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Applied psychology: How a waiter sizes you up at restaurants

In college, I got the privilege to study human behavior through dozens of different lenses: Human-computer interaction, group dynamics, trauma and stress, even magic and deception. Now I get to do the same for you. This week we’re looking through the view of HIGH-END RESTAURANTS to understand human psychology, sales, and communication skills. Restaurants are actually a great metaphor ...

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Restaurant secrets from a waiter

Years ago, I started reading an anonymous blog written by an NYC waiter. He wrote about what really happened behind the scenes. The most ridiculous things customers to get VIP service...secrets of tipping...and tips that only restaurant insiders know. I was hooked. And I think this is a perfect addition to continuing along the year of ...

Ugh, bidets

I’m very protective of my ass. So years ago, when I visited Japan and my hotel room had a bidet in it, I faced a dilemma. Should I go out on a limb and use this weird foreign thing that I had no idea how to use? Or should I just do things the way I always have? I ...

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The Progression Principle: From $4.95 to $15,000 in a single day

Like a burlesque dancer, I’m going to pull down my thigh-highs just another inch so you can get a peek. In this year of MORE, I’ve been showing you how to create an online business -- even if you don’t have an idea yet or don’t know how to scale from $50 to $25,000. Earlier ...

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The math behind a million-dollar business

I never thought my blog would generate a million dollars. In fact, the first time it happened, I didn’t even know. One of my team members emailed me in the middle of the night and attached this image: Click “Display Images” for the actual email   I had no idea. When I was writing today's post, my co-workers were ...

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Your turn: Analyze these businesses

OK, let's roll up our sleeves. Two days ago, I wrote one of my favorite posts of all time: Win Win Win. And since starting this series on 2015 being the year of MORE, I’ve gotten thousands of emails about how inspired you are. I suddenly realized what life coaches must feel like. When you talk about getting more, ...