Get your credit report today

Do you know what your credit report says about you? Starting this year, it's free for you to see your report once a year: (Remember, this is different than getting your credit score, which you have to pay to get.)

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Boy am I stupid

I was in Japan a few weeks ago. When I got to Narita airport a couple hours before my return flight, I decided to pick up something to read on the way home. (more…)

We get more conservative with investments as we get older

As we get older, we naturally get more conservative with our money. That's why, when we're young, it pays to be aggressive with our investments. I like to drive fast. A few days ago, I drove on a long trip and realized something: It's probably not worth it to drive so fast. I ran a quick calculation and discovered that, ...

Another way to budget

I've written about the importance of creating a budget before. But I just got an email with another idea: Regarding savings and expenses - there's an easier way to manage. Most people have trouble keeping track of expenses. The easier way? Just decide how much you want to save each month and automatically transfer that into savings then spend the ...

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Art is a good investment?

Apparently so in some cases. Usually I hate art (that's because it all looks like garbage to me), but this article was pretty stunning: "In 1998, NYU business school professors Michael Moses and Jianping Mei began an unusual experiment. They would track every transaction involving objects that had sold more than once at auction at the major New York houses ...

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What does diversification really mean?

There are some things so entrenched in our culture that we never stop to think what they really mean. Let me direct you to one of the most striking examples in the last 10 years: The Backstreet Boys' hit, I Want It That Way. This god damn song is so catchy that, while we were all singing along and bopping ...