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My definitive guide to working from home — yours free

Years ago, I started to notice that when people asked where I worked, they really didn’t like the answer. Here’s how it would go: Question: “Oh, so do you have an office?” Ramit: “No, I work from home” (This resulted in a 90%-95% “Scorn Score” -- in other words, 9/10 people would say “Oh…” or “Ah…...

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How to pay off student loans without thinking about it

Student loans are a big kick in the face that the real world has arrived. The average graduate has $28,950 in student loan debt. (That number is even higher for students who went to private or for-profit colleges.) If you’re looking ahead to college, you can save money and reduce debt with financial aid and scholarships. For those ...


The 4 keys to finding ambition

We’re told we should just be happy with what we have… but there’s a difference between being happy and being satisfied. I’m happy. But I’m still hungry. Ambition is GOOD. If you want to live a Rich Life, you must be ambitious. In fact, not only is ambition OK, it’s required for living a Rich ...


How to be more productive

Do you know what most productivity “experts” hope you’ll never find out? The tips they spout and the apps they sell are total BS. The experts themselves don’t even use them! Honesty Bath time: When was the last time you downloaded an app that you were sure was going to make you more productive, used it for less ...

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Time management for “busy” people

Would you agree with any of these statements? “I’m busier than most people” “Whenever I try to manage my time, something comes up to ruin the whole system” “I’ve tried time management software and apps, but they never work” We like to think we’re special snowflakes when it comes to time management, but the truth is, almost ...

It’s my birthday. 3 things I learned

Today is my birthday. Every time one of my friends has a birthday, I ask them to share some birthday wisdom, so today I wanted to take a second to thank you for reading IWT and share a few lessons I’ve learned in 34 years. 1. Look beneath the surface of “catch phrases” “What’s your greatest fear?” When ...