What is email marketing and where do I start?

A beginner’s guide to starting your email marketing journey

Write mouthwatering content people actually want to read

Today’s question is:

“What is email marketing? Does it still work?”

It might surprise you to hear that we generate more than 90% of our revenue using email. And that revenue is in the millions of dollars.

Clearly something is working. And I want to talk to you about how we do it.

Now, if you read the blogs out there, you see a lot of people saying…

“Email is dead!”

“Social media is the only way to go!”

“You gotta get on Instagram!”

And those things are fine. Yeah, maybe you want a Facebook page. There’s nothing wrong with that. But email is the way to build an ongoing relationship with your readers.

Think about your own usage of Twitter or Instagram or Facebook: You scroll, scroll, scroll, looking for something entertaining, click on it, double click it, and then you’re on to the next.

When we send an email, it instantly goes to hundreds of thousands of people. And it goes into one of their most treasured areas — their inbox. And a lot of people read it.

We know this because we track the metrics. We can see how many people open each email, how many people click, and eventually, how many people buy.

So the death of email — that big prediction that everyone loves to make — is highly overrated.

Email remains one of the most, if not the most, profitable channels available to you.

Remember, with email, YOU control the asset.

Facebook can shut down your page. They can charge you to reach people. Same for Instagram. But your email list is your own.

Now here are some email tactics that have worked well for us.

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#1: Go after quality readers

Quality means double opt-in from the beginning. What that means is that once people sign up, we ask them to confirm their email address.

Sure, we get a relatively smaller amount of people. But these are the people most likely to engage, open emails, and — ultimately — buy.

#2: Send your readers lots of valuable material

Nobody wants to be the friend who only comes knocking when they need a loan.

Same thing for us. We want to send emails that people actually love and that don’t always try to sell something.

The way I think about it is: When somebody sees my name in their inbox, they should want to open my email.

I want my readers thinking, “What’s this guy going to say today? What kind of stories are you going to tell me?”

It’s just like that magazine you love. You look forward to getting it in the mail.

Compare that to the magazine that’s kind of lecture-y. “You should be investing all your money into a Roth IRA.” You don’t want that. Who wants to be lectured to?

#3: Remember that it’s okay to sell

I used to get carried away by just sending free emails, then when it came time to sell, I would get scared.

I learned that as long as you’re providing valuable material and people like what they’re getting, it’s okay to sell once in awhile. And this ultimately comes down to what it is you’re selling and how you’re writing about it.

That’s copywriting.

Think about some boring email newsletter you get. “Update of the month! This month, we’re doing three events!” You open it up and think, “Who cares?”

Now compare that to an email list that you love. You open it up and there’s a captivating story. “Hey, you’re not going to believe what I saw last night at a restaurant. This couple was talking, and the first thing this guy said was…”

Those emails make you think, “I’ve got to read this.” That’s what you want to do over and over again with your email list.

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