Oh god

If, when eating dinner with friends, you pay for the bill with your credit card and your friends give you cash, don't do what I do. Don't think "Wow! $50 extra cash in my wallet!" NO!!! Put it in the bank!! I just checked my statement and I have like 5 charges of $50, $64, $25, etc. Then, like in ...

Email: Isn’t my loaded mutual fund still good?

Here's an email exchange I had over the weekend with someone about why loaded funds are one of the worst investments you can make. EVER!&*#%# (more…)

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Talking to your parents about money can be a humbling experience–for them

I'm on a rampage!!! I've been on vacation for a week and I think that sleeping 16 hours a day really sharpens the mind. If you have questions about personal-finance, this is a really good time to ask. Email me or just add a comment to any post on this site, and I'll try to help out. MP Dunleavey writes ...

Price discrimination can be awesome

I love Tyler's post over at Marginal Revolution: Price discrimination, Brazilian style

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A big fear I have of this site

Writing this site is a lot of fun for me. I get to go around, meet interesting people, and make fun of things. I once got a free lunch. But still, I'm not sure it makes a big difference. (more…)

My favorite comment so far

People sometimes post comments to old entries on this site. Today, someone submitted my favorite comment of all time: Tips from a very smart CFO (scroll down for the comment). Is it real? Is it fake? Who knows.