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How to start an online business – the straight truth

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Alright, today is the beginning of an entirely new chapter of IWT. I’m ready to finally talk about the #1 REQUESTED IWT TOPIC OF ALL TIME.


A last-minute ski trip I took this winter.

What did I create that let me…

  • Share my experiences and the things I LOVE with the world, on my terms (being authentic and never watering myself down)
  • Live a FUN lifestyle where I can travel, meet amazing people, and tell ridiculous stories/jokes (since I have no boss)
  • Explore all kinds of interests, not just locking myself into 1 job with 1 job description
  • A flexible schedule and the freedom to do this AUTOMATICALLY, since I’ve built systems that help people and generate income (even when I’m sleeping)
  • And while helping people, I can build a rich life to fund the lifestyle I want, like having apartments in SF and NYC, taking last-minute weekend vacations, and paying off my parents’ debt


Starting now, I’m going to teach you how to start an online business — IWT style.

It’s funny because for years, I’ve told you I didn’t want to teach you about online business. And in the next few blog posts, I’ll explain why now is the time to share this.

But as usual, we won’t be following the typical “expert” advice out there.

We’re not going to pray to the passive income gods and sell a $17 ebook and wait 9 months to earn $15.39. (If you want, I’ll share real stories of the passive income crowd — and how much they really earn — that will blow your mind.)

And we’re not going to be sitting around a fire singing hymns and looking to heaven for inspiration and motivation. You know, things that make us feel good but actually don’t create a solid, profitable online business.

We ARE going to learn the exact system I’ve used to start a successful online business — one that lets you take what’s inside of you and share it with the world, including:

  • How to generate an idea that will pay (using the deep psychological frameworks I’ve developed to launch successful product after successful product)
  • Advanced strategies for getting traffic
  • Proven online business models (and the truth about which popular models you should actually avoid)
  • How to sell online without being sleazy, even if you’re not a “natural” at sales
  • The exact systems to set up so your business works for you (and not the other way around)
  • Never-before-shared conversion secrets I discovered and perfected in the IWT lab

How do you know this stuff works?


Who else gets you to read 5-page-long posts with jokes about Asians and crazy things my mom says? Who else maintains an internal testing library with hundreds of tested results?

That’s right. Your Surrogate Asian Father, Ramit.

And finally, after years of testing, I’ve come up with a way to teach it to you.

And I’ll show you how you can get results like this:

IWT Online Business Growth

Our revenue and product growth over the last few years.
Behind those are much deeper systems I’ve never shared.
But now I will.


How to start an online business – 3 things you need to know

1. The truth about starting an online business

In the next few blog posts, I’ll be sharing REAL SALES NUMBERS, including actual conversion rates from IWT. Nobody outside of my small team has ever seen these before.

But you will.

Why? Because I want to show you the truth about starting a successful online business. Unlike the unscrupulous marketers whose entire business is creating ebooks about creating ebooks, I’ve spent years teaching core topics of personal finance, careers, negotiation, and psychology.

And quietly, along the way, I’ve been building a business that gives away 98% of my material free…but still allows me to build premium products and charge premium prices. Why do students keep coming back? Why do they buy at a rate 1,235% higher than prospects?

I’ll share how I do it — and how you can, too.

2. How to build something FUN

When you crack the code of starting an online business, you can take what you love, bottle it up, and share it with the world — automatically — for years to come.

This isn’t drudgery. Imagine a life built around doing what you love.



The only known photo in existence of me dancing.
(Btw, this was taken over a 3-day weekend where my business automatically generated tens of thousands of dollars. Yeah, I’ll show you how. If you’re good.)


There’s no substitute for the joy of sharing your passions with the world.

Here, look what I mean.

This is a behind-the-scenes video of the Oscars. You’ll see the director giving second-by-second instructions as Cuba Gooding Jr. gave his famous speech.

What do you notice?


This guy is a true master at his craft. And all the work, all the passion, all the years he’s put into this, the amazing team supporting him — they come to a crescendo at this moment. He’s truly in the zone.

Think about how it would feel to have the respect of your friends, your parents, your girlfriend/boyfriend, even complete strangers, when you launch something and get your first email: “Wow, this is amazing. Thank you for creating it.” And you see that they cared enough to actually pull out their wallet and pay you for something you created for the world.


This $690 payment came while I was eating a late lunch on Friday.
My systems handled the marketing, sales, even customer support. All automatically.


It’s the difference between being a CONSUMER and a PRODUCER.

It’s the difference between reacting to what life throws at you versus actively building the life you want to live.

A lot of us are ready to make that change. We’re willing to put the work in if it means we’ll get a result from it. Not a couple pennies, or a pat on the back, but REAL results.

You can. It’s not a pipe dream. It’s possible, and I’ve been quietly documenting how to do it for 10 years. Now it’s time to share that playbook with you.

3. What I’m going to cover in the next 10 blog posts on online business

We’re going to move fast and cover a lot. And along the way, I’m going to ask you some tough questions.

For example, a lot of you claim you want to start an online business. So why haven’t you? Anyone can talk about what they “want” to do. Are you serious or are you just waiting for “some day”?

Oh, you wanted me to comfort you while stroking your hair and singing you a bedtime song? Maybe I’m projecting with the stroking hair thing, but do you see me posting inspirational quote boards? I didn’t think so.

We move fast and we move aggressively. If you don’t like that, sorry, but I refuse to pander to the lowest common denominator and give you BS advice that makes you feel good (but produces no measurable results).

If you choose to keep reading this blog, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The best tactics on going from zero to launch. I’ll share the data-driven insights of how we go from NO IDEA to a profitable idea…then package it up into a mouth-watering offering…then sell in a transparent, authentic way. What technology do we use? How do you take a $97 ebook and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue?
  • Automatic systems. Then do it again and again…month after month….automatically? How do you know when to hustle vs. when to build systems? How do you build traffic and sales that don’t depend on you being in front of your computer 24/7?
  • Mental barriers to starting an online business. Why do so many of us dream about starting an online business — even reading Seth Godin and Lifehacker — but we haven’t done it yet? Is it possible there’s more holding us back than just wondering what blog software to use and where to find an idea? What would happen if we could master our inner psychology?

And right now, I’m opening up spots on the waiting list to join my newest and most comprehensive course of all:

Zero to Launch - How to Start an Online Business

This is the best course I’ve ever created. It will show you how to go from NO IDEA to a profitable online business. But more on this later.

For now, we’re going to cover the thorny issues of starting a business. Where do you come up with an idea? How do you get people to actually visit your website? Why would anyone pay attention to you when there are hundreds of other competitors? And once you find that idea, how do you package it and price it and systematically market it in a way that sells once, twice, and for years to come?

I mentioned this won’t be a cakewalk. In exchange for me sharing these numbers, conversion tactics, and frameworks with you, I’m going to make you work.


Here’s what I want from you today:


STEP 1: Leave a comment here telling me what most EXCITES you about starting an online business.

Be brutally honest! I read every single comment (yes, really).

STEP 2: Get instant access to Zero to Launch case studies by joining the Zero to Launch waitlist below (takes 20 seconds).

Where should I send your free case studies?

100% privacy. No games, no B.S., no spam.

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  1. The idea that I could build a business around something that I love and doesn’t need to me in order to be successful is incredibly attractive. Not having a boss is exciting. Knowing that my effort in does not have a linear relationship to the potential revenue that comes out, is thrilling.

    What most excites me is the idea of being successful enough to allow my family live a life of wealth and still BE THERE to enjoy that life with them. Executives at consulting firms make many hundreds of thousands of dollars but they have zero time for anything else.

    I’m excited for this class! Share with us your secrets and systems.
    – James

    • Love it. Very true about being able to create a rich live and LIVE it. Stay tuned.

    • To help as many people in the world I live in and to share my knowledge with people who are interested in the topics that I am.

    • Very excited to find your (Ramit) refreshing take on creating a lasting value to not only online business owners, but to provide REAL value to their customers. So much fluff out there. I want to provide income for my family that means something to others as well. Looking forward to a prosperous journey.

    • The most exciting thing about starting an online business is the possibility of financial freedom doing something I love to do. Not many people get the opportunity to make money AND like doing their jobs.

    • My sentiments are very similiar to James’s. I am closer to retirement from my job, however I would like to be able to still provide for my family without having to rely on a job. That way I can spend time with them instead of spending time at a workplace.
      I may not be as young as most people who want to start an online business, however that doesn’t mean I don’t have the drive or desire to do it! 🙂

    • The reason it excites me to be able to earn a living on- line is the concept of being able to do what I was truly put on earth to do, to use the gifts within me and realise my potential. There are emotions and stresses associated with providing for a family which are impounded by unappreciative employers and as the years roll on the call to live a purposeful life gets stronger yet feels prohibited for a lack of finance. So genuinely being able to make a living on-line while branding myself with authenticity is a dream I wish to realise.

    • Operating my own business is an exciting concept. I’ve always felt off about making a sliver off the wealth of money coming into the companies I’ve worked for. Breaking your back for pennies on the dollar has always left a bad taste in my mouth. To be the sole beneficiary of all the work done, and growing a business to the point of possibly needing employees all sounds very exciting to me!!!

    • What excites me most about having an online business is to have a secondary source of income that can be used to boost my savings and investments as well as give me more guilt free spending money month to month.

    • What most excited me about having an online business is the possibility to be my own boss and be able to create passive income.

    • Most exciting part is having time to look after myself.

    • I have no problem acknowledging someone else already articulated my own response – right on James!!

    • What James said! I would love to be able to earn my own scaleable income and not have to rely on a company to employ me to make it in the world. I’ve been in my current field for 5 years and have hit the income ceiling for my degree and level of experience without going back to school or “hanging in there” for another 10 years, hoping to get into management. I’m ready to take my life and career into my own hands and create my own path.

    • The most exciting thing about starting my own online business by far is the possibility of financial freedom. If successful it would open up doors to a world that only existed in my dreams.

      For my generation (millennial) it almost feels like starting your own business is our only option because the job market is shrinking.

      Opportunities are scarce thus I want to be the person that finds a way to provide opportunity for myself and others than wait for someone to decide to “take a chance” on me.

    • I am excited to learn how to start an online business for many reasons: financial independence, peace of mind (i.e. not worrying about money), learning something new, and enjoying life. I hope this opportunity will be fruitful and I can make progress towards those goals.

    • What excites me most is that I can live a successful life that pays me well and I can be free of a burden from a normal job but still make a solid amount of money. One of the main purposes I am doing this is to buy my dream car- a Lamborghini Aventador and other luxurious things with time. I am hoping that with your help, I can be as successful as I want and plan on being. Thank you

    • The thing that most excites me about this versus strictly real estate investment is the ability to teach and help others as well as the ability to create an income stream that is location independent.

    • Rigoberto Torres Link to this comment

      James, this is awesome well said: “to allow my family live a life of wealth and still BE THERE to enjoy that life with them”

    • Alberto Antonio Link to this comment

      The most exciting thing about online business is the fact of having a “job” that let’s you do whatever, whenever you please. That’s exciting but also everything that comes with it, the luxurious life, the quality time you spend with your family and friends, being able to make more with less and being self-sufficient, feeling alive and having fun.

    • The idea of my own online business is really exciting. To have feedom and flexibilty doing what I enjoy whilst bringing up my children. One step closer

    • Having my own business would allow me to focus on what I am passionate about and give me more time to be with my loved ones. I would be my own boss, and all the work and effort I go to would directly help me rather than someone else. I want to help the world in my unique way and having an online business would enable me to do that.

    • I don’t want to be that invested much time in exchange for a little money, I am special and mentally trained… I’m not worth a minimum salary, and I’m on this earth to fulfill my dreams and have the possibility to have time and money to devote to my family , if they are happy, Iam happy, that my satisfaction, that is the most exciting thing to have an online bussiness.

    • I’m very excited about furthering my online presence through multiple businesses that can be equally challenging but diverse in their own respects.

    • Being able to do something I enjoy and putting hardworking into something that’s my own. This will help build a better future for me and my family

    • It excites me to make automated income. It’s like farming finance: your crops can be growing even when you are not watering them. Of course you must look after them and take care, but if you do it right, the crops (revenue) can grow with minimal supervision and you can watch the process.
      I am excited participate in my own wealth rather than relying on an employer to feed me!

    • Miss Limitless Link to this comment

      1. Creating an idea that I believe could be marketable

      2. Putting my degree to good use

      3. Financial stability

    • Cheyenne hamilton Link to this comment

      What I find most exciting about the possibility of running my own online business is what it will bring to everyone else. It will allow me to give more of my time to my family, to my schooling. And hopefully it will give customers great satisfaction with whatever product or service I will hopefully be providing.

    • Just want to be my own boss and enjoy life with wonderful family and friends. The idea of having online business just executes me the more because at least I will achieving something in my life which I can say was all my efforts. Wanting to help has been something with me from childhood and will like accomplish to a life with satisfaction.Want to enjoy my life and have time for my family so pls share with me. One thing is that I don’t have a website any idea about that also thanks

    • The most exciting this for me is building and maintain a reputation. Inspiring others that they can “Dare to be Different.”and work hard to accomplish their goals that were once a just a dream, and be successful at the same time. No need to work a boring 9-5 job, just for money.

    • My whole life I have envisioned myself making 100 million dollars. It was never a dream, it was a vision of my future. I saw who I was meant to serve, what I was going to do, who I would be doing it with, and much of it has to do with sharing the lessons and trauma’s I have been through in my life and the psychology behind what makes business, life and relationships work. It has never been hard for me to understand people and get related to their unspoken truths and unmet expectations and their denial about what it will take for them to really have what they want.

      Having an online business means access. Access to people, to audiences that I otherwise would have no connection to or relationships with. Through the interactions with the virtual relationships people can hide who they are and what they do…for a little bit. But for people to reveal themselves and stop denying who they are is my greatest dream.

      So many of the people I coach come to me because they forget why they were born and chalk their life up to unrealized goals and blame everything they can for why they never were able to fulfill their reason for being born. My mission is to stop this, eradicate it completely and I know it will happen… I just don’t see enough people really ready to take it on and it is a priority for me in this lifetime.

      An online business will allow me to help people see their unique gifts. Through my online business, people will to see their greatness, be their greatness and pay it forward. An online business will allow that movement to become viral and that opportunity for people to grasp it viable for the masses. I am here to change the planet and why not start with the 6 billion people who, relative to the creatures on the planet, I am most like!

    • Lilly I am exited about the confidence this adventure will give me to go as far as I can with my many ideas

    • Being able to work from any location of my choice and having a possible 24/7 income.

    • The most exciting feeling my new business will provide me will be the opportunities to interact on a spiritual and personal level with people’s from all over the world and the chance to experience some of their cultures while reading for them.

    • I have read many of the other comments and realized we all have a lot in common. The thing that excites me the most is the same as almost everyone else. Starting an online business to be independent and being able to do what I love for the rest of my life. I have always hated the idea of having a job where I go to bed loathing the idea of waking up in the morning because I have to go to work. Although I know it will take a lot of work, I am prepared to do whatever I can to reach my goals.

    • My main reason for wanting my own online business is to share my love of cooking without having a brick and mortar restaurant. It will also allow me to share my passion with others as I guide them to delicious food without high prices. Besides, I would be able to travel and experience different cuisines around the world to incorporate into my business. And, of course the ability to change my life from where I am now. Not working…only getting temp jobs. Financial freedom and being self-reliant is my goal.

    • The most exciting thing in my opinion about starting an online business is the ability to work on your own terms and exposing yourself to the possible oportunities that are coming with it.

    • pliz halp me to do onlin work

    • i’m so excited i wish i will do my dream … i’m a student and i need work online

    • My curiosity and wish to learn it’s too big

    • To me, the most exciting thing about building a business is the challenge. The journey. The feeling you get when you can finally say ‘I made it’. And you love it! Also, not having to work for somebody else. You are your own boss. You make the rules. You make everything happen. Being financially free. It’s incredibly satisfying just to think about it.

    • Alexandria Harden Link to this comment

      I think the idea of my online business excites me in that something that I love can actually help others and be financially beneficial. I love helping others and if an idea of mine could give others hope or find them a more efficient way of living that would make it all worth it. How many people get to love their job and make the money they want, this opportunity provides that.

    • I always loved the feeling of beeing free. I’ve been self-employed already, but have worked more than ever before and had no time to do the stuff i loved. And what’s money without freedom?

    • My first venture is to start an online business. Failure is not an option, I want the freedom to provide and build a reputation and to help others achieve it and live their life they deserve.

    • I’m excited about freedom to choose my journey and do something I love every day. I agree with getting rid of marketing fluff and adding value which is why I want to start on my own.

    • The most exciting part of my business idea is the opportunities that it will open beyond the initial idea. I believe in the power of ideas that create more options for future ideas and opportunities.

    • Being able to create something from nothing that will be of service to others and provide my family with security and financial freedom

    • James is bang on 100% correct, I am one of those consulting firm types and would love to trade that in.

      Thanks James for conveying the message so well.

    • To do something that, workwise, for once in my life makes sense and where I can see financial progress to build something substantial in order to leave behind a financial legacy

    • I’m excited to get a head start on starting my own online business straight out of and even during college. I like myself a challenge and believe I can learn to create enough revenue to do online business making a full time and even passive income revenue.

    • The most exciting things are; freedom to plan my life, no need to rely on any boss’s generosity – or lack of it. The prospect of earning money for doing things I enjoy doing, the possibility of having a comfortable future in these times of austerity; the ability to say goodbye to working situations that are more stressful than they need to be. The potential to realise my ambitions for how I always dreamed my life would be.

    • The most exciting thing about starting my own online business is to be able to finally reach mass amounts of people with the knowledge and information I know is so valuable, so important to share! Secondary but a pretty important part of it is the excitement to be able to check off everything on my bucket list!

    • I am excited to have the flexibility to enjoy the work that I do and have more time for my child and family!

    • The ability to convert an idea into revenue and customers/clients and in the process make a difference in peoples lives by adding value.

    • I am a hard worker and dedicated I just don’t have the resources to start my own business or any idea of how to do it. I am smart and about to enter college but could use some extra money and this looks like a challenge that I could complete with a little help

    • Starting an online business excites me because of the opportunities it affords. I make (low) 6 figures with my “real” job, and thought I would be happy. I’m not. I work long hours at high stress and have little time for family time or contributing to my community.

    • What excites me most about starting an online business is the freedom to do what I want, the flexibility to do it when I want and the knowledge that I am helping others in the process. I work from home and I love that aspect of the job but I make no money, I’m living by someone else’s rules and I’m tired of helping another company build up from what I have to offer. I would like to start a business where I’m building my own revenue and I want to be my own person, set my own rules and enjoy life (traveling, laughing, resting, etc.)

    • What excites me is that I WILL be blessed to be the best athlete/teacher I can be and do it from anywhere in the world.

    • I am most excited about starting an online business because it will allow me to eliminate the debt that is haunting me

    • This, plus the ability to focus on guitar playing as part of my work. I want to share that passion with others and show them that it doesn’t have to be hard to learn to play – use the right methods and it’s easy!

  2. I’m excited about having a product that removes my ties from the hourly rate and allows me to use the extra time and cash to develop new ideas, instead of spending my time looking for more/better clients.

    • What he said.

    • ad infinitum. I’m with you on this!

    • Hey everyone 🙂 ,

      I’ve done so many different courses in my time and have so much knowledge in my head – but I’m not quite sure how I may be able to utilize that knowledge to build a life that I feel comfortable and happy with and be proud to lead too.

      Building an online business can be just that – I can challenge myself and help others to learn how to challenge themselves in the process – while building a successful business that provides a passive income.

      Let’s see what this Zero to Launch course is all about. 🙂

    • After being disappointed for so long and I found this opportunity to do somthing i love.Really, I am so exicted right now.Can’t wait…

    • I’m excited to build an online product because I have seen what others have produced in my field and I think that I could do better- not only to make more money, but also to help people live better lives.

    • Im excited to be apart and connect with alot of people through online business. I would not just create a business but I would be creating networks.

  3. Running a successful online business would allow me to spend more time with my family and travel more. Doing something I believe in and being my own boss would just be icing on the cake.

    I’ve realized that being successful in someone else’s business isn’t going to be fulfilling for me long term. The time invested in rising higher doesn’t pay the dividends in time or money that I am looking for as my family expands.

    Crushing my psychological barriers in Finisher’s Formula and Success Triggers has me primed for this type of course. Can’t wait!


    • Same here. Freedom (my own boss), flexibility (family and travel), and personal satisfaction (creating something myself and making it successful, and me wealthy).

  4. Truth be told, I haven`t considered starting an online business. BUt after reading your and Tim Ferriss` work, I can see the powerful benefits. For me, those would extend to funding travel and passions. Ultimately, the finances become a way to expand your options. (In ways)

  5. I want to improve the world for everyone in the most efficient means possible. Let’s face it; the Internet, the Web, this new global connection… It’s a pretty big deal. Ignoring the power of this “connectedness” and sheer speed of transaction and communication is like ignoring a car in favor of a mule. Keep your mules (9-5, big bad boss, meetings, write-ups), I want that sports car.

    And thanks for being the Asian surrogate father you are. Someone really ought to buy you a mug or sweater or something. Everything I’ve read from you makes sense.


  6. My first experience with an online business was arbitrage and I wouldn’t do that again because it was a lot of work for little profit. I still want to create a business, but this time around I want something that could lead to full-time income and more freedom.

    The thing that was excites me about an online business is being able to make more money with less physical effort. I once had a $500 day in online sales, which I know is small change for others, but that would take me a week with overtime to make at my job. It doesn’t matter how efficient or how many hours I put in, I can only earn so much with my job.

    • Good comment. The concept of “leverage” is something we’ll dive into. In other words, when I recently doubled my revenue, I didn’t work twice as hard. I used the leverage of systems instead — something that’s possible with a successful online business. (On the other hand, I’ll also steer you clear of BS businesses that can make you a small amount, but don’t add any real value to the world, and thus are doomed over the long term.)

    • I want to create products around what I am passionate about and that is walking with women after they have discovered betrayal and help them move forward with through the pain and on with their lives after betrayal. I also realize I am only one person and recreating myself with a products can help thousands of people at the same time instead of me helping one person at a time or a few people at a time. I am about to launch my first online product, Life Beyond Betrayal, and I can assure you it took a ton of physical, emotional, and mental effort to push this baby out. Holy Cow! I am super excited about residual and/or passive income from this and with the power of duplication, hope to have more help in the future as we develop more products to help people. I look forward to learning more about leveraging next round…

  7. I get really excited when I think about the possibility of making a healthy living impact in the lives of tens of thousands of people over the course of my life as a fitness expert rather than just a few hundred.

    Live in-person training is extremely satisfying and seeing how you’ve taught people feel to take care of themselves and feel better in their bodies but it is mind-blowing when you get that you can have that impact and never have met someone before.

    Also the freedom to be able to do it from anywhere (read: get out of MN in the winter) is almost to awesome to grasp!

    Ramit, I’m really looking forward to this blog series thanks for putting it together. Lisa-

  8. What excites me most about an online business is the freedom to work on my hours and in my space. I love to share my ideas and insights with an audience that seeks to be informed and hold a conversation about the matters that get my passion going as well. Freedom of time and place, however, are ESSENTIAL to my happiness and productivity.

    • All of these are good things. But notice how they’re mostly “me-focused”: freedom, passion, etc. We’ll cover those. But we’ll also cover how to create something the market will pay for. Ultimately, the most respectful thing you can do is create something they value so much, that they’re willing to pay for it. That takes systems, psychology, and marketing.

  9. What excites me most is the FREEDOM to do what I want, how I want when I want. I remember a few years back my Mother had a nervous breakdown, and I had to fight tooth and nail to get the time off.

    After that day, I vowed I would never let that happen again. Family and loved ones always come before a J.O.B. Needless to say that company no longer exists!

    • Scott Schwartz Link to this comment

      Starting an online business and having an online business that successfully generates a higher income from my 5am-230pm foundry job. It excites me that I will get what I put into it! No boss to ask off work! And the startup money sound likes it wouldn’t be a crazy in the thousands dollars range..can’t wait to start and open up my life and learn a new way. Thank you
      Scott S

  10. This really sounds great, and yet I need to get started with Earn 1 K. I would like to know what are the core differences between the Zero to Launch course and Earn 1 K. Cheers!

    • Earn1K: Create a side freelance business. (Finding an idea, finding clients, pricing your service, etc.)

      Zero to Launch: Create a successful online business. (Developing an idea, getting traffic, sales systems, marketing, pricing, packaging, and more.)