more confident about her work and business, she’s excited she can help more people.

“I tripled my opt-in rates from 7% to 23%. It feels great to attract more people who are excited to download my free guides. They’re excited to learn, and I know I can help them.”

“The tools I learned in CTA got me out of panic mode”

We flew Jennifer into our studio and recorded a 9-minute interview. Watch her video to learn about:

  • Going from random blogger to trusted advisor. What Ramit taught Jennifer about honesty and building relationships with readers (2:15)
  • Pinpointing what your customers really care about. Most business owners miss this, and it hurts their sales pages (4:10)
  • Transforming “verbal vomit” into viral blog posts. Jennifer reveals her strategy for creating content that gets shares, likes, and comments (5:15)

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