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After my latest launch, I scheduled time to watch the trashiest, most lurid reality TV. If anybody tried to find me, my calendar said, “DO NOT DISTURB — BUSY.”

If you had seen me during those “BUSY” moments, I was actually sitting on my couch, eating a bag of popcorn, and watching Netflix.

I LOVE Netflix, and I’m giving away a Netflix streaming subscription so you can relax and take a break any time you want…for life.

This is part of another Rich Life giveaway. In the past, I’ve given away vacations, airfare, and more — but nothing like this.

Win this contest, and you can stream anything on Netflix for free, for the rest of your life.

Register now for your chance to win free Netflix streaming for life (takes 8 seconds). If your friends would be interested, tell them too.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll keep bringing you new ways to live a Rich Life.

P.S. The IWT Team is growing! I’m looking for a Data Analyst to create custom dashboards, prepare statistical reports, and perform sophisticated customer analyses. This is a full-time role. If you’re interested, more details here:

P.P.S. Don’t care about or watch Netflix? Well, I’m sure you know at least 1 person that does… Be a good friend and let them know about this contest. They will forever be in your debt if you win!

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  1. Thanks for offering this giveaway, Ramit! I’m looking forward to binge-watching Star Trek (every single series and movie) on Netflix.

  2. This giveaway is amazing, sharing :)

  3. Hey Rammit – I’m going to catch up on PBS Documentaries.

  4. I’ve shared the giveaway, Ramit. I hope that Netflix takes on Wilfred (like they did with Arrested Development) and keeps it going.

  5. BBC Sherlock!!

  6. Hey Ramit,

    Can’t wait for Season 3 House of Cards!

    Thanks for the chance and all you do!


  7. Awesome, giveaway! I shared this on my social media accounts.

    What would I watch? OH BOY~ I would finish “How I Met Your Mother” and watch the original “Stark Trek.”Also, I would probably check out shows that my friends have been telling me about such as “The Good Wife” and “Dexter.”

  8. Hey Ramit! I’ve been in school for the last 5 years and haven’t had time to even catch up on the latest movies! This is a really exciting chance to be able to catch up on everything I want to! The top of my list to binge on is The Big Bang Theory!

  9. I want to start watching House of card and rewatch Homeland, Orange is the new black and I am hoping they will add True detective in their repertoire!

  10. I want to binge out on the new series, Orange is the New Black.

  11. Orange is the New Black! Will follow every season it’s going…

  12. We’re watching House of Cards right now, which is really interesting. I’m also a fan of Arrested Development, and I hope they either make the darn movie or bring it back to Netflix again 😉 My kids love the Kids Netflix too, so I’m sure there’ll be more He-Man and She-Ra, and maybe even some Thundercats in our future! (Oh, you know, and some old school Power Rangers, just for old-times’ sake, lol!)

  13. Thank you for such a fabulous offer! If I win, I am looking forward to watching old favorite movies, such as The Ghost and Mrs Muir, My Favorite Wife, The Brothers Grimm, The Butcher’s Wife, and Love Actually. And old TV episodes of Bewitched, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Northern Exposure, and The Andy Griffith Show.

  14. Saved By the Bell.

    Yep, that’s right. I’m going to pretend that it’s 1987 and I’m ten years old again. I’m miss Saturday mornings with cereal and Zack, Kelly, Slater, Lisa, Jessie and Screech.

  15. ha… I reacted too fast, I sent an email with my fav shows then came this link…
    Rake (aussie version)
    Orange is the new black….
    thanks for the contest Ramit!

  16. The entire Battlestar Galactica series if we EVER get access to it in Canada. My brother directed on that show from start to finish, and I think it remains his favourite gig ever–a big and important part of his life.

  17. House of Cards – definitely!

  18. I’m going to watch house of cards

  19. Fringe & House of Cards

  20. I need to finally bite the bullet and find out who the mom is in HIMYM!!

    • This path leads to unhappiness, as many fans can attest. Save yourself while you still can.

  21. I will probably catch up on all of the documentaries.

  22. Thanks for the contest! My wife and I are watching House of Cards Season 1 right now, so definitely Season 2 (and hopefully 3!). Also, would love to see what all the fuss is about with Orphan Black.

  23. Thanks for the great contest! Love re-watching episodes of The Office :)

  24. Doctor Who! Also BBC Sherlock if they have it, and Elementary for comparison (though I haven’t seen any of it yet).

  25. I’ll watch every BBC and CBC production I can find!

  26. Another fun and fantastic competition idea, Ramit. I’d love to catch up on the second series of Fobrydelsen, the Danish series featuring the fantastic Sophie Grabol. Such great acting, and it’s all in Danish, which is such a fascinating and peculiar language!

  27. ‘look forward to watching Homeland and anything from Masterpiece.

  28. Looking forward to finishing “Orange is the New Black.”

  29. House of Cards.

    And some hard-boiled detective mysteries, film noir.

  30. Another vote for House of Cards.

  31. I’d watch every episode of Channel 4 news because they are the type reporters who inspired me to be a journalist. I’d also watch all Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and The Man of Steel as I love DC Comics and one day I would love to write for them. Thanks for all your help. Rob

  32. OITNB… all the way. I’ve heard such positive things about it, and they’ve won awards.. seems a well acted show to invest some time into… :o)

  33. I’d watch Orange Is The New Black and also The Walking Dead :)

  34. Battlestar Galactica. And re-watching Sherlock.

  35. I love how well the Netflix original series’ are getting such great attention, like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards – those are definitely ones I’m all about! Firefly and Battlestar Galactica are my faves to binge watch.

  36. The Walking Dead!

  37. I’ll watch the much-discussed Orange is the New Black and the most recent season of Arrested Development.

  38. I’m excited to see the latest season of Wilfred.

  39. I’m going to binge on episodes of doctor who. Can’t get enough of that show.

  40. I’m obsessed with the show White Collar and other crime shows such as Psych and Lie to Me.

  41. Thanks Ramit for the offer. I usually watch House of Cards, new movies including Foreign movies and few TV series.

  42. Anything with Tina Fey and/or Tracy Morgan.

  43. I’ll love watching The Blacklist when it comes out. I already enjoyed Columbo. Good going to sleep TV.

  44. Thanks for the fun contest, Ramit! I’ll definitely be watching lots of documentaries and Shark Tank :)

  45. Orange is the New Black.

    Awesome show!

  46. BBC Sherlock & Doctor Who!

  47. Sherlock, Supernatural, and Battlestar Galactica. #supernerd

  48. Orange is the New Black and the Netflix-only Arrested Development episodes for me!

  49. I will be watching the walking dead

  50. I’d binge watch on all of the Doctor Who!

  51. NCIS New Orleans, Mamma Mia the movie musical, and any interesting comedies and documentaries.

  52. Thanks for chance! Bourne movie series.

  53. Great offer! I will watch The Big Bang Theory and comedy movies. Plus Bollywood movies :)

  54. Cameron Johnson Link to this comment

    I can’t wait to watch all the episodes of Dexter that I had to miss out on.

  55. All the old X-Men animated T.V. series. :)

  56. I plan on finally finishing Breaking Bad, then move on to lighter fare like watching all of Burn Notice in a week (that might be a tad ambitious).

  57. I would watch every last season of Frasier available.

  58. I would watch Season 2 of Orange is the New Black :-)

  59. I’ll be watching orange is then new black!

  60. Movies of all genres; just recently started watching movies-this is a new found pastime-and connect with pre-seventies sitcoms…will entertain friends with latest movies out and find “excuses” to share the gift of entertainment with others…thank you for the opportunity :)

  61. I’m looking forward to watching all the movies I missed at the cinema due to not being able to afford the extortionate prices (over £10 to watch a film? I swear it used to be £2.50 not so long ago!!)

  62. Believe it or not, I’ve only watched two or three episodes of Doctor Who. I’d love to start binge watching it with Netflix streaming!

  63. House of Cards!!

  64. My first line of business is to watch the entire series of Breaking Bad.

  65. I will definitely be binge-watching Sherlock. Who’s more fun to watch than Benedict Cumberbatch?

  66. I would eat pizza while watching 90s pizza eating movies: The Ninja Turtles, Three Ninjas, Waynes World, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, etc. Excelllenntttttt

  67. I don’t watch many TV shows but Netflix would be handy for foreign films and documentaries.

  68. I have an incredibly long wanna-see wish list of movies and series I’ve missed over time. It would be a dream come true to catch them all, especially when cold weather returns to Chicago again, as it surely will! Thanks for this opportunity!

  69. Also a huge Trekker here! Plus waiting on season 8 of everyones favorite Doctor! Who could that be?

  70. Mad Men, The Newsroom. Maybe Benny Hill :)

  71. House, Archer, Star Wars: Clone Wars, & movies. Tons of movies!

  72. Never seen a single episode of Breaking Bad and everybody tells me I should have been watching it so if I win I’ll binge watch the entire series. 😉

  73. House of cards, Breaking Bad. And Mad Men.

  74. In the Middle and Ocean’s Eleven

  75. I’m looking forward to watching all the shows. All of them.

  76. OITNB (finally going to watch it), True Blood, and crossing off the list of Criterion films.

  77. I will be watching all of Dr. Who for eternity. 😀

  78. I will be watching anything and everything. Catch up on Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels.

  79. BBC Sherlock season 3 and Hetalia: Paint it White.

  80. I definitely want to see more House of Cards.

  81. I’d start with House of Cards, and then I’ve got a list of documentaries I’ve been meaning to watch. (Yes, I actually would binge-watch docu’s)

  82. I just discovered “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and love it! Binge watching ahead!

  83. House of Cards, Sherlock, and The Office (UK)

  84. I would start by watching the Sons of Anarchy series, the go to Mad Men, then Breaking Bad. Not sure after that!

  85. In no particular binging order when Netflix makes them available: 1) Sons of Anarchy Season 6; 2) House of Cards Season 3; 3) Orange is the New Black Season 3.

  86. Oh, I can’t wait for the next season of House of Cards!

  87. Any and everything that will scare the beejeebers out of me. Thanks for the fun time ahead!

  88. House of Cards

  89. I don’t catch alot of TV so I would give the TV remote to my wife and let her watch whatever her heart desired…and Friday night’s would be Movie night with whatever flick looked the most interesting.

  90. I already have Netflix, and use it to catch up on TV series since I don’t own a TV. Currently discovered “Sherlock.”

  91. I need to know what the whole Orange is the New Black craze is about. I need to know!

  92. I looooove to binge on Parks and Rec.

  93. Orphan Black, House of Cards and some old school movies like Teen Witch and The Princess Bride! :)

  94. Since I haven’t watched t.v. for the last few years, first I’d catch up on Castle. Then I’d probably watch Fringe, and Warehouse 13. Watch all of Eureka again, and probably Lost, too. Then I’d probably swifch to movies.

    But first, I’d get higher speed Internet, to make streaming possible. :)

  95. Hmm I think I’ll have to watch all of Firefly and all of the new Doctor Who, starting from 2005. :)

  96. I’m looking forward to watching episodes of My Surrogate Asian Father.

    Oh wait, I can’t find it. That show must still be in development.

    How about Northern Exposure then? Nope, not on the streaming list.

    OK. Guess it’s gonna have to be Mad Men.

  97. I plan to watch The Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black and Dexter!

  98. Crime documentaries!

  99. Game of Thrones all the way!

  100. Finally get around to watching all of Battlestar Galactic, and it’s spin-offs.

  101. I will watch anything BBC!

  102. I lost my DVD for my fvorite movie LadyHawke, so it would be wonderful to see it whenever I want. I used to watch it at least once a quarter, but it has been about two years since I have seen it last. Thank you for the opportunity Ramit!

  103. Psych and House of Cards!

  104. I watch a lot of suspense, avengers, and informative shows/movies. My parents and I share our together time watching movies.

  105. White Collar – watched the first few episodes and got hooked.

  106. Orange Is the New Black.
    Thanks, Ramit!

  107. All I ever watch now is hours of Law and Order. So I really need to diversify. Can’t wait to discover other good shows. :-)

  108. Archer and Bob’s Burgers. I can’t get enough of either of those shows.

  109. I would very much like to watch all the FlashPoint show. Also, BBC’s Black Mirror is my second best.

    By the way, this is my first post in this community. Hello everybody!!

  110. The next season of House of Cards and OITNB. While I wait for those to be made available, I think I might need to go back and watch some old episodes of Cheers. NORM!

  111. I plan on binge watching Lost. Yep. Still haven’t seen it.

  112. I will watch the Walking dead.

  113. I’ll be watching the walking dead

  114. Sherlock! Sooo good!

  115. I want to check out Orange Is the New Black! Thanks for the contest!

  116. House of Cards!!!!! F.U. = Frank Underwood

  117. I’ll use Netflix to watch all the shows I watch on TV so I can finally break up with my cable company.

  118. I am SO addicted to TV, and there are SO many movies I’ve missed, I can’t even decide where to start! I’d probably start with some of the original programming that I have heard great things about.

  119. Im looking out to watch BBC Sherlock, its really amazing. I just hope to win

  120. Finally gonna watch Breaking Bad, that many people can’t be wrong. (That’s a phrase I’m sure Ramit loves to prove wrong).

  121. I managed to make season 2 of House of Cards last for almost a month, so to hold me over until the next season I’m going to watch the original British version. That and all the other shows and movies that have stacked up in my queue.

  122. I would continue to watch House of Cards and Bates Motel! My teenage girls would watch The Fosters and Orange is the New Black! Thanks for the contest Ramit!

  123. I would love to watch Orange is the New Black!

  124. I’ve been hearing so much about it. I’d watch Orange is the new black!

  125. A “great many things” hehe – but I am thinking mostly about my favorite BBC shows (Merlin is one of them)!

  126. Very cool, I’d definitely be watching “House of Cards,” and “Connections” if they were to ever put that on!

  127. Great competition prize, I have not used them before, but I have started to show an interest now that these kinds of companies are picking up cancelled shows and producing new episodes. I think these are the ones resurrecting Ripper Street. :)

  128. I would watch Lost.

  129. I will watch the entire series of Fringe, then Sherlock, then Dr. Who, then go from there. :)

  130. Documentaries.

  131. What Not to Wear, Catfish, anything fashion related… SITC

  132. All Buffy, all the time.

  133. Orange is the new Black!

  134. I’m looking forward to hemlock grove

  135. Thank you for the opportunity. I would like to catch up on Nurse Jackie. And BBC series.

  136. I will be watching every episode of Orange is the New Black and blaxploitation movies till my eyelids drop.
    Thanks Ramit for the great giveaway.

  137. I’ve never seen House of Cards or Justified. Want to check those out, starting from the beginning, of course.

  138. I used to have a True Blood addiction, but now, I don’t have HBO :( So….that’s what I would binge on!!

  139. How I met your mother:)

  140. If there’s a sequel to:

    Attack on titan

    or the entire hellsing series

    and the newer evangelion

  141. I would find every movie that was as bad as Plan 9 From Outer Space and host my own “MST3K” marathon.

  142. Any “Netflix Original”!

    And, of course, West Wing, again, and again, and again….

  143. I would watch Numbers and Dr. House. I started law school and cut down considerably on tv watching. I’d love to watch these the whole way through. I’d also rewatch Lost which was the only show I continued watching thru school.

  144. I look forward to watching Breaking Bad and House of Cards.

  145. I will watch The Avengers. (The TV series.) I miss Mrs. Peel!!

  146. I haven’t had a TV since I moved out of home at 17 – despise ads and most of the crap there is – but if I had Netflix, I’d probably soak up some awesome documentaries, David Attenborough and other awesome stuff, seen some great ones at my bf’s house recently on quantum physics. And maybe I’d check out this bloody Game of Thrones thing everyone keeps going on about.

  147. This giveaway is a cord cutter’s dream come true!

  148. Bollywood films, Stan Lee’s Superhumans for a start.

  149. Um, everything! Threes Company, House of Cards, Brady Bunch, and Orange is the New Black. A nice mix! :)

  150. BBC Sherlock

  151. Thank you for sharing the amazing giveaway! Sharing!!!!

  152. All of House of Cards!
    All of Orange is the New Black!

  153. House of Cards

  154. Dr. Who

  155. I actually bought Netflix initially for my dad for Father’s day so he could watch House of Cards. Since then I’ve become addicted as well!

  156. I’d love to get Netflix! I plan on binge-watching the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, and anything else educational I can get my hands on. Documentaries, here I come!

  157. The West Wing – greatest tv show of all time.

  158. i would watch criminal minds, and all kinds of movies. I’vebeen missing out on a lot of the new movies.

  159. I’m looking forward to watching Fringe in order.


  161. I’m looking forward to watching Sherlock, more seasons of Orange is the New Black, and tons of movies.

  162. I would watch Masterpiece Mystery! I would start with Inspector Lewis, Midsomer Murders, and Inspector Lynley.

  163. Hmm, I suspect that if I win I’ll watch the most recent season of Continuum. Otherwise, it will likely be something random from my overly-long and ever-growing queue.

    As a current happy Netflix subscriber, I look forward to winning, because I already know how awesome this prize is.

  164. I would watch everything from Discovery channel, and follow the Orange is the New Black Craze!

  165. I would re-watch the entire Dexter series.

  166. What WOULDN’T I watch, is the real question! 😉 The possibilities are endless. From what I’ve seen while browsing on other peoples’ Netflix accounts, I’d probably stream tons of the old cartoons I used to watch in the 80s and 90s. I miss those shows.

    Never let go of you inner child.

  167. I plan on watching all the documentaries about arts, creativity and culture I can. I already do, but there are some available in Netflix I haven’t already watched. I’d also use it to finish watching Breaking Bad, and make some screen grabs of the most interestingly composed scenes on the series so I can do color, light and composition studies. I’m an artist, I not only relate to the verbal narrative but to the visual one. Having Netflix will expand the pool of productions to choose from to dissect and explore.

  168. House of Cards

  169. I would catch up on The New Girl! I haven’t been able to keep up with it for a while, but I love Zooey Deschanel.

  170. First – House of Cards

  171. I would like to say that I would binge watch something “smart” or “sophisticated”, but let’s be honest here…I would totally watch every episode of Bridezillas from start to finish, and then move on to Wife Swap. I feel no shame!!!

  172. I’m not a big fan of watching shows/movies so I’ll probably start off with all the “classics” that people keep making references to that I never understood. Probably start off with Forrest Gump, Star Wars and Terminator. :)

  173. I can’t get enough of “Arrested Development”.

  174. I’d watch Twisted, since ABCfamily was stupid enough to cancel it.

  175. Amir Salim El-Badawi Mohammed Link to this comment

    NO comment

  176. I plan on watching Supernatural, Bones & Castle…it would be great to actually watch them in order!!