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Today is the first of a 4-part series spotlighting some of the best material on IWT.

Today?s focus: My tested, word-for-word scripts that you can use to instantly save hundreds of dollars, negotiate thousands, and my personal favorite, improve responses at bars.

I love scripts because they make it mindlessly easy for you to get started. No thinking required — simply read off the words and you?ll likely find terrific results, thanks to thousands of other people testing multiple variations of scripts that I develop.

I love when people tell you to do highly sophisticated things, like ?Just act confident!? or ?Just negotiate with your boss!? The average person looks up, confused, scratching their head with half an egg hanging out of their mouth. ?Ya ok sure? they say.

Instead, use the actual scripts that have generated massive results for tens of thousands of IWT readers — in saving money, earning money, and improving your social skills.

Optimize your cellphone bill
?Many of us (including me) pick a cellphone plan, then never check to see if it?s the right one for us based on our usage. Because the average cellphone bill is about $50, that?s $600 per year of money you can optimize. Perfect.?

How to negotiate your car insurance down
?This is Tip #13 of the Save $1,000 in 30 Days Challenge. Today?s tip is to negotiate your car insurance. Most of us pick a rate once, then never go back again. But if you do, you can save hundreds of dollars each year.?

Here?s how I negotiated out of bank fees 
?Here?s how I negotiated out of a $20 overdraft fee and a $27.10 finance charge from Wells Fargo.?

How to use Natural Networking to connect with anyone ? including the exact email scripts
?You now have both the tactics (the email scripts) as well as a strategic approach (narrowing down your networking, focusing on helping others, and understanding the power dynamic). All in one day.?

How to Email Virtual Assistants (or Any Assistants): Proven Templates
(Guest post on Tim Ferriss? site.)
?Because I?m a huge weirdo about time management, I?ve spent over 65 hours optimizing my emails to VAs. Here are three examples of emails that get you answers in one round.

After reading the templates below, you?ll be able to write a crisp one-and-done email that gets you results ? the first time. I?ve used these techniques to recover those 65 hours in 3 months and cut back-and-forth emails with my VA by over 80%.?

On Refusing to Disclose Your Salary in a Job Interview
(Featured in New York Times)
?You don?t have to reveal your salary information,? said Ramit Sethi, author of ?I Will Teach You to Be Rich? and the popular blog of the same name. ?You?re under no obligation to reveal it at all. So how should you handle the question? Mr. Sethi shared his recommended script and tips with us.?

I also collect hundreds of proven scripts from successful students of mine in the Dream Job vaults.

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Host of Netflix's "How to Get Rich", NYT Bestselling Author & host of the hit I Will Teach You To Be Rich Podcast. For over 20 years, Ramit has been sharing proven strategies to help people like you take control of their money and live a Rich Life.