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The 3 staples of a good first impression

If you’re like me, you’ve read dozens of social skills articles about different “types” of handshakes and giving out business cards. It’s ridiculous -- once you figure out which hand to use, it’s pretty hard to mess up a handshake. And “business cards” don’t count as a skill. So how do you really make a ...

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Surprising insight about high-school reunions

A few months ago, I asked this question on Twitter. “Do you look better or worse than 5 years ago? Why/how so?” Can you guess what happened? ANSWER: Only the successful people wrote back. Out of 20+ responses, only ONE person admitted they looked worse than 5 years ago (and even they snuck in a qualifier: “But I’ve ...

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Look at this email from a cheap person

GET READY!! It’s not every day you get to see inside the mind of a cheapskate. I’m in the fortunate position of getting to interact with thousands of people every day. Mostly nice people, but also derelicts, degenerates, delinquents, and life coaches. Now step into my world. Watch this email from a guy who negotiated a $110,000 ...

3 creative writing careers that actually pay

I found a woman who writes research papers for people on Fiverr. For $5, she’ll take your assignment, dig through mountains of research, compile her own notes, and write a quality, cited piece for you. For $5. Can you believe it? I cringe when I think about how much she earns for an hour of work. It’s not ...

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How to be a successful copywriter: from a man who’s written million dollar emails

Most copywriting advice is bullshit. Copy gurus swear by blinking buttons, scarcity tricks, and bold, red headlines like this:   Ugh. Who wants to read this? And worst of all, they promise you the moon, the stars and every celestial object in-between. “JUST spend an hour writing a piping hot sales page, and you’ll make enough money to retire ...

Writing prompts: 3 ways to crush writer’s block and effortlessly create more content

There’s nothing worse than staring at a blank page not knowing what to write. What happened to all those ideas you had in the shower this morning? Or that post you thought of at the gym? You’ve finally cleared your calendar, you open up your word processor...And stare at this for three hours: Every minute you waste ...