How to stop credit card solicitations

This is good: By calling 1-888-5-OPTOUT (567-8688) or logging onto you can "opt-out" of receiving pre-approved credit card offers for five years OR forever. "Opting-Out" prevents consumer credit reporting companies from using your credit file information for pre-approved offers of credit or insurance. That's from Sound Money Tips, one of the other personal-finance blogs I read. Oh ...

Dumb: “Econ majors know personal finance”

I like hearing dumb things because then I mock them and the person who said them. Here's the latest: "I'm an economics major! I don't need to learn about money!" Just because you're an econ major doesn't necessarily mean you know personal finance. That's like saying if you're a programmer, you're expert at using Microsoft Word. Give me a break, ...

Stanford Daily writes a nice article about I Will Teach You To Be Rich

From the Stanford Daily: College is the time when many students take charge of their own money. Now, thanks to the efforts of an economics whiz kid, students can set aside their financial fears. Ramit Sethi, a fifth-year co-terminal student in psychology, runs a program to teach college students and recent graduates about personal finance. Today, Sethi travels around the ...

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Here’s how I negotiated out of bank fees

Have you ever had a teacher or adult who is supposed to be really good at something, but they haven't actually done it in so long that you wonder whether they even remember how to do it? I had a CS professor at Stanford who is supposedly one of the best hackers of all time, but when I was stuck ...

My Free Insider's Kit will show you how to earn more money

Oooh, Wired and I think the same about subscriptions

A little while ago, I wrote an article about the unbelievable amount we spend on subscriptions every month. $30/month for Internet $50/month for cell phone $40/month for cable TV (more…)

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More thinking about why you want to be rich

Nobody should want to be rich just for the money. Here's a great quote from Tim Sanders in his new book, The Likeability Factor. Success has been redefined. My grandmother, a product of the Great Depression, raised me to value a lifetime of financial security in which I would never lose my home and could afford to send my kids ...