How I spent over $50,000 on luxury services last year

Now THIS is interesting. On Monday, I wrote a massive post about how we’re going to get MORE in 2015. Hundreds of comments said, HELL YA RAMIT, I WANT MORE! Then, yesterday, I decided to get a little more specific about what “more” actually means to you. All of a sudden, things changed. Look at this email I got ...

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I LOL’d at this $300,000 comment

Damn, I thought I was good, but I was wrong. You guys should see this awesome system my assistant and I set up for when I travel. She arranges everything via a 40-page document of my preferences, down to my favorite seat # on my favorite airline, favorite hotels, and favorite drinks. I go downstairs, a driver picks me up, and ...

2015: The Year of More

2015: The Year of More

I used to think it was normal to wait in the car while your dad checked into a motel. When I was a kid and our family would take a road trip, my Dad would tell us to stay in the car while he checked us into a motel. That’s because, to save money, he would get a motel ...

Ramit’s Best of 2014

I always love hearing how people spend their holidays -- mostly because some people have truly insane families. I looked at what my friends are doing, and it’s either... Filled in a loving environment eating decadent holiday food, relaxing, and watching children play with their new gifts Hating life, listening to a racist uncle at dinner, hiding in a ...

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I got schooled

If I were to ask you, “What’s one thing you wish you could make automatic in your life?” I’d be willing to bet that most people would say: “I wish I could exercise regularly” “I wish I could eat healthier” “I wish I could ___” What would yours be? I want to help you pick one area of your ...

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How to make people like you

POP QUIZ: Let’s say I asked you which of these you could change about yourself: Your taste in food (e.g., “I love pizza”) Your body (e.g., “I’m a skinny Indian guy”) Your likeability (“I’m not like Mike, who walks into a bar and everybody loves him”) Which trait do you think is malleable? The correct ...

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