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3 conversational skills everyone should master

Conversational skills were not always my strong suit. Maybe you can relate -- I’d walk into a room, maybe do a quick circuit around it, and go stand awkwardly in a corner. Not good. But my pain can be your salvation. After crashing and burning enough times, I discovered conversational skills aren’t a super power that you have ...

What I believe but cannot say

I want to write a book called What I Believe But Cannot Say. It would contain all the things I believe, but can’t say because they’re too politically incorrect. You know what I’m talking about. Take your single friend who really wants to meet someone, but is perennially confused why s/he is still single. It’s ...


How to crush your performance improvement plan

There are two types of people who stumble onto this page. Either you love your job and hope to crush your performance improvement plan, so you can rise through the ranks of your company. Or you really don’t love your job. You’d rather do something else you’re passionate about -- where you’re respected, appreciated, and paid ...


How to turn negative performance review phrases into a 30%+ raise

Here’s a dirty secret about performance reviews your HR department doesn’t want you to know. Any performance review, even a bad one, can hand you the ammunition you need to get a significant raise (10%-50%) in as little as 6 months. Sound crazy? Hear me out. I’ve got the proof to back it up. So if ...

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Hand draw social network on black board using chalk

How to network even if you hate networking

When you think about networking, what comes to mind? A sleazy, scammy guy with his hair greased back, fake smile, and his business card always in hand? That's what most people think about networking. That it’s slimy and fake. But that idea is false. Networking doesn't have to be slimy. Nor does it need to be scary or overwhelming. ...

Men shaking hands. Top view of two men shaking hands while standing on the wooden floor

The 3 staples of a good first impression

If you’re like me, you’ve read dozens of social skills articles about different “types” of handshakes and giving out business cards. It’s ridiculous -- once you figure out which hand to use, it’s pretty hard to mess up a handshake. And “business cards” don’t count as a skill. So how do you really make a ...

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