Courage comes in surprising forms (like Chipotle)

It takes a lot of courage to be brutally honest about what you stand for. And courage comes in different forms. For example, you know about Chipotle, the “fast casual” restaurant that’s dominating because of their quick and healthy food. One of the things they do is take a strong stance on where their food should come from. So ...

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10-year-olds are too coddled in this country

Is it just me, or are people are too coddled in this country? I heard this 10-year-old kid order a “truffle burger” the other day. I didn’t even know that word until 3 years ago. I saw another kid YELLING at his mom in the grocery store. I just thought what my parents would have done if I’d ...

How to win when you’re not the best — with Arthur Chu

Yesterday we talked about unconventional ways you can improve your odds of winning. Today I want to take you behind the scenes and show you how you can defeat opponents you have no business beating. I’m going to do that by introducing you to someone you may remember from a year ago, Arthur Chu. Arthur was a Jeopardy! contestant ...

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3 unconventional ways to win

People’s language is very revealing. For example, here are some code words that are linguistic X-ray glasses into what people really mean: THEY SAY: “I’m really busy...” THEY MEAN: “I don’t want to do that, but it’s politically incorrect to say that, so I’m going to use time as a convenient excuse” THEY SAY: “Ramit, ...

My Free Insider's Kit will show you how to earn more money

New — my definitive guide to getting a raise and boosting your income

I’m always surprised when I hear that people on Reddit and YouTube don’t hate me. They usually hate anyone who sells anything (“what a scam!!”) or anyone who talks about earning more vs. cutting back on the grains of rice in your dinner (“frugality is everything!”) However, the one area where everybody loves IWT is my negotiation material. ...

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Tonight — How to find your Dream Job webcast at 9pm

Tonight, I’m giving a live presentation on finding your Dream Job. I noticed you haven’t signed up yet, so before you decide, let’s try to put these 3 pieces together. Data point #1: “45% of Americans say now's a good time to find quality job, highest since May 2007.” Data point #2: Look at this article on ...

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