Go Where The Fish Are

When I was an undergrad at Stanford, I decided to teach my friends about personal finance.

I printed up all these agendas (double-sided, to save money), reserved spots, even got a bunch of my friends to say they would come.

Nobody ever came.

It took me years to figure out why. Do you know?

First, I talked about financial literacy. Nobody wants to be “financially literate.” It’s naggy! People want to live a Rich Life.

Second, I focused on a group of people (college kids) who NOTORIOUSLY hate being nagged about money. It’s irrelevant, since they’re not earning it yet!

But like a delusional entrepreneur, I told myself that people “should” listen. Once you use the word “should,” you’ve already lost.

It didn’t matter how technically accurate my talk was, or what my friends logically stood to gain. It was just the wrong audience.

It’s like you telling your friend she “should” break up with her horrible, no-job-having boyfriend. Yeah, she should…but she’s not going to. Not until she’s ready.

Same thing with starting a business. You’ll see a bunch of people giving you tactical tips like “14 Ways To Write Your About Page,” but one of the most important lessons you can actually learn is…


There are tons of looky-loos, especially online. If you learn one thing about starting a profitable online business, it is that you have to find people who will buy.

This is why so many people who start a business to serve non-profits are doomed. Non-profits are not going to pay you. Neither are students. They’re poor and want to spend their limited money on alcohol.

Be honest. Stop deluding yourself.

When you learn how to find the buyers, you’ll get results like this:

This is not random. A huge part of your success in starting an online business comes from consciously choosing who you’re attracting and who you’re repelling.

What if you could find the people who already “get it?” People who are all-in, paying attention, and dying for you to share your special something?

Let me show you how.

How to find an eager audience for what you know

Today, I want to take you behind-the-scenes in my course on how to start an online business: Zero to Launch. In this quick video from the course, I’ll show you how to find the right people the first time around.

You’ll avoid people who say, “Oh…that sounds like a good idea…someday,” or people who try to bargain you down.

Instead, you’ll find BUYERS: people who say, “Really? Where can I get that?” (Notice that they don’t care about cost. They care about value — and they’re willing to pay.)

5 types of people who will NEVER buy from you

You could run yourself into the ground chasing the wrong customers. Some people will NEVER buy, no matter what you do or say.

Learn how to spot these time-wasting energy suckers so you can RUN away from them in this free guide: The 5 Types of Customers Who Will Never Buy from You.

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