How I got paid $20/hour during high school

When I was in high school, I knew nothing about sports, I got the worst scores in my math class, I had no game with girls... ...but I could write. I decided I wanted to get a different job than just working at the pizza place near my house. And (this was in the late 90s) I was into the ...

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Pay off your debt, IWT style

We do something unusual at IWT: We forbid anyone with credit card debt from purchasing any of our flagship courses. This decision costs IWT millions of dollars per year, but we believe it’s the right thing to do. It’s because, if you’re in debt, we don’t want your money -- we want you to focus on ...

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How to overcome social anxiety

There are 2 problems with socially awkward people They’re socially awkward They don’t know they’re socially awkward The good news is social skills are a SKILL -- something you can improve. And you can overcome social anxiety. I know, because I remember being awkward in social and professional situations. This was before I’d learned how to ...

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Tipping, white-glove service, and other restaurant hacks

Like a jaded old Vietnam vet, I thought I’d seen it all. UNTIL NOW! If you’ve been around on the internet, you’ve seen some guy write a post about tipping. Then, like a god damn math formula, the comments unfold exactly like this: You should tip at LEAST 15%! Are you joking? I tip based on how ...

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Applied psychology: How a waiter sizes you up at restaurants

In college, I got the privilege to study human behavior through dozens of different lenses: Human-computer interaction, group dynamics, trauma and stress, even magic and deception. Now I get to do the same for you. This week we’re looking through the view of HIGH-END RESTAURANTS to understand human psychology, sales, and communication skills. Restaurants are actually a great metaphor ...

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Restaurant secrets from a waiter

Years ago, I started reading an anonymous blog written by an NYC waiter. He wrote about what really happened behind the scenes. The most ridiculous things customers to get VIP service...secrets of tipping...and tips that only restaurant insiders know. I was hooked. And I think this is a perfect addition to continuing along the year of ...