How do I get people to open and read my emails?

How do I get people to open and read my emails?

How to get people to open and read your emails

In the course of 12 years of sending millions of emails, we’ve discovered that there are 7 critical elements to getting people to open and read every message you send.

Today’s question is:

“How can you get people to open and read your emails?”

The truth is, it’s not easy. Just think about life on a day to day basis. People like you and me, we’re bombarded with promotions, blog posts, Facebook messages, all kinds of stuff.

At IWT, we send millions of emails a month, and we’ve studied what works very carefully. We tried a number of different formats:

  • Newsletters
  • Roundups
  • Short emails
  • Emails with more than 1,000 words

The ones that work the best had seven key elements. I want to give those to you right now.

  1. An intriguing subject line
  2. A personal greeting in the name field
  3. An opening line that hooks people
  4. Some interesting story or lesson
  5. A call to action — what do you want the reader to do?
  6. Personal sign off
  7. A P.S. — an overlooked but critical part

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I can go on and on for days about each of these. Instead, I want to send you a handy guide on the the most important lessons I’ve learned about these 7 elements. 

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