I don’t know if this is a good financial move

I got this email today: Good Day I am contacting you based on information obtained from business library which vouched for your good reputation I am interested in investing about US$15,500,000 through you in your country or abroad in any viable and profitable venture that you will recommend. I would not like to invest my money here ...

Good habits early on –> rich

When you think about it, opening up an investment account, monitoring your credit cards, and tracking your spending is a pretty big hassle. But I want to give you an example of why it's important to get the right habits now, while you're young: (more…)

The Power of Compounding

Some dumb things I have heard recently: "I don't have any money right now...I'll invest money later" "I'm not even thinking about retirement" " " (no opinion of investing at all, the worst possible situation) I've written about making your money earn money for you before. The key to being rich isn't picking the most sophisticated, tax-sheltered investment or doing fancy ...

Why do you want to be rich?

Sometimes, teaching people how to get rich gets me a bad rap. "You just want to make money," I've been told. Or "money isn't everything." These gems, while not particularly eloquent, do have a point. Actually, I'd prefer that these people ask me why I teach people to be rich. It's important to ask yourself, too: Why do you want ...

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Get your credit report today

Do you know what your credit report says about you? Starting this year, it's free for you to see your report once a year: http://www.AnnualCreditReport.com/ (Remember, this is different than getting your credit score, which you have to pay to get.)

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Boy am I stupid

I was in Japan a few weeks ago. When I got to Narita airport a couple hours before my return flight, I decided to pick up something to read on the way home. (more…)