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“I never wanted to quit Zero to Launch. It was too exciting.” — Felicia Spahr

*This video is from January 2015

“Online business is scammy”

Before joining Zero to Launch, Felicia was a successful freelance copywriter with a full roster of clients.

She never saw herself as the type of person who could have an online business. In her mind, online business and information products were “scammy.”

But after purchasing 7 IWT courses, she trusted our material. When Zero to Launch became available, she wasn’t sure if she should join.

“I kept waffling back and forth. I was thinking, ‘Do I need this? Is it going to work for me? What if I mess up?’”

Hear how a conversation with a Zero to Launch graduate helped put those worries to rest.

“It didn’t feel like work”

Felicia’s only goal when she joined the course was to learn about online business. She knew the course would challenge her, but was surprised by how much she enjoyed it.

“I expected hard, tough work and to be challenged. That’s what I got, but it felt easy because I was so excited about what I was doing. Once I was in there, it was like ‘There’s nothing I can’t learn, nothing I can’t do!’

“With everything so laid out, it didn’t feel like work. When you have a good teacher and the right process in place, you can do it. It’s exciting.”

$33,000 within a few months

When Felicia started the course, she had no business idea and no website. Within 3 weeks, though, she had her first paying client. And within a few months, despite only having only 250 people on her email list, she made her first $33,000.

“That moment when you get your first client or sale — it’s a high. There’s nothing like it.”

She explains how she did it — and how she then pivoted and built a second business in a completely different industry — below.

“It seemed crazy”

Felicia’s first business as a copywriting coach seemed obvious to her — she was a copywriter, after all. But her second business was in a brand new field.

She’d had a vague interest in communication for years. Despite having no experience or credentials in that area, Zero to Launch showed her how to turn that passion into a business.

“I wondered if people would pay for leadership coaching. It seemed crazy, but I wanted to test it out.”

Rather than going all-in on this new idea, Felicia kept working as a copy coach and grew this new business on the side. Following the Zero to Launch system, she built her audience and learned how to solve their burning pains.

It wasn’t long until her new business was wildly successful.

felicias website


Felicia’s website,

Her readers begged for more

Though she initially saw online products as “scammy,” Zero to Launch helped Felicia see that they are actually a great tool for helping a large number of people.

In early 2015, she followed the course’s steps and created an online product for her leadership coaching business. When she launched it in January, she made $1,600 within a week.

Two months later, she doubled the price and made $2,600 within a couple of days. In another two months, after using Zero to Launch strategies to double her email list, she launched it yet again and made $4,044 in July alone.

one month revenue


One month’s revenue from Felicia’s online course

Then something interesting happened. Felicia’s audience asked her to create a new course specifically geared toward building confidence.

“I was dumbfounded when I realized my audience was hungry for a course on confidence. This was one of those topics I didn’t think was monetizable until I actually talked to people and tested it with them. This was a huge psychological win.”

She obliged, creating a $49 course that earned her $7,130 the week she made it available.



Sales from a course Felicia’s readers asked her to create

Felicia then built a system that sold her products automatically, 24/7. With the system on autopilot, she could walk away from her business right now and still make $3,000/month on the sales from these courses.

But Felicia has no intention of walking away. She loves working one-on-one with her clients, who happily pay her 5 figures for her leadership coaching.

“I routinely charge way more than a typical ‘life coach’ or ‘therapist’ — people are willing to pay for what’s valuable and helpful to their personal lives.”

“It feels like there’s no limit”

Felicia used to think that she’d get a job, move up in her career, then hopefully have enough money to one day retire and start having fun. Then she started her online businesses. Now she’s free to have fun and spend her time however she wants.

“During the day a friend will be in town and ask me, ‘What are you doing? Wanna get lunch?’ and I’ll say yes. Or if I want to spend time with my fiance, I’ll put work aside and do it tomorrow. It’s liberating.”

In fact, Felicia and her fiance recently took a 3-week pre-honeymoon to New Zealand and Australia. Having her own business helped her enjoy the trip in a way her fiance, who is employed full-time, couldn’t.

“He had to check his email now and then and one time got this scathing email for a training he didn’t complete. That doesn’t happen to me. I didn’t check email even once that whole 3-week trip.”

felicia and her husband


Felicia and her fiance in New Zealand

As great as the time away was, what excites Felicia is the people she gets to work with every day.

“I get to work with so many interesting people from all over the world. I have clients in Australia, New York, the UK — it’s so cool. Unlike other therapists or life coaches, I’m not limited by location or any rules of what my profession is supposed to be.

“I can go travel to a place like New Zealand, or I can stay home and work until the cows come home because I WANT to. There is no ‘I SHOULD do X.’ Instead it’s, ‘I’m doing this because I’m excited, I want it, and I’m being challenged and growing.’”

email list growth


Felicia grew her email list from 250 to 2,500+ subscribers

“You can live your dreams right now. You don’t have to wait for some arbitrary day.”

If you’re on the fence about Zero to Launch like Felicia was, check out the video below. In it, she explains the worst-case scenario of what can happen when you join the course.

Need help finding a business idea of your own?

Though she started with no idea and only “vague passions”, Zero to Launch helped Felicia quickly find 2 successful business ideas in areas she loves.

If you need help finding a way to turn your passion into a business, a great way to start is by seeing how others have done just that.

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