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How to dispute charges through your credit card

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my epic ordeal canceling Sprint service and moving to Cingular (because of reception in a new house): But then they told me my account had a $160.00 charge. For what, I asked? Wait for it... "An early cancellation fee." Yeah, right. I knew I didn't have a contract, and I had negotiated ...

A scary photo from MIT

I gave a couple of talks at MIT before the holidays. The scariest thing about this photo is not the look on my face (although let's be honest, what the hell am I doing here?), but the frightening math formulas on the chalkboard. Yes, those are real.

Think in Weeks, Not Years

Trying to strike a deal with a big company is like inviting Hulk Hogan to smash a diamond-tipped rock against your head for 57 days straight. I cannot count the number of times I've been in a Monday meeting, we've finally agreed on some minor action item for the next step (like the company employee sending me a 2-paragraph project ...

I am going to kick some personal-finance ass–yours

Welcome to 2006. This year is the one where I'm going to help you take control of your personal finances and start investing for the future. This is in contrast to most people, who have no clue where they are spending money, what investing really is, or why it's important. Think of me as your drill sergeant, only a frail, ...

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Random links I think are cool

The Carnival of Investing is up. The article about ETrade surprised me. Amazon Credits You New URL: Amazon Credits You. Cool new service: If you buy something from Amazon, enter the info here, and you'll be notified if they reduce their prices within 30 days. How much frugality is too much? Totally agree--except about the shampoo/water thing. Every Indian ...

Minutiae and toothpaste

Spend all day deciding which toothpaste to get? Or...just brush twice a day and floss?