Email: Isn’t my loaded mutual fund still good?

Here's an email exchange I had over the weekend with someone about why loaded funds are one of the worst investments you can make. EVER!&*#%# (more…)

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Talking to your parents about money can be a humbling experience–for them

I'm on a rampage!!! I've been on vacation for a week and I think that sleeping 16 hours a day really sharpens the mind. If you have questions about personal-finance, this is a really good time to ask. Email me or just add a comment to any post on this site, and I'll try to help out. MP Dunleavey writes ...

Price discrimination can be awesome

I love Tyler's post over at Marginal Revolution: Price discrimination, Brazilian style

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A big fear I have of this site

Writing this site is a lot of fun for me. I get to go around, meet interesting people, and make fun of things. I once got a free lunch. But still, I'm not sure it makes a big difference. (more…)

My Free Insider's Kit will show you how to earn more money

My favorite comment so far

People sometimes post comments to old entries on this site. Today, someone submitted my favorite comment of all time: Tips from a very smart CFO (scroll down for the comment). Is it real? Is it fake? Who knows.

What are we doing on this site?

It's 8:31pm on the day after graduation as I'm writing this. Almost everybody has moved out and the house is quiet. The end-of-the-year rush is crazy, but it's something you get used to. Maybe too used to. (more…)