Freelance Marketing: 6 steps to success

Freelance marketing is a perfect way to earn extra money, flex your creative skills, and make valuable connections and networks.

The best part: Companies are in constant need of great freelance marketers.

Some fast facts:

And somebody has to help fill all those roles. That’s where YOU come in.

6 Steps for Becoming a Successful Freelance Marketer

If you’re a beginner, you probably don’t know how to start.

That’s why we talked to actual professional freelance marketers to get their best tips to help you dive into freelance marketing.

But first, you need to understand what freelance marketing is.

Freelance marketers help companies and businesses promote their brands.

Your job is to help:

  1. Grab attention
  2. Drive potential clients to a website/business
  3. Convince them to buy a product

And most EVERY business needs marketing help in one shape or another — especially new ones. Think about it: The busy founder of a new tech start-up isn’t going to want to focus on writing great sales letters or coming up with tweets.

That’s where YOU come in, and we want to help you get started.

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Freelance marketing step #1: Find your niche

Marketing offers a lot of roles — and the direction you take depends on your skills, talents, and interests.

Here are just a few potential freelance marketing roles you could own:

  • Copywriting. Writing the text needed for marketing products/services including sales pages, email campaigns, and landing pages. If you’re trying to sell something, you’re probably writing copy.
  • Content writing. Writing and crafting content for blog posts, articles, white papers, videos, and podcasts. Content writing typically emphasizes informing or teaching people rather than selling them something (that usually comes later).
  • Social media / community management. This covers posting and promoting a company’s brand and content on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO). This is the process of getting a business’s web content to show up in the results of search engines. It’s very important if you want to drive traffic to your site through Google.

And while it can be tempting to say, “I’M GOOD AT EVERYTHING. PLZ HIRE ME” those people don’t get hired. It’s best if you niche down your role and decide on a specialization.

Why? The more specific you are, the better you can market yourself.

For example, which fitness book do you think will do better?

  1. The book telling everyone that working out will make you feel better
  2. The book for millennial women looking to get six-pack abs

That’s a pretty simple example but the truth is there: The more specialized your offers are, the more actual buyers and clients you’ll attract.

If you’re reading this and don’t have any idea which freelance marketing role you want to own yet, don’t worry!

Freelance Marketing Ideas

Here are three questions we’ve developed to help you come up with a profitable idea:

  1. What skills do you have? These are the things that you are really good at that could translate into freelance marketing. Example: Do you have a great eye for analytics and trends? SEO management might be for you.
  2. What do your friends say you’re great at? What others say you’re good at can give you insights on talents you didn’t even know you had. Example: Your friends are always telling you how much they love your stories. Maybe content or copywriting is in your future.
  3. What do you do on a Saturday morning? What do you do on a Saturday morning before everyone else is awake? This can be incredibly revealing to what you’re passionate about and what you like to spend your time on. Examples: Are you a social media hound firing off clever tweets and posting awesome photos on Instagram? Companies would pay you for those skills.

If you want even more information on finding a good role, check out this checklist from our sister site GrowthLab on how to find a profitable business idea.

You can also check out our 15-minute video all about a great system to help you find a money-making hustle: Idea Mapping.