Carnival of Personal Finance is up

Good posts up--check it out.

Trick I use when I make unexpected money

Here's a trick whenever I make some unexpected money. I've had a lot going on lately, so I've been having to transfer money to a bunch of different accounts. Sometimes I'll "borrow" from one of my accounts and promise to pay it back to myself, etc. Anyway, I made some unplanned money in the last couple of weeks, which was ...

Carnival of the Capitalists is up

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is online. Lots of great articles there!

Bottled water is stupid

I have detested bottled water since their popularity in the late 90s, when people started walking around with bottles as if they couldn't find potable water WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF ANYWHERE. Now I have some data to back up my disgust: Ounce for ounce, it costs more than gasoline, even at today's high gasoline prices; depending on the brand, it ...

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The warmer side of personal finance

Why do you want to be rich? Probably one of my favorite articles of all time. There's even a followup. Am I just writing all of this for no good reason? Or are you actually taking some action after reading? Here's a big fear I have of this site. That's it! I'll be back from vacation soon...

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Some basics on investing

Let's get right into it today. If your employer lets you buy company stock at a discounted price, that's cool. So what's the big deal? When do you sell a stock? Some words on asset allocation, diversification, and your failure to manifest your education. Good god I should be a rapper. Active funds vs. passive funds

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