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How to start an online business – the straight truth

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Alright, today is the beginning of an entirely new chapter of IWT. I’m ready to finally talk about the #1 REQUESTED IWT TOPIC OF ALL TIME.


A last-minute ski trip I took this winter.

What did I create that let me…

  • Share my experiences and the things I LOVE with the world, on my terms (being authentic and never watering myself down)
  • Live a FUN lifestyle where I can travel, meet amazing people, and tell ridiculous stories/jokes (since I have no boss)
  • Explore all kinds of interests, not just locking myself into 1 job with 1 job description
  • A flexible schedule and the freedom to do this AUTOMATICALLY, since I’ve built systems that help people and generate income (even when I’m sleeping)
  • And while helping people, I can build a rich life to fund the lifestyle I want, like having apartments in SF and NYC, taking last-minute weekend vacations, and paying off my parents’ debt


Starting now, I’m going to teach you how to start an online business — IWT style.

It’s funny because for years, I’ve told you I didn’t want to teach you about online business. And in the next few blog posts, I’ll explain why now is the time to share this.

But as usual, we won’t be following the typical “expert” advice out there.

We’re not going to pray to the passive income gods and sell a $17 ebook and wait 9 months to earn $15.39. (If you want, I’ll share real stories of the passive income crowd — and how much they really earn — that will blow your mind.)

And we’re not going to be sitting around a fire singing hymns and looking to heaven for inspiration and motivation. You know, things that make us feel good but actually don’t create a solid, profitable online business.

We ARE going to learn the exact system I’ve used to start a successful online business — one that lets you take what’s inside of you and share it with the world, including:

  • How to generate an idea that will pay (using the deep psychological frameworks I’ve developed to launch successful product after successful product)
  • Advanced strategies for getting traffic
  • Proven online business models (and the truth about which popular models you should actually avoid)
  • How to sell online without being sleazy, even if you’re not a “natural” at sales
  • The exact systems to set up so your business works for you (and not the other way around)
  • Never-before-shared conversion secrets I discovered and perfected in the IWT lab

How do you know this stuff works?


Who else gets you to read 5-page-long posts with jokes about Asians and crazy things my mom says? Who else maintains an internal testing library with hundreds of tested results?

That’s right. Your Surrogate Asian Father, Ramit.

And finally, after years of testing, I’ve come up with a way to teach it to you.

And I’ll show you how you can get results like this:

IWT Online Business Growth

These are just a FEW of my online products.
Behind those are much deeper systems I’ve never shared.
But now I will.


How to start an online business – 3 things you need to know

1. The truth about starting an online business

In the next few blog posts, I’ll be sharing REAL SALES NUMBERS, including actual conversion rates from IWT. Nobody outside of my small team has ever seen these before.

But you will.

Why? Because I want to show you the truth about starting a successful online business. Unlike the unscrupulous marketers whose entire business is creating ebooks about creating ebooks, I’ve spent years teaching core topics of personal finance, careers, negotiation, and psychology.

And quietly, along the way, I’ve been building a business that gives away 98% of my material free…but still allows me to build premium products and charge premium prices. Why do students keep coming back? Why do they buy at a rate 1,235% higher than prospects?

I’ll share how I do it — and how you can, too.

2. How to build something FUN

When you crack the code of starting an online business, you can take what you love, bottle it up, and share it with the world — automatically — for years to come.

This isn’t drudgery. Imagine a life built around doing what you love.



The only known photo in existence of me dancing.
(Btw, this was taken over a 3-day weekend where my business automatically generated tens of thousands of dollars. Yeah, I’ll show you how. If you’re good.)


There’s no substitute for the joy of sharing your passions with the world.

Here, look what I mean.

This is a behind-the-scenes video of the Oscars. You’ll see the director giving second-by-second instructions as Cuba Gooding Jr. gave his famous speech.

What do you notice?


This guy is a true master at his craft. And all the work, all the passion, all the years he’s put into this, the amazing team supporting him — they come to a crescendo at this moment. He’s truly in the zone.

Think about how it would feel to have the respect of your friends, your parents, your girlfriend/boyfriend, even complete strangers, when you launch something and get your first email: “Wow, this is amazing. Thank you for creating it.” And you see that they cared enough to actually pull out their wallet and pay you for something you created for the world.


This $690 payment came while I was eating a late lunch on Friday.
My systems handled the marketing, sales, even customer support. All automatically.


It’s the difference between being a CONSUMER and a PRODUCER.

It’s the difference between reacting to what life throws at you versus actively building the life you want to live.

A lot of us are ready to make that change. We’re willing to put the work in if it means we’ll get a result from it. Not a couple pennies, or a pat on the back, but REAL results.

You can. It’s not a pipe dream. It’s possible, and I’ve been quietly documenting how to do it for 10 years. Now it’s time to share that playbook with you.

3. What I’m going to cover in the next 10 blog posts on online business

We’re going to move fast and cover a lot. And along the way, I’m going to ask you some tough questions.

For example, a lot of you claim you want to start an online business. So why haven’t you? Anyone can talk about what they “want” to do. Are you serious or are you just waiting for “some day”?

Oh, you wanted me to comfort you while stroking your hair and singing you a bedtime song? Maybe I’m projecting with the stroking hair thing, but do you see me posting inspirational quote boards? I didn’t think so.

We move fast and we move aggressively. If you don’t like that, sorry, but I refuse to pander to the lowest common denominator and give you BS advice that makes you feel good (but produces no measurable results).

If you choose to keep reading this blog, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The best tactics on going from zero to launch. I’ll share the data-driven insights of how we go from NO IDEA to a profitable idea…then package it up into a mouth-watering offering…then sell in a transparent, authentic way. What technology do we use? How do you take a $97 ebook and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue?
  • Automatic systems. Then do it again and again…month after month….automatically? How do you know when to hustle vs. when to build systems? How do you build traffic and sales that don’t depend on you being in front of your computer 24/7?
  • Mental barriers to starting an online business. Why do so many of us dream about starting an online business — even reading Seth Godin and Lifehacker — but we haven’t done it yet? Is it possible there’s more holding us back than just wondering what blog software to use and where to find an idea? What would happen if we could master our inner psychology?

And right now, I’m opening up spots on the waiting list to join my newest and most comprehensive course of all:

Zero to Launch - How to Start an Online Business

This is the best course I’ve ever created. It will show you how to go from NO IDEA to a profitable online business. But more on this later.

For now, we’re going to cover the thorny issues of starting a business. Where do you come up with an idea? How do you get people to actually visit your website? Why would anyone pay attention to you when there are hundreds of other competitors? And once you find that idea, how do you package it and price it and systematically market it in a way that sells once, twice, and for years to come?

I mentioned this won’t be a cakewalk. In exchange for me sharing these numbers, conversion tactics, and frameworks with you, I’m going to make you work.


Here’s what I want from you today:


STEP 1: Leave a comment here telling me what most EXCITES you about starting an online business.

Be brutally honest! I read every single comment (yes, really).

STEP 2: Get instant access to Zero to Launch case studies by joining the Zero to Launch waitlist below (takes 20 seconds).

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  1. The idea that I could build a business around something that I love and doesn’t need to me in order to be successful is incredibly attractive. Not having a boss is exciting. Knowing that my effort in does not have a linear relationship to the potential revenue that comes out, is thrilling.

    What most excites me is the idea of being successful enough to allow my family live a life of wealth and still BE THERE to enjoy that life with them. Executives at consulting firms make many hundreds of thousands of dollars but they have zero time for anything else.

    I’m excited for this class! Share with us your secrets and systems.
    – James

    • Love it. Very true about being able to create a rich live and LIVE it. Stay tuned.

    • To help as many people in the world I live in and to share my knowledge with people who are interested in the topics that I am.

    • Very excited to find your (Ramit) refreshing take on creating a lasting value to not only online business owners, but to provide REAL value to their customers. So much fluff out there. I want to provide income for my family that means something to others as well. Looking forward to a prosperous journey.

  2. I’m excited about having a product that removes my ties from the hourly rate and allows me to use the extra time and cash to develop new ideas, instead of spending my time looking for more/better clients.

  3. Running a successful online business would allow me to spend more time with my family and travel more. Doing something I believe in and being my own boss would just be icing on the cake.

    I’ve realized that being successful in someone else’s business isn’t going to be fulfilling for me long term. The time invested in rising higher doesn’t pay the dividends in time or money that I am looking for as my family expands.

    Crushing my psychological barriers in Finisher’s Formula and Success Triggers has me primed for this type of course. Can’t wait!


    • Same here. Freedom (my own boss), flexibility (family and travel), and personal satisfaction (creating something myself and making it successful, and me wealthy).

  4. Truth be told, I haven`t considered starting an online business. BUt after reading your and Tim Ferriss` work, I can see the powerful benefits. For me, those would extend to funding travel and passions. Ultimately, the finances become a way to expand your options. (In ways)

  5. I want to improve the world for everyone in the most efficient means possible. Let’s face it; the Internet, the Web, this new global connection… It’s a pretty big deal. Ignoring the power of this “connectedness” and sheer speed of transaction and communication is like ignoring a car in favor of a mule. Keep your mules (9-5, big bad boss, meetings, write-ups), I want that sports car.

    And thanks for being the Asian surrogate father you are. Someone really ought to buy you a mug or sweater or something. Everything I’ve read from you makes sense.


  6. My first experience with an online business was arbitrage and I wouldn’t do that again because it was a lot of work for little profit. I still want to create a business, but this time around I want something that could lead to full-time income and more freedom.

    The thing that was excites me about an online business is being able to make more money with less physical effort. I once had a $500 day in online sales, which I know is small change for others, but that would take me a week with overtime to make at my job. It doesn’t matter how efficient or how many hours I put in, I can only earn so much with my job.

    • Good comment. The concept of “leverage” is something we’ll dive into. In other words, when I recently doubled my revenue, I didn’t work twice as hard. I used the leverage of systems instead — something that’s possible with a successful online business. (On the other hand, I’ll also steer you clear of BS businesses that can make you a small amount, but don’t add any real value to the world, and thus are doomed over the long term.)

  7. I get really excited when I think about the possibility of making a healthy living impact in the lives of tens of thousands of people over the course of my life as a fitness expert rather than just a few hundred.

    Live in-person training is extremely satisfying and seeing how you’ve taught people feel to take care of themselves and feel better in their bodies but it is mind-blowing when you get that you can have that impact and never have met someone before.

    Also the freedom to be able to do it from anywhere (read: get out of MN in the winter) is almost to awesome to grasp!

    Ramit, I’m really looking forward to this blog series thanks for putting it together. Lisa-

  8. What excites me most about an online business is the freedom to work on my hours and in my space. I love to share my ideas and insights with an audience that seeks to be informed and hold a conversation about the matters that get my passion going as well. Freedom of time and place, however, are ESSENTIAL to my happiness and productivity.

    • All of these are good things. But notice how they’re mostly “me-focused”: freedom, passion, etc. We’ll cover those. But we’ll also cover how to create something the market will pay for. Ultimately, the most respectful thing you can do is create something they value so much, that they’re willing to pay for it. That takes systems, psychology, and marketing.

  9. What excites me most is the FREEDOM to do what I want, how I want when I want. I remember a few years back my Mother had a nervous breakdown, and I had to fight tooth and nail to get the time off.

    After that day, I vowed I would never let that happen again. Family and loved ones always come before a J.O.B. Needless to say that company no longer exists!

  10. This really sounds great, and yet I need to get started with Earn 1 K. I would like to know what are the core differences between the Zero to Launch course and Earn 1 K. Cheers!

    • Earn1K: Create a side freelance business. (Finding an idea, finding clients, pricing your service, etc.)

      Zero to Launch: Create a successful online business. (Developing an idea, getting traffic, sales systems, marketing, pricing, packaging, and more.)

  11. Very similar to James, because I work in consulting at a big company and am not sure the lifestyle is sustainable or even attractive since now I have a baby and want to spend more time with him.

    Flexibility. Freedom.

  12. Stewart Rogers Link to this comment

    For me, the excitement would come from seeing what others do with the knowledge and tools I give them. There’s nothing quite like giving knowledge away and seeing others prosper because of that, right Ramit?

    • Agree with Stewart…. To see how much of a positive impact you have on others. And to be able to know that youve helped them tremendously: not only with finances, but with every aspect of their lives. To me, that is the ultimate satisfaction. No $ can replace that.

  13. The most exciting thing about owning my own online business would be the freedom to do the things I want to do. I will be able to learn new skills and techniques on my own terms without having to go through a corporate hierarchy and I’ll be able to apply those skills right away to job that I truly want to do. I’ll be able to focus on the things that truly matter to me.

  14. The freedom to work on projects I love excites me. I’d like to share with others lessons that I’ve learned. I would like to have the flexibility to quit my full time job for a few years without dropping to zero income.

  15. The most exciting thing about an online business for me is knowing that whatever it is I do is competing in a global marketplace. To succeed there is a great achievement.

    Yes, the lifestyle benefits are attractive, as well.

    P.S. I love the comments, Ramit. You’re like a kid in a candy store. I have often read your comments and thought you were saying “good job” or similar as you wrote. You sound like today you are mentally high-fiving the other commenters and nearly dancing in front of your computer. If you’re this excited, the material must be awesome.

  16. What excites me the most about an online business is the opportunity to passively generate extra revenue on a flexible schedule.

  17. Most exciting: being able to reach my specific audience that NEEDS to hear my message and information! I know that these individuals are out there, but with personal training only in person, I am limiting my audience to my immediate location.

  18. What excites me is what it would mean for my life today. It would add so much value in terms of time and flexibility, which means I can work at things not worrying abt he opportunity cost of my time. It would add so much more meaning and purpose to my daily life because what I’m doing is directly correlated to investing in myself. And as I invest in myself I would be able to help others as well. Can’t give to others what you don’t have.

    It would also mean I can quit my full time position not because I don’t like it, but because my main money maker would be my business.

    It also excites me because I’ll be overcoming a lot of fears I have concerning myself. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, and other insecurities that try to plague me. But whether these lies do their work well or not is up to me and how I respond to it, not react to it.

    Thanks for prompting these great questions Ramit.

    • Being able to work at creating a business that I believe in, enjoy and also provides for all that I’d like to have in life is exciting to me.

  19. The most exciting aspect is the freedom and getting rifle of all the ‘garbage and noise’ that detract money away from my main goals. Passive income would be very useful especially as a student/ keen student of observing startups. I haven’t started a business yet. Im in this position. However I’m keen to find out more about what Ramit has to say about his program.

  20. Building something that can reach so many people and transcend the normal workday with respect to time is exciting. I feel that the potential of this is worth the challenge.

  21. My parents worked so hard to support my sister and I growing up and putting us thought college. While I would love the freedom and flexibility a online business would give me, being able to help them out as they retire would mean so much to me

  22. The most exciting thing about starting an online business is that I have something to share that I know will help people. Getting paid while doing something I love that has helped someone else is the ultimate goal. It goes beyond getting paid for a task or expertise. It has long lasting impact.

  23. Being able to leverage my time. The ability to reach a huge audience which is exponentially bigger than if you stick to just your location. The possibility of relocating to where you want to without the fear of needing to find a new job, commute times, starting from scratch etc. Having multiple areas of income and being able to establish yourself as an expert and charge more for premium services.

    Cheers Ramit!


  24. Just like Aleks, I am in consulting and I have a newborn son, which I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. A successful online business would give me the freedom to pursue my dreams (which, unsurprisingly, don’t include slaving away behind a computer and a desk for 40+ hours per week mainly for someone else’s benefit..) and share meaningful time with my wife and son while doing the things I’d love to do.

    Very excited to see what material you will present in the days to come.

  25. What excites me most about an online business is definitely doing what you love and being able to reached or help on a global scale. I also like the idea of having more freedom. Spending more time with family and doing stuff we like doing and when every we want.

    • I like this. In college, I used to say, “I want to have the voice of 10,000.” Now, 10 million. It’s exciting to know you can create something world-class and share it with hundreds or thousands (or even more) people.

  26. I’ve spent many years working in someone else’s business and I am ready to get out there and create my own brand. The freedom that comes with stepping into your own power, doing your own thing and really, creating your own life is something that appeals to me. If you run a business online you have to be on your toes; constantly learning, keeping up with trends and technologies and this part of it also excites me. You can build a supportive tribe and community. You choose how to spend your time – whether that’s with your family and friends or just being able to hop on a plane right at the last minute – nothing beats that! You can take your laptop and work anywhere. The possibilities are almost limitless – with the right mentors and guidance behind you :) I really believe you are also far more in control over what you can earn. I’m excited about this course Ramit so thank you! Laura

  27. One of the biggest things for me is the money. I know it sounds pretty selfish compared to some other responses here, but that’s my biggest issue right now. I know most of your readers are pretty comfortable, but I’m stuck at a minimum-wage job living with my parents and it’s quite discouraging. I would love the freedom of starting my own business and being in control. Personally, I’d love working for myself as well.

    • I think that’s honest. But my first question would be, why don’t you focus on getting a better job first? That’s much more straightforward than starting an online business.

  28. I do get a thrill out of waking up in the morning and seeing that I’ve made a few bucks. The possibilities of scaling that excite me!

    • Same here! I’m close to earning my first 1k online and it’s so exciting. The learning curve has been huge but now that I have those skills, all I have to do is scale up.

  29. i enjoy my current job, but i know that my earning potential is limited there. I feel that the beauty of an online business that i start myself is that it has no limitations, that it can scale with me if done correctly.
    Starting an online business that’s automatic is the crucial appeal to me.
    The possibility of starting a business online that does not require me to stop what i am currently doing for now, but has the capability of being my primary source of income down the line is exciting.

  30. What most excites me about an online business is that since law school I’ve had an entrepreneurial itch, but I’m too burdened by debts and too risk-averse to risk borrowing capital to start a business when I don’t have any solid ideas for such a business yet. I’m hoping for help developing a business idea, and I’m hoping that doing it online will minimize the capital risk on this first experiment.

  31. What excites me is the idea of having the flexibility to do little things like go for breakfast during the week, walk my puppy during the day, spending daylight hours outside actually enjoying it instead of experiencing it through a window.

    • YES! I agree. This is one of my favorite things about a successful online business. I go to the gym in the middle of the day, take naps when I want, take a 3-day weekend to go skiing…but I also work hard.

    • Joelle, I completely agree! Do I love the idea of taking vacations or long weekend trips more often? Absolutely- but it’s the smaller, day to day experiences, that I really want to be available to enjoy! Well said.

  32. Freedom and flexibility! For sure. I think with more income, I’ll have more time and with more time I can purse the things that I want to pursue. Personally, I like languages.

  33. My own experience is very small- I’ve sold some old video games on Amazon. My wife runs a shipping business out of our apartment and she has a website, but the work cannot be done remotely.

    What excites me about an online business is the ability to do the work from almost anywhere. The freedom to travel and live outside of the typical “buy a house and commute” paradigm would really be a dream come true.

    Thanks Ramit, this course sounds great!

  34. I’m truly excited at the prospect of learning how to do this in a meaningful and honest way, from someone who is truly successful at it. The freedom to travel and meet other interesting people is a great motivator, but also, I’d be pretty stoked if I was able to use that freedom to help others achieve the same thing too!

  35. I’d like a “do over”on my online business. I let personal things distract me the first go around and I’ve never stopped wondering what might have happened if I hadn’t give up. I was doing well but needed to commit more time and resources and instead I walked away. Regret it? Every day.

  36. As a real estate investor I know the value of passive income. It is the true way to wealth and freedom! Except there is nothing passive about real estate investing! You have to manage the day to day or people take advantage. This is a lesson I learned.
    For me starting an online business will afford me the opportunity to change people’s lives. More importantly it will allow me to give more… Give more time, money and resources to ministry that I am passionate about. It will afford me the ability to send my mom to Thailand, her home country to live out her final days as royalty. It will allow and afford me to pass on a legacy to my children. In a word it is life. You will give me back my life.

  37. What excites me?
    1. The concept of passive income. I currently teach privately, and it just isn’t scaleable. At the moment, if I want to earn more, I have to find more students and work more hours.
    2. The idea of bringing a useful product to lots more people than I could ever manage face-to-face.

  38. My first experience with online business was building sites in the early 2000s. I got way from that to travel and go to the finance world. Since I’ve returned to the internet world and dabbled with clickbank and affiliate marketing. But trying to promote products that I didn’t really believe, and didn’t really add value was a horrible feeling. I felt like I was lying, cheating, and stealing money from people.

    Since, I’ve decided to cut out the BS and product real products and services that add value. If I can teach something or entertain someone then at least I’ve done something for them. My hope is that building a successful online business will help others grow, increase my passive income stream, and allow me the freedom and flexibility to escape the 9-5 job in cubeland. I want to enjoy life with my wife and travel south during the winter. Cook for family and friends. Contribute to communities in need. And build successful sustainable businesses.

    • Ugh. So many dilettantes think creating BS online businesses is the way to make “ONLINE RICHES!!11!11″

      They always give up. Always.

      We’ll be talking about adding massive value FIRST, then profit. This is a very different model than most of the “push-a-button, make-online-riches” courses out there.

    • I was just watching a video training by Jason Fladelin and he was talking about selling [mostly informational] products using a complete system of tested templates where you could either use your own products or promote affiliate products.

      He was talking about loopholes that exist and how many people try to take advantage of loopholes as if they are sustainable long term. Remember black hat search engine optimization? What about when Kindle first started and people were reselling free books. It is true that a couple of people at the time can exploit the loophole for profit (sometimes large profits). But eventually when the loophole is closed, what will you do? This is why a sustainable approach you can systematize is more important. Then when loopholes or privileges become available, you are actually in a better position to take advantage of them if you choose to do so.

  39. Being, rather than working for, the man. I’ve been a part of two startups so far, one of which collapsed and was resurrected (without me), and another which was sold but not for a massive exit everyone always gets excited about. None of these were my company, but they were both an excellent learning experience.

  40. The most exciting thing about an online business for me is the opportunity for increased freedom and not being tied down at the office everyday. One of my favorite things to do is travel and see friends. With an online business, I would be able to travel and work from a Starbucks in Atlanta, Dallas, or New York just as easily as I could from home.

    I’m excited to learn more and see how I can develop a business, implement automatic systems to streamline it, and ultimately achieve the freedom of my dream lifestyle.

  41. I love the idea of thinking without boundaries. This is what I really want to do, explore and implement my thinking for the good of myself and others.

  42. It would allow me to take care of my family and to free up my time . I would love to be able to do what I love,where I love and still be able to take care of business. I also own another business and business building is dear to my heart. Owning an online business or any business and then expanding it into a brand where I can share my values and give back to others however small, is what I truly think life is about. Learning from a proven mentor such as ramit who can show you the correct way after spending thousands on scammers is going to be priceless.

  43. I am most excited about escaping the time for money model of work.

  44. The thing that excites me about starting an online business is first and
    Foremost the challenge: My experience is in the world of nonprofits, and I’ve built many programs and events from scratch, very successfully, but never a business. I like trying out new concepts and designing systems to deal with them.

    One of my fears, though, is losing social capital if the business fails. Pushing a product on people in my professional and social circle is hard for me (even though asking for nonprofit fundraising money isn’t!) I worry if the business fails, I have lost social capital asking my friends and colleagues to buy my product.

    Oh look, we were only supposed to cover excitement but the fear just came out.

  45. […] Straight truth about starting an online business | I Will Teach You To … truth about starting an online business. March 09th, 2014 – 21 Comments. Alright, today is the beginning of an entirely new chapter of IWT. I just got back from a last-minute weekend ski trip and I'm ready to finally talk about the #1 … […]

  46. I really like the possibility to make a passive income with a second job. I already have 3 jobs and I’m busting my ass. But this is not enough.

    I know about people that with a online job achieve freedom to do whatever they want to. This would be nice. I could get off the actual shit hole that I’m living in. With a higher income I could own my fucking life.

  47. What most excites me about an online business is the potential for income. It is scalable and repeatable.

  48. I notice a couple things about the comments.

    – People starting to think about leverage (taking one concept, one email, one product and expanding it to a pool of tens of thousands of potential customers).
    – People honing in on flexibility and sharing their passion with the world

    – Almost every comment is ME-FOCUSED. I want X, I want Y, I want Z. What about your customers? Your readers? Your fans? If you don’t put them first, you’re like every other online marketer out there who’s only out to make a buck for him/herself.

    We’ll cover this in more detail. You can have all the passion in the world. You can talk about flexibility and inspiration and how you want to travel. But focusing on OTHER PEOPLE — the right people — is one of the keys to a successful online business.

    • When I started Earn1k, I was definitely me-me-me. As client relationships developed, I started to get deeper into services…and realized that each of those problems were faced by other human beings. Sure, I could charge more to solve them (and I do), but actually having face to face convos…THAT changed my perspective. You walk before you can jog, you jog before you start marathon training…each step gives you an insight about the step you’re on, the ones you came from, and the next ones. But not the next-next ones.

      Why do you think we’ve made love songs for thousands of years? A lot of insights are extremely personal and extremely universal, and they apply best when they’re real TO YOU.

    • In your experience, does a me-focused answer reduce or remove the probability or scale of success?

      I ask because it’s a fairly common theme for successful Valley startups to make something that the founders/executives themselves want. A basic compiler. A place to buy books online. A search engine. A place to network with friends. A better phone. Certainly the focus on other users is required, but does that preclude focus on self?

      Asking for a friend…

    • The responses are ME focused since you asked a ‘ME’ focused question.

  49. I started my online business – – 2 months ago with the intention of living a flexible lifestyle, and running a scalable model. We’ve been learning a lot about online marketing – it’s been a great experience so far. This week, my co-founder is leaving her job to work full time on the business which is a huge step – there is now some significant overhead.

    Very excited for the blog posts to come!

  50. I’m excited by building a business online that will allow me to people around the world achieve their own dreams – people working in the creative industries who have become ‘stuck’ in some way due to real or perceived lack of knowledge, skills or confidence. I have had success in doing this in person, via a website and a couple of published books. However, I think that there are many more opportunities that I could leverage by focusing on building the online part of my business.

    • Nicola– your comment struck me because I’m trying to do the same thing…essentially create a movement for designers who are unhappy with work-life balance figure out how to live their 100% authentic selves. I’m thinking blogs, ebooks, workshops and inspirational products on Etsy…most are things you’ve already done.

      Do you have any insight on opportunities you feel would make more of an impact?

      Thanks for writing this.

    • What excites me most is being 100% true to what I produce and bring out to the world, and empowering others to give the same permission to themselves. I want designers working in traditional corporate culture to take ownership instead of accepting things that don’t work. I know it may come off as naive, but I’m hoping by creating a model for people to follow for themselves, so they can get clarity on what is and isn’t working, and make intentional choices towards the vision they want for themselves and their careers.

      Anyway you can read more at…in the survey I mentioned feeling challenged by articulating this vision and how to generate primary (and passive) income from it.

  51. I have three F’s that I’m most excited about:

    FREEDOM!!! The idea of not being chained to a desk is my main motivator. My babies are not growing up around a 9-5 schedule and I don’t want to miss a minute of it. I really want to be able to soak up all life has to offer without constantly worrying about “time off” and being in one place doing what someone else is telling me.

    FOOD!! I thoroughly enjoy the entire experience of eating whether it’s cooking with my family and friends at home or going out to eat. With my own business I can afford to buy all of the best items to cook with or go out and try various types of restaurants. I love to eat!

    FUN!! I want more beach days. Period. Who says that vacations are supposed to be only once a year? I thoroughly enjoy being at the beach because I love the water – not just because it’s one season. I want to have fun on my own schedule – not when someone “allows” me to take the time.

  52. The most exciting thing for me about doing an online business is being able to do something I love and make money doing it!

  53. The most exciting thing to me is the idea that I can continue to hack a business and pursue growth without interruption and without needing to be anywhere at any particular time. That to me seems to be the ultimate freedom, complete autonomy of time and place.

  54. I want to be able to take a six-month trip to an unfamiliar part of the world and actually be able to work productively during the trip.

    • Me too! I have dreamed of being able to split my time between the two countries where my extended family lives (Mexico and US), but it takes money and a career that allows for that kind of flexibility is hard to find. I am excited about this opportunity!

  55. I’m a hugely service oriented person. I price my services at a premium (thanks Earn1K for the briefcase technique) and enjoy helping people well.

    Being able to leverage my service beyond my immediate presence and being rewarded in scale (both in satisfaction and financially) all-the-while being able to detach myself from the very-front-line sounds just amazing. I actually reckon it would take some decent psychological shifts.

    Knowing my service is benefiting people enough for them to pay while I play on the floor with my son or book flights to another city just to see a concert or tend to new tasks/hobbies/projects just because they’re interesting (thereby creating even more value just through having the time and energy to formalise new areas? Yes. please.

    • I don’t mind working hard. But I do mind working not so hard and being trapped in a space with no windows and artificial air for 8 hr and have others including myself calling me lucky bitch since I have a job in this shitty economy and have a “good” salary while many many in my country (while working) don’t receive one every month. I am sick of feeling that I depend! I want to run my life! I want to raise my kids! I want to bread the air on the hill when it’s sunny! I want to travel and work! I love working!!! But I love living too! I want a work, and online business because I am going to make it around something I love, and I am going to live a full life and show my children that it can be done! Simply put – I want to be in charge of my destiny! Knowing that with online business I can do THAT excites me the most!

  56. Aditya Shripad Kulkarni Link to this comment

    Freedom and control. My life would be run by me not anyone else. The amount of money I make would depend on my ability or hustle NOT on my boss’s impression about me.

    • Good. A good way to think about this is: If you worked twice as hard at your day job, would you make twice as much? Of course not.

      If you worked twice as hard at your online business, you could make 2x more…or 4x more…or even 10x more with the right systems.

      (Of course, you could also work 2x as hard and make nothing, which is what so many “online entrepreneurs” end up doing. Not here.)

  57. Jonathan Camere Link to this comment

    I have had some luck with online ventures before. I designed a shirt that went viral in a niche market and got me an extra $2k in a week. THAT was luck. I didn’t know what made it so successful and I wasn’t able to recreate it. I know that there are steps that I can follow to get better results and repeat it over and over again.

    What excites me the most is that having an online business that runs mostly itself would be the extra time and financial freedom that would allow to give me more time with my 2 kids and my wife. To travel with them and teach them about life and to be free and to follow their dreams. This would also allow me to put more effort into my passion in photography and be able to even open a gallery with my work at some point. It’s about living a life full of experiences, and learn new things. You can’t do that sitting in front of a computer from 8 am to 5 pm.

  58. Here is the truth…I don’t want to put in more than my 40 hours/week I get paid for into success for someone else’s dream. Is that selfish? I want to be the one working from my vacation in Europe. I want to be with my family – able to feed, clothe, and provide a roof but to also BE with them…life is just too short to spend these hours away from those that I love with all my heart.

  59. Launching an online business is a fight between creating an MVP (minimal viable product) and creating the polished product people expect (like what Apple or Google might put out). Who wants to launch something, only to hear from friends and family that this isn’t right or that isn’t perfect? And even this post makes me think: “My web site isn’t fully automated. I have to do X because automating something behind the scenes wasn’t an immediate priority.” So thanks for that Ramit.

    Polishing the product competes with creating a functional site which competes with improving usability/efficiency. Oh and Google doesn’t put my site on the first page of results? Bing has it as link #2. WTF?!?

    For me, an online business is to become an expert in my field. I’m not selling t-shirts or creating another messaging app. I’m creating something different to let individuals do what was previously available to corporations. Hedging currencies (specifically Bitcoins) like any other foreign exchange or hedging rain on your wedding day (or wind or temperature).

    I’ve already had “coffee” with an upstart stock exchange looking to hire me, because they saw what I was doing (after befriending someone on linkedIn who then saw a status update).

  60. What excites me most is the concept of being able to work where ever I happen to be. The world being my office, as long as I can find WiFi to connect my laptop, and the time being my own. Of course, the money wouldn’t hurt either. While I have an online business of sorts, I feel most of my time with it is spend trying to sell, when I would much rather be creating new products. That keeps me glued to the computer and after already being glued to the computer for 8 hours with my “real” job, I’m a little sick of the computer by the end of the day.

  61. Bleider Guanipa Link to this comment

    Hi Ramit,

    I have zero experience starting an online business.

    To be brutally honest it’s been fear, self confidence, lack of direction… blah, blah, blah… and million of other reasons why I haven’t taken action on this before.

    But here is what I know now…

    There is greatness inside of me and I need to be “bout that life!” I need to serve a greater audience with my passion to inspire and motivate people to do awesome things.

    To be an example for my family and for the dreamers of the world.

    2- The Freedom to live, learn and teach from anywhere in the world and make tons of money while doing it!

    Those are my top two reasons…

    Thank you for allowing me to be your student and I look foward to engaging in continual growth with you!

    Bleider Guanipa

  62. What excites me most about having a successful online business is being able to live comfortably on passive income, and having the stability and freedom to choose whether I want to pursue new business ideas, take up different hobbies like brewing beer or printing t-shirts, or sit on my ass eating chips and reading paranormal romance novels all day. I want to have that kind of power and control over my life.

  63. I eagerly want to share the secrets and experiences I had in my career as a pro triathlete and then cyclist – with fellow cyclists around the world, to help them ride faster and win more races!

    While doing one on one coaching is great, I want my reach to be way beyond what 24hrs a day limits me to, now. One of the most exciting things about having it online is to see than someone from let’s say Australia can use my programs, as well as someone in Germany, the US, Africa… anywhere really!

    Second thing – leverage based on systems! Being able to scale the business based on the systems I created plus delegate the low-value work (outsource) so I can focus on the high-value tasks that I actually enjoy.

    I feel that a lot of online-business owners waste so much time doing “dumb work” that we spend our limited will power on, which leaves the work that actually gets you ahead- usually undone.

    Look forward to learning from you Ramit as I LOVE your systems, leverage and especially how you approach the most fascinating thing in the world – psychology!

  64. I want to break out of the drop ship businesses I currently run. I have flirted with digital products for a while. Never made the time to create and launch.

  65. I consider myself a lucky person. I have a good paying job that I truly ENJOY, and am successful. But it doesn’t mean that I am not always looking for ways to supplement and allow for added joy. I believe that you don’t need to take every opportunity that comes your way but one should always listen. I want to see what options and opportunities might be out there for me.

    Ramit, I have read your book, and recommended to many others. It has gotten me into a much better place in life and for that advice I am thankful. Because of that I am always willing to listen to learn all I can from you and look forward to seeing what you might have for me, and us as your learning community.

    Best Regards,

  66. The thought of me having my own business is exciting. Knowing I’m my own boss, not having to clock in and out on someone else time is amazing to me. I would enjoy the freedom I have and will love the time I have to spend with family. Traveling the world and taking vacation when I want. The excitement I get from helping others with life changing situation. This just puts a smile on my face :-)

  67. Lovina Lansana Link to this comment

    I want to start an online business because I want an enjoyable work I will do from any where in the world. I like to work, I just want a career I can enjoy. I want to wake up when I want, accomplish something wonderful. I want to travel to a country I feel like knowing I can still work. I don’t want my work to hold me back from experiences I want to try. I am looking forward to your emails.

  68. Having a revenue stream purposed entirely for guilt-free spending. Like a boss.

  69. I’m sorry, I’ve posted my comment in the wrong place before, but here is what I said: )

    I don’t mind working hard. But I do mind working not so hard and being trapped in a space with no windows and artificial air for 8 hr and have others including myself calling me lucky bitch since I have a job in this shitty economy and have a “good” salary while many many in my country (while working) don’t receive one every month. I am sick of feeling that I depend! I want to run my life! I want to raise my kids! I want to bread the air on the hill when it’s sunny! I want to travel and work! I love working!!! But I love living too! I want a work, and online business because I am going to make it around something I love, and I am going to live a full life and show my children that it can be done! Simply put – I want to be in charge of my destiny! Knowing that with online business I can do THAT excites me the most!

  70. I had my own business before – I made plenty of mistakes and went off in the wrong direction, and ended up somewhere I didn’t want to be. The work/income ratio was rubbish and I really didn’t enjoy it anymore so I decided to shut it down and move on.

    But I don’t regret it. And it’s what I’ve learned from that experience that excites me about starting an online business. I have learned so much about how I work, how I want to live my life and what I enjoy (and what really bugs me) and I’m excited about turning all of that experience into an online business that works for me.

    I’m also excited because I know it can lead to creating the life my hubby-to-be and I want to live, full of adventure and new experiences!

  71. I do like to have an online busness because I would like to earn more and enjoy life with all my familly.

  72. What most excites me about having an online business is the freedom and flexibility! I want to enjoy a wealthy life with my partner, friends and family without having to sacrifice the time.

    I want to create a business that gives me a daily sense of accomplishment and will have a quality product that consumers love.

    I read your book at 18 and have had an automated finance systems since then. Your systems have set me up for success and I’m looking forward to learning more about this!

  73. Being able to work on my terms both in the aspects of time and subject matter are exciting to me. The opportunity to supplement or replace my current income with something that I construct from the ground up would be awesome!

  74. An online business will allow me to develop what I want and the products that I think are useful. In a word: it will give me freedom! I’m in IT and programming is what I do. It’s really cool to work on a product and see it being used by companies. What a blast it would be if such companies would buy and use my product, based on my ideas, and improving it with feedback!

  75. Pride and satisfaction in having built something of my own, from nothing to a profitable business, giving my wife an even better life than she has now!

  76. What excites me most about having an online business is the prospect of, for once, being free of concerns about my financial situation whilst also being free to spend my time on work that I find creative and fulfilling. Being my own master and being able to live wherever I want are also exciting prospects.

  77. The excitement of fulfillment, time spent with family.. time to enjoy friends… building something important, giving back to the community… making a difference… never having to chose between a bill to be paid and something needed.

  78. Frederic Wiedemann Link to this comment

    I love your focus on the customers’ need! I have been developing a body/mind/Spirit technique so seekers can easily shift from struggle to feeling joy now. I know that is a big claim, but I have the goods. Yet I have taken over a year to find its unique selling proposition. A year! Holy smokes. Am I slow? I think I am getting close with my latest revision. Would you be willing to review the header at [RAMIT: I deleted this URL] and a comment? Looking forward to your emails, and maybe the course…

    • No. This isn’t an opportunity to get free 1-on-1 critiques from me. Read the material — including the last 10 years of free material — and if you find value, join the course. Come on now.

  79. I’ve been talking about starting an online business for about 8 years. I start a blog…love the first blog and then NEVER add to it. It’s like I’m afraid it will be successful. Stupid when I write it but true hence the never going the next step forward.

    I worked in personal growth industry…learned tons and have tons to share but only share with a few people.

    I would love to be able to help people and know that I can but don’t know really where to start. Fear of not knowing tech stuff enough holds me back.

    I had my owned my own business for over 20 years. When I got divorced, I went to work for someone and have been doing it the last 6 years. Would love to be my own boss again.

  80. Hi Ramit,

    My experience with online business is lacking. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it, in fact it’s something that’s constantly on my mind. I think my issue is coming up with a ground breaking idea but I really don’t know. Perhaps it’s just fear.

    What excites me about making an online business is just the ability to get paid for something I love. It wouldn’t take much for me to leave my full time job as I am practically a minimum wage employee, so that is also exciting. I don’t have any visions of grandeur at this point, just everyone wants to be a millionaire but I just want to make some freaking money.


    • I can help you develop your idea and make sure it’s a profitable idea before spending tons of time and money on it.

      And by the way, when you focus on adding value to people, the money will come. More than you can imagine. But if your only goal is to make money, it’s a very dry and dim goal. I know that sounds crazy, but I’ll explain more in the coming weeks, and in the ZTL course.

  81. The possibility of living where I want to live instead of where there is work most excites me!

  82. I’m excited about starting an online business because I know it is possible. If Ramit can do it and so many others, then so can I, I just need to know how! I am excited that this could be the time, this could be the way for me to learn how to make this happen for me and my family.

  83. What excites me about building an online business is the opportunity to succeed and use the income to pay off my student loans!

  84. Before I comment, I wonder where the photos are coming from? Some people have them next to their posts and some don’t.

  85. What excites me about an online business is gaining the satisfaction of finally bringing my own ideas together in a profitable manner, and no longer just doing great work for “other people”. Especially, the comfort in not being so dependent on other people and their ideas to make a living.

  86. Simple. More money. I’d be creating this money during the time that I’d otherwise be wasting.

  87. An online business one of the best ways to share what you do best with world so you can continue to do it. For a few years i sold a digital product targeted at musicians and would make a few hundred to a thousand a month in the process, most with to much headache after the initial product creation. It was a great feeling to not have to worry about money so much because it was an additional stream of income to other income streams i had going on in my life. It became a great source of money for weekly spending like food, going out to eat, my expresso habit ect. And allowed me to take money being earned from other income sources to pay bills on time, save, and get my credit back on track, most of these things also happened as a result of reading IWTYTBR. ( When i actually bought and read the book I had a student loan in default, no credit, no savings ect. My career began to pick up a bit and with IWTYTBR I had a better understanding on how to manage money, sac ect. a few years later I am still NOT working a 9-5, have my student loans in good standing and 1 personal and 1 business credit which have minimal balances if any through out the year, Savings accounts ect. IS EVerything in my financial life perfect NO but its getting there. LOL BTW your book is also my go to graduation present for any one. Instead of giving them $50 o $100 bucks to blow on beer I buy them a copy of your book.)

  88. I’ve never started an online business, but would like to. I’ve bought various books on how to set up a blog, but never have because I’m not sure people want to hear what I have to say. My passions are personal finance, believing in yourself, the power of positive thinking, and to teach people to quit whining about all the problems in their lives and DO something about it. Change is up to us – that’s why I love reading your stuff!

    The most exciting things about an online business to me are FREEDOM and helping people figure their financial lives out while replacing my income and making a ton more money, would be the idea. I make 6 figures now in corporate finance, and I can spend my days doing personal stuff at work and taking 2 hour lunches, because I know what needs to be done and can efficiently get it done, and no one is the wiser. So there’s a certain flexibility here that is great, but I feel like I could do so much more and be much happier doing that. I hate that I work for a Japanese company and my Japanese boss is an a-hole who believes that women should be at home raising the family. However, I feel like it’s “safe” here, I can come and go as I please, I get a great match on my 401k plan, plus health insurance (husband is self-employed), so it’s tough to think of leaving this safety behind. I also have a side gig which brings in $400/mo which I picked up last fall and I enjoy, and we have several rental properties which provide some cash flow each month.

    If I could learn how to build a successful online business, I envision keeping my day job and at least begin to build my online business, and then at a future date, go full-time on my own when I can replace my income and benefits here.

  89. The ability to operate independently and manage an account/platform on the road in tandem with my other investments of time and money..

  90. What excites me most about online business is the idea of working and making money from home without somebody breathing down your neck.

  91. I would love to learn how to choose an idea that a group of people have a need for and learn the techniques and systems to fill that need. Because, once you learn the fundamentals of choosing the idea, implementing techniques, and systems you can repeat the techniques and increase the number of people you serve exponentially. I am a big fan of Seth Godin, James Altucher, and Ramit and would love to be able to help people on the same scale as them. In the past, I haven’t made it past the idea phase because I didn’t know if it was a good idea and what steps to take next to find out.

  92. These things three excite me about an online business:

    1. Do what I love, with flexibility and freedom;

    2. Enrich other people’s lives and businesses;

    3. The swag.

  93. Quite certain that this will be your biggest class yet.

    I’ve been following you for years. Started a side business, and just started an e-commerce store.

    Will this class work with ecommerce (selling physical products?) as well?

  94. Getting out of bed, being able to take the time to spend with my family instead of rushing out the door so the guardian of the time clock doesn’t rat me out to my boss. Taking my wife and kids out to lunch or shopping during the week when everyone else is (gasp!) at their office, filling the coffers of their company while struggling to get by. Hopping on a plane to an island somewhere, anywhere, as long as it’s where we want to be. Knowing I am making a significant impact on people’s lives. Freedom of time and of finances. THAT is what excites me!

  95. I love being able to be home with my husband, who had a stroke in 2010 and is now disabled. Being able to take care of him and the flexibility to be able to take him to the doctor if need be is the best!

  96. I think the thing that excites me the most is making something that people find useful and makes their lives easier. Second I am excited about the change to diversify my household income streams from the job I have now. Another thing that excites me about an online business is the ability to scale it up once I have created a quality product.

  97. The thing that excites me the most about starting my own business is more for peace of mind. My fiance and I have great jobs now with a solid work/life balance. Even though we do a great job saving using your methods, we’d love to do more. Whether it’s having extra cash to go towards retirment, saving for our kids college funds, not having to go into savings for a vacation every year or something to supplement our earnings if god forbid one of us lost our job. Finding a way to have that financial freedom is very important to us. We don’t have to become millionaires with our side business. We just want to have enough money to afford a few simple luxuries in life. That’s the most excite part of the idea of starting a business. Now it just needs to be put into action!

  98. I love make up ! Watching those youtube videos and going to blogs have saved me thousands of dollars. I started my own blog a while ago and of course is always the last thing on my mind ! I did get good traffic for a few months ( while I was posting irregularly) but nothing now ! Why ? Because I have not posted anything since September of 2013 !! I would love to follow my passion and work. Though, I love being an accountant :)

    • Every one should read this comment.

      Notice how my free material has saved Jessie thousands of dollars.

      Whether you’re saving people money, or helping them get healthier, or teaching them a new skill, do you see how you GIVE VALUE first, THEN charge?

      Do you see how if I created a $100, $1,000, or even $5,000 product, Jessie would be so much more likely to buy?

      This is a key difference in how you approach online business to create students for life. Not in a scammy way. Not in a “shove the sale down their throat” way. But in an authentic way that puts THEM first. And over the long-term, when you create a win-win for both of you, you will make more money than you can possibly imagine.

      Stay tuned for the systems showing you how to do this.

  99. Being a college grad student from India i have always wanted to do this kind of stuff ever since i read 4HWW. What most excites me is
    1. Want to travel – for experience (i have a list of festivals, food, locations and adventure sports)
    2. But before that with first $1000 i would buy my list of books on business, marketing, entrepreneurship etc. that i want to educate myself with. Next $1000 on fiction books for the journey.
    3. A lot of other things but thinking about them at this point seems a waste of time.
    I tried my hand this stuff (started a website and failed miserably) but actually lacked a systematic approach, you know a bit advice from here and there. But in retrospect after reading your blog everything seems like an excuse.
    Anyways i want to thank Ramit. Having recently found out your blog and material that you have something robust and working, above all you’re giving it for free.
    I’m currently browsing some older blog posts to dig for some helpful actionable stuff.

  100. I am most excited about reaching a wider audience than I ever could in private practice. I want to change lives!

  101. I think what excites me most about the idea of an online business is the knowledge that the value of what you contribute is directly quantifiable.

    I’m not meaning to imply that there aren’t plenty of people making money selling crap, but that isn’t sustainable long term. And conversely, there are plenty of people selling awesome stuff, and yet failing for other reasons. However, in its purest form, and with the right guidance, an online business is one place where making money means you’re offering something appealing, and continued success means you’re offering something of real value to people. As much as I’d like to think my self esteem doesn’t rely on other peoples’ opinions of me, I’d be lying if I said it had no impact.

  102. Pure and simple – I’m excited about the freedom that an online business could give me. I might be in the minority here but it’s not all about the money. Not being tied town to living in one city to service my clients is a really exciting prospect to me!

  103. What would be more exciting about this, is the freedom that gives you have some more extra money to do the things you love.

  104. What most excites me about an online business is the potential for freedom that it provides-freedom to make choices it otherwise would be difficult to make. Better yet to not have to make certain choices between this or that but rather i can have this AND that. Also i like the idea of making passive income and having my business work for me-including while I am sleeping. I want to be able to share something i’ve created with others in a way that will truly be helpful and ideally life-improving for them.

  105. I never have any an online business experience in the past, but right now l would love to start it because this business we hope to reach to many people in the world via our online what we are going to sell or share.

    We can become our own boss with our work even in home or anywhere in the world that we wanted and love to do it.

    I hope an online business will bring me passive income for the hold of life even we are busy with our current job, and it will make me more happy while we can sharing any of our experience or even can get others information from many factor in the world.

    In that also we can sell our knowledge ,our successful,sell our failure which many people are never met in their lives.

  106. for me: I want to be free and have an enriched lifestyle.
    for my customers: I want them to be free of anxiety/panic attacks and find a way to be rich too – I believe that the course I’ve developed can help so many people, I need to find a way to serve as many people as I can, and spend time doing what I love.
    HOWEVER I suck at business, and make stupid mistakes, write horrendous sales copy, and my website looks like noddy made it. And I hate asking for money. I’m ready to change :-)

  107. It’s an exciting time, and my wife and I would love to build an asset (business) which requires some focus, but isn’t the true center of our daily life. We’re both frustrated with the standard work model, and feel the strong urge to break free of this daily grind. We’re very interested in creating something that makes a significant amount of money per month, that gives us location independence. We love travel and experience – and we want a business that frees us up to focus on that.

  108. Interested to see how this course will be different from Earn 1K, or how they fit together.

  109. What excites me most is the freedom I’ll have to spend time with my wife and kids. Freedom is the most important aspect of starting my own business. I’ve felt shackled down to my job(s) for so long. It’s time for a change. I want to set a good example for my children as well. I don’t want them to grow up thinking they need to find a “stable” job and work their asses off for a boss, or company that doesn’t even care about them, to be meagerly compensated. I want to show them that if they work their asses off doing something they love to do, they can live a rich and fun life!

  110. For me the most exciting thing about doing and online business is the idea that I can fail( which already happen once), that rush, that tickling in my hands I love it!. specially that energy that I get after not doing it right the first time.

  111. I love learning about products or systems and then teaching people about them in the simplest way possible. I have a knack for breaking things down into the simplest of terms and I want to help other people understand what I’ve recently learned. An online business seems like a possible way of doing so. Right now I have a travel blog, teaching people travel tricks and tips I’ve learned over the years, but I just write it for the sense of accomplishment it gives me. It would be very exciting to know how to truly monetize something like this.

  112. Maki Tolentino Link to this comment

    I’m excited with the idea that you don’t have to trade your hour at work for the fee that you’d be getting. I love my work, but without leverage, I won’t be able to keep up and earn more without me burning out in the process. I’m excited for this course!

  113. Right now what excites me the most about having an online business is the freedom I have. I basically do what I want, when I want, and if I don’t love something, I just don’t do it!

  114. I enjoy researching about interesting things/topics online-which is how i found Ramit. There’s too much hype about online business/ email marketing here in the third world. I would want to prove to my fellow sub-saharans -and encourage others in the process – that genuine work can be done online without spamming all and sundry.

  115. What excites me most about starting an online business are the possibilities for my future that would result from having passive income and being in control of my life independent from an employer. I am only 27, and I know that if I can successfully create an online business at this age, then there truly are so many options available for where I can work from, how I can spend my time, and how I can create a safety net financially for myself and my family.

  116. What excites me most about starting an online business is mostly being able to prove to myself that customers are willing to pay money for my product/solution. The exciting stuff is the process of defining and refining the business’ value proposition, building the business, attracting customers, and generating revenues which (if I don’t screw up) will grow over time. The income, and all the stuff that comes from having more income, is the reward for doing the best job I can in identifying a real customer need, launching a business to address the need, and executing on and tweaking the business so it grows.

  117. While my consulting is going well thanks to E1K and RBT, I’m still trading time for money. What I want is a life where I can habitually take a week or two, or four, to go meditate.

  118. The MOST EXCITING thing to me about starting an online business is that I would be able to deliver valuable information to multitudes of people over a medium that has no time or geographical restrictions. To teach people what I love today would require my time directly with up to ten people at a time. Online, that restriction goes away. Exciting!

  119. 1. Yes: I started selling items on eBay. Took your advice and wrote down actual costs vs profit. Found I was making half of what I thought I was. Dropped it like an old shoe.

    2. Because working smarter at my current job will never translate into more income. (Also taking your advice and looking for a new job.) Because I’m tired of living in the swamp when I want to live in the mountains. Because frankly I don’t want to hit a ceiling where I continue to add value to someone yet it doesn’t translate into bigger income/more vacation/early retirement, etc.

  120. The lack of barriers to entry.

    Thanks Ramit for fighting the fight against bad advice.

  121. I love the idea of speaking in zurich at a forum and at the same time I am selling something to the world. The excitement of having a pocket business-a business I take and can work on while I am travelling around the world

  122. My experience: I’m a 24 year old self-employed graphic & web designer. I currently run an online business that generates a few grand a month (under 5 figures a month). I’ve been living in Thailand for the last 4 months, which is pretty sweet (probably what excites me most as well), but it’s partly cuz I can’t afford the life I want in the States yet.

    Really, I need to learn to scale this business. There’s only so much time & work volume I can handle & only so much I can charge my current clients (I have much better clients than I did a couple years ago, and better clients can always be had to a certain degree). However, lately I’ve been hiring people on to handle larger web projects.

    Things I find frustrating: 1. Inconsistency of income (feast & famine), 2. Scalability – how to do so effectively without compromising quality, 3. Time management / systems (I work quite a bit).

    What Excites Me: Knowing my fate is in my own hands. Knowing I have a direct impact on others lives and businesses. Knowing I can do anything I want.

  123. The most EXCITING thing for me would be to remove the worry about monthly expenses. I’d like to finally get ahead. I’m tired of being behind. I work really hard but I can probably work more intelligently.

    I love the work I do, and I love my life, money is one of my biggest challenges as there simply isn’t enough flowing in to create the exact lifestyle I’d like to have.

  124. It’s all about time. Right now I don’t have enough time to travel or to go out on humanitarian efforts because I have to go to work to support my family. With an online business I can work wherever I have internet access. With an AUTOMATED business, I can work less to buy necessities so I can have more time to do more fun things.

  125. Being able to leverage my time to produce a reliable passive income doing what I enjoy doing and still have time to do other things I love. I don’t want a business that takes over my life but one the supports and complements it.

  126. I just read Ramit’s comment about the good and bad responses here. I actually was so caught up in how I would benefit from starting a business I completely forgot about the other side, the customers. I would love to be the guy my customers tell other people “Oh you need help with “insert problem here”? You should talk to Brian, I love that guy!”

    I’ve been an IT admin for the past 10 years, and starting off on a help desk has taught me very good customer service. Now that I’m a senior level admin, and do not need to get on the phone with customers, I still do anyway because I like helping people and making sure their happy. I give people my direct number because I know how it is to get the runaround, plus I’m a nice guy. The other guys I work with actually laugh and ask why I don’t forward them to our helpdesk. I’d say I’m a bit of a people person.

    So one thing I’m excited about is building relationships with my customers. It’s a good feeling to have someone you’ve helped speak highly about you to their friends.

  127. Time freedom and the ability to truly live the life I want and imagine. Simple as that.

  128. This is a great class idea, Ramit!

    I have had an idea percolating for about a year for an online consulting business, but have not been able to hit the ground yet because I have been finishing up my PhD and interning at a tech company full-time. What excites me about an online business is being able to take only projects that will light my fire and being able to do things that I think are meaningful and valuable. I love the idea of answering only to myself and therefore being able to be “picky” about what I get invested in. Of course, as a consultant I wouldn’t want to be geographically constrained, so the ability to also travel as a part of business really appeals to me.

  129. What most excites me about building an online business is being able to bring value to my customers from anywhere in the world. This would allow me to give value to customers without having to sacrifice the most important thing for me and my husband, time with our families. I am from Venezuela and my husband is from Turkey, we live in NY. It is quite the challenge to spend time with our families, especially since mine is spread all over because of the political unrest in Venezuela. We haven’t made time for our own honeymoon because the time we have to travel we have used it to see our families. If we had an online business, we could travel just the two of us, finally, without sacrificing family time.

  130. Not having a boss is the most exciting part. Setting my own hours and working on my own terms.

  131. Creating something from the ground up excites me. Involvement in all steps of the building process so that the sustaining phase is something that comes easy, yes, but also is something I’m deeply invested in.

  132. What excites me the most: sleeping in! And staying up late. Seriously. I am naturally a major night person (i.e., would prefer to stay up until 2 or 3 a.m. every day and wake up at 10 or 11), and conforming to the working world’s morning-centric approach makes me miserable. Having control of my own schedule sounds like heaven.

  133. The idea of growing and nuturing something I enjoy doing. Reading 4 hour work week and seeing all of the methods of automation and ownership you have while running your own business. Seeing gaps in communication and taking steps to actually fix them instead of allowing hierachy of business fix them.

  134. I started selling an online e-study guide for nursing students. The students were loving it ans going crazy for it. They started asking for different subjects that I wasn’t an expert in, so I kind of let it die and wither away. Eventually, I took it offline.

    I was afraid because I didn’t know how to grow from there without consuming my life at becoming an expert at so many subjects the students are asking for.

    I still receive emails from students, saying, “Please, where can I buy this study guide?” And I feel guilty every time, I read one because it feels like I’m depriving them of something.

    I want to have the courage to revive this little business and believe in myself that I CAN make several different products that will benefit these students, without losing myself or my social life.

    • Very insightful. When you find the right idea and validate it, you won’t have to sell anything in a sleazy or inauthentic way. When you do this right, you’ll actually have people BEGGING you to create and sell something. That is powerful.

  135. I have a desire to travel the country in an RV and passive income would make this possible. I am about to testify in a brutal murder case that will make me a target to the defendant and I will be uprooting suddenly and have income during that process will be a literal lifesaver.

  136. I would love to have the freedom to pour more into my church ministry job. It doesn’t pay what I would like to have, and it’s hard to get ahead of my debt on this job, but I absolutely love it. I would love to create something online to give my family and I more freedom!

  137. I’m super excited to actually make money in my online business. After a few fits and starts, I’d like to do it right this time.

  138. I’d love to start an online business, Developing one now. I’m data driven so I’d literally only be offering things AFTER the market has verified a need and that they’re willing to pay for “it”. Through consulting,(You gave me the courage to actively build a consulting company with a specific target, and not just an “Everything” company) I’ve come across some interesting needs that don’t align with my personal opinions but have DATA backing them. I’ve fallen in love with it actually,(Discovering Needs, Filling Them, Help, Repeat) the only thing capping my ability to add value & earn income is the size of the market of the product. I’ve spent 7 months only focusing on solving other people’s problems & I feel like I’ve hit a ceiling in terms of testing tactics, THIS NEW COURSE IS GOING TO BE AMAZING.

    I love how you’re destroying the people that are only “ME-Focused”! HA! They don’t get it.

    I’ve been reading your blog and emails for about 6 months I save most of them when they hit directly on what I’m doing at the time. This product? will be my 1st purchase. I’m ready for this course. The timing couldn’t be better.

    My girlfriend hates winter, I love it! So flying around come winter would be HUGE! for me, my siblings are in another city, so again traveling at will is SUPER important, & I love language learning on my OWN time, not really through computer systems, also grocery shopping on a Wednesday morning, and banking on a Saturday afternoon (Things I currently do, & would love to do more of!)

    A successful launch would mean COMPLETING the lifestyle change, & the ability to focus on leveraging my skill-sets/insights in areas like charity as well (which is a giant cesspool of ineffective business tactics). I’m super excited for change.

  139. Creating something that would be a reflection of my interest and abilities.

  140. The most rewarding part of having my online business(personal training) was having clients go through changes and love what has happened to them. Then they are excited and compliance goes up and then… More positive changes.
    The hard part is getting more clients and when the military calls me up to be active and I have to dump all my clients and start again fresh when I come back from training.

  141. The idea of having a business that operates online and generates a solid revenue is exciting because it allows me to be my own boss, do the things I love to do and have the time to improve and to learn. I don’t just mean improvements related specifically to the online business, but improvements in all areas of life that in turn can have a positive impact on the business as well.

  142. Creating an online business has been a dream of mine. To be able to monetize a business by talking about something or creating a topic that could benefit people as well as benefit me.

  143. The challenge! I love learning, I love business, and I love the challenge. Having something to share with the world and/or inspire others is a huge benefit as well.

  144. What excites me about an online business is the ability to work anywhere. This means true freedom and flexibility. I love the idea of creating my own work space on my own terms.

  145. This sounds great! The idea that you can be successful, start your own business, while still having the freedom to use you time on the most important things in life – is exciting! Also – working from anywhere in the world and not being tied down sounds really awesome.

  146. What most excites me is the opportunity to be pro-active with my future and stop being reactive. To be able to have the freedom to travel and not be tied to a brick-and-mortar location.

  147. The most exciting part of an online business, for me, is the challenge of it. I love making it grow from an unnoticed “speck” to a thriving “destination” on the net.

  148. What excites me most about an online business it the ability to run it from anywhere I choose. I can be on the beach or in the pool and still “work”. I am so sick of my schedule working for the “man”…I want to feel more in control of my life.

  149. The idea that I can ADD VALUE to the world… that others can benefit from something I create!! This excites me the most. Also, being with my daughter every step of the way and allowing her the freedom to explore her interests while also encouraging her entrepreneurship and seeing her moving forward in her life with joy… And building a business that brings real money in while being ethical and transparent… Yes!!

  150. The success of creating something that people love to pay me for skills.

  151. Freedom. Freedom to do whatever I want to do, from wherever I want to do it. More importantly freedom to help people in a bigger way than I am right now. I do already have an online business- it’s an online English teaching platform.
    I blog as well, although my blogs are not yet income producing. I love to write, and the biggest tip I received from a friend recently was to offer value without expecting anything in return- basically building credibility. Which is what I’m currently focusing on among other stuff.
    What I would look forward to learning is how to make my existing online business generate profit. Not too sure if this fits what you’re asking for, but I thought I’ll go ahead and give it a try!
    I love your no-nonsense approach and straight talk! It’s very un-Asian.! Thanks Ramit, and have a great week!

  152. The most exciting part about an online business? Helping people. It sounds cheesey, but it’s true. For the golf business, I want to help people get better, without breaking their bank. For the ejuice business, I want to help people quit smoking real cigarettes, and someday wean them off ecigs. Obviously making money and freedom is up there, but golf helped me by prividing a sanctuary and ecigs helped me finally kick my smoking habit. It would be nice for me to give something back.

  153. I am excited that my work could fuel and excite me, not drain me! I could add to this excitement and passion by being able to afford to take my family on trips whenever and wherever. The thought that this is possible excites me so much!

  154. My job covers my bills with some left over, every cent from an online business is literally extra. Do I blow it on fun and games? Use the money to improve the online business and/or start new ventures? All of the above?? I DON’T KNOW! But the idea of having an income that is earmarked as “100% for whatever I want” is pretty exciting.

  155. What excites me?


    Freedom to pursue new ideas as they arise.
    Freedom to help/spend time with others.
    Freedom to learn more about things that interest me.
    Freedom to travel/live where ever I want to.

    You get the idea…

  156. The thought of making heaps of money intrigues me as much as it does to anyone, but the more realistic approach would probably be to use it as a way to become better at driving a business and all the logistics behind it.

  157. I can’t wait for the challenge of building my own business, the fulfillment of creating something that will leave a lasting, meaningful impact on people around the world, and the empowerment that others will feel through my story. I’m ultimately inspired by living out my values through my daily life and helping others do the same.

    For my priorities, becoming an entrepreneur, especially with a social focus, is a way for me to develop a creative and independent, but purposeful system for living. I look forward to (continuing) to work hard, to be challenged, to connect with others and to feel true ownership over my day-to-day, earnings and impact.

  158. I have always worked hard and taken pride in what I deliver to my customers, whether it was hardware, software, or services. What would excite me the most would be knowing that I could do that again and not be making money for someone else. My own business would give me the flexibility to work where and when I wanted to, spend more time with my family and provide me with the financial security I need – on my own terms.

  159. Income centred on doing something that I enjoy is what appeals to me most. Add to that the time saved where I could pursue other interests.

  160. I’ve had a successful but unsatisfying career and retired as soon as I was able. I’m too young to be hitting up the retirement funds, so I started a freelance editing business. Since I come from higher education, I’ve been editing dissertations and faculty journal articles. My income is sporadic and I’m always looking for clients (grad students are not repeat customers – one PhD is enough!). I come from an IT and HR background, but I’m not sure how to leverage that into a business. I’ve been doing volunteer work for a person who started a program for homeless, drug and alcohol addicted men. He’s had good results helping these men become contributing members of society again – so good, the VA is paying HIM for every vet he houses. I’m floundering since I’ve always had a job and a boss. I can see why businesses fail – we don’t have a clue! So many of us just want impromptu ski vacations. Right now, financially, I just want to pay the bills; emotionally, I want to feel like I’m contributing something.

  161. I am excited by the ability to start a profitable online business in order to gain control over my own time and location. Using it as a tool to allow myself the freedom over my lifestyle and the ability to truly act on what I want to do instead of react based on my circumstance.

  162. I’m excited to start an online business to put my skills and knowledge to work for me that I don’t get to use/get paid for in my other businesses. In addition, being able to reach a large audience and creating passive income are dreamy big motivators.

  163. I’m excited to be in control of my future by creating and maintaining my own business. Having the ability to create my own schedule, I will be able to properly focus on other long term goals I have. Providing a service or product to people I am excited about will be very rewarding.

  164. What excites me about an online business?

    Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. Oi.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  165. Being successful is exciting. It is a great feeling to be successful. Not only successful making money but enjoying family and friends. What excites me the most is reaping the rewards of my efforts while doing something I enjoy.

  166. I’ve been wanting to start a business to disrupt the music publishing market. When I was a music teacher, I hated having to wait on backordered music or pieces that constantly went out of print and were impossible to get ahold of. If I pay for it today, I should be able to have it in my hands today, and I want to create a business that focuses on doing exactly that for musicians and music teachers all over the world.

    I’m excited about the idea of being the instrument to cause a paradigm shift in the industry, but I’m also fearful of it. I think that’s what has been holding me back on the idea.

    • This is a good starting vision.

      Questions to ask:
      – Has this already been tried?
      – Why hasn’t this worked?
      – Who wants this? Who will pay?
      – If they want it, and are willing to pay, again ask yourself: Why hasn’t this already happened? Who’s against this?
      – How would you differentiate yourself?

      This is a good reminder that an idea is one thing. You have to dig deeper to truly understand the BUSINESS side of your idea. Is it viable? How big? We don’t want to just follow our passion. We want to think strategically about the business side before we invest lots of time and money in an idea.

  167. Online businesses have the potential to reach far more people than a traditional business venture. I know lots of people who work in nonprofits who are overworked and underpaid, but do it because they feel they are making a difference. I love the idea of starting a business that is useful for the world at large and beneficial for me. If I could take my dream trip across Southeast Asia (and then Northern Africa, and then India, and then South America – did I mention I love to travel?) and have my business at home doing good for people, I think I’d feel wonderfully fulfilled. It allows the opportunity to do good for more people and still have to freedom to live a good life.

  168. I have had an idea about a business in my mind for a while now. I would love to be able to say “no” and stop grasping for clients because with my online business I have created an adequate enough nest egg that will allow me to all at the same time live a nice lifestyle, do work that I love to do, have a fair amount of free time for myself and for my family, have the prestige of owning a business and perhaps even becoming a job creator.

  169. What most excites me about starting an online business is the opportunity to try something new. I’m no longer stimulated at my part-time job and I stay at home with my daughter the rest of the time, which is great, but I’m in need of some “me” time and a new challenge, while possibly making enough money to do more of the things we love!

  170. Been able to create a business that would help people whilst been fun to do and getting money for it as you sleep, what wouldn’t excite you about it! Also the chance of not having to work the 9-5, but working yourself and actually creating something that I could say ‘I did that’. THAT excites me.

  171. The process of hard work and contributing to something that I OWN and not someone else is what excites me most. Breaking my back for previous jobs when there is not an appreciative boss is one of the worst experiences in my opinion. Working toward achieving financial freedom and the possibility of helping others is what excites me most about operating an online business.

  172. I’m excited about this new course offering because I see the internet everywhere. Hell, most people carry it around in their back pocket. iPhone and android hold a very large market share, making it easier for people to buy stuff on the go. Just observing the people I work with, they are constantly talking about a purchase they just made on Amazon, Nike, iTunes, eBay… The list goes on.

    I want a piece of that pie.

  173. >If you want, I’ll share real stories of the passive income crowd — and how much they really earn — that will blow your mind.

    I am going to be the one that admits he likes gossip, even if its of the “truth be told” kind: Yes, I want that.

  174. I love what I do (I write erotic romance) and I look forward to getting the readers my work deserves! Not only do I want to make a decent living, but I want my books to be read and enjoyed.

  175. What excites me the most is building a business around things that I love to do. Making money from something that I would do for free is also a huge draw. The possibility of being able to leave my work in Afghanistan as a defense contractor is also a big draw. When I do return home, I dont want to have to work a normal job that I know I will be burnt out on within 6 months from doing unmeaningful menial work towards someone else’s agenda. I want the freedom and independence that is gained from running an on-line business. I just feel like my time is better spent creating and adding things to the world instead of just working EVERYDAY to make ends meet.

  176. The most exciting thing? Flexibility. Being able to manage my time according to my priorities rather than having to throw a huge chunk of it out the window according to somebody else’s whim.

  177. the excitement comes from the freedoms created and shared with others,

    being unbound by location, free to travel the world for business

    being unbound by the clock, able to come and go with income produced while away from the business

    financially free to help others in need, able to buy without 2nd thoughts

    completely content with inner peace

    living and loving by seizing the day, living the dream fully and loving it
    Carpe diem and ENJOY IT!!

  178. What I find most exciting about the concept of Online Business is how diverse it can be !

    There’s literally thousands of niches to be filled, and the Internet is defined by the personal spin people can give something.

    Of course, this also happens to be where we all tend to get paralysed by indecision, notably because of how MANY choices there are!
    And how any success requires us to get to work and focus on a specific Domain/niche and create an actual product, not just another daydream n our heads !

  179. I work with some fascinating folks on a side business. It is a fabulous idea to be able to build a online business framework so that they could focus all of their passion and energy on the products, as (for some more than others!) their comfort level with the sales and marketing worlds is pretty low. I would love to be able to take that burden away from them and to free up their time as well.

    The other thing that really excites me about an opportunity like this is that if it is leveraged properly you can pursue more than one project or product as you and/or the market evolves.

  180. I’m excited about the feeling of creating something out of me that’s valuable to others. And the way I know it so is by getting paid while I’m asleep.

  181. To echo the other comments, the most attractive thing about starting an online business is flexibility and freedom. There’s a quote (sorry I cannot recall the source) that says “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” Maybe is was Zig Ziglar?

    Earning money while you sleep would make it hard to sleep!!

  182. What doesn’t excite me might be a better question! I want the flexibility, the income, the freedom, the self-satisfaction, the challenge, the spirit of entrepreneurship. All of that excites me! Really looking forward to this. I tend to do a lot of research and sometimes that gets overwhelming.

    So – I am tired of “going to” and ready for “doing”!


  183. There are so many exciting things, but probably the most exciting is the adventure of it all! I hope to create something i enjoy, believe in, can be proud of, that can help a lot of people.

    I would love the flexibility to spend more time with my mom who was recently diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Being able to help her out financially would be a great gift as well.

    And then there’s the Friday afternoon nap! I was self-employed for several years and this is the thing I miss the most!

    Thank you for all you do, Ramit!


  184. The idea of freedom in my day and what I can peruse in the future excites me. The idea that I can focus on a topic of interest and that people would want to listen to my opinion excites me. The idea that the extra money I make could allow me to run the business full time and provide me with the finances to invest in future business ideas really excites me.

  185. I’m excited by the possibility of connecting with hundreds, perhaps thousands of people I can now connect with by virtue of the internet.

    I would love to share what I know, what I’ve learned the hard way, with others, so they can benefit and make different, more interesting mistakes than the ones I made :)

    I want to share with excitement, fun and a feel-good-vibe, rather than the grimness that seems to surround education in general.

    Also, Ramit, you rock. In a tough-love kinda way …

  186. I have many fun hobbys, building an online business around one of them and having more time to do those hobbies. I am good at my job and enjoy it, but I would enjoy more time and freedom.

  187. The idea of working for myself, and being free to spend my time the way I choose is the most exciting thing about online business.

  188. What excites me the absolute most about an online business is the idea of not having to ask for permission to take the time to care for myself and my family. The notion of no longer just surviving but thriving in life is amazing.

    A close second is that it will allow me to find satisfaction in helping others in ways I could only dream about with my current office job.

  189. Doing what i am passionate about , getting paid for that and being known for i am doing.

  190. The thing that excites me most about an online business is the ability to follow my dreams and be able to help those in need, take care of my growing family, and have time to enjoy both. My line of work (international development) tends to lead to geographic restrictions in where you can live, tons of travel away from your family, and measly pay. I look forward to being able to help others through the business and my “day job” while not having to travel around on someone else’s schedule.

  191. You can have the customers decide if they like your product instead of depending on the judgement of your supervisor.

  192. Freedom. The freedom of expression, to integrate my passions, ideas and creativity under one roof, and to get paid for it. Freedom. The freedom to travel and expand my perspective on the world. Freedom. To not be suppressed. The ability to let my inspiration be fostered and turned loose. Wealth is not about $. Wealth is about being able to do the things you enjoy, when you want, with the people you want. Granted, you need money to do this. But I no longer equate freedom and wealth with a large bank account. I equate freedom and wealth with being able to follow your passions without guilt. To do what you were meant to do, that which best fits your innate talents and abilities. True freedom is integrating your passions, skills, interests and love into a marketable product. It is in all of us, we just need to find it and foster it. Then to share it with the ones you love. Those who support you without being threatened by your success. Shared experiences create quality of life. Happiness is only real when shared. Respect.

  193. Aside from the personal benefits – flexibility, spending time with my family (and my dog!), income, traveling etc. The main reason for me starting an online business is to reach out to a mass of potential clients from any corner of the globe. To create an impact and to add value on a global scale. It excites and freaks me out at the same time. But the idea put a smile on my face. I’m ready! :-)

  194. Online Business for me is to have freedom of choice and higher income.

    I am so excited at the moment that you have at last considered it right to reveal out the secrets and the “system” that actually works. I have devoured many many self help books, gurus that just tell be passionate, be hungry, be consistent but most of the time it does not work.

  195. Simply put i think the most exciting thing would be the time I would possibly save from having an online business. Be part of the ‘New Rich’ as Tim Ferriss calls it and just have flexibility to do things. I feel like my job at the moment is mentally draining, a lot of hard work but not smart work. An online business would mostly entail smart work and that excites me. The efficiency of it all.

  196. An on-line business that creates a recurring revenue stream could serve as my retirement income, or would at least help me build up a nest egg from which to generate a passive income in the future.

  197. I’m already helping thousands of people, but I want to build something that is data driven so I can exponentially improve the success rate for people who want to use my methods.

  198. The most exciting thing would to be able to have a following and be able to positively affect real people’s lives on a daily basis.

    Coupling this with gaining financial and TIME freedom would be the ultimate payoff.

  199. The thought of having a second online business that constantly generates income is incredibly exciting as I wouldn’t just be working to live anymore. Although I do currently work for myself, it is literally just to cover the cost of living at the moment and I’d like to be able to have something else going that will give me a little more room to breath and be able to actually ENJOY all the time I have to do stuff. For now I have time, but no extra finances to really enjoy anything.

    I’m really looking forward to learning how to start another online business..I feel like it’s definitely time to take working for myself to the next level!

  200. Bringing a new mindset to the South Asian fashion industry. Introducing new designers to the world and showing how amazing and truly creative the South Asian fashion industry is. Getting the latest top fashion to the consumer quickly and getting them excited about it in the process!

    Also being independent, successful, and in charge of my own life really push me to achieve.


  201. The FREEDOM to live your life on your own terms is priceless for me. I dont necesseraly strive for a super wealthy life, but a meaningful, passionate and purposeful life I can be proud of and a business I can rely on.

  202. Abhishek Khurana Link to this comment

    Hi Ramit,

    As I come out of college this June, I want to do something unconventional.

    Starting an online business at an early stage of my career provides plenty of opportunity for me to make mistakes, in order to learn how to build something that attracts people (by adding value, not memorizing the P’s off a marketing textbook).

    The ability to influence people through an online business is extremely exciting.

    Ab (still working on the 6-pack)

  203. What excites me the most is being able to provide useful, no bullshit, fitness education to people around the world and make money! Doing what I love and not only helping other progress, but helping myself progress as well. Plus, the idea of not having a boss, sitting on the beach in Thailand on a Monday morning, and making money is pretty badass :)

  204. Ramit, what makes me most excited about an online business is specificity and scaleability.

    You can create a super niched product that provides a ton of value to a very small, specific audience, (that 99% of people would think is stupid/worthless) and that they would be happy and thankful to pay a lot for it is awesome. Plus, the amazing benefit of digital cost of goods sold makes it even more exciting.

  205. Freedom and Flexibility.

    Internal freedom from being at the mercy of others (i.e. employers, society, down market etc.) – gives you confidence you can make it despite external circumstances.

    Flexibility to enjoy the memorable moments of your life.
    By doing what you love and getting paid, you have the time to go to the field and watch your kids play sports instead of catching glimpses of them when you’re running back to your home office after dinner to put out a fire at work.

  206. I haven’t really had a passion for starting an online business because I am not sure what I’d want it to be, however I am excited that I could give me freedom to take some time to figure out what I want to do next in my life. I feel like I am at a crossroads and I want to be able to take the time to really explore myself right now. I would love to be able to follow my passions, travel and spend more time outdoors. I want to be able to help people without worrying about the money aspect.

  207. Working under my terms, being my own boss, having greater control over my future.

  208. To be able to go on impromptu trips as soon as I get itchy feet to anywhere in the world and to go volunteer anywhere in the world without worrying about costs/ensuring I have income to pay the bills.

  209. What excites me about an online business is that I would not have to physically see my customers. I have a fear of communicating with customers face to face.

  210. I think my comments will be similar to everyone else’s. The ability to generate income doing something that you love and that adds value to your life and to the world is incredibly attractive. The ability to build your life and lifestyle around an income that doesn’t require your constant presence is what we all dream of. I would do anything to get to that level.

  211. Can’t wait for the rest.

  212. MaryLouise Torres Link to this comment

    Being in control. Answering to myself. Having less time to bitch about my job and more time to celebrate being alive. Sharing my success with my family. Loving what I do.

  213. Starting an online business means being able to share my passion for desserts at scale with people around the country. After working in a restaurant for 6 years and maintaining a food blog for 2, I want to combine everything I love about pastries and the Internet make things that are delicious and that anyone can try. I’m not some super fancy fine dining cook (and I’ve worked in a Michelin star restaurant so I say this with confidence, not modesty), but I know I can make some killer stuff and I want people to be able to eat it.

  214. I’m excited to put in the hardwork to build my online business and to maintain the quality time to spend with my husband and son.

  215. Time freedom, abundance and serenity. The new currency of modern lifestyle business building. I love it!

  216. An online business….synonymous with freedom, flexibility, creativity and value. I have been taking baby steps towards creating an online business by starting a blog called Office Paradise ( It’s just my little creative outlet where I discuss how to find Paradise during the 9 to 5 (go figure that I’m on THIS website!). I would love to take it to the next level, though…and I’m not sure how to do it….or even if there is a profitable idea hiding away in there, or if I should focus on other things. I am so excited to explore this topic further! Thanks, Ramit for creating this program!

  217. I’ve always sold a service in the tangible marketplace. I’m excited to sell a product online no just for the novelty, but for the difference in scalability.

  218. Adding value to others and being known as an expert of my field – this excites me about running my own online business. Apart from the lifestyle perks as well….

  219. I already have an online business with some leveraged income. My subscribers and customers love my material, and frequently write me to tell me so.

    Yet I struggle with the line between free and paid content, and with conversion: encouraging more people on my list to move from the first to the second – in a genuine, helpful way (not beating people over the head with pitches or making absurd claims about the product).

    Sometimes I think I am giving away too much free, and there is simply little motivation to buy because my (absurdly large number of) subscribers are completely satisfied with the free content. Someone just wrote me and said “thank you for your free website” – ARGH, messaging problem!

    What most excites me: the opportunity to make a real, positive impact in peoples’ lives and be amply rewarded for it with financial and location freedom.

  220. I am broke,unemployed, divorced help me earn an income with an online business.I can be one of your Sucess stories. Thank you .

    • AJ, candidly, I don’t think this material is right for you. I recommend getting my book from the library and starting to focus on savings for now.

  221. Having a business where it doesn’t matter where I live, who I hang out with, what I do with my own time (and where I have time when I want it), and that does more than just pays the bills — that’s what excites me most about having a successful online business.

  222. I joined the military and I picked a job where I’m learning absolutely nothing. I feel stuck because I have 4 years left and I know by the end of these 4 years I will know what I know now. So creating and online business allows me to feel as if I’m doing something with my life.
    Now all I have to do now is figure out what type of business to start. I am extremely excited for your future emails.

  223. What would excite me most about an online business is the freedom provided. I’m talking, being able to take a day and just wander around NYC in the park freedom. A lot of 9-5 brick and mortar jobs destroy creativity. I want to have the freedom to be creative in my own medium. Eventually I want to change the world with the business I start. It’s exciting when you get a pay pal payment confirmation and to know those came from your own unquie product/efforts. There’s great beauty in that.

  224. I really love telemark skiing and no longer trading hours for money, would enable me and my family to go skiing more often and longer.
    Perhaps even move to a ski resort…

  225. No more cheap clients trying to hustle some euros from me. Being able to do what i like, without the need to run after clients.

  226. What excites me about an online business is the possible freedom and flexibility. I am a 21 year old in college who has realized that I am studying to work for someone else… That is not what I want! I hope to become my own boss!


  227. Where is it, I can’t wait any longer!!!!

    • Haha. I’ve already had people email me to buy the course, sight unseen.


      But read a layer deeper: How do you create such a powerful online brand that people ask to buy the product — without ever seeing it? How do you build such credibility and trust that people will fork over money without even knowing what they’re getting?

      We’ll cover this in ZTL.

    • Hmmm that’s a great point – personally I believe in your philosophy. IWTYTBR was a life changer and automated my investment approach. I didn’t do Earn 1k, but started a side business that’s doing well, but I wanna do something bigger now………I purchased Noah K’s system (and follow Tim ferris and others from your crew) but have been waiting for something like this that ties it all together – let’s do this!!!!!!

  228. Need money I

    • Bella “needs money” and cannot even finish his comment with proper punctuation. I am going to go out on a limb here and say Bella will not be successful with his online business.

  229. The most exciting thing to me is something typical of a millennial: personalization. I love that not only can I personalize my app order on my phone, my Starbucks drink,and my shop and save on Amazon. But I can personalize my life! Sign me up! I can have a business tailored to me where I don’t even have to be a slave to work. I can be an entrepreneur as well as travel and experience life. Being an online business owner would give me the freedom to explore everything I want to in life. Talk about spectacular.

    • Also Ramit- will Zero to Launch have a requirement of being debt-free like Earn1k? I am on schedule to be debt-free by March of next year! Hallelujah.

  230. I’ve been waiting for you to launch a course like this ever since I first started reading this blog. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile and I am so glad you are launching this course. The most exciting thing for me about starting an online business is being able to finally learn the mysteries behind what it takes to make a business successful online. I’ve always wondered how is it that people know what to do? How do they get ideas? How do people who have zero coding experience start something online and become successful. I don’t know how to code (even though I do know basic HTML/CSS) yet I see others who also don’t code start online businesses. I guess I can’t wait to figure out what skills that I do have that I can leverage in the online world.

  231. The possibility of having a relaxed schedule and freedom to travel, take classes, visit friends as opposed to being mired in the 9-5 grind, this is a big draw for me – the ULTIMATE draw, really.

  232. What excites me most is the creation of something great. To know that I did it. That I took an idea and turned it into passive income. And this idea is able to help others. That would be awesome!

  233. What most excites me about the idea of running a successful online business is the idea of enjoying life, both work and leisure, rather than simply struggling to get through to the weekend and living for vacation.

    • I just read your comment on good and bad comments, and this stood out: “focusing on OTHER PEOPLE — the right people — is one of the keys to a successful online business.”

      I think that’s the root of most of my motivation problems – I need to figure out who my right people are and what value I can offer them. If I know I’m helping people I care about, I’ll be able to push through any tough times!

  234. What excites me the most is the opportunity. I love that what I put in, is what I get out of it. I love that I can create my own path, and rely on myself to generate income. Not only that, but the challenge of having to dig deep within myself to bring out my best possible work to help others is exciting.

    Already being laid off at 25 in a field that I am very passionate about opened my eyes to getting creative with how I am going to generate income. Looking back it seems silly to rely on another person to pay my bills. I would like to take that into my own hands.

  235. Love to start my ecommerce empire selling quality products with cheaper price from third-world to US. I was in the research phase, selecting a good product, which is still under observation. I have a framework for this business where I will follow the steps. Sometimes I made little progress when I am also doing a busy full-time job.

  236. I’m going to go to college next summer, and getting started at live on my own the best way possible is what really excites me. Building a business worth something on its own really excites me too. Having the money to do what ever the hell i want, really excites me.

  237. Freedom!!!! Being more concerned about pleasing my family instead of a boss….what a wonderful feeling that would be.

  238. I’m a student studying business and I find it interesting. At the same time I know I’m not like other students who all want to become consultants etc. The digital nomad life is calling. Three of the most beautiful things in life are work ethic, self-reliance and adventure. Having an online business makes that possible.

    My parents think being an entrepreneur is only “for inventors”. My biggest hurdle is breaking social conditioning, diverting from my safe path to a good job and living my dream. Why are Indians so much more likely to become entrepreneurs?? Share the secret!

    I picked up your book the other day by the way. A lot of it was not useful since I’m Swedish, but I’m still getting value from it. I just moved my savings from an account with 0,25 % interest to an online account with 2,35 %. Good stuff.

  239. My office job life: Get up like a zombie, sit in front of the screen for 9 hours like a zombie, walk home like a zombie. I am already dead! There is nothing that keeps me there except bills and not having any other idea.

  240. Having a successful online business that is meaningful to consumers and myself that generates its own revenue would give me back real quality time for my family and myself to do all the things we dreamed of doing which is most important. Financial freedom and being able to have control of my career are definitely motivators!

  241. Because I want to be a Ramit Bad Ass. (RBA for short)

  242. 2 things that excite me most:

    1. Taking the earn 1K- generated business that I’ve started (I’m bringing in a solid $300-$1200/mo at the moment), and turning it into a powerful machine that replicates my efforts on behalf of my clients and helping them ‘fish for themselves’ and see me as their go-to guide in the industry.

    2. Supporting a brand-new industry in it’s infancy and watching as it explodes across the nation. Seeing people and states support the movement because it genuinely helps people access the medicine they need to be happily alive, not struggling to get by daily. At the end of it all, being able to say I was part of something so much bigger than myself or my business.

  243. I’m most excited about a business that I can run from anywhere – not someone else’s office, on someone else’s clock – that is flexible enough to allow me to work on projects that I’m deeply interested in, and help others using the skills I’ve developed.

  244. What’s most exciting about starting an online business? The ability to earn more and spend more absolutely guilt-free, with no debt.

    I’m about to enter a 3-year doctorate program, and will potentially rack up $20-30k or more per year in student loan debt. I won’t be able to work full time for three years, but nothing’s stopping me from running a successful and profitable online business to earn money during that time. The thought of maintaining my current lifestyle (spending and travel habits) AND avoiding student loan debt really gets me going.

    PS – Taking Ramit’s at the end of 2013, I actually started an online business in early January. I’m making and selling simple, nutritious protein bars for athletes. But it’s only generating a few hundred dollars of profit. I can do better, and am eager continue the profess!

  245. Just be awesome.

    That’s it. I want the flexibility to be awesome without thinking about money. Actually, I only care about money because it lets me eat and not e stressed about tomorrow.

    Engineering is my passion. I’ve never been smarter than any of my classmates and I don’t have have enough practical experience to build anything myself. But, I want to be able to show you can do it (without backward bosses an industry politics that makes all our buildings, including those you think could never fall done) fail instantly.

    No more hypocrisy. Lets make awesome stuff because it is fun and it makes us enjoy life more.

    That’s what excites me. Building cool things, making exciting videos of it, and sharing with others along with step-by-step instructions on how to do it so even a toddler that learns how to read can follow the instructions.

    I hope these words I’m writing will motivate myself to finally make it happen. I’ve been thinking about this for 4 years and I’m finally ready to take the step.

    Even with just 2 years of industry experience ;)

  246. Making more money is the obvious part – and that leads to increased flexibility to enjoying an increasingly comfortable and adventurous lifestyle.

    Beyond that, I’m actually really excited to build and strengthen the skill set around marketing, e-commerce, adwords, etc. I’m already immersed in books on the subject: 4hww, landing page optimization, 80/20 sales and marketing, lean startup, web analytics, etc. I’m a geek – what can I say?!!

  247. The thing that excites me most about starting an online business (or in my case, taking my business to a consistently profitable level) is the stability and freedom that comes from gaining an income that isn’t dependent on anyone else.

    You’re able to truly do things that make you happy (while taking care of the drudgery of business, or eventually hiring out), keep earning while you’re not actively hustling (unlike freelancing, to a point), and take more time to enjoy the day to day fun things you miss out on if busy all the time. Sounds like a win to me.

  248. There’s a lot I could say, but to bring it down to the single most EXCITING(!!?!) thing to me about starting an online business is the thought that the audience that I’m looking to provide value to is worldwide!

    I’ve done a lot for my friends, and sometimes have been paid and sometimes haven’t, but it’s always exciting to teach someone something, and then see them apply it. While that second part might be rare (at least judging from a couple of years as a teaching assistant), the chance to see a community of people that’s not limited by geographical boundaries is incredibly exciting.

    All that being said, I have no idea how to monetize any of those skills I could teach, haha. So the chance to learn about that is pretty exciting in and of itself…

  249. What excites me most is being able to reach a whole lot of people with the things that get me going the most!

  250. Passive income would be fantastic but I think it’s the idea of flexibility and freedom from not being tied down to a job that is most enticing to me.

  251. I love helping other companies to succeed and I created couple of successful businesses, but all of these project needed ME. So even I left for vacation to Thailand or US or Spain, I needed to carry my phone and deal with problems of other people (e.g. our clients). I am now trying to build an online system, that will allow me to study more, consult more (but companies I choose, not only those that pay me most) and attend to more conferences as a speaker (which is something i just LOVE doing).

    Looking forward Ramit!

  252. What excites me about online business is the flexibility to work whenever and wherever I want (especially not having to spend 40+ hours a week, 50 weeks a year in the same office). Plus the potential to make a living from work that is based on my interests and fits my life and my philosophy, instead of having to fit into and support the philosophy of someone else’s organization.

  253. The idea that excites me most about building my own business is the idea of contributing only to the businesses and individuals I love and respect.

  254. Why do I want to start an online business?


    Being free to set my own hours, and reduce them until they’re automated. Being free from an employers whims and fancies. Being free from debt or having to take loans that I’ll be paying off for the rest of my life just to own a house. Being free to take a vacation, take sick days, take a half day without it seriously impacting my lifestyle or my career.

    Freedom through my own business excites me, and was enough to convince me to sign up.

  255. I think an online business is exciting because it:
    (A) Allows me to earn money while I’m doing other things and work when I want to
    (B) Offers an opportunity to help people (by providing a product or service) around the world rather than being limited to my physical market area
    (C) Plays in the space where we all already connect and spend a lot of our time each day — if done right, it can link almost seamlessly into what you and your customers already do online

  256. I really want to make a difference in peoples lives, I am passionate to serve others and I know I am capable of focusing my plethora of ideas into a targeted and marketable service.

    Where I fail dismally is on getting clear on the initial idea…it really falters my progress. I want to start with something simple, but I get stumped at the first hurdle & it is the one issue that has held me back for years!

    I am now focusing on getting a better job, so that I can really support my long-term goal. I targeted a corporate (a new realm for me) company I had allot of direct experience with & who’s core values I really admired. However, I am seriously questioning my progress on this path after I recently experienced the disillusion of a very dis-connected interview (the interviewee shot standard interview questions at me whilst he looked at his iPad & made random notes). I felt I was being hired to be the ‘mouse in a wheel’!

    This experience strongly highlighted my need for genuine human-contact and an honest connection with people. As a result this experience has accelerated my genuine desire to ‘love what I do’ and just START and launch my own business. It is my goal to do whatever it takes to serve people with authenticity.

  257. I love the idea of creating an online revenue generating business that has many of the operational features automated. I also feel it would be exciting to have a bushiness that has the opportunity to generate revenue 24/7!

  258. Goodbye student loan debt, hello world travel.

  259. I dream of being able to create an online business that improves other people’s lives, and enables me to spend time with my kids and family all over the world, and not be tied to one location. Being in the position to give back to causes that matter to me, is also very exciting. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us, Ramit!

  260. The idea of totally blowing away the competitors with a truly superior product line and services in my niche market gets me excited. The income, flexibility, and freedom are attractive.

  261. Conor Pendergrast Link to this comment

    What excites me the most is the ability to deliver incredible value to my customers through products and services, while working from wherever I want in the world, whenever I want.

  262. What excites me most about running an online business is the fact that it’s online, coupled with the fact that it would be my own business. The fact that it it’s online would provide the freedom to run it from almost anywhere without necessarily being bound to a physical office or other location. I’d also be working to make myself profitable, instead of lining the pockets of someone else. Ideally, my goal would be to make myself profitable enough where I’d be able to actually create potential employment opportunities for others (e.g. employees) as well.

  263. What excites me most about an online business is the fact that it would location independent and so I would be free to travel and do other things while working.

  264. The ability to rapidly move from prototype to product (and sales) for the concepts that I develop, essentially creating a system to facilitate introducing all the products I have jotted down in notebooks or Evernote. Ideally, an online business would enable me to focus on creating cool products and not have to worry as much about constantly driving marketing efforts.

  265. You know what excites me about running an online business? The simple fact that it’s MY business and I’m directly benefiting from my own effort. No more working a 40+ hour week to make someone else rich who is taking it easy and doing what THEY want to do, while delegating the workload onto me, who is making a mere fraction of that profit.
    I get incredibly pumped about the idea of having a business that continually generates passive income that requires much less actual work on my part than any of your “normal” jobs that have set the status quo for decades. There’s the quote about working smarter, not harder. That’s the life I want.

  266. What excited me is being able to touch and impact people around the world. I also like having freedom and want to expand my network.

  267. João Pedro Reis Link to this comment

    I’m a full-time employee at a musical instruments store in Lisbon, and I have always dreamed of being an extremely successful entrepreneur! I want to take the next step in getting a better life and doing something I love at the same time!

    You would definitely help me develop a great way to generate more income and that’s really exciting!
    Passive income sounds great, but no one ever shared how they really do it. I hope you do.

    Looking forward to hear from you,
    João Pedro Reis

  268. Christina Salerno Link to this comment

    I am most excited about:
    – the creation process itself of building a business. The challenge is exciting.
    – flexibility / freedom to create a business the way that I want to. Instead of jumping from client to client, I can produce something I am passionate about and find people who want that too. I don’t have to settle my vision in order to please a client.
    – the possibilities seem larger, bigger, more visionary, more revolutionary.
    – I get to wake up every day and do something I love, for a tribe I love, and make an impact.

  269. The thing that most excites me? Independence from a single job/city. I long to be able to pick up and go somewhere, and an online business could go with me anywhere.

    I also love the idea of being an awesome, oft-referenced resource on a particular subject. I know it’s a reach, but it’s a reach that would be totally awesome to achieve!

  270. I am most excited for the independence and freedom having my own business will bring me. I know it will mean hard work, but the idea of working hard for something I am passionate for and have created myself is so exciting!

  271. What excites me? Freedom, having options in life, regaining self confidence, & self reliance.

  272. Online is the new wave, and I really want to get my feet wet. The low barrier of entry and possibility of having an income not tied to my work hours or billings sounds great to me. Currently I have to work to get paid. My job or client’s rely on my time. I like the idea of a business that will earn while I sleep. I’m certainly not scared of work, but my time is limited, so I like the idea of an online business that may require maintenance but not a 40 hour week.

  273. I’m excited about the opportunity to reach new customers that only an online business could present.

  274. The chance to have the time to enjoy life with my wife instead of being spending days of my life making another guy richer. It’s time to work for ME!

  275. I’m most excited about knowing that what I’m sharing is perceived to add real VALUE to people’s lives – they are actually willing to PAY for something I’m producing. Beyond that, the freedom that creating a product that residually creates income after putting in the TIME and EFFORT once, instead of constantly having to book hours in order to be paid is pretty damn exciting.

  276. I first started an online handmade jewelry business in 2008 and ran it part-time for 4 years. I didn’t know what I was doing and it was very slow starting, but gradually I was making sales. The problem was that it just wasn’t very profitable in the market and price points I’d put myself in, and I only made money when I physically crafted a profit. Not a very scaleable idea, and after a while I lost my passion for the craft, too. I decided it wasn’t working and stopped in 2012.

    Despite that, I still want to start an online business. I am a project manager full time, and I’m just tired of doing what other people tell me to, in ways they tell me to do it, and for reasons that are often political rather than practical. I’m also a night person and I don’t enjoy my 9-5 hours or my commute into the office at a workplace that is not flexible with work-from-home. My husband and I are also looking to start a family soon and I’d be able to spend more time with them.

    For an online business, this time around, I’d look to create some kind of digital product or system that could eventually become passive income, and that could start as part-time until it made enough money for me to quit my job. I’m also looking for something more spiritually fulfilling than just being another cog in a corporate machine. I’d rather be able to help people directly by providing them with something that solves a problem they couldn’t solve by themselves.

  277. What excites me the most about starting an online business is the passive income which provides me with the time plus money to do other things. This is real simple and may not sound sexy but having the money and time for golf lessons and money and time to go out play rounds of golf multiple times of the week in the middle of the day.

  278. Brandon Richey Link to this comment

    I started my own business several years ago building technology systems for homes and small businesses. I loved the creative entrepreneur process of building the business. I loved being the master of my own destiny. But, the business owned my life (6 days a week, support calls at all times of the day and night) and I swore I’d never do a business like that again. I LOVE the idea of an online business that allows me the freedom to raise my 6 daughters and travel the world with them. I crave being back in the entrepreneur world…I just can’t come up with the right idea that I’m excited about!

  279. The idea that I can focus on things that I love and put my money where I want. I want to spend time with my family and raise my future kids with my wife. Not just be the guy who pays the bills. Having a business that I enables me to do that excites me.

  280. For me this is about:

    1- Having a goal and achieving it. I love the thought of having a following of people and creating products that these people want.

    2- Expanding my income. I started a business out of college 10 years ago. I make full time money for part time work… however, I want multiple businesses working for me and paying me each month.

    I already have flexibility and freedom in my life… However, I feel like I’ve lost the killer instinct that I had before. This is simply a desire for more and the personal knowledge that I had a goal, committed to it, and achieved it.

  281. Experience: none
    Excited: people actually purchasing my product

  282. I’m commenting because I really like your free content, and I’ve purchased some of your smaller info products (mostly because your free stuff is so good that I wanted to support you continuing to publish that stuff), but I’m not looking to start an online business anytime soon. Looking at the comments below, I’m probably the only person on here that’s going to honestly tell you that I’m not interested in this, at least right now (that could always change in the future).

    • That’s totally fine. I appreciate the candor. This isn’t for everybody! This is just one part of living a Rich Life.

    • To follow up, I AM interested in building an online BRAND. I’m not looking to make any additional money, but I do want to make sure I have a reputation that provides me with as many opportunities as possible.

  283. The idea of creating an online business excites me because it will allow me the freedom to travel and also help in the community. I like to volunteer at local places. I like being active in the community and the online business will allow me to do that. I also like to go to India and other places and enjoy the vast cultures and live each day as though it was my last. There are many exciting aspects of an online business. Unfortunately I have been stuck on striking up an idea and how to get started.

  284. What most excites me about starting an online business is the unpredictable opportunities that come with doing anything outside of the normal box. A lot of the jobs that I am applying to right now have a career trajectory where I know if I hit my targets, I will end up in X position in 3-5 years. I think with doing something creative (starting an online business, freelancing, etc.), the upside potential is yours to imagine. I’d love to help people, but just am not sure where I can provide the most value. I just started a blog a few months ago and my friends all said they really love the content, but I’m just not sure how interviewing successful CEOs/founders of companies can be translated into a profitable online business. Looking forward to the new course and the following emails!

  285. What really excites me is to be part of the new rich! The time, money and leverage its brings to our lives.

  286. Doing something that is entirely my own. And knowing that even if I get laid off from the job I love – I won’t have to worry about income.

  287. I think for me I just want to be able to have freedom and control over my own life. Working at a 9 to 5 dictates what you do on a day to day basis and how much you make. For me its not all about the money, I just want to be able to do all the things I want and have the freedom to do it when and where I want to.

  288. What excites me about an online business, besides the freedom that not having to report to a job and being my own employer would bring me..

    The opportunity to get my message and my ability to work with people to manifest change in their lives out to a national, heck, even a global audience. Right now, a brick and mortar shop restricts me to my region so my services are not known in the world. Right now, my contacts and my ability to bring people together is a microcosm. I want to meet other people, like you Ramit, and bring those ideas and thoughts out to a wider audience that I know could benefit.

  289. What excites me the most about an online business (providing I get to the point of generating a 6-7 figure income annually) is that it will allow me to move on from so many paradigms and limiting beliefs around making money and how to generate wealth. This will in turn allow me to be in control of my time, my work, my partnerships and the way to enjoy different areas in life. All of the above while being able to grow. In other words, what excites me the most would be FREEDOM.

  290. the most exciting thing to me is connecting with and cultivating a community of people. If my products/style/voice resonate with people, I want those people in my life.

  291. Having an online business will make me earn money while I do the things I love most! The spare time and financial resources that it’ll provide will allow me to enjoy my youth instead of sacrificing it working my ass off only to taste freedom when it’s too late for many things. The idea of being able to travel around the world without the pressure of a deadline, no worries about my boss, taking my friends out for dinner, taking care of my family, being able to learn all I want with the best, etc… is more than exciting. It’s my goal.


  292. What excites me the most about an online business is the prospect of creating something new and having people pay for it. It’s not really the money, but what the money is saying: that other people value what I can give them.

  293. Raphael Linhares Link to this comment

    What excites me in the idea of starting my own business, not necessarily online, is to be rewarded according to the effort I make, not just the amount of hours I sit on a chair.

    The Online part is excellent, because I can sit on this chair as much as I want, in any location that I choose!

  294. I love programming, but in my current job I spend a lot of time ‘managing’ what others think that must be done. Sometimes I’m in the middle of a meeting wondering why I should be there when it’s just a way to perpetuate the illusion of doing by not acting at all.

    What excites me about having my own online business I would like to program for fun and to spend my time in what I think is worth to do. And being able to do it earning money is a big plus.

  295. Two things: making enough to lead a rich life on my own terms, and creating something that is genuinely useful to my audience.

  296. The most exciting thing to me would be having something that is my work, my creation getting directly into the hands of people who it helps the most, or can use it. Not helping people as a cog in a huge business, but a direct – personal impact. Something that has my name on it, not company X.

  297. I am excited for the challenge of taking a business from nothing to potentially something that I can’t dream about right now. I want to have a service that customers crave for. I firmly believe that if you have an amazing product or service, the selling is the easy part. Who needs a sales guy if your product/service is so good that it sells itself! That is where I want to be.
    I also think that the freedom I would have (being able to travel, work nights when I wanted – I’m a true insomniac) sounds incredible!!
    I really hope this isn’t a ‘too good to be true thing’.
    I need this in my life.
    — Hank

  298. I’m totally EXCITED about the idea of incorporating what Ramit learned in building an online business into my turnkey real estate wholesaling business. I’d love to be able to share with other people the financial education I’ve learned over the years from books, courses, and successful people.

    And I want to be able to just visit my friends and family in my home country (Malaysia) whenever I want, while keeping myself busy at work while traveling all over the world! I believe that is TRUE financial freedom :-)

    P/S: Even though I’m building passive income, I’ll never want to retire or stop working – this business is too fun to walk away from!!!

  299. I have an online business, but am still growing it to the point I want it to be at.

    Why do I want it online? 2 things: location independence and being able to get the word out to more people.

    I want to make great money and share information with a lot of people. I want to do it on my own terms and attract people who are perfect for me. I think this is easier done online. I live in a big city, so it”s possible for me here, but I love the fact that I can reach SO MANY perfectly ideal customers online and not be tied to one place.

  300. What excited me most?


    Freedom to work from anywhere.
    Freedom to be as creative as I want.
    Freedom to experiment.
    Freedom to do new things without permission & red tape!

    This one of the best things about having an online business that’s you own!

  301. The most exciting thing would be to get paid for something other than my time. That would be a first for me.

  302. I want to start taking action. I’m tired of reacting to life and situations; I want to be able to CHOOSE who I make money for and who I give my time to.

  303. I’ve run my own business before and I loved the freedom to create – create my day, create revenue generators, create ways to indulge my passions.

    I’m excited to run an online business because of the geographic freedom it allows. I’m not looking to get out of doing work – I enjoy working. I’d just like to choose where I do it from and how much/how often I have to do.

    Also, I’d like to be successful to show that women can succeed in this space too. In my experience, most of the successful online businesses (or at least the one’s whose founders are the most vocal) are men. I’d like to set a different example for women out there.

  304. I’m excited about having the opportunity to create a better life than the one I currently have, to be able to engage in fulfilling work instead of working just to make ends meet. Living towards a greater purpose for myself and those I care about and living the life I’ve always imagined.

    But what excites me the most is the opportunity to release the self doubt and disappointment that I’ve allowed to hold me back for so long.

  305. Astrid Willis Countee Link to this comment

    What excites me the most is the chance to build something truly worthwhile and something that I can be proud of. I am looking forward to the chance to merge my best skills into something brand new. Also the extra income would give me choices, and allow me to live a life that keeps inspiring me to newer and greater things.

  306. It’s very unrealistic to expect to enjoy every part of building a business, but what excites me is the freedom to not having to do things that I think are unimportant.

  307. I really like the idea of creating business that helps people to achieve more, gather feedback and make it even better. You are rolemodel for me into this, because you are helping so many people to live richer life (in way they imagine)

  308. What excites me? Being truly independent. By that I mean not depending on someone else to provide me with work, being self-sufficient, being able to work from anywhere and at anytime. I want to dictate the kind of projects I’m involved with, the kind of customers I work for (I can’t do that with a day job that I depend on to pay for my lifestyle). Now, I like having a day job, but I’d like to not be a slave to it.

  309. The idea of having the freedom to work from wherever in the world (with an internet connection :)) excites me. Being able to get an online business up and running and then having the flexibility to spend time with, and provide for, my family is an incredible dream for me. Also, just starting and having a successful business in something I TRULY care about, something I love doing and don’t need to rush to retire from is inspiring.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  310. Am online business would allow me to rely less on my day job and eventually gain freedom. As cliche as it is, financial independence.

  311. James Mathison Link to this comment

    Why build a business any other way? It can be done from ANYWHERE, be as small or as large as you want, and it’s the way the world is going.

    I’m most excited about learning the flow of money, how to generate stuff that works for people, and the possibility of that awesome digital nomad lifestyle that I’ve but tasted :)

  312. I dont really have a passion I am excited about turning into a business. I really want to sell physical products. But I need to learn how to do this to free myself from the desperation-driven corporate work place. I want to be free to work in the ways that I work naturally, and be free to focus on the job I am doing and the things I building without the meta-game of office politics. I also want to build a stable income-generating source of money for my immediate and extended family.

  313. The most exciting aspect of an online business to me is the freedom it would/could afford. In my industry, there are some days, weeks, even weekends where we work 10+ hour days and Saturdays & Sundays. At other times I’m looking for something (meaningful) to do on a Tuesday afternoon. Despite the assymetry of the work load, I drive to & sit in a cube 8+ hours a day. My vision of an online business, or any self-driven business for that matter, is that I decide how (and where) I spend my time. I want the flexibility to prioritize my time and work directly towards growing and/or executing my business. And, if I get lucky enough that 10+ hour days including weekends becomes the norm, I want the freedom to choose whether to scale back or keep it at full throttle.

  314. The thing that excites me the most about having an online business is giving me the freedom to do what I love, untether myself from my cubicle, live my life how on my own terms, and not worry about putting food on my plate (as opposed to if I just up and quit my job right now with nothing else to fall back…except another cubicle job that would be just as bad).

    I already have a decent thing going for myself online: (and all the corresponding social media)

    But I have no clue how to monetize it. Other people are doing similar things and making money at it, but they’re not living the high life by any means. My deficiency is A) Not even knowing how to make *any* money at it, and B ) making it more successful than others.

    I am continually told, “you can’t make money in the outdoor industry. Everyone wants in. Anytime you have an opportunity, you take it, because someone else is willing to do it cheaper just to get their foot in the door.” — EFF THAT!!

    I’m a firm believer I CAN do what I’m doing (with some tweaks and adjustments and better systems), make money, and make a comfortable amount of money doing it.

    A lot of people doing these things romanticize living out of a van and traveling the U.S. Which they do. And only make $10k per year. I want to live out of a van, travel the U.S. (or the world), and make $50, $60, $70…..$k doing so.

  315. 1. being able to help more people than I would if I had to see them in person (global reach vs. local reach)
    2. escaping the linear “exchange time for money” restriction that severely limits one’s earning potential
    3. flexibility of schedule it enables

    However, I have grown to learn that building a successful online business is actually more difficult than starting a brick and mortar business if you “do it the right way.” People need to understand this. Lots of heavy lifting. Many of us are not in a position to outsource or take out loans, so you better know how to manage your time and what areas to focus you time on as there is only 24 hours in a day, or you’ll get paralyzed with information overload.

    Here are the tasks that I juggle each day: content creation (really good blog articles worth reading can take half a day to write), SEO, social media posting, actual product creation– video pre and post production (a huge task in itself–finding talent, assembling props, testing sound equipment, editing and rendering video, etc) modifying my WordPress site, writing and formatting ebooks, graphics design, making powerpoint flash videos, conceptualizing and writing the ad copy, recruiting JV partners, media buying/ banner ad advertising, creating podcasts, dealing with technical glitches, and reading up on my niche (health/medical related) in my “spare” time. Hope you guys are ready!

  316. The most exciting part of having an online business is that it would give me FREEDOM to live/travel where I want too, and there are many places I haven’t seen in the world. I’d also like to spend more time with my friends where they live than a couple of days.

  317. Being free! I do not have to meet any else’s standard of anything. I could spend my time doing things that are valuable to me and make me happy, away from the dreaded glow of fluorescent lights everywhere.

  318. This is what I’ve been struggling with the for the last few years: building a successful online business.

    I’ve tried an online based apparel company and a remote personal training site, but the problem has been finding clients. I’ve done the Earn 1K program, but I couldn’t even find my first three clients. I see, however, other people do these same things with great success (or so they claim). I’ve tested several different additional ideas, but each time, I couldn’t find clients or people would be interested and then completely fall off.

    Perhaps they would do a free-trial and then disappear without even giving me feedback. I’m creating another one soon dedicated to golf fitness, but we’ll see. It all comes down to finding clients online.

    With that said, I did enjoy E1K. It helped me expand my in-person freelance business, which is exactly what I wanted. I just feel that with an online business, I can really live the life I want (remote and traveling) while making more money. Looking forward to Zero-to-Launch.

  319. What excites me most about having an online business is that I can (for the most part) work anywhere with an internet connection and at anytime. That allows me to the freedom and flexibility to spend time with my growing family. An online business will also allow me to fully leverage technology so that I can, as you stated in the comments below, get more results per hour.

    A hiring manager recently tried to recruit me to his firm. He was telling me how much he was making, and asked me how much I would like to make. I told him I would like to make $X amount, but if I’m working 80-100 hours a week, that’s not worth it to me.

    A colleague of mine has an online business. He took a trip overseas for 2 months, and I didn’t doubt that he was still making money as he was away.

  320. The excitement? For me, it’s not the money or the freedom – although those are the built-in gifts. For me, it’s to be beholden to no one. And then, if I want to travel, help the world, spend more time with family, invest – it’s all on the table. ***I*** decide. ;-)

  321. The prospect of getting paid for something I created really EXCITES me. It’s that simple.

    I grew up with tons of ISs (Invisible Scripts) centered around the fact that I was destined for lower-middle class life as an adult, because that is all I knew as a kid. I wasn’t a dreamer. I didn’t know how to dream, to be honest. My practical-minded self expected a certain lifestyle only attained by the status quo. I just didn’t know that anything else existed, and the special lifestyles that DID exist only applied to special people (Ramit, Tim Ferris, etc.). I never dreamed that I could be anything more, and did not expect that I could build the skills necessarily to build a rich life – one of wealth, strong network/support system, and fun.

    I went to college and graduated with 75k in debt in 2008. I needed a 9-5 to pay that off, so I took the first one I was offered. I paid off my loans in 5 years, and with the shackles released, I have been able to focus on my life and building the best me possible from the inside/out. I’ve used many of Ramit’s tools to build better/stronger habits, to fight my ISs, and to build systems that allow me to focus on building a life I never dreamed possible. I’ve been successful so far with the help of Ramit and RBT, but there are miles to go.

    The first day I receive a paycheck for a service or product I offer will be the day that I validate myself as someone who is able to dream big. Something I never thought I would be allowed to do.

  322. #1 Freedom!

  323. The idea of starting my own online business and it being profitable to suit my lifestyle excites me. I would love to turn something I’m passionate about into a revenue stream for my family. guess the key is finding out the how-to. I’ve tried some internet marketing systems but it just didn’t feel right for me so I’m open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.

  324. What excites me most about a successful online business would be taking away the worry of wheres the money coming from, the freedom to work from a few select places and as you always mention that feeling of picking up the check for your buddies and not having to worry about the impact thats going to have on your back-end too much, if at all!

  325. I’ve been ‘studying’ online businesses for about a year. Worked with a mentor, set up a copywriting website. Haven’t done much with it. No clients. I’m realizing that I don’t like being tied to a computer for hours and hours…not sure where that leaves me in terms of an online business…niche sites, maybe? Not sure.

    I do know that you can make way more $ with online businesses and multiple revenue streams than with one day job that takes a lot of time at a fixed income rate. Also know the key is to have a service that is completely focused on helping people. The prospect of making a good living while helping people’s lives is what excites me most about an online business.

  326. The thing that excites me the most about this is the ability to be more flexible with my time. I have a 7 and 4 year old. They see me for 2 hours each night. They need more of me and I want more of them

  327. I have no experience in online business. I read about others who have succeeded in this field. I find it interesting to stay home and make money online, you can provide additional income family, you can travel more and can do this business.

  328. Very similar to James. All the money in the world with zero time to enjoy life with friends and family is an unsustainable model for me. The ability to reach appropriate audience on a global scale is very exciting.

  329. The primary element of online business that attracts me is the freedom it could provide. I’d like to have more flexibility in my schedule to spend more time with my young kids and pursue other hobbies, plus in general I like to have the ability to be spontaneous and not be conformed to the traditional corporate schedule.

  330. The most exciting thing about an online business is having a system which is capable of generating income even when you are not physically present to run it. The idea that such a system will create freedom of time and money for me is very exciting.

    Also, I recently finished reading the book ” I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit and if I can generate some passive income, I can use that money for the investment ideas mentioned in the book and it’s really exciting if I can do that soon.

  331. Just celebrated my girlfriends birthday; it was awesome, you know why? Because I got her EXACTLY what I thought she’d love, not what was reasonable or what I could budget into this month.

    Starting an online business creates the opportunity bring more money in the door so we can focus on things that matter most to us.

    PS: The present actually did fit into the budget so we’re good to go. Thanks Billabong!

  332. To me is the professional challenge it represents. I’m not in the USA, so online business isn’t as strong as in the US, so for me is a challenge and an opportunity to compete with the very best.

  333. I love the idea of freedom of time and freedom of place. On a deeper level, using my God-given talents to help others is the highest level of satisfaction.

  334. For me it is mainly about product creation. I’m in graduate school studying software engineering. I’d rather spend my time working on my own software than working for another generic government contractor somewhere in the D.C. area.

    I’d also go to graduate school full time and work in a research lab somewhere.

  335. Just like what these guys are saying, I love the idea and being wealthy and able to live it, plus helping the family truly hits home. Besides that however, what really excites me is the potential of traveling more. I’ve been out of the country a few times but haven’t been able to truly live while there. I would love the opportunity to live in these places for a few weeks/months and still be making money while there. Not only that but loving what it is that makes the money as much as the money itself is huge to me.

  336. Be my own boss and put a dent on the world.

  337. The freedom excited me. Doing what I want and choosing the life I desire based on income I earn online without going to the office.

  338. I love the idea that I can take the time to communicate a message (which I’m better at through written word), while giving myself the ability to pay off my student loans. That cloud hovering over my head is creating a life of what feels like 60+ hour work weeks and feeling like I can barely afford life.

  339. Michael Kilkelly Link to this comment

    I want to create an online business to complement my offline business. I do a lot of one-on-one consulting and custom project work for my clients. This generates a lot of value for my clients but many businesses can’t afford my in-person consulting rates. I think an online component would allow many smaller businesses to benefit from my expertise at a lower price point.

  340. The idea of doing something you love and earning money for it to live a flexible lifestyle! Not having a boss and just going through with it all on your own, just having that challenge excites me and I am ready for this class!

  341. After having both success and multiple failures with online business, these are things that excite me most about owning and running one:

    1. Living life on my terms;

    2. Delivering value directly to somebody else;

    3. Working on something I’m proud of;

  342. I’ll be honest. I am afraid to start an online business and I don’t know if I have what it takes.

    BUT, I do need it in my life. We have moved for my husbands work a lot, not only in the US but international. That’s why I have never really created a career for myself but now that my kids are all out of the house I do need that. I want to have something to be proud of for myself. I do have what it takes, I just need to focus and get it done.

  343. Actually what excites me most is probably the challenge. I would like to have passive income and more flexible work. However, the process of developing something valuable that is my own is most exciting.

  344. I really like my job, but hate the commute. I want something I can do at home that is respectable and will replace a six figure income currently. i want to supplement and then replace my current income, which will be a pretty tall order, but I’m willing to put in the work for a fairly substantial return.

    I’ve tried some side gigs before including an on-line business that was a huge failure. I want something i can sink my teeth into that has an edge and advantage I can learn from and leverage.

  345. The opportunity to make a difference in somebody’s life is exciting. To be able to give without being there is exciting. To do it flexibly..

    And personally? The opportunity to increase income without having to commit time is exciting. Prestige amongst family and friends to be able to make it is exciting.

  346. Im excited at the idea of earning income other than from me actually BEING there; the idea of generating cash flow by means other than an hourly wage or salary.

  347. What excites me most is being able to give my family the best life possible – I want to take care of them, maximise my time with them and give them experiences that they will remember for ever.

  348. I’ve read these same sentiments in so many comments already, but here they are again. I believe I have something of value to offer. I’ve proven that already in several small (6-10 person) workshops that I created and ran last year. I love watching men’s lives change for the better! What excites me most about taking that business online would be that my reach would increase exponentially. The number of lives I could help change would become unthinkably large. At the same time, doing it all online would give me the freedom to set my own schedule and live a rich life. Sounds like a win-win.

  349. I like the idea of working smarter not just harder. I like the idea of flexibility and low overhead. I like gaining new skills that can be applied to many areas and the ability to use skills I already have to something productive.

  350. Agata Szymczak Link to this comment

    What excites me the most? Definitely flexibility. I don’t like waking up early, I like to stay awake till 3-4 AM. Thanks to online business, I could work whenever I want to, not whenever I have to. I could choose my own work hours. I could choose my clients, too.
    And the second thing is not having real life contact with my clients (e-mail or skype only). I’m introvertic and it makes me trouble to talk to people in person.

  351. freedom of place and time

  352. really interested

    Online businesses all the time my dream jobs..

    I’m ready for sharing. .

    Thank all..

  353. augusto garcia Link to this comment

    making money online would be my ultimate dream path. It would mean that I learned the ultimate business technique that could leverage not only my dreams, but any other businesses I potentially get involved with . I feel like I have been preparing all my life, and now it’s the time. I have the resources and mindset to achieve it.

  354. Tha fact that you can work on your business from everywhere you have an internet connection and you can generate money even when you are not actually working on your business

  355. What I like most about the idea of an online business can also kick my arse if I don’t keep it in check, and that is the ability to do business anywhere.

    I don’t have to be tied down in an office, but I could be working from my phone while sitting in a cafe drinking a hot chocolate.

    At the same time though, I’d have to be able to switch off and actually enjoy life.

  356. The most exciting thing about an online business is the potential. You start with nothing and it could grow into something much bigger. Nothing is certain. Unlike a traditional 9-5, where your future is pretty stable and predictable. An online business represents adventure because it could lead to a number of different (and better) futures.

  357. What excited me most about having an online business is the ability to live a rich life, on my own time, as well as the concrete validation of the value of my original thoughts and creative output.

  358. I am most excited about the freedom – financially, personally – that I think I can gain by starting an online business. Think about all the opportunities!

  359. The idea of working from any place i want is super tempting.

  360. Unlimited income potential.
    Location and Time Independence
    Providing Value to the People and Causes I care About.

    No matter how hard I try, I simply don’t understand how people working for a large corporation can have a feeling of ownership over their jobs. A sales manager that gets paid a salary is ecstatic over last quarter’s sales numbers – yet he did not get paid a penny more for the growth. This is CRAZY!

    WHY does he care so much? He did not benefit at all and his boss barely shook his hand. This is insanity.

    I have an incredible work ethic and drive when it’s MY project and I am the sole beneficiary of the success.

    I have below average work ethic and drive when all my efforts go into another person’s pocket.

    Working your a$$ off for a company for a base salary while somehow feeling a sense of ownership over your work is INSANE.


  361. What excites me about building an online business is that it will show people that there is another way. That they don’t have to accept the status quo.

    I have lots of friends who have the desire to start their own business, but they’re too tied to their own jobs to go out there and do it. I’d love to be able to help them take that leap and give themselves the freedom and income they really desire.

    As for my potential clients and customers, I see so many of them waste money and time on useless online ventures that are really disappointing. Websites that look ugly, marketing schemes that bring nothing, and a whole lot of broken promises.

    What really motivates me, is to see my clients achieve success in their business knowing I helped them get there. That’s truly the most exciting things about starting an online business as far as I’m concerned.

  362. I want to realise my dream, fulfill my passion, do something that I am passionate about, let other people “do” my passion. I want to get income being anywhere in the world, I want flexibility

  363. I am most excited about the ability to continue spending time with my family in ways that I choose while simultaneously providing something that is useful throughout the world and earning an income from something I am passionate about.

  364. Hello Ramit,

    What excites me the most is building something that adds a lot of value to people’s lives, but at the same time, allows me the time freedom to spend with my family. I dream of that day to come, and I will be elated when it arrives.


  365. I’ve been supported by my online business since the beginning of 2013. I love it because of the freedom and location independence it’s provided. Heck, our family just moved from Milwaukee, Wi to Maui, Hawaii. I’m excited to learn more because I’ve been stuck at the $6,000 a month mark for a good while now, eager to grow!

  366. Ramit man I’ve spent $3000 or more on your programs. What gets me excited is the opportunity to use talents and expertise like you have to help others get what they want.

    Now that I’ve turned my copy writing business into a bill paying, freedom loving situation I want to help others get that same sense of satisfaction…. Ramit Style!

    Look forward to being separated from my hard earned cashola

    • Great to see you reinvesting in yourself, Sean.

      To everyone else: There’s a reason that in a recent cohort, IWT premium students bought new course at a rate 1,235% higher than non-premium students (i.e., customers bought a LOT more). There are ways to get repeat buyers who are excited to invest in themselves– or as I call it, students for life. We’ll cover them in ZTL!

  367. I’ve had some false starts in running and starting an online business. My business was product-based, and as anyone who has read your previous material knows, the ROI can be hit or miss there. What I’ve noticed is that, since I finished college, started a career and become more “stable” in my life (and subsequently have made more money and paid off more debt), I have become less likely to take risks — something I used to do all of the time.

    I know I need multiple streams of income to really have the kind of life I want (not necessarily to be rich, but for “safety net” purposes) — this has been ingrained into me since I was a child. But, I stall when it comes to figuring out how best to use my skill set and knowledge to make something happen. I’m highly interested in this program precisely because of this.

  368. What EXCITES me most about starting an online business? The thrill of the ride. I know it will be one of the most interesting and likely difficult challenges of my life. But what is great about life is embracing the challenge and going BIG. I’ve started businesses before. Some have worked. Some have not. But I really want to learn what else I can be doing to create and produce more. More time. More freedom. More value. More income. More opportunities. Really just more all the way around. Creating “more” and then giving that ability to others and invigorating change in others to create “more” is also really exciting to me. I just turned 38 and I dont believe that becoming an online business producer or entrepreneur or hacker or innovator is just a young age thing. Time is now to do great things and change my world so I can start changing the world of those around me. Super excited..!

  369. I’ve worked for a few companies, and no matter how hard I try, it seems like my superiors just don’t care to get me invested in the roles/responsibilities of the department/company. I’ve found that it is very hard to care and want to improve something when no one else around you seems to see a value in doing that.

    So for me, the most existing thing would be to do something I actually enjoy and care to improve/expand. That said, I like to balance my time, so doing something that allows me to step away while it keeps working for me is extremely attractive.

    The idea of doing something that I truly enjoy while having the time to spend with my family, travel, and experience the world is thoroughly exciting.

  370. Earning money from doing something that I love, choosing my projects and bringing something to people around the world that they can love and get excited about too. And that money will allow me and my family more freedom in life.

  371. Having an online business excites me because I can imagine the freedom to run the business from anywhere in the world, AND have the free time and free money to go anywhere in the world! I want to show my family different cultures and places. I want them to see how people live on every continent. I want to have the financial security to know that my family is always going to be well taken care of!

  372. The most exciting part for me would be:
    1. Having more flexibility in my schedule.
    2. Having more flexibility in the types of experiences I can have for myself and my friends and family (travel, vacations, etc.)
    3. Leveraging time to help more people with a challenge they are experiencing.

  373. Part Two:

    I’ve spent the last 14 years working with kids at summer camps, ski hills, and on cruise ships. It’d be amazing to to transfer this knowledge and skill set into an online business. The question has always been “how?”.

  374. I want to leverage the internet and my experience to help people get out if debt and live free of the burden that debt brings. I don’t have any experience with an online business but started a successful business that was hard to scale due to the time commitment in person. I am excited to start something that I can scale and build a system that I can replicate.

  375. I am excited about building my online business by using testing to tweak products and positioning. Its like a strategy game that has several ways to “win”. I am fascinated with the psychology behind why people sometimes buy one product over another when it’s 40-60% less on another site(same exact product). Oh, and of course i’m excited about making money while actually being able to take a vaction!

  376. The most exciting to me is also the most terrifying – having complete 100% accountability for the success or failure of the business.

  377. The thing that excites me most about starting an online business, is the potential of where I can take it – and where it can take me.

    Running my own business will, no doubt, aid my constant goal of always trying to improve – as a person and as a businessman. I always reflect on where I have come from, and where I am now and it excites me to think about where I could be in the future. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for your books and previous courses Ramit. Really looking forward to this new material!

  378. Most of my career has been tied to an hourly rate or a one time payment for services – that’s great, but I’d really like to develop something that’s got some life of its own. Whether or not it’s in the same field I work in, I think a healthy online business would allow me to engage with work in a completely new way… and that’s extremely exciting.

    Looking forward to it!

  379. I love the idea of sitting in Paris and coming up with the newest profit center for my business, creating the content in Manhattan, the marketing plan in Milan and checking on the product launch from South Africa. I am also excited about the idea of scaling up my income to provide an amazing, adventurous life for my kids. I want to raise entrepreneurs – not employees. I do not ever want my kids to slave away in corporate america. This is my most important reason for starting a business – to show my kids how to work smarter, not harder.

  380. An online business that could replace my current income would be incredible! It would give me the chance to volunteer in my children’s classes, give my wife a break in the middle of the day, take my family to foreign countries to learn about them through experiences and not a textbook, support organizations financially and with my time that are significant to me. I totally disagree that it is “passive” as it will require work on my part – a LOT of work! But the work will be on my terms and when I want. And most importantly, it will continue to generate income when I take those vacations and trips. One definition of passive is “not participating readily or actively.” I intent to be an active participant in establishing methodologies and systems to build the income I want.

  381. It would mean I could spend quality time with my kids and not pay someone else to care for them!

  382. What excites me the most is being able to have the income to pay for the things I love doing, but also having the time to spend with my friends and family, and avoiding the “living for tomorrow” mentality.

  383. What excites me? The chance to create entirely new content online that engages young children and parents in learning about science. The fact that I could earn enough income to quit my current job and travel the world with my kids is an awesome side benefit to knowing that I could encourage future inventors and scientists with my work. I want this to be the “Free to Be… You and Me” of STEM for a generation of kids. Something that opens their minds, changes their behaviors, and has a lasting impact on how they view themselves.

  384. I am an Electronics engineer and work at a top semiconductor firm. In my free time [since past 5-6 years], I have also been reading about Health and Nutrition.

    Why I’m excited about online business? – Increase my reach and make an impact globally, get to be known for making a difference, make friends from around the world and get a chance to travel around the world whenever I want.

    I have couple of ideas – one I observe that preventive medicine is lacking big time. Health related information is there, however people don’t execute. I want to build an online system that people can follow, take action with tested, limited information and forget about let’s say Vitamin Intake.. which will cure majority of diseases.

    My second idea is about bringing industry electronics knowledge closer to students, to fill the gap between academia and industry so that students who face issues at universities (with lesser industry exposure) also get a chance at top industry jobs & a great future in their field of interest. When I was a student, I remember that there wasn’t a structured process to learn what’s valued in the real world in my field – Electronics and how I learnt it the hard way.

    I definitely wish to be one of the best in the world in the idea I pursue, hence I expect myself to be at the top for revenue stream in few years as well. Understand though I need to start small :-)

    Thanks Ramit for starting this. I have been following your DJ course religiously. :-)

    btw, I’m also looking forward to learn how can I manage online business along with my job.

  385. i want to get paid based on the value I create, not the time I spent. This isn’t to say I don’t expect to put in the time.

  386. Frankly, my ability to dream has taken a huge beating over the last few years because of both medical and financial troubles. What excites me most about an online business is the possibility of getting past those troubles and building a live that I love instead of a life that I dread.

    In fact, when Will Smith was on Jimmy Fallon, he said that people my age today will likely live to be 95 years old. Immediately, I went into this dread of “Fuck! I cannot take another 55 years of the crap I’m going through now!” I mean, I turned on Fallon to get a laugh and simple fact like that just put the dread in me.

    And I’m a smart, hard-working guy that’s just had these problems (and can’t seem to get ahead) because of medical issues. I’ve been looking for jobs but since I was a cinematographer, it’s kind of hard to find work but I can’t show other people how my experience translates to their business. No one will take a chance on me so I need to take a chance on myself.

  387. What excites me most about an online business is the potential of an uncapped income, removal of the 9-5 work shackles replaced by puppet strings that I hold, the potential to travel endlessly, and more time with my family as a result of the income is what ails me.

    More dirty truth? I do want the power. I want the final say. I want to be the next “Secret Millionaire.” I want to help more by being a success.

  388. I would love to say goodbye to an 8-5. Although I love my job, It doesnt pay well. For too many years I have had to handle the constant worries of debt and how to pay it all off. It would give me the ability to earn $$$ from anywhere in the world. I would finally be able to travel with my wife and son and earn $$ while doing it. Tired of living in mother in laws home and paying her rent.

    I know I can make it happen. I am one of the “one day” types and tired of it. Its time to move and make it happen NOW.

  389. What has always held me back: fear of IT. I have managed web businesses in my day job, but I’ve always had the support of an IT department for the backend and an agency to help with the creative and media planning/buying. So while I can set the strategy, I can’t actually execute beyond Photoshop, a content management system, and reading Google Analytics.

  390. The exciting thing I think would be the explosive potential… Great online businesses can scale out of sight, so on the eve of launch day, if you’ve done everything right, there would be this wonderful feeling of anticipation! And then a glorious “Success Party” as the results come pouring in!

  391. The challenge and freedom that comes with running your own company. I feel I have an entrepreneurial spirit that I’be been too afraid to satisfy.

  392. What excites me most about online business is that it works 24/7 for you! You are not limited to the 8 hours a day that you put in from an ordinary job., mean customers, and worry about what your boss thinks about you, your yearly review, etc. Plus, the earning potential is LIMITLESS! haahaha! Plus you can work in your PAJAMAS and spend time with your family, friends, and pets more. =) Woohoo! Super excited about this class! It’s hard to find credible “online business” class like Ramit’s out there. There are so many scams… =/

  393. I love the idea of sitting in Paris and coming up with the newest profit center for my business, creating the content in Manhattan, the marketing plan in Milan and checking on the product launch from South Africa. I am also excited about the idea of scaling up my income to provide an amazing, adventurous life for my kids. I want to raise entrepreneurs – not employees. I do not ever want my kids to slave away in corporate america. This is my most important reason for starting a business – to show my kids how to work smarter, not harder.

  394. Hi Surrogate Asian Dad or also known as Mighty Ramit,
    Awesome e-mail today. I literally was like…wow…”what-the-what??”– did Ramit read my mind again…(Should I start looking for bugs in my room??) However, as always I am stuck. I have been teaching English as a second language to Spanish students for more than 4 years. (I live in Spain where the economic crisis is still raging on. Most twenty somethings can’t find a job and can’t speak English. Which is a HUGE deal breaker. Therefore, teaching English in forms of awesome, funny, informative, practical and actually understandable without boring videos, courses or e-mails would greatly help these people.) There is a demand, I have clients already and more waiting in the wings…but but what is my problem then? Well, it’s not really what I am passionate about. I love illustrating fashion, designing fashion and styling. (I was a fashion designer before arriving to Spain five years ago. However, it’s difficult to get started as a designer here and there is so much demand for English.) My question is…what is a girl to do? Focus my business on my customers and the real need that exists in this country? Or believing in my dream? I would love to know what you think. Warmest, Georgi

  395. As an Earn1K graduate, I am looking forward to, I am excited about creating something using cool web technologies that people will pay for because of the value it provides. I’ve had a few past projects that were unsuccessful, because they were only valuable to me… well really only valuable to me while I was developing them.

    For the last year finding an idea that people will actually pay for has been the hardest thing for me…

    Thanks Ramit, looking forward to more emails and the new course.

  396. Starting a successful online business means that I can keep my freedom, invest my time for things that matter to me, and have the resources to do those things. I want to be able to say that I had more than a good job when I look back on my life. I want to be able to say that I had a good life aligning my actions to realize my dreams.

  397. Having an online business is exciting for all of it’s flashy factors – not being tied down to a location, or having to work a specific number of hours or during certain times. The freedom is, of course, very exciting. The potential to earn more than what you would at a traditional job is also enticing.

    I enjoy my day job a lot, but I’m excited about running an online business so I can bring in more income than what I make and pay off my debt faster, and use this online business as an opportunity to see what I could do in the future (run the online business full-time? Go back to school and use my online business to pay the bills while I focus on other passions?).

    To address your first question here as well, I’m looking forward to helping others become more organized, and free them up to do what they’d rather spend time on, and in doing so help them bring in more revenue (I’m starting a business in virtual bookkeeping for small businesses, and I’m excited about being able to help small business owners focus on growing their business while I keep everything organized and running smoothly from behind the scenes. Instead of spending time updating and managing their books, I can handle that work for them and also present clear, clean reports that help them know where they’re at in their business. With the time they’re saving, they can go out and get more clients, or invest more of their time and energy into making their business a success).

    Looking forward to the course release, Ramit!

  398. The ability to be able to target a global market, not just my local, town of 33,000 people market. Because of this, I’ll be able to create a super specific niche for a detailed target market without worrying about whether or not there will be enough people who ARE that target market….

    RESULT: I can be my true self and target people exactly like me who will love what I have to offer without holding back..

  399. Creating a successful, scalable online business that brings value to the world is something that would provide a great deal of personal satisfaction. I know that if done well, online businesses can bring real value – my family and I benefitted greatly from Dream Job! If I could create an online business that helped others do their job better or improved their lives in some way, while providing income and the benefits that come along with it, then that is a win/win situation that I could be proud of!

  400. Andrew Williams Link to this comment

    Many years ago, I actually DID start an online business. I was inspired by a friend, and I did everything wrong. I didn’t plan it. I didn’t design the site (I threw it together in a text editor using what HTML coding I could remember). I made up pricing on the spot. The resulting mess was a hideous cacophany of blues and purples, but I actually did start getting work. The thrill of getting my first paying customer (and the thrill of my first *repeat* customer, some time later) was amazing. It will never make me rich, but I loved it.

    I want to do this again, and this time do it properly, with a scalable business that won’t tie me to the computer all day.

  401. The freedom to work on the business at any time and the prospect of building the knowledge I gain from a successful venture to build more successful businesses.

  402. It is the only way to revolutionise education to really use the powers of arts, sports and science to devellop our children to their optimal potential and live a good life.

    To have my own places to stay and income, indepently of which side of the atlantic ocean I want to live would be great! Enough to have a good life for me and my family. See whomever, whenever I please for social or educational reasons, regardless of ticket or course prices.

    And you come exactly on the right moment with this product so tell me more!

    BTW something went wrong when I filled in the form to get your bestseller download for free. I used internet explorer on windows 8.1. Also the website with all your bonusses did not form itself. Normally I use chrome but this is the standard browser in Outlook. But no worries I bought your book more then a year ago on Amazon through my wife’s kindle. So you did not know that.

    • Ramit reading your comments on others.
      This online business is not about me making money. It is about enabling people like me te be more like themselves after a life time of study and work not appreciating or even frustrating their visual thinking powers. Because correct spelling and counting numbers are more important in science and business then communicating effectively and efficiently. My children, my spouse and me are visual thinkers. We need a better way to communicate our thoughts to others but also an other way of being educated and we are not the only ones. The fact that I had to quit my drawingclass lessons in Highschool because I wanted to become a civil engineer still ticks me off. Ofcourse I kept drawing privately and used my fathers drawing course to draw my selfportret when I finished Highschool. Years of practicing eyes, noses ears proportions relations etc….and then becoming an engineer and working as projectmanager I lost that accuraccy for portraits. But no white board was safe from me whenever we had a meeting or presentation that seemed to go on for ever. While essentially everybody agreed on the important stuff one hour ago but could not see it through all kind of language problems like semantics, scale or viewpoints.

      Your free stuff, your book and timesaving-productivity course and ofcourse your Braintrust has given me the time and inspiration to find freelance jobs doing the things I love and do best. Visualizing complicated stuff into simple drawings and only using keywords! I know there are lots of people who want to learn this. I want to teach them and become even better at it by learning from the best. If this really must to have an impact on education, which is my first ambition, this has to become bigger then me, being a trainer on a caribean Island and online-business is the enabler.

  403. ‘Potential’ Money is definitely the biggest motivation for me. That said, I know that just having that desire is not enough and I believe I have what it takes to be a successful ecommerce entrepreneur. I want to leverage these skills with a definite goal to deliver something of high quality and value to the customer. I remember how excited I was to receive my 1st five star customer rating on eBay and Amazon.. it was indescribable! Well that’s a bit much but yes, it felt good. While all that is great, I’m past that candy phase at this point and want to get serious about my goals and bottom line and I really hope your course (+ my effort of course) would help me achieve my dreams.
    So why is making more money exciting you say? Because of ALL the secondary benefits that come with it. First, it won’t be hand to mouth situation for me anymore. I can own a nice big home in a prime location without a MORTGAGE. It would give my family security for future and the flexibility to travel and enrich the lives of my little ones with simple pleasures in life ( Eg: I will have the time and money to take on a creative project to transform our backyard to a playtime oasis for my little boys, etc.). I will be in a position to help the needy…honestly.
    Last but not the least, I can’t forget how good it feels to use your talent/business to give a positive experience to a customer AND make money out of it!
    Good luck to you all!

  404. The whole industry/concept continues to energize and excite me! I’ve been running a mostly-online (content driven) business for almost 3 years, and am ready to kick it up a notch. The incredible potential for growth is astounding, and after getting a taste of bi-coastal living this year – I can’t wait to see where my business could take our little family next!

    I’m incredibly passionate about my message and the impact that I know it can have on young women, and am SO excited to watch it spread and positively touch the lives of others.

  405. What’s exciting is the ability to create something that can be leveraged or passive income after putting in the time and systems.
    There is also a sense of being creative with your knowledge in a platform that removes traditional business startup barriers.

    I just want to have a small list, deliver awesome, unique content/products that they are dieing to pay for forever so I can work when I want wherever while making 5-6 figures/mo.

  406. I would most definitely like to start an online business. The reason why is because it is never short of experiences you can learn from and it generally takes a really good idea to become successful and thats where the heavy critical thinking comes in. I would like to make a global impact ! Thinking big but thinking small at the same time, this means I want a great revenue, yet considering the time and sacrifice it is going to take. It all requires the know how and commitment! What most excites me I guess is the way an idea is born to begin this whole process, a big challenge is where I am getting at.

  407. The flexibility to pursue any opportunity that excites me. The opportunity to live without fear.

  408. The thing that excites me the most about having a successful online business is that it will allow me the time and means to create my jewelry and to travel to get inspired.

  409. What excites me is the idea that I could have peace of mind. This would allow me to continue to be creative with my art. It is very hard to remain creative when I am constantly worried about finances.
    Last week I transitioned my new website:
    I miss the opportunity to share my expertise, and am considering an online art program for children.

  410. I’m excited about the possibility of creating an online business where I don’t have to be there everyday to manage it.

    I like the idea of having the freedom to follow something I love to do everyday.

    Looking forward to your new class.


  411. The most exciting thing would be the feeling of accomplishment of having created something from nothing and built it from the ground up. To prove to myself that it is possible to create your own space and to pass that legacy and knowledge to my future kids.

  412. I already have an online business on the side. It doesn’t generate enough money yet to covert all my expense so I still have my full time job.

    What excite me about my business is that the niche
    1. I absolutely love what I teach – How to use analytics to track to track your online information product business.

    2. Being able to create my own campaigns and landing pages. I love marketing, I do have an undergrad degree in marketing, but since my master is in statistic and data mining, I spent the last decades working in the analytics departments of big companies. Analyzing and optimizing other people campaigns. I love to create my own campaigns do my own marketing and of course track my results.

    3. The ability to make a real difference to people lives. When I do an analysis that drives a campaign that will generate an extra 700K to a bank or a telco, what will happen? Nothing, they just made a little bit more money. When I help a single mother to improve her conversion rate that will move her from 35K to 65K her live is change drastically. For her it means more time to spent with her children, for the large corporation, a couple of cents more to the stake holders.

    I hope you will cover a lot of marketing, since you are one of the marketers i admire the most. I kept a copy of every single sales letter you wrote in my swipe file and read them again and again when I am stuck with my own copy.

  413. Hey Ramit,

    Just wanted to say I’ve been a subscriber of your emails and I’ve actively read your book three times. I’ve been bankrupt before I was 21, hit rock bottom when I was 22 and now I’m living with my parents trying to start a new career. I’ve been coming up with ideas.. Ideas are the easy part. Execution, as it has been said, is the bread and butter of it all. My execution has been flawed.

    I’ve basically bummed around the internet soaking up knowledge and not really doing anything productive. I’ve been ready but hadn’t found something to truly sink my teeth into. Following your posts and career (and others) has taught me that I have the capability. Now it’s up to me to do something about it. The most excited I get is when I think of the future, where I want to be in 30 years. The process of getting there is exciting as well, but not quite as exciting as the possibilities of the future. I fear I may live too much in a delusion of grandeur, how can I keep myself grounded and focused? Is it possible to juggle many projects at once?

    Ramit. Thank you for your time and energy. I’ve gained significantly and hope to continue to learn from you in the future. So far I haven’t been able to spend any money on your courses. But that’s because I spend my meager earnings on student loan payments… I didn’t graduate but I have programming chops and have been narrowing down to a good project. I’d love to be able to go from zero to launch.

    Thanks again. Cheers.

  414. freedom and have the ability to become rich! ;)

  415. Hi Ramit,

    I have had my own products online. I didn’t have enough cash to be outsourcing or paying others to do it so I knuckled down and learned how to put it all together myself. I built the site, wrote the email newsletters and learned how to integrate it all within my site only to find out that I hadn’t actually learning how to market correctly.

    I did make a few sales here and there which was when it dawned on me that I was not doing things right.

    The relationship/marketing part is the scariest thing for me as I feel like I run out of things to share. I feel like I have something to offer for only the short term, but stumble to provide for the long term which could make customers/clients totally lose interest and I question whether I have what it takes.

    What attracts about an online business is not having to be at the computer ALL the time to be providing value. It fills me with excitement to know that we can build something that has the potential to continue to be of great help and value to others for a long time afterwards.

  416. What excites me is the flexibility to:

    1.) Study and profit from what I’m actually interested in rather than spending 8+ hours a day chained to a desk.

    2.) More time with husband & kids, especially TRAVELLING with them.

    3.) Prestige and confidence of supporting my family through doing something I love, learning and sharing information.

  417. You said it in your post. So many people want to do it, they talk about it, but why haven’t they yet?

    Success excites me. Setting out to do something that a lot of people think about doing, but maybe aren’t driven, passionate, determined (any number of factors or excuses) to do.

    Not only success in doing something a lot of people think about, but success in creating something a bit bigger, maybe something that will be talked about – creating a “legacy” vs working for “the man”.

  418. I can’t wait to help other writers make a living doing what they love.

  419. I’ve got the idea that I think is going to make money, but I’ve been into so much that I forgot what got me into in the first place and so when I present it I’m covering where I’m at instead of the surface stuff that got me where I’m at. I am just reworking the marketing angle to make it more attractive. When I’ve gotten that part correct people are interested.

    I get excited about the online possibilities because of the freedom and flexibility that I would have to spend my time where I really want to spend it and doing what I enjoy doing.

    This post got me excited again, I’ve been at a bit of a loss the last few weeks with my idea that I’ve lost a bit of steam. Thanks for the kicking me to the curb again and reworking what I know could potentially be a game changer for me. Can’t wait to get the rest of the emails.

  420. Set it and forget it! Obviously, it’s not that simple, but being able to support my family by leveraging the scale of the online community would be great.

  421. No boss, passive income, the possibility of financial freedom doing something I enjoy while really helping people… Freedom!

  422. I’ve currently got a full time job, working toward a license to actually be able to do what I love. Which is great and all, but it takes years. In the meantime, I’m not doing work I can call my own, and I’m not living comfortably. I miss out on a lot trying to save, scrape by, and work harder toward my end goals. I don’t want to miss out on my 20s working so hard for the future. I know I need to prepare, and I’m glad I am, but I’d like that little bit of extra income to give me something that is MINE for now, and to let me live my life.

  423. What excites me the most is to be able to help all the artists out in the world who have no business sense whatsoever and really guide them to being able to lead a more productive, creative life. I know you constantly harp on how broke artists are the worst demographic, but I want to not only lend my expertise to art students around the world, but also to all the shadow artists – people who have that cashflow and steady income but really want to be making more art, even if it’s just on the side to start.

    The potential to being able to really empower people the world over is super exciting and gives me that weird ache in my stomach that tells me that, although terrifying, is exactly what I should be doing.

  424. The total freedom to earn income from anywhere in the world.

  425. The idea that I have the financial freedom to pay my bills and then have some left over to invest in creative projects to pursue my dreams of being a photographer and sometimes filmmaker.

  426. Tops for me is the idea that I can create something that has value for someone else. There is so much opportunity and so many problems waiting to be solved, I get giddy when I think that I could create something that will help someone else, even in a small way. This is a major shift from doing someone else’s work (especially if the value of that work is questionable), and is undoubtedly what gets me most excited.

    For me, everything else (freedom, passive income, flexibility, etc…) is just a bonus. A nice bonus, to be sure, but that act of creation is what keeps me motivated.

  427. Models and Bottles. just kidding. I am driven by money, but more so by freedom. I have actually worked jobs that pay less just so that I can have more time to work on business ideas. I would like to build additional businesses/streams of income and do so in a way that allows me to travel more and spend my time with interesting people. To help myself, but also hopefully help others along the way.

  428. The ability to work for myself on something I thought of and created and all the freedom associated with it meaning more quality time with family and friends and being on my own schedule.

  429. *I haven’t yet decided what my online business will be all about, but that doesn’t keep me from being excited and looking forward to the following*

    For my potential customers, I’m excited to provide them with a service and community that will add value to their lives.

    For me, personally, I am most excited about the ability to take the lead on my schedule, my workplace and the content I work with.

  430. I’m excited about breaking through some mental barriers/limiting beliefs so I can find that first idea and start working extremely hard to make my dreams a reality.

    I think beyond that the most exciting thing would be to have more time…time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, time to spend with family and friends, and time to pursue new interests and keep learning.

    Really looking forward to what you have to teach regarding “B.S. online biz” vs. something that is valuable and long-lasting. There is a lot of misinformation out there, as I’m sure you know. ;)

  431. An online business allows me to connect with my network all over the continent. It allows me to help people even if they don’t live in my region.

  432. What excites me? The chance to build a real business that has a real client base that in numbered in the hundreds, thousands and that brings in a steady flow of income. Right now, I provide web design services. I have a handful of clients at one time. I give them advice and I only help that one person (or company). With an online company I see that same one piece of advice (or whatever) helping many more people. Multiplying its effectiveness. And its income. Plus I would learn a lot faster what advice is most useful.

  433. Starting my own online business would help me finally fulfill my lifelong dream of relocating to US. We have been planing this for years but do not have the financial leverage to accomplish it the right way (not moving into a relatives garage for 6 months and settling for a job at Target). Changing my family’s life is a very good and exciting reason

  434. One of the many things that excite me about building an online business is impact. The ability to have a greater impact and to help more people than you can working on a one-to-one basis (assuming you are providing something they value and want).

    I am also excited about scaling. Online business can be leveraged and scaled more rapidly than many offline businesses.

    From a business perspective, I get excited about diversifying my revenue sources. I currently earn most of my income the old-fashioned way: from services billed hourly. That’s a horrible model.

  435. The most exiting aspect of running an online business would be seeing others, in a global market, benefit–I love teaching others (who wish to be helped) to empower themselves; reducing or removing problems for others as well as increasing efficiency and effectiveness gives me a warm feeling inside.

  436. Flexibility and freedom excite me the most. A close second is being able to do something I am passionate about. And honestly, if it allows me that freedom and flexibility, it wont be hard for me to get passionate about it. I haven’t even been in the workforce more than a year and I am completely sick of the whole concept. It baffles me how people can spend the majority of their waking life behind a desk doing something that they aren’t in love with.

    The idea of having something that is my creation and that makes me enough money to live comfortably (not luxuriously) and travel/be in control/do things I love is incredibly exciting to me. Its what Ive been searching for since before I graduated college. Looking forward to the course

  437. I’m tired of investing massive effort with narrow (but often important) impact. I’m excited to empower people with something that they can take back and apply themselves, and broaden the application of the effort that I invest.

  438. I want to live an adventurer’s life and travel the world while steadily increasing my income. I value freedom above all else.

  439. The truth is, what really excites me is the possibility that I can take care of my parents and treat them to things (like a real vacation) that they have not been able to do for themselves.

  440. The chance to succeed at something different than being great at a job that does not stimulate me mentally or emotionally. Feeling in control and free to help not only myself but others as well.

  441. Online business excites me because its success would allow me to spend more time with my family and provide all of use with richer life (as we choose to define it).

    Also, I would be in a position where my earnings are proportional to my efforts … so that there’s unlimited potential and I’m not bound by the 9-5 routine and not capped by a salary.

    I’m also excited by the prospect of being able to outsource things and make use of systems to automate certain business aspects. This will mean that over time while the business grows I could actually work less … and take those random last-minute ski trips like Ramit :)

  442. I have failed in two online businesses but that has made me smarter and knowing what not to do in my third online business. I absolutely love the fact of being young rich and free. It’s a myth that you have to wait until 65 to retire. I believe things I’ve been grasping through blogs will help me be rich financially, emotionally and physically

  443. My dream is to build a profitable online business that teaches dance and get away from the “starving artist” mentality that surrounds so much of the dance world. I want to teach people to be comfortable in their bodies, in the comfort and safety of their own homes so that one day they’ll take up their friends offer and go out dancing. Or, be okay dancing at their cousins wedding.

    Learning to dance can transform our relationship to our bodies, self-image, how we move through the world around us and even how we hear music. I’ve always loved sharing this, but have no interest in giving up my mornings before work, lunch and evenings to teach, which means I’d never see my family and friends. I want a different quality of life than that and an online business would allow me to do this. It’s this freedom of expression and flexibility of schedule that most excites me.

  444. I am spurred on to create a better balance between earning and time spent on earning so I can be more hands on with the development, education and support of my children.

  445. What excites me most is being able to get up in the morning and look FORWARD to working. AND, not having to work at my current job.

  446. Ramit, I am ECSTATIC about your Zero to Launch program. I already know I’m going to buy it as soon as it’s available, no matter the investment. Simply because you’re putting it together, and you’ve earned my trust and allegiance 100%.

    What most excites me about an online business is the mixture of autonomy, agency, and accessibility that BEING the person who runs a kick-ass online business provides:

    Autonomy: my own brand, my own world to invite others into
    Agency: it’s the single most effective way to help the most people the most deeply
    Accessibility: access to the world’s movers and shakers as a peer, friend, and collaborator

    And Creativity: all of my strategy, passion, intelligence, love, and focus required. Fun!

  447. I want an online business system that will enable me to have a meaningful ventures with people who share the same passion and who genuinely like to deliver something of value to an underserved niche. I like to belong to a tribe comprising of mentORs I can follow and serve and mentEEs I could teach and inspire.

    Having a transferable tools, systems and right ecosystem without the logistics roadblock is the most exciting part of an online business.

  448. Work hard, play hard !!

  449. Freedom, income, being my own boss… I love all those reasons. Having time to spend with my family, the flexibility to make my own decisions… I want all that good stuff.

    What I find most exciting is someone would be willing to give me their money for something I built to solve their problem. From welcoming the first customer to overseeing on-going growth of a successful business, it would be such a thrill.

  450. The most exciting thing for me would being able to be location independent. It’d also give me great satisfaction to know I’d done a great job for someone, without having to rely on other people.

    • P.S. Surveymonkey seems to be down so it doesn’t look like my survey has submitted (I’ve tried refreshing a few times).

  451. What excites me most is to have the freedom to do what I want when, but also the freedom to produce whatever products I can that could impact as many people as I can reach, positively.
    The other aspect that excites me is to never again be victim to a company’s whims and decisions that I don’t agree with. I am excited to put my sales skills to good use and know I am in control of every dollar. I don’t have to worry that my numbers are going up and a company has control over what that number is and if I meet a mysterious standard or not. I won’t have to compromise good business sense to meet a number.
    I am excited to know that I can make as much money as my imagination can allow, and not have to sacrifice time with my family, horses, or whatever else I want time for to do it. I also am looking forward to not having to continually kill myself with stress and hours to make the same 6 figure income.
    I am excited that I could potentially make a 7 figure income and not have to sacrifice everything in my life to get there.
    I’m excited that I can control who wants me when and if I need to answer to that or not; which would allow me to potentially avoid burn-out.
    I think that sums it up, mostly- I could go on and on about why I’m excited about online business, LOL;)

  452. What excites me most about starting my own business is the act of creation itself, then growing that creation and watching it gradually come together to form a complex system. I love to build things (software, relationships, systems…), and the idea of building a sustainable business around something I love and feel good standing behind is an ultimate form of creation that I haven’t yet been able to crack.

  453. I’m excited to have the FREEDOM to do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to do it! Which to me means traveling the world and experiencing different cultures, people, food and locations. I want to incorporate what I have learned through my life experiences while surfing, skydiving, papagliding, skiing…(and all the crashes and hospital visits in between) and share that with people that have never experienced anything like it in there lives. I want to teach people that its ok to get out of your comfort zone and EXPERIENCE life! I want to share my passions with those who are looking for exietment in thier lives.

  454. What excites me is the ability to share my vision and ideas with others, showing a new perspective or getting someone to say , “Hey, me too!” The possibility of seeing my dreams come true also excites me. I love learning new things.

  455. What excites me?
    -creating a product/service that customers are willing to pay for
    -obsessing over how to make the product better and how to improve the delivery to get disproportionate results for my efforts
    -controlling when I work and how much time I can spend enjoying my family.

  456. The most exciting part of starting a successful online business is the challenge. There are so many aspects that need to be executed on, and a huge amount of noise online to struggle to create and deliver value in the middle of it all.

  457. FREEDOM! Financial, geographic, and spiritual. I could wake up each morning and work on something profitable that makes a real difference — not what somebody tells me I “need” to work on.

    Having my own online business would mean that I can help people in a way that has REAL impact. I get so fired up when women feel like they have to sacrifice either their work or their family; nobody should have to do that! I want to help women make the career and business decisions that are right for them, so that they have the life they want to live.

  458. I’m excited by the idea of a business I could run from anywhere on the planet as long as I had an internet connection. I love to travel and my greatest dream is to be able to take to the highway any time I choose without having to worry about my funding running out – and an online career that I could simply take with me would be the perfect solution.

    Heck, if I could work out how, I’d love to turn my travelling INTO my career, somehow; to bring the world as I experience it to the doorstep of people who for whatever reason may not be as free to get up and go as I am. To share the joy, excitement and expanded perspective on life that I get from my journeys with others. That’d be the perfect dream….

  459. I do not currently have any experience in starting an online business. I would like to learn how and what to do using coding skills I already have.

    It would be an amazing feeling to be independent and successful. Having a direct impact on reliable side income to help pay off student loans and to take extra vacations with the wife would have a huge impact.

  460. I’m most excited about the idea of creating something of value to other people.

  461. I’m in front of a computer almost every waking moment, so I would love to be able to generate income online and not have to work face to face with other people.

  462. The thing that excites me most is the chance to build something that I really care about, while also building systems that allow it to run automatically while I do other things I care about not directly related to it.

  463. What most excites me is the ability to make extra money on the side. I am currently in my dream profession but not making the numbers that allow me to live the life I want to live. Having the means to make extra money would do just that. The idea of an automatic system that I can manage sounds very appealing.

  464. The most exciting thing to me about starting an online business would be not being tied down to a single place. The act of automating it might take some time, but at least I could do the actual work from anywhere.

  465. The thing about an online business that excites me the most is taking control over my own future and career. Being able to work when and where I want, make as much money as I feel like, and having the time to enjoy the money beyond just watching some numbers climb in my bank account. Money is a tool, not an arcade machine high score.

    I’m not totally sure how viable my first idea is (teaching computer programming) because there’s a LOT of free resources on that topic out there. The answer for how to deal with that is to make a product so excellent that its value is obvious. As of right now that seems pretty tough, given my “competition” is the free online classes available from places like MIT and Stanford.

  466. What excites me most is the fact that I can build something I am passionate about. There are many attractive factors of owning your own business and being your own boss. But what I believe everyone here is truly looking for is control.. not only of a business but of their time. What good is living in the land of opportunity if we don’t utilize that to our advantage, especially in the information age we live in today. I’m looking forward to learning what you have to offer, but at the same time I don’t believe in putting all my eggs in one basket. But it wont hurt to experiment while I’m still young;)

  467. What excites me most about an online business is the complete freedom you have as your own boss, to not only do what you love and love what you do (and be paid for it!), but to also have the freedom to be able to explore and pursue other dreams as well. As an engineering college student, I’ve lined up an internship for the summer and can already anticipate the steps I’ll need to take and am capable of taking in the next two years in order to land a good entry-level job in operations or manufacturing. I’m excited, but also worried. The problem I can foresee is that many of the available industry jobs for college grads in my major are 24/7 – I’ll be constantly on call for a repetitive job, with no time to pursue any other interests – I’ve always wanted to travel and live in different cultures – and before I know it, 5 years will have passed, and I’ll still be working at the same thing in the same place. This might be bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, but I joined engineering, because I wanted to wake up to something new everyday, to do something that not only helps others but is meaningful work that I can lose myself in. I look forward to seeing your material and putting it into practice.

  468. I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to have an online business…but no I never started one. I love the idea of having flexibility of hours and location ands not being chained down. I’m excited to see what comes next from you Ramit!

  469. I am an artist and the idea of having an online business to sell my products without the overhead of a physical store is exciting. Also love the idea of side-stepping the whole art show game.

  470. I’m excited to share my passion for the changing world of photography. I would love to help people document their lives & produce something that their family will have for generations. I would love to help the overwhelmed masses enjoy photography!

    An online business would allow me the freedom to work from anywhere & help my family live the lifestyle we dream about. Guessing my biggest barrier is myself…

  471. Mike Alcazaren Link to this comment

    I want to start working on my dream, and not someone else’s.

  472. What excites me most about an online business is making enough money on the side so my family is not dependent on child support payments.

  473. Starting an online business would allow me more time and energy to give back in my community as well as control my own financial destiny. I would like to be able to travel at will without worrying about how much PTO I can use and have to time to explore new ventures.

    I made okay money as a senior financial analyst for a lower tier specialty retailer but the work was boring and pointless, the organization was not moving forward, it was stagnant. I don’t want to ever be in that position again. I think starting an online business would let me choose the projects I work on and towards rather than continually trying to assess the profitability of an over-saturated retail sector that doesn’t have much upward growth potential.

    I want to experience a richer, fuller life on my terms! That is what is excites me about online business! I am not up for tiny ads, or ebooks on selling more ebooks, or ebooks on ebooks about the spirituality of situation or ebooks on flipping real estate. I have been exposed to all those concepts and all those who presented to concepts to me were and still are struggling. I want to have my me time and still have and a share a rich life.

  474. Using an online business set up to automatically fulfill other peoples needs and requests is a really cool way of helping people and including the obvious advantages financially and labour free stresses it would be incredibly satisfying mentally and emotionally for my customers
    It would give them a sense of confidence in their own abilities and fulfillments to have a trustworthy and professional service at their finger taps, pun intended


  475. The thing that excites me most about starting an online business is, time. I have lost so much of it to failing miserably on the business side of endeavors in the past and sacrificed time from my family and friends without yielding true results that made it worthwhile. I enjoy the thought of knowing, that my passion, might be a success some day and that I could get that time back through more freedom. If this is the way to breakthrough the horrible mind scripts that have started to raid my psyche, then this is where I want to be. Show me the way!

  476. What excites me most about starting and running an online business is not having to succumb to the lifestyle that others decide I will have. The ceiling will be mine to set. It’s also exciting to think about the change in stars that I could cause my entire family name to have. My family has been stuck in service industries jobs and so have I. That trend ends with me. I want the future generations of my name to be able go higher and further then was ever thought possible. I will take my family name from poverty (where it has been for generations) to middle class or beyond. People already in the middle class may not understand, but that is quite a climb to make. I will sacrifice whatever I have to in order for my future generations to succeed.

  477. Wow! Thanks Ramit. I’ve been crossing fingers that you would cover this topic one day. I started an online business before and created product but was never able to drive enough traffic to make it profitable. Wasted a year struggling to make it work.

    What excites me the most is learning how to do it the right way. I’m so tired of spending time, energy and money and not getting results. I’m also excited because I know if this course is coming from you and your team, you’ll give us the straight talk and I’ll have a really good chance at building a successful online biz. I also love the idea that once I have the knowledge of how to build a successful online biz I can use that over and over again, giving me control over my financial health. What a great feeing.

    Can’t wait to get started!

    Thanks Ramit!

  478. I get excited about providing solutions to problems. It feels great to know that a problems exists and here is a solution I created for it. Utilizing technology to make life just a little bit better and perhaps a little more interesting…

  479. The thing that excites me most about my online business is the fact that my new programme will bring nutrition to exactly the people who don’t want to consult with a nutritionist. When I see clients one-on-one, they get fantastic help, but there are soooo many people who just don’t connect their health probs with nutrition. My new programme will change that, and will get people moving in ways that they never imagined, and which will change their lives (only I ain’t telling them that, because that’s exactly what all the other nutritionists say) – this sounds perfect for me because I’ve got the programme, but I don’t know how to get it to the people who need it.

    Thanks Ramit – this is sooo exciting!

  480. The most exciting part is getting away from the traditional 9-5 and the expectations of others. The possibility of a stream of income that can bring some freedom in your life.

  481. What really excites me in the core is the feeling of freedom by having money and the time when I want to build up myself to become the best version of myself and then share it with the rest of the world.

  482. The thing that excites me the most about online business is that it can be location independent and does not require you to clock in for 8 hours a day, everyday. To have the freedom of where and when you put the work in. It would give me a level of freedom that makes me tingle!

    The freedom to have enough money to live with spare time left to pursue interests, find your ‘calling’, learn skills – amazing!

  483. Being free, as an adult should be. Free to make my own decisions; free to create; free to go where I want, when I want, without asking permission; and free to work to my own schedule, rather than “business hours”.

  484. What excites me the most is the opportunity to share my message with more people, and know that I’m having a positive influence in the world.

    I pour many hours of work into my site (, and I’d keep doing that even if I never earned a dime from it – it’s my passion!! But with three children to clothe and feed, then obviously money has to come into the equation at some point. That’s the part I need help with :-) This email arrived at such a perfect moment, it couldn’t be anything other than divine timing!

  485. I’m excited about the creativity and freedom that comes with being your own boss. I like knowing that my success is directly proportional to the effort I’m willing to put in. I also could say goodbye to grueling, daily commutes!

  486. What most excites me is the idea of being successful enough be with my family; recapture the lost time.

  487. Bradley Nelson Link to this comment

    It is exciting to have the opportunity to support yourself (and family) through commerce: something that without the web would be infinitely more difficult. It’s exciting to know that I can craft a high value product or service and sell directly to the end user online providing them with more value than they pay for – a low cost base through online commerce means I can provide more value than otherwise. On a personal note, it provides me the opportunity to stop reading and then stopping: but to actually learn about this stuff through consuming information AND doing.

  488. I have already set up an online business with my girlfriend: We did it after reading Ramit and others like Tim Ferriss and we wanted to create something amazing together that would help give us the life we want as well as provide help and support for those who we felt may benefit from it.

    The website provides short online training courses to help young people become more employable. It was developed from my girlfriends work psychology background and experience working in UK colleges helping young people get work experience and start their careers. When she told me the idea I was very excited as I’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur and this seemed a great idea to start.

    We’ve had some good successes but mainly in providing face-to-face training with colleges. The online courses have yet to take off – it’s hard to get teenagers to want to do stuff that feels like homework!! We’ll still had some good feedback from Colleges and we’re passionate about getting it out there so it’ll come.

    The exciting thing about starting a business is that it’s something you have created. It is HARD and we sweat blood doing it but if it all pays off we’ll have something special that helps a lots of people – and gives us the freedom and flexibility to live a more rewarding life.

    Looking forward to the material Ramit – it’s always amazing and we’ve learnt a huge amount already. Be awesome to hear what you think of our website (worth an ask!)

  489. Being able to communicate my message with a tremendous potential audience is what excites me most.

  490. What excites me about an online business is developing something that brings in money without having to work all my waking hours. To be free to work from anywhere and to travel when I want to.

  491. What excites me most is the freedom, to be on my own schedule and to hold myself accountable. When you work so hard for something and see little pay off it is quite discouraging, especially well you feel corporate heads are limiting your true potential.

  492. It excites me to think that it could be possible to create systems that generate sales at any time, even in moments when I am not personally working, instead of constantly prospecting for real estate clients (I’m a real estate broker) in order to pay the bills.

  493. What excites me most is to have something that is mine, something that’s my own creation. Something that allows me the flexibility and income to do what I want, when I want and on my own terms.
    I believe passive income would allow me to automate my savings and retirement while giving me the financial freedom to do the things I enjoy.

  494. What excites me most about an online business is the lifestye. I feel like I have many ideas to contributes, but I don’t exactly know how. An online business offers me a platform to showcase some of my expertise and get paid doing it.

    I have a wife and a newborn baby, so for me, to stay home with and be available for them is vital. I believe an online business can help me do that. I can still do my reading and research at home while accompanying my family members.

  495. The thing that excites me about starting an online business is having more than one source of income and being able to pay for my kids’ college tuition without them going into huge debt. I also love that I can have the flexibility to work on it as my schedule permits. My partner’s medical issues often make a 9-5 job difficult to work out.

  496. I’m super excited about learning on how to really grow my currently small online freelance business from “just surviving” to “earning a good salary” as well as the whole process of learning the systems and see how they create a real impact on the business.

  497. Freedom to be my own boss and flexibility seem to be my automatic answers.

    But. I think what would excite me the most about an online business would be seeing whatever product I sell actually help people. Last July, I started a writing group for people of color and the response was huge and while it’s not an online business, the fact that I was able to provide or build something that people really wanted and needed was amazing.

  498. What excite me about running a business is that it would make the time to money relationship less direct than regular work. I’ve been doing consulting for 9 years and all that time was able to charge a good amount for my time, but every time I took vacation or days off it meant no revenues. I am able to afford it, but my reaction to any day off is always tied to losing potential revenue.

  499. What excites me most is knowing that I’ll be learning, developing, and perfecting another life skill that I can use for as long as I want to. I’ll never have to really ‘retire’ as I could do this work as long as I chose to even if it extended into my 80’s. I am eagerly looking forward to this!

  500. I’d like to run a business I really care about. One that lets me concentrate on my music and fitness goals as well.

  501. What excites me most about an online business is having my own company. Running a successful online business would allow me to be independent and enjoy my own time, not depending on others company or business but my own.
    Watch it grows will make me grow and enjoy the path, I look forward to create something that makes me proud.

  502. I’m putting together a workshop that I want to run with kids locally, but I want to have an online version too, so that I can help students anywhere, *and* I want to have an automated online version to generate passive income.

    I’m already freelance in another industry, and I like being able to make my own hours and be my own boss. I want to keep that freedom. Additionally, I love living in SoCal but the lack of seasons drives me insane, especially after six years of it. The sunny days all blur together and time passes oddly. I’d love to have the ability to decamp to Seattle to soak in some rain whenever I get antsy, or visit my family in Chicago whenever I want to play in the snow – but to do that while still making money.

    I also want to make enough money to have a kid in the next 5-8 years, even if I don’t have a husband to help support me. Having a business where I’m my own boss will help me make the time to raise my child as well, and if I can work hard now to build savings, and set up passive income to help me get through the times I can’t work due to family obligations, I feel like I’ll be in a really solid place.

  503. I got once in the trap of the pseudo ebook economy… I live online, I want to prosper online, but haven’t found out how to take my inner passion, interest and expertise into the online market (and that passion is not social media marketing…).
    I want to build an online business to be financially independent and so be able to grow further by developing more ventures, but then offline in my passion!

  504. As yet, I have no experience of starting an online business. However, I have realised that it is the only way for me to take what I do – teach French – to a wider audience who are time poor and need, or want, to learn in their own homes! I’d like a higher income but want to remain a teacher, so my key option is to open an additional revenue stream. What excites me? All of the above!

  505. FREEDOM! and doing what I love each day :)

  506. What excited me about an online business is being able to escape the corporate grind. How about I make money on my terms for once. Freedom to spend time with my family when I want, travel wherever and whenever I want. Working for my bottom line and not someone else’s. Let’s do this!

  507. What DOESN’T excite me about having an online business?! You’re open 24/7/365 – worldwide, there’s no commute, you can work from anywhere you please, people like to spend money online, you have low overheads, with online business, the sky’s the limit.

    Ba da ba ba ba – I’m Lovin’ It :)

  508. I am excited by the idea of an online business:
    – create value for someone and have direct feedback from them -> motivation
    – making a successful online business is a game. An hard one. In which the rules are not set by bosses or supervisors, but by people. And winning is satisfying. Even more with an hard game, because there is a lot of space for learning how to play better -> more motivation
    – flexibility in time and space

  509. Indeed, very excited to hear more about your class, Ramit! For an immigrant who moved to the United States in my teens, THIS would be the American dream. No body tells you on the other side of the world the costs (loans) of education amongst all the successful entrepreneurs living in the US today. An online business would offer me the the opportunity to work on projects that I find challenging, working towards my OWN passions and goals – and most importantly – that self-validating product that will change lives.

  510. Thank you for the post, Ramit. For being a straight shooter kinda guy, you did a really good job in evoking an emotional and deep response (so much so that I feel compelled to write). It’s not just that video clip, it’s the message overall that hit home. Plus, I’ve been meaning to start an online business. Even bought your earn 1k course. And I haven’t even gone through the first week yet. Soon :) What excites me about an online business is the reach, impact and freedom while doing what you love.


    • Why haven’t you gone through Earn1K?

    • I tend to take on too much. That’s the space that I’m in right now. I’m undergoing a different type of program while being totally stressed out and over extended at my corporate job. While looking for a new job it just downed on me that I might want to take another direction even through I’m not ready. I will take the course once things settle down a little bit. I’m not afraid of hard work at all but I can’t continue exhausting myself. It comes down to this that my job completely zaps my energy b/c I have no passion for it and I just have enough energy now to change things. I’m in a different situation cuz I work remotely out of a different state and I only have 2 months to make this happen so I can stay here in SoCal. I might start the course this weekend now that my mental space is a little bit freed up, I guess because of writing this down, and I put the matters of the heart on the side. Thanks for asking!

    • Yikes, I am in a similar position as you, Margaret. I also bought the Earn1K to help me with online business ideas and didn’t completely follow through. I went through the first week and then kept making excuses so I stopped going back after a few weeks. With little accountability and motivation, I have gone nowhere in that decision. :-/

      That said, I’m inspired to see a family member have a very successful online business (and it has potential for more but doesn’t know how to grow it) and I’m helping out another friend with a business in hopes that it also has success (which he is bootstrapping but has invested thousands into already). But ultimately, I need to do something for myself in addition to investing time and effort into everyone else. I want many eggs in many baskets to help me along. Must find discipline to see my own ideas through.

  511. Online businesses are awesome because they: 1. have low (external) barriers to entry, and 2. reward those who provide real value.

  512. I love idea of working from home. To have freedom to do the job in any time I want, to rest when I need without getting worried if I am going to get things done. Because when you are working from home you can use any moment when you get inspired and do much more.

    To work without distractions like non-stop ringing of phones around me or requests all the time from people when you need this time to complete something important.

    It would be great to do something I love and earn money from that. And then use this money to help others too. It would be challenging and exciting.

  513. Having your business online means that your customer base expands from the people willing to drive to your office to potentially everyone with an internet connection and basic knowledge of English. If I want to offer super-specific services, having an online business is not only exciting, it’s the only FEASIBLE way.

  514. The most exciting aspect of building a successful online business is that I’d be able to operate it around my life’s schedule rather than having to schedule my life around my business job-which is currently how I experience life. If after building the business I wouldn’t have to invest so much time into it to keep it going it would mean I could spend more time building other businesses and traveling with my wife and raising kids and living life the way it is meant to be lived. That sounds exciting.

  515. Two things excite me about an online business: passive income and location independence. Nothing is more exciting to me than that combo.

  516. I don’t really have any experience in creating an online business. I have started manual labor businesses. I’m very excited about reading your post. I have my product in mind. I just need some more push and help to get it flowing. The excitement thrills me, no more breaking my back, the thought of living free and happiness pursues my dreams!

    Thank you Ramit.

  517. This has been on my mind a lot in the past few days. My brother, a mutual friend and I are thinking of going into business. We think we have the skill set between us to make some mildly successful games/apps. I think simple games, with awesome designs could really work. Especially as we can launch in three languages and work on it on the side. I’m really looking forward to the coming course Ramit, to see what I can take away from it to help sell anything we come up with.

  518. The most exciting thing would be having the confidence to live life on MY terms – working when I want, where I want, on what I want. Not feeling guilty or losing sleep over certain purchases. Being able to give back to strangers, friends, and family — especially my parents.

  519. I want to start on onlinr business! Inspired but cost was always an issue. Just got laid off from my job and need money to cover bills today. Never want to be someones robot again, I want to make 3-5K/mo on automatic so I can continually make more and spend time in my real dream: taking care of my family and parents.

    • Candidly, this course is not right for you. I would focus on getting a stable full-time job first. THEN think about an online or freelance business.

      For everyone reading: Notice how when you create premium courses, you don’t target everyone. In fact, it’s profoundly respectful to be crystal clear about who your courses ARE for…and who they’re NOT for. Even if costs you in the short term.

  520. The most exciting thing about an online business is getting my life back. Travel and adventure with the family is my passion. I want to be with my children as they grow up and not be the ghost who leaves the house before they wake and returns as they are getting into bed.

  521. Opportunity. The online business forefront represents an opportunity for me to dramatically influence and provide value to the lives of people I want to help. The online business opportunity provides this huge opportunity for me to reach a broader audience.

  522. I currently make a living creating content for other people’s websites. Which means I work hard but they get most of the rewards. I want to leverage my writing and content creation skills to build something that will reward me and enable me to create a pesonal brand like you have, Rami.

  523. Lauren Spavelko Link to this comment

    I have already enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of working as a freelancer (I am a musician and artist–I run a small private studio and tour with a Christian band among other things).

    I originally studied to be a public school music teacher, but having enjoyed the last couple years working freelance, I have little intention of doing so and being forced to think “inside the box.”

    I am excited by the idea of an online business to offer content about the fields I care about (music, art, and teaching), to connect others who share these passions, and as another means to boost my income.

  524. Starting an online business is an avenue that I see providing me a way to replace my current income, and pay off student loan debt, while freeing me to live the life I know I’m capable of.

  525. The thing that excites me the most about starting an online business is being able to dabble in one of my passions while making a profit, reaching a wide audience, and providing a service that I know I would want. I feel that my online business will help me learn and grow just as much as our customers.

    The timing of this is perfect Ramit; literally two days ago I decided to start an online business with a good friend and we got things started.

  526. Nothing excites me about an online business. I am sure that I am making excuses, but I feel like there are more important things in my life that I have to work on, and branching out into an online business whould put a damper on my other projects. I also know that I don’t want to put in the work, I know that there can be great rewards, but right now it isnt something that I want to do. Plus I am not sure what I can contribute, I have a lot of skills, but few of them translate to an online markeplace, in fact they don’t translate to most marketplaces, but they work well in my professional field. I guess that I lack the motivation to create something right now, maybe in the future it will work, but I really don’t feel like it is something that I want to invest my time and money into at this point. Yes Ramit I know that the price will go up next time you offer the class, but its not right for me right now.

  527. “Freedom!” Mel Gibson

    • I’ve read your book and have been following you for a long time, hoping you would cover this kind of material. I’m ready for a career change, but might not be ready financially. After five brutal years, I am just about debt free. What is the cost? Is this one of those things where the price will increase dramatically in the future?

    • Here’s an insight from thousands and thousands of comments:

      If your first question is about price, you will never join. My courses simply aren’t right for you, since they’re not cheap.

      My best students focus on VALUE, not COST. In other words, this course is not a $20 ebook. It’s not even $50, or even $100. It’s a substantial investment of time and money.

      After all, if you learn the strategies and tactics to start an online business that can generate thousands of dollars/month — for 10, 20, 30+ years — how much would that be worth?

      Stay tuned for more details.

  528. What excites me most about building an automated online business is to be able to have the income and freedom to spend time with the ones I love, doing things the activities we love.

  529. Passive income, and the ability to grow that income on your terms is what excites me most. No more yearly evaluations and someone telling you how well they think you did. The results you produce yourself is your own evaluation.

  530. The most exciting thing about an online business is to share my knowledge and help others achieve success with what I have already learnt. It would also of course be great to be able to sell up my bricks and mortar business so I don’t have the overheads, hassle of being open at certain times and having to keep the place staffed or doing it myself. Freedom to move abroad for a better life for my family and kids and to pay off debts for my family.

  531. Nothing excites me really, I’m already excited about life as it is. Now don’t get me wrong of course I would love to have my own online business and it’ll be cool if it works but I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m already excited as it is and having an online business won’t make me no different. But I admire your work and I appreciate the fact that you’ve attributed to the success of most of your students and you love what you do and that’s how life supposed to be. And I know that if I can grasp a thing or two about what you know about this business will help be a lot along the way.

    God bless you Ramit!

  532. I like where you are coming from, Ramit. About creating value for the customers for. I wasn’t planning on starting an online business per se but reading your posts and responses got me thinking about whether your model might fit into what I am trying to do. I am actually preparing to start a legal blog and website for independent filmmakers who really need good legal advice and documents at the very start of their process but don’t usually have the money. I’ll be following your posts to see if I can create value for these indie filmmakers yet make money from the service and add clients to my roster too. Thanks for sharing your insights!

  533. I want to build something that will allow me to be a useful person on this planet, and not someone who just takes up space. I want to create and consume in the most sustainable way possible, and to be able to live my life on my own terms. I have A LOT to learn!

  534. I am excited about starting an online business, for many many reasons. I am looking forward to not having to drag myself out of bed really early in the morning to catch public transport to a job I hate that is not going anywhere. I am looking forward to being in control of my life, my income and my lifestyle in a way that I have never been before. I look forward to being able to be there for my kids and my fiancé, rather than a tired cranky b**ch only interested in going to bed!
    I really could go on and on

  535. Supporting myself and providing for my retirement age mother excite me the most about starting an online business.

  536. I love being my own boss and making art, so starting an online business would allow me to do both of those things ALL the time!

  537. You recently gave a testimonial for Jay Abraham – mentioning reading one of his books and getting great results. Which book was that Ramit?

  538. What most excites me about starting a business is helping others and making the world a better place. Secondarily, I expect to make a living doing it!

  539. Mary Kathryn Johnson (@SayBumpandTweet) Link to this comment

    The most exciting thing to me about building an online business is using the remaining time I have left on this earth to bring sincere gifts to others, and to show my sons that anything is possible from anywhere in the world.

    I am most excited about building and running my online business from as many other countries and cultures as my life allows. Experiencing life through another’s culture, then incorporating those experiences into my own life mantra….what could be better?!

    Thanks, Ramit, for contributing to that excitement and that journey! Hope the ski trip was a blast!

  540. The freedom to do the things I’m most passionate about on my own terms. To be able to travel and still be able to work from anywhere and have a steady stream of income. To be able to find my calling, so to speak, and not be dreading Mondays. To be in love with what I do and who I help and the life I’ve created.

  541. True freedom with my time. Spending time with my family back home in Boston during the holidays and living with YouTube stars in California. Not only that adding value to peoples lives without working at all hours of the day is truly rewarding.

  542. What excites me most to build an online business is the challenge! I love to build systems and then grow them efficiently, so starting a online business would provide a new and exciting outlet for this passion (and I would have total autonomy over the decision making, which would make the successes and failures all the more meaningful).

    What excites me most about building a SUCCESSFUL online business would be the lifestyle change resulting from the freedom and flexibility that a successful online business would provide. By being able to supplement my income with a revenue-generating online business, I would be enabled to do the things I want to do in life and make the choices I want to make. To be rich is to have options.

  543. Hector G. Diaz Link to this comment

    The most exciting aspect from generating residual income is getting checks in the mail for helping people!

  544. I’d like the freedom, but also the challenge- with an online business it would be hard to hide behind excuses like my boss doesn’t like me blah blah blah

    • YES! This is very insightful.

      An online business has lots of benefits — flexible schedule, work from anywhere, etc — but you’re also laying it on the line. If you succeed, you can take credit, but if you fail, there’s nobody to blame but yourself.

      Some people welcome this challenge. But for a lot of people, it’s easier to stay ensconced in a workplace where you can diffuse responsibility among lots of other people. One isn’t better than the other, but this is an important consideration in starting an online business.

      Good comment!

  545. What excites me most? The thought that I could create recurring revenue that’s in alignment with my passions of self-improvement, and the ability to share that value with others. It feels very much like a win-win-win scenario. I feel like the wealth can come later, but for now, I want to get things off the ground and start putting more value into the world.


  547. Mark Quisquirin Link to this comment

    It really excites me about the idea that I will have the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with my wife and kids. Living life to the fullest!

  548. I want the freedom that comes with owning your own business. My wife and I are expecting our first child and I need a change of pace that will allow me to help raise our child, while maintaining our lifestyle.

    When I found out the cost of childcare I had no choice but to find how to make more money. I have been trying to find ways to earn a passive income, but have struggled to find consistency, or any long term success. I hope this course helps to turn 1K in to an ongoing revenue stream.

  549. Obviously the supplemental income potential is enticing, but for me the most exciting part of an online business is the freedom. No one to tell you when, where, or how to work. I could see friends and family more often and be free to work anytime and anyplace.

  550. The prospect of being my own boss and being in control of my own financial destiny is what excites me. I no longer want to be a slave to the daily grind. I don’t care for being rich, but I want to have enough to freely enjoy my life!

  551. I’m excited about the possibility of creating multiple income streams. Create one, get it rolling, create another, get that rolling, check in on the first, create another, get it rolling, get that rolling, check in on other two. All through systems. Multiples pipelines of money directly into my bank account.

    And that means a better quality of life for my family, more time for me to spend with them and more time for my wife and I to get out together.

    Can’t wait!

  552. I’m most excited about the challenge, and the possibility of generating money from something I’m passionate about. Having a flexible schedule is certainly a bonus – and I’m excited to learn how to connect with people who are interested in what I have to offer.

  553. Starting an online business would give me a global (niche) audience and enable me to be the “go to guy” for people around the world. Helping them with some service, knowledge, fulfillment or experience. I’m excited to work hard to make that happen. I’m excited to have something working hard for me in return. I’m excited to be able to leave my “job” if I choose. I’m excited to share my success with family and friends. I’m excited to spend all day with my dog if I choose. I’m excited to build something.

  554. Besides the flexibility and freedom, which are huge, I really want to provide something of value. It will be critical to understand how to get systems in place that allow me to concentrate on developing new ideas/products to offer. And not spend time managing the business but rather enjoying it and the life it allows me to create.

  555. 1) I very much want to start an online business working from home. I want to have the freedom not to be a part of Corporate America and to be my own boss. I want this to be a useful business that will actually create something meaningful in people’s lives. I am more than willing to work hard, especially if I am doing something that I love! I want to achieve financial success and independence in my life!

    2) The most exciting thing about running an online business for me would be the freedom to work from home (so I could still have a life!) and an income not dependent upon a paycheck, a specific company, or the economy,

  556. Susanne Walker Link to this comment

    I’m excited aboumy finan I’m actually excited over my financial future. I’m also excited about the ability to grow an empire. I actually have this grand idea that I’m going to build a business so big that I’m going to need to hire people in different cities to fill all the demand I’m going to have for my food import business. I will have complete control over my finances. I’m really excited!

  557. Coming from a very poor, rural Kansas family, and then getting the hell out of there ASAP for college and to travel and become a traditional executive…there’s so much info, strategy, opportunities that I’m passionate about sharing to inspire others to get out there, own their opportunities and lives, and make something amazing happen. Being able to work from my parents back porch in Kansas overlooking green pastures OR sit at a cafe in SF OR from a ski lodge in Colorado…all of that wouldn’t hurt either. :)

  558. I built an orchid care site a few years ago (, which gets a few hundred visitors a day. I’d love to be making side income from my orchid hobby. But I don’t know how to monetize my site. Not being able to see what direction I want to take it has caused me to largely abandon it, though I still respond to readers’ emails (well, the non-kooky ones anyway, when I have time.)

    I don’t want to do AdSense, or make pennies off of piles of Amazon affiliate links. I’d prefer to create my own info products. Unfortunately, I don’t know what my readers would want enough to pay for — or how to find out. (I’m enough of a weirdo that I think about what I would pay for in this niche and then say “No one _else_ would be weird enough to buy that.” Which probably isn’t true, but it’s scary to invest a bunch of time in an idea without knowing if it will pan out.)

    I also am not sure what sort of content I would use to build an email newsletter.

    I’m really looking forward to this series of posts — and I will probably buy your course at the end of it.

    BTW — your SurveyMonkey link doesn’t seem to be working.

  559. Hi! I have been wanting to start my own online business for the past six years. I tried a couple but was not successful at all. My main setback is fear. Afraid to invest and not having a lot to invest anyway. I would like to devote as much time into my online business to leave my 10 hour day job, and have the income to do the things I want to do with my kids not when my boss says I have to.

  560. What excites me about having an online business is the same thing that sometimes scares me: having a product or service out there that appeals to more than just a niche handful of people, and that provides real value.

    On a personal level, not having to rely on the “trading money for time” model of income would be a wonderfully freeing thing – allowing me time and energy to focus on passion projects and philanthropy without feeling guilty that I should be doing more hustling for freelance gigs and day jobs.

    Looking forward to learning more from you, Ramit!

  561. I’m excited to work from home so I can spend more time with my new baby. I want the flexibility to work when and where I want.

  562. Jane, Certified Zentangle Teacher Link to this comment

    It’s nice to dream of where I want to be and the life I want to create, but I can’t imagine all the many steps it will take to get there.
    Is there even enough lifetime left for me in which to accomplish this?
    I have spent two years getting “infrastructure” in place: website, newsletter, free ebook, email list, social media marketing, “Work hard” Work Smart”…
    I’ve done those and still something’s missing. I’ve asked my “tribe” what they’d like more of, but answers are so muddy I have no clear actionable direction.
    I’ve taken courses about converting my blog in a monetary way, a b-school to help me find my ideal avatar, writing a 6-figure newsletter and a speedy publishing approach to electronic media. I’ve worked with sales copy writers, abundance coaches and accountability partners so we can help each other discover what we want to be when we grow up.
    I’ve read many, many books.
    Each has insight to offer.
    Maybe the problem is me.
    Maybe recent events have finally lit a fire under my a…
    under me.
    Maybe, Ramit, ever since your first Earn1K which I read with interest (and everything since) but didn’t join, you and I have reached the right intersection at the right time.
    BTW, RBT is awesome, Naveen Dittakavi is a jewel beyond compare. I’ve also joined a couple of subgroups, a paradigm I have not experienced in other FB groups, and they’ve been enormously helpful and supportive.
    I tire on the journey and think making actual dollars will be a big boost!

  563. I’m excited to start an online business in an effort to make the world a better place for everyone. The idea that I can provide products/services for people to help make the world a better place and support myself and the causes that are dear to my heart is a dream/opportunity I do not want to regret not trying. I’m looking forward to learning the processes you will share in an effort to settle my personal fears through education.

  564. I am 26 and currently run an online business selling antique books on eBay. I begun this business so I did not have to get a retail job. Over time I built this into a full time business earning approximately 50K before taxes.

    The nature of the work is very hands on and I do not care about antique books. The building of the business was great, but the on-going running of it has been draining. Systematizing it involves selling higher priced books (closer to $10K per sale, versus $200 now) in order to hire people for administrative tasks/grunt work and involves lots of in-person customer acquisition. Again, if I loved antique books I could see this as an option, but I don’t.

    WHAT MOST EXCITES ME is to start a business in which I ENJOY the actual field I am in plus could systematize to travel if I wanted.

  565. conveying information that helps people make better decisions when considering their investments

  566. The idea of starting an online business freaks me out. This is definitely my inner psychological barriers at work, but A) I don’t think I have anything valuable to provide others and B) I can’t imagine competing with the thousands of established online businesses out there. How can I find my niche on an Internet where everything seems to be found?

    What excites me is the chance to learn about YOUR online business, the systems you use, and how you can charge thousands of dollars for your courses – and make your customers feel like they’ve just GOT to buy them.

    I’ve avoided courses like Marie Forleo’s B-School because they seemed frivolous and, frankly, scammy. The idea of an online business that teaches others to run an online business makes me uncomfortable. You have my trust, however, Ramit. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.


  567. What excites me is the opportunity and capacity to share a great idea/service (i.e. one that genuinely helps people) via the web to a global audience, not just your friends, family and local neighbourhood :-)

  568. The excitement if that is what it can be described as even though at the time it may not feel like that is when one change such as one extra line or changing text, design and other things on the landing page can make such an impact on conversion rate. Just one advert making such an impact. It’s like one small change can increase or decrease your conversions.

  569. I dream of making a full time income but being in control of my time so that I can still be home with my boys while they are young. We sacrifice most of my income so I am home most of the time. I love the challenge and rewards of helping people, so it would be awesome to “have my cake and eat it too!”

  570. A successful online business excites me because I will know that I could create many more successful ones.

  571. What excites my wife and me the most is spreading our message. Making money while doing that will be great, but it’s just a nice side-effect. We want to be able to help people live better lives, and building an effective online business is an great way to reach a ton of people.

  572. I’m excited by the idea of the process. Yes I might be able to iterate a product that I can eventually refine and charge a premium for, but most of all, I’m excited by the systems you’re going to teach, Ramit. Dream Job changed the way I think about almost everything. Some of your habits have become my habits. I want more of that mindset to become habitual.

  573. The thing that excites me the most is the time freedom and the unlimited potential that it presents. Having to trade my precious time for a set income is not something i want to do for the rest of my life.

  574. I will not buy this course. Not because it won’t be sweet, but just because it’s not concurrent with my goals right now. I just took a promotion at work and I’m finding my career very rewarding right now, so I am focused on that.

    Still… I’ll be watching these free emails very closely. I’ve tried the online business thing in the past will little to no success. I was all focused on how I could generate money then, and it wasn’t worth the work I could put into it. Maybe someday I will feel the urge to share something with the world that is not through my career or ministry, but probably not right now. Best luck to everyone. I haven’t run across any instructor more capable of teaching this material than Ramit.

  575. This Idea of having the lifestyle built around an online business that in fact doesn’t need me to keep going is awesome in many ways like, you will still benefit peoples lifes even if you’re not able to be there, or answer the phone (while you still generates revenue).
    Also I think about how good it will be to no have a boss, but, if you are a very good performer at your job, your boss is not a problem, right?

    Besides that, constructing a location independent business is a great thing as you have the opportunity to grow yourself as a person while growing your bussiness. That’s the main point of living what you so call a RICH Life!

  576. I am building a few online businesses. One is near completion and it has been a year in the making. Beginning stages were a lot of wasted hours spinning wheels, making little progress. Then there was strategizing, then there was implementation. Then implementation stopped and fixing issues arose. Issue after issue, then more implementation came. Then strategies changed. Then back to implementing, and now we are finally fine-tuning.

    It is hard to do everything at once and keep my sanity. I get motivated then I want to curl up, cry and die. Repeat.

    I am excited to build passive income and ultimately create my own day-to-day schedule. I am excited to wake up when I want, work out when I want, work when I want, take care of my dog at the drop of a hat, take spontaneous day trips, not ask for time off, and be a good house wife.

  577. What doesn’t excite me would be a better question! Starting my own online business excites me because I get to do something I’m passionate about on my own terms, in my own space, without pants on if I want to! Lol. It excites me to have the freedom from my 60 mile round trip to my current gig. It excites me to be making money while I’m snoozing allowing me to move out of the parent’s place. It excites me that I will be doing what I’m MEANT to be doing and CHANGING the world while I’m at it, which, ya know, is pretty cool!

  578. Ramit, in 2000 I attended a 5 day seminar in LA on internet marketing, conducted by Jay Abraham. He had assembled an incredible team of experts. The information is still just as valid today. Exactly. And then Jay’s energy and insight on top of that made it a life-changing experience.

    But I returned to a small island off the coast of Maine and found myself almost 7 years too soon for the regional technology. No one had the slightest idea what I was talking about, and it was 6 years till broadband was available here. So I went back to carpentry.

    Now I’m too old to keep that up for much longer. I want to produce and record music and media, and still do it from this idyllic location. I’ve spent the last four years researching the business, from recording to publishing and have set up the infrastructure to put my own and other people’s talent into creative income production motion. They say infrastructure attracts resources. So there’s my target. I can fail and recover, done that numerous times. Now is time to fully realize potential.

    Thanks for the little push to express this out into the universe!

    be well

    • I was born and raised in Maine and family all still live there. Two summers ago I used the cottage on the Union River Bay as a test site for my “work from anywhere” goal. Total failure. As you said, insufficient high-speed access and the one internet cafe in town was a long commute, which defeats the point.
      Not sure about the “build it and they will come” approach, if that’s what you’re describing. Will be interested to follow if you decide to join here.

  579. What excites me most about having an online business is freedom. Freedom to not worry about where my next meal is coming from. Freedom from my $12/hour job and living paycheck to paycheck. Freedom from how I can pay off debt and increase my credit. I am 22 years old and I will be able to not only provide fully for myself, but help out my mom and little sister. I’ll be able to attend college without the stress of finding Part Time Work to pay my car note and other bills. I could go on and on and on. I have been following you (Ramit) since I was 19 and I am so glad you are going to show us how to create income online!

  580. I want to have someone–at least one person–tell me that I’ve created something that they couldn’t imagine living without. For me the YouTube channel VSauce comes to mind, a brand I’ve become so thoroughly obsessed with that I start to suffer from withdrawal pangs when it doesn’t post new content. To know I created something I’m passionate about that people love would be worth the price of admission….almost.

    I also want the freedom to not work in the same box at the same bench EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE. If I want to swim in the ocean on a Wednesday at ten in the morning without the threat of layoffs and the loss of workplace prestige. That freedom, as unattainable as it currently seems to me, would be worth my left kidney.

  581. #2: What excites me most about an online business?

    I’ll separate the answers into two parts – a “pleasure” part and a “pain-removal pleasure” part as I run a profitable, growing brick and mortar physiotherapy business (with its own fun and headaches)

    “Pleasures” of An Online Business
    – scalability with tech: reaching further internationally
    – profitability associated with scalability
    – ability to work from anywhere I decide (freedom)
    – ability to work even when I choose to be unconscious/partying/whatever (freedom)
    – open ended/unlimited possibilities (curiosity/adventure of the journey)

    “Pain-removal Pleasures” Of An Online Business
    – less communication overheads
    – less direct overheads such as rental, utilities (a big thing in expensive, expensive Singapore)

  582. An online business would allow me the freedom and flexibility to pursue other interests I have in life, best would be to be able to integrate these “hobbies” and “interests” into the business.

  583. Having a business that I can leverage online will allow freedom to be location independent! Also I get really excited about the potential of not being tied down to an office for 50 hours every week. I’d love to travel more, work from home and spend more time with my family. :)

  584. I’m excited to run my own online business because I know it’s finally time. I’ve been waiting for the absolute perfect moment but only found that I’m getting worse at the skills and habits I’ve already invested in and want to spend my time mastering. I’m sick of getting the life sucked out of me by my crap job. And I’m sick of telling myself that my crap job is any excuse for not acting on my deep-seated need to start my own business. I’m also excited to pour money into my own pockets rather than some half-wit that figured out how to run a business 10 years ago and is taking advantage of my talents on a daily basis.

    It’s my time to act now, but really it’s always been the right time. The only difference is now I finally have the gonads to reflect earnestly on my own skills, abilities and Shortcomings (key word, there) and know that I can do this. Let’s do this.

  585. The thing that most excites me about having an on-line business is the potential freedom that it could provide. That and providing greater opportunities for my family.

  586. CURIOUS to know if you will cover physical products as opposed to only digital products. I am working on launching an online company which will ship out physical products. My career goal is to launch businesses that are solutions for my customers. I think, dream, and read business most of the time; it is a creative outlet for me I am and EXCITED about finally getting my feet wet.

    I would like to be living the lifestyle I want, not from a materialistic perspective but most importantly without any worries, without chasing success, just living in contentment.

    My next choice to make: Am I ready to leave the full time, work part-time and focus more time on my business !? Any Ideas on approaching this? THANKS

  587. I can have a huge platform to share my product/course/information with the world. When I work at a company, I produce value for the people at that company and their customers. With an online presence, the value I produce directly affects many, many, many more people. I enjoy helping people and teaching people things. Working at a job does not allow me to reach as many people as I could with an online business.

  588. Having the opportunity to experience more of life while at the same time offering something of value.

  589. The thing that excites me most about starting an online business is taking more control of my destiny. My voice, my passions, my talents while being present for the people I love. Being who I am-an example for my son. No longer a droid.

  590. To work on products I really believe in, and not worry about becoming unemployable with age.

  591. Larry M. Lynch Link to this comment

    STEP 1: Tell me about your experience starting an online business. Do you want to start one? Why/why not? What kind of revenue/impact do you want to make?

    For 20 years I was an English as a foreign language teacher with experience in teaching in Primary school, Secondary school, technical institutes and university students. I also taught Business English in private companies to executives. As technology developed, I began to use it in my classes finally up to cell phones, tablets, the internet and Skype; charging individual private students for grammar/conversation and business English classes with students making payments into my bank account monthly for that month’s series of classes, usually two or three per week for one to two hour class sessions. It worked okay but I had limited available hours, thus limited income and students were frequently unreliable for the long-term.

    After a couple to a few months they’d “drop out” – this was especially true for those students who were a great distance away and didn’t have the possibility of taking face-to-face classes with me. I do have two well-reviewed ebooks which could be sold to students depending on who and where they were. I wanted to expand my online repertoire of products and services to generate more income with a less dollars-for-hours approach but never really got a system or process together to do so.

    What I think I’d ultimately like is to have a pilot product like an ebook which could lead in to sales of other products / services which I could offer like advanced techniques, videos, consulting – a full business system based on what I can supply/provide to customers/clients besides just a one-time $19.95 ebook sale.

    Last year I purchased your IWT ebook and used the advice within to improve my financial position, get out of debt and start investing after massive improvement in my relations with two local banks. My finances are now well under control and growing. I then purchased and am working through your Earn !K program – it’s helping me quite a lot with identifying resources, identifying/qualifying potential clients and developing a process for achieving my business goals.

    I’m learning more than I ever could have imagined and have already left my university teaching position to shoot for my higher goals and income potential.

    Thanks for all your help to date.

    Bring it on, Ramit!

    STEP 2: leave a comment telling me what would be the most EXCITING thing about running an online business.

    The most exciting things about running an online business for me are the freedom and flexibility it offers. Freedom to live an outside-the-box lifestyle and the flexibility to live and work from anywhere (in the world) you want, when you want. You’re not tied down to some company’s schedule or office hours if you don’t want to be.

    I live in a tropical country where you can go to the beach year-round, practice outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, swimming, surfing, biking, skating and activities of virtually any type and feed your wanderlust as you wish. I swim four days a week in an outdoor pool even in December, January and February. The flexibility could also allow you to boost your income to almost any level you’re willing to shoot for without the bureaucracy of a “traditional” company. No more “slave wages” for me! As your own boss, there’re no layoffs or downsizing to worry you. Whatever field of knowledge or endeavor you like could be the focus of your company – your “job”. You’d get paid to do what you love to do using your personal resources to earn your income. I’d certainly love that.

    To go from being a media-led consumer to being a prolific thought-leading producer is truly my dream.

  592. What excites me most? That now, more than any time in history, is the best time to start an online business. We have more opportunity than ever, and it’s easy to find the information you need (well, if you know where to look.) And finally, having a successful online business can open doors and help you connect with other like minded people.

  593. Having the time freedom to spend more time with my family, travel, do things that matter is incredibly attractive to me. At the same time, I have to admit that I fear trying because time is the most precious commodity I have right now. Starting an online business, it seems to me, would require that I give up for a period of time the thing that is most precious to me. That is my time. And what if it is just a pipe dream? That’s what holds me back.

  594. In tired of the corporate structure and the hierarchy process you must go through just to move forward with business. I’m tired of having good ideas and having multiple meetings about them and possibly getting the idea rejected or adjusted. I want to live my own life, call my own shots, take chances and move quickly.
    Being able to do what I love, hopefully make a lot of money doing it and supporting my family while I’m here and after I’m gone is the ultimate goal. I want to change my family’s future financially for generations to come.

  595. Most exciting thing is to be able to live the rich life! Time to enjoy the things I love.

    Other really exciting thing is to learn about the online behavior of people (something like online sociology).

  596. I love the idea of creating a business that can help others make their day to day lives or jobs better, simpler, more productive, or more enjoyable by using my service and working with me. I want to make an impact.

    What excites me the most?

    Finding the right idea.

    Well, moreso the testing and honing of the idea.

    I’ve had ideas before and after testing realized it just wasnt right or the market fit wasn’t quite there. I know that it’s a part of the process and that excites me. I’m ready to plan and find the concept to run with and I can’t wait.

    I want to be able to focus on what I love and will help others make their lives better, all while spending time with my wife and kid and getting the chance to travel without missing work.

  597. For me it’s FREEDOM.

    Being able to do ANYTHING that I’ve been wanting to do without the primary setbacks – lack of money and time.

    Having more time and more resources will allow me to travel, spend more time with my family and friends, build a charitable institution, be more physically healthy (less stress, more rest and sleep), meet more people, experience and learn more.

    I have 2 online businesses that I’m planning to launch this April and, lo and behold, I got an email about this course! (I really believe in the power of the law of attraction.)

  598. I feel like online space is very crowded. I feel I need to invent something to win noble prize before it will make it in the online space that unique or great. And If it is product then it needs to be LOWEST PRICE and free shipping.

    Ramit, what you did many of us can’t. So what’s for average joe here?

  599. I think the thing about online business that excites me is the fact that it is a very systems driven approach. The results (for the most part) are repeatable as long as you are willing to do the work involved. It reminds me of a quote which I read a few days ago. The quote went something like this: “You don;t have to climb to the top of the mountain in order to claim victory, just stop when you enjoy the view”.

    In online business, the top is usually considered $100,000/mo or more or something, but to me, $5k/mo would be a more believable and bigger impact in my life.

    On the flip side, traditional employment seems to be like climbing to the top of a slowly melting iceberg. The road is slippery and treacherous and you will question everything you love and everything you don’t but at no point in time can you EVER really stop to enjoy the view, because the day you reach the top, it might be considered sea level.

  600. Kayla Badolato Link to this comment

    Where do I begin? Yes there is the freedom and flexibility of working my own hours and the opportunity of making more money than a job (= Just Over Broke). But there is also the life I can provide for my daughter, that alone is worth all blood sweat and tears. But than I could be in a position to really help others and make an impact on countless people’s lives. Granted, it takes alot of sacrifice and hard work to get there, but it’s worth. More than a 9-5 could ever be.

  601. The excitement is in finally being an entrepreneur. I’ve felt the urge all my life but I had shitty internal scripts.

  602. What MOST excites me the about starting an online business is the prospect of leaving my comfort zone. The thrill of the gut check of something new that I’m not comfortable with.

    Carpe diem.

  603. I would love to start an online business that is easy to list and deliver products to the customer. I do sell products on eBay but it is very tedious to list items one by one and not knowing what will sell. I have only started but I would love to have enough income to not only support my family, but to actually live a great life with them and not have to worry about ‘Job Security’. Also I would love for my Wife to be able to quit her job and study full time for her dream career, to be a midwife.

    What excites me about online business is that I can control it from anywhere that has an internet connection and you have an opportunity of ongoing sales because you don’t have to close shop at night.

    Cheers for all the great info Ramit


  604. Michael T. Starks Link to this comment

    I am most excited about having the ability to work from anywhere in the world, making a difference in people’s lives.

  605. What excites me about starting/growing an online business is, like you said, switching from consumer to producer. To contribute something that changes someone’s life (or many people’s lives!); as Steve Jobs said, to “put a little dent in the universe”.

  606. What most excites me about having an online business is the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. The ability to take a few days off of work because you’re best friend is having a destination wedding. Or to take a sick day, and actually get paid for it. Owning my own business, if i’m sick, I don’t get paid. If I take a vacation, I don’t get paid. I’m a hard worker and have no issue with busting my ass to get what needs to be done, done. But I can’t lie and say I wouldn’t love the ability to not have to “work through the sickness” or to not miss important life events because I can’t afford to not have income coming in for a week.

    Life is all about experiences. At the end of my life, I want to be able to say I lived. Instead of feeling like I watched life pass me by while I was worried about paying bills.

  607. I have a highly technical background, but I always focused on my end user, so I KNOW I can understand and solve many problems my (future) clients have. Right now I’m trying to focus on the beauty industry (huge in Brazil), but I’m having some trouble contacting then and defining a product/service.

  608. Switching from a consumer to a producer pretty much nails in on the head. I want to create my own universe, not just be another cog in the system. I’d rather work my ass off for myself and earn half of what I am earning for the man.

  609. I’m such a risk averse guy that I’ll probably keep a full time job forever. I’ve never thought of myself as a self-employed type. Too far off the tracks.

    However, I would like the flexibility it might offer in terms on negotiating power. If I knew I had at least something else going on, I would never be desperate for a job again. I could ask for more time off or higher salaries, knowing that if my employer didn’t like it, I had options. That must be a nice place to be mentally.

  610. What excites me most is the simple notion that I can actually live my life while still earning a good living. For too many of us, we only get to live in bite-size portions — after work and on weekends. We spend too much of our lives on other people’s terms, and I’m excited to take it back.

  611. Chris B. Behrens Link to this comment

    Wow…I find it hard to improve on James message – the idea of living a wealthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice my family (invisible script there, I guess). I’m very skeptical of passive income, per se, but I know from experience with Earn1K that you can make investments that turn out to be wildly out of line with your assessment of their effectiveness.

    I’m clearing out the cash for the class – Ramit is the only guy – the ONLY guy – I would consider for this stuff. I love Tim Ferriss, but Ramit delivers the nuts and bolts on this stuff.

  612. The most exciting thing for me about running an online business is the potential to focus on the things that are most important to me – taking care of the people around me, helping others, and being happy – not money.

  613. I like the idea of having the freedom to build yourself while generating income. Even if the income is small, I will definitely enjoy what I do. The thing that excites me in starting an online business is the outcome of the business that I’ll start, it’s a mystery: If I fail, there’s no one to blame other than myself. If I succeed, I’ll feel good about it.

    I want to be able to think freely and be on my own journey – not just following orders and earn a fixed income (where’s the fun in that?)

    Thanks Ramit, I can’t wait to hear your secrets.


  614. I’m intrigued by the idea of on-line business. I don’t know if I have anything that would be meaningful for other people, but if I did, what better way to enrich other people’s lives!

  615. An online business uses the best of what I got to potentially make the highest impact.
    I’ve got: (writing ability. photo-editing. authenticity. countless, seemingly random ideas jumping to be shared and tested. future-forward thinker.)

    If I’m reading the field correctly, it seems people want to be and lead unforgettable lives. If I
    facilitate a hub of people who are working their lives towards this mission, the community would achieve so much more than what they could alone.

    I have to ask, how can I make this dream sustainable to guide people to live their unforgettable life? Not only so I can offer the best insights and have something on my plate, but also offer a kick-average resource to defy what’s possible.

  616. I get excited about positively effecting other peoples lives!

    Seeing the achievement and successes of people that my online business has helped along on their journey to be the best person they can be!

  617. For me to have a successful online business would mean I could travel the world on my own terms, rather than in 2 week annual bursts. I could discover the places that I currently only read about. I could do the things that the people whose blogs I follow do. And it would mean I didn’t have to feel guilty about every discretionary expense because that money could have gone towards a house deposit or saving for a new car. It would change my life if it were successful.

  618. I’m tired of waiting for permission! I want an online business for freedom. But I also want the adventure. I know that with the jobs I have now, I’m limited in the type of people I’ll meet & learn from. The allure of an online business is that it can be global. I would have the ability to build relationships with people in other countries, with different backgrounds. I could help people I would never meet in real life, and tailor my work to the communities I could best serve – even if I’m thousands of miles away.

  619. Ramit, this is super exciting!

    What excites me the most about building an online business? The ability to create freedom for myself, be my own boss, and create my own opportunities.

    Can’t wait to keep reading!

  620. My experience with online business is I am just opening my eyes to the possibility – I honestly never thought about it before as I am a service provider (photographer). I have had some major face palm moments recently reading some amazing content on what can be possible. I love the idea of a far-reaching product that helps many and sustains itself even when you are offline. Very nice…

  621. The ability to be able to be there for my family when I decide instead of when my job dictates that I can take time off.

  622. I actually just publicly released my online product last week.

    What excites me the most is being able to make a living doing work that I love AND allows me to spend time with the people I love, whenever I want.

  623. Building an online business excites me because I am 21 year old college student, and my youth allows me the flexibility to allow the business to steadily grow over a long period time. I’d love to be able to start investing and saving early. Plus, being in college and living a fun, relaxed lifestyle currently, a 9-5 job in the corporate world sounds like a regression. Being my own boss would be a dream come true.

  624. The main attraction is being able to work anywhere I want.. even if it means I need to work harder to earn the same amount of money as at my day job, the location independence is totally worth it.

    My spouse is on a J1 visa and needs to stay in her home country for 2 years after finishing school. This alone is enough hopefully to motivate me to startt an online business and achieve my goal of location independence so I can be with her those 2 years

  625. What is most exciting about an online business is that it is a stage where you can display any of your art, knowledge, or product to the whole world. It is a grand, glittering marque, a golden proscenium, a venue like no other, available to everybody, accessible anywhere, by anyone. You are not beholden to local traffic, and advertising, like a brick and mortar storefront, but instead you can attract the entire world, if you have the ability.

  626. I’d be excited to help people out in the different areas that I have some expertise in. I’ve lost weight, and in my day job I help recover patients after heart surgery. I’d like to help prevent these things for as many people as possible. I’d rather help them change habits/lifestyle rather than taking a pill. My benefit would be the freedom to not even think about bills or a paycheck.

  627. Joseph C. DePascale Link to this comment

    Freedom to spend more time with my family doing work I enjoy (and earning a great income) has always been my dream. I’m excited at the idea of being my own boss and not being bound to a particular employer (or subject to their dismal pay rates).

  628. The most exciting for me would be that it will jumpstart my income allowing me to achieve my two dreams – freedom and helping my parent’s expenses.

  629. The most exiting thing about an online business is the freedom it will provide me to serve others.

  630. What most excites me is the idea of living a life as I choose. This question was harder for me to answer than I thought it was going to be. I think because there are so many possibilities and reasons that go along with my answer. They all come down to the above though – the ability to make choices based on my own interests and the interests of my loved ones.

  631. Definitely the freedom and flexibility as well as being rewarded for actual skill and ability rather than brown-nosing/popularity. It’d free up more time to learn new things, really get deeper with mastering skills that are important to me but not necessarily stuff I’d want to/need to make money with, just more control of my life and money in general. Plus I’d be able to help out my parents with their finances, and contribute to my SO’s business financially so he’ll be able to achieve his goals as well.

  632. What excites me the most about building an online business is having the ability to take one of my deepest passions, extract an idea, turn it into a product and market it on a global stage. I want to share with the world something that excites me while making a sustainable living along the way!

  633. Building an online business would allow me to connect with more people in a meaningful way than I can now. I really look forward to that opportunity.

  634. Not only is there freedom, accountability and immense potential, the idea that a single individual can change the lives of others everywhere on the globe through the internet connection of one device is incredible.

  635. For me, the most exciting part of starting my own online business (especially Ramit’s way) is cutting out all extraneous work that is part of a typical 40-hour a week job or part of so many other people’s advice when starting a business (“work-for-work” as Tim Ferriss puts it).

    Of course, I want to earn more money, not have income generation tied directly to the number of hours I work, have more freedom of time and location, and live a “rich life” as Ramit defines it. Part of this rich life is being able to add to the lives of others. This means family and friends, but more important to the online business, also adding value to the customers’ lives. These lead to one another and are ultimately the results of increased focus on the right things.

  636. Starting – scratch that – SUCCEEDING at online business[es] would excite me MORE than you could imagine… For starters, I wouldn’t be exploring your blog anymore to see images like the one you posted above of you allegedly dancing…

    Dancing!!? Seriously!?? *laughs* I can see why there aren’t more of these types of images around… It looks like you’re doing something that typically requires – at a bare minimum – a hole in the ground… *grins*

    More seriously, though, online business = time/location flexibility for me. And that’s exciting… Knowing I can be producing a business in the hours I’m most “on” (between 4-8am) and then enjoying the rest of the day is an exciting prospect.

  637. Being connected and contributive to others. Oh, and not working retail any more. Ever.

  638. I would love to be responsible for transforming a professional service based industry on its head and converting the model to an online business model, that sees both a level of automation in the back office (ie: Why aren’t we automating those processes) and also the way that it interacts with customers.

    So many people in society now expect to be able to have everything they do online, for its ease of use, convenience, accessibility etc. I’m not just interested in taking an existing business online, but improving it for the future so that overheads are reduced and reinvested into improving the service that the customer receives. Too many people in professional services (ie: financial / accounting area) are too lazy to innovate and as such are losing touch with what their customers want.

    Can’t wait for the course!

  639. What most EXCITES me is that after YEARS of research, trial and error, I know for sure that an online business will allow me to have the biggest impact my life was predestined to afford while leaving the tiniest imprint on my health, my lifestyle, and the earth.

  640. What exites me to start an online business is altough it needs work, it does provide flexibility of schedule, which would allow me to start small and keep my day job at first, then when the business keep growing it will provide me choices of work.

  641. I want to start an online business, but just don’t have an idea or product for it. I’ve thought of some products or ideas, but don’t have the knowledge or know how to test a market, to see if it’s a good idea or not before spending lots of time and money on it.

    Should I produce an ebook ? How do I find a market ? How do I find a way to create a product ? What if I don’t have any experience in producing the product ? Can I outsource ?

    Should I stick to online type stuff (e-courses, videos, ebooks , membership sites ) ? Or should I go and sell physical products (More complicated, less competition ?) .

    What payments should I accept ? Should I use paypal ? How about distribution and shipping ?

    What online store platform should I use ? BigCommerce, Volusion, Shopify ? Custom Solution ?

    HOw about order and fullfillment ? ( ? Shipwire? Duoplane ? )

    Also, if I live in Canada, how does imports and duties work with US customers if I were to produce the products in Canada.

    It just seems so all complicated and confusing! As a result, I don’t even get started.

  642. After my daughter had her second heart surgery there is only thing I wanted to do. Leave my job and spend as much time as I could with her. I make very good money but work 6 days a week. I also have to worry about taking days off. I work extremely hard but for someone else. Truthfully I can’t think of anything I do well enough to make money off of. I am ready to work smart so I can enjoy my life.

  643. What excites me is having the courage to be a producer and value creator online instead of a consumer. Its exciting that I’ll join the growing startup community in Boulder, Colorado. Also, I’ll be able to travel more and on my own terms.

  644. Man You read my mind or something! I just started an online business and i am having trouble increasing the traffic and increasing the sales! I have some great products and a lot of product ideas but i am lost in that space of getting or creating the product and selling it to the ppl who needs it! I am passionate about selling wonderful products which i truly love and it gives me immense pleasure to share that to others. Ramit Help me ! Thank you.


  645. Online business is an opportunity to reach out to the world, selling your product, a chance to interact and deal with people who shares your ideas and passions from different countries and cultures. A vast ocean to fish.

  646. What most excites me is the freedom – not having to answer to a boss, being able to control my schedule so I can fit family time and leisure and being able to do what I want, when I want with whomever I want. What’s more attractive is being able to reach lots of people and be able to affect their lives wherever I am.

  647. Number 1 reason: being able to breathe fresh air, being out of a cubicle and generating more income than would’ve come from the cubicle existence anyway.

    Number 2 reason: being able to give people something they’ve been looking for, and maybe didn’t even know they were needing it, but now they love the thing I am providing them.

  648. This would mean the world because it would be zero to something special, having catered to customers that are pleased with my product is just a dream, thats what i most want to do is to provide a product that i could be proud of owning and be making a profit from it too.. I was very naive as a child and very much my early adult life. My friends were drug dealers or fantasized being one, the streets seemed a lonely place at times my days were the same over and over, the weather was and still is shit and i mean that the weather is just awful for much of the time..

    I learned a skill so i called work but i always day dreamed and wondered what i could do if I didn’t have to work for some boss.. I adjusted myself and managed to get into uni at age 23 by then I had left home living with my wife and child and I took a risk to give up factory jobs to go uni.. it has to be undoutably been the best decision I made cause it opened doors in my head but not directly. You see I started from nothing and went and studied business I.T, but to cut the story short I stumbled and i mean sher luck my cuzin had a book to pass on to someone as a present from a relative from the u.s and i looked at it and read it cover to cover and never gave it back it was rich dad poor dad 2004, it was mind blowing stuff and that’s when the light bulb turned on I found I>M 5 years later..

    I haven’t felt the same since then. 2010 I started to take some notice about seo cause i had a project to do my masters and I was trying to do something in web design but found it much harder to do than I originally thought but I needed something to finally finish my masters so i search the net to find something related to web design so i could copy and put in my project and that’s how i found I>M. A young black u.s girl from Dallas i think by the name of Lisa told me what this game was all about and since then Ive been hooked on the idea of online businesses

  649. The thing that probably excites me the most about a creating a successful OnLine business is the ability to provide a useful service/product (or services/products) to many, many people while actually enjoying the city I’ve recently moved to. Sure, there’s a bit of a ‘me’ focus here but ultimately, compounding the power of the web with an idea that people find valuable, really, truly valuable is slightly intoxicating. The ability to create or produce an item that has at some point provided value and assistance to me and scaling it out to help others overcome their own hurdles on a grand stage is probably beyond my wildest dreams at the moment.

  650. What excites me most about starting my own online business is the income that would allow me to diverge from my current career path into something that I would actually enjoy, even though the salary potential is significantly less.

  651. I get excited about the flexibility of an online business, both for myself and my clients. Being online allows me to control my work hours and where i work from. I can make money in my sleep without being a part of some MLM business. I can bottle up my talents and sell it 24/7.

    I’m also excited about serving people around the world through an online business. My customers don’t have to live in my local area to buy my products or work worth me. The Internet is the great equalizer and there’s plenty of business for those that are willing to work their ass off to get it.

  652. I think one of the most exciting part of having an online business is being in control of your own future. You are the boss- work hard, reap the benefits. No more working hard only to be sent home from work if it slows down too much and then having to worry if you got enough hours in that week to pay for your kids tuition and groceries.

  653. The thought of making money while I sleep is totally appealing as opposed to trading hours for dollars, half of which gets eaten up in childcare costs. In turn, I would love having more time to spend with my daughter and the freedom and flexibility to travel whenever I feel like is also exciting to me.

  654. What could be more exciting than seeing pictures of Ramit wearing a toga sparsely strewn throughout the comments section of this awesome blog post? :-)

  655. What most EXCITES me about having an online business is the freedom and flexibility to work on the projects I’m interested in, rather than my boss/company moving me around where they feel they need me. I will be able to go to my kids’ events in the middle of the day that I normally cannot attend because I’m 30 miles away. And of course I will have the confidence knowing that I’m capable of making things happen that I say I want to make happen.

  656. Zahra Langford Link to this comment

    The thing that most excites me about having an online business is the freedom it will give me to live my life any way that I choose.

    I recently walked away from a successful business (with both physical and online components), a well-paying job as an interaction designer and a 10 year marriage. My reasons for doing so are many, but at the heart of it, all of those things together just became too restrictive. With many lessons learned, I’m starting to think about constructing a new life that is more free. Having an online business would enable that freedom. I wouldn’t need to be limited to one place, one job. I would be able to generate income on my own terms.

  657. To me, the most exciting thing about building an online business would be the ability to separate work (effortful, meaningful activities) from income generation. Ideally, of course, these things coincide, but not everyone can get paid to do work they love. If you can’t, then the next best thing is to generate income on your own terms. I think we’re in an exciting time when that state is more attainable than ever before, and I’m excited to learn from those who have endured the trial and error needed to make it work.

  658. patrick gentry Link to this comment

    Hi Ramit,

    I’ve been reading your blog since, I dunno, 2008 or something, and you (and chris guillebeau) inspired me to start an online business. I connected with a known organic farmer here in the Philippines, Gil Carandang, and set up a site around his “recipes”. I’ve since expanded on a it a lot with all my own content. Now I’m at the point I’d like to monetize somehow. I was thinking a $20 ebook – haha. Here’s how I thought:
    1. year 1 – set up site and blog and work on producing really good quality [unique] content
    2. year 2 – release a product. Just an ebook+youtube course or something, test the waters
    3. year 3 – after testing with the initial product and closer market inspection, review of my goals etc, really pick a direction for the site and pursue it full-time. Quit my job in IT.

    So, I’m on Year 2 of the whole plan. My audience is growing steadily, just got on twitter and facebook finally (i know that should have been long ago but as a sideline I was just focusing on content), and things look good for the product. I have a list of 60 or so bloggers and sites related to organic farming, I’m going to work on networking with them prior to launch, actually ASAP to help grow my audience and get those relationships going. Tough to do all this as a sideline but i’m working on it.

    I guess your course would be a good match? I feel ok about the starting stuff, and i’m in IT so I know a lot of the online stuff already but i’m sure you have good info still. And here is my site:

  659. it would allow me to enrich the other areas of my life by freeing up time and money

  660. What most excites me about building my own online business is that I would not have to be one of the many that graduate college and enter the work world to instantly become a drone and hate my life. Starting my own business would provide me more freedom and a challenge.

  661. I’m most excited about being able to improve my skills and work on a flexible schedule while still generating some extra income.

  662. I’m excited about seeing the connection between my actions and the returns they generate.

    Working for a salary for years has pulled the hourly-wage wool over my eyes a bit, and I’m looking forward to seeing my own influence and value in a different light.

  663. I’m an internet enthusiast and I love the idea of channeling people’s interests into opportunities I discover — the chance to influence others and say “I caused that”. I want to do it as a business so I can provide premium quality.

  664. It have some advantage i really like since it doesn’t need you to set up a shop in a no man’s land and really suits me in my limited time as a student.

  665. Daniel Reifenberger Link to this comment

    I am most excited about teaching people something they will love and be able to positively affect their lives.

    Right now I train people one on one, I want to use an online business to multiply my effectiveness.

  666. What excites me most is to be my own boss, show up on my own hours, take a long weekend if I feel like it, go do outdoor activities when it’s nice weather, all while earning passive income. Also, I find it very rewarding to help people and make them happy, so ideally my business would allow me to do that too.

  667. Most excited about connecting with people who value what I have to offer. The work I want to be doing involves travel and being on location a lot of the time so having an online based business and automation systems will help me really concentrate on creating the best products for my patrons while allowing for maximum time in the field.

  668. Akshay Vasudevan Link to this comment

    Ramit, being a reader of your blog posts, you’ve always thought that starting an online business was not a great idea and a better option would be to start a service and last productise it. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’m curious to know why you are launching this course now.

    • Akshay Vasudevan Link to this comment

      Also, how is this course different from the Earn1K course? Would you recommend this course to someone who is just about to start something on the side.

      Or would you recommend this course for someone who has already completed Earn1K?

    • Akshay Vasudevan Link to this comment

      Coming to the part as to what excites me?
      1. I like the fact that my buyers in whatever niche I choose don’t have to be only from my area, they can be from anywhere in the world.
      2. I like the fact that it offers plenty of leverage especially when I have the right systems in place. The business would take care of itself.
      3. I like the fact that I can have joint ventures with others who are doing the same business in various parts of the world and increase the outreach. Also, I can outsource that which I don’t want to or have to do

  669. After reading 4HWW and diving into a lot of what Tim recommends, like you, I haven’t looked at “work” the same. I see all the inefficiencies. They nag at me. Although I am in direct sales and do OK and have a lot more freedom in my schedule than most, I WANT MORE.

    The things that excite me most are turning something I love to do and am gifted with into a vehicle to impact others and fuel a lifestyle that has no boundaries. Making money while traveling the world, having to be nowhere, never having anything in my schedule that I don’t want to do.

  670. Hi, I do want to start on online business because I believe there is potential for growth and flexibility and I’m strongly believe there is still so much room for improvement for serving potential customers among competitors, and the potential of this opportunity excites me. As well I’m exited to learn something “new”! Thank you.

  671. What excites me most is learning how to separate myself from the rest of the pack and become the best in my niche. It’s going to be hard but it beats working for somebody else.

  672. It’s exciting to envisage a future in which I have the time and financial means to do the things I want (in my case, filmmaking) without the crippling encumbrance of feeling guilty about not devoting that time and money to a pay-the-bills career.

  673. I started a physical therapy practice this year and am trying to grow. Having an online business would be a great addition to what I can offer while lowering my stress during slow referral periods.

  674. - Creating real, direct, and scalable value for others in an area that I care about.

    – Developing an additional income stream that allows me to take more risk in other areas of my life, such as starting a company IRL.

  675. I have an online business making about $500/Month. I’d really like to step it up though

  676. I’m excited at the prospect of having a business that isn’t location dependent; I could work from wherever I have access to the internet and could provide value to people around the world.

    What doesn’t excite me, but actually makes me a little more tentative, is knowing the internet is massive and cutting through the web of information-overload to share my product will be a real challenge. Saying that though, that might be very exciting challenge to overcome.

  677. Like many other people, what excites me the most about my online business is the ability to live a life that I look forward to everyday of the week, not just the weekends. I would be able to go out to lunch whenever, go to the gym or go shopping before going back to work. So, flexibility would be awesome.

    Also, by having an online business my customers wont have to based in a certain location. I could create a product with out worrying to much where everyone is located.

  678. I would love to have a better alignment between what I’m passionate about and where my income is derived. Everything that I read says that this is what makes a fulfilling and exciting life!

  679. Honestly, an online business doesn’t excite me. Not in the same way that some other more traditional business models do. I have ideas that can work that have online components, but I haven’t put all the pieces together yet.

  680. Last year, Tim Ferriss’s 4 Hour Work Week hit me like ice water striking a comatose bum. It made me feel cheated. Like I cheated on myself…some how getting sucked into this whirlwind of ‘wait til 65 – then you can have fun.’ I always questioned everything…how could I have missed how idiotic that plan was. Since then I’ve been searching and putting myself in gear. The path so far has brought me to your book as well…and as of the last couple months Earn 1K.

    Truth be told…this is the course I was really after. Recently, I’ve attained my dream job as an animator working on the ‘big screen movies’. Despite a more entertaining job than most, looking at the path ahead of me…the seniors/supervisors…all the extremely long work hours…all for being a kickass artist in ‘the credit roll’ is just not worth the sacrifice. 10 more years would = extremely slow quicksand…with slight increase in pay and extra overtime.

    I’m after FREEDOM. Freedom to go out on the town…on a Wednesday. Freedom to fly out on a 4 week vacation with my gf/friends/family cause I feel like it. Freedom to learn more and experience more before I miss out from old age. (Bit of a william wallace moment but accurate) My choices are 1. create an AutoBiz or 2. enjoy apathy. So…I’m not excited…I’m passionate, committed, and determined.

    Ready to strike oil and have everyone collect some too.

  681. Having the ability to start a business that doesn’t require me to be doing something every minute for it to be making money is very appealing. The freedom and flexibility that could provide, along with potentially higher income, would be the best of both worlds.

  682. What most excites me about an online business is being able to make a butt ton of money doing something I love. Being able to tell people what I do and being proud of it. To impress friends and family and have complete strangers respect my work and be excited to meet me. Ultimately I want to help other people launch businesses like you’re doing. Not trying to get brownie points, but am being honest.

    Bottom line, I want to have fun and I want to make money doing it.

  683. Working 70+ hrs a week in a consulting type role on the other side of the planet from my family is tough. Pretty cool to be able to spend time with my family or wherever I choose and still be able to help produce something that can help others solve a real problem in their own lives.

    Coming back to the consulting gig, I go on all day to clients in big organizations about what they should be doing, how to maximize sales, blah blah, but their is very little ownership and seeing real-world results of my work is rare.

    I’ve done some online work on a small scale, but I love being able to directly influence what happens next and see the results come in. A growing paypal count is a much more clear and satisfying indicator that you’re doing something right compared to a once a year bonus.

  684. I think James nailed it. That is, I want to enjoy a life of wealth with my family. I also want to offer myself to the world/universe. I know, I know, that may be a bit too cosmic for this crowd, but it’s true for me. I would love to manufacture my products in Latin or South America and employ and empower women, open a school and a clinic for them. Also, I get a little lady boner thinking about traveling around the world and managing my business with just a laptop and a smart phone.

  685. What excites me is the IDEA of making money off of something that I PERSONALLY create, because I feel like if I had the correct infrastructure and systems that I have time to work on it non stop to increase quality, rake in more cash, and propel myself and my family into independence and security.

  686. Passive income! and Flexibility. This would allow me to spend more time with my daughters and not feel so guilty going to work and hardly seeing them.

  687. Freedom excites me. The right online business will free me from the drudgery of my miserable 9 – 5 grind. But, but, but what’s the “right” business. Can I sell topiary online? I have tons of ideas but little sense of which one is scalding hot .

  688. As others have mentioned, I am excited to disconnect the link between hours worked and money earned. i am excited to vacation more often and spend more time with my family while still generating income. I know starting an online business will require a great deal of work but I am ready for the challenge. I finally have an idea that I think will be profitable. Time to test…

  689. I am most excited about doing something I feel strongly about and doing it on my terms.

  690. Leveraging systems for automation, scale & a global audience.

  691. A passive income and owning my time is the most exciting thing to me. To be able to work from anywhere and at anytime.

  692. What excites me the most is having a direct positive impact on others. I’ve been working as a web developer for nearly half my life and I always enjoy when I meet people and learn that they’ve used an online product I’ve worked on (in all of my jobs combined, the customer base is over 20 million). But all that work has been for other people’s products working for other people’s companies. I’ve launched small websites of my own in the past, but never a full-on, pour your heart into it, online business that generates decent revenue. I have plenty of ideas for websites that I know I could create and believe others would enjoy, but the pay certainty technique has helped me not waste my time on those (thank you!). If I could drill down to the online business idea that would be profitable, it would easily be the most exciting product I’ve worked on.

  693. I do furniture restoration/renovation for living. Every piece I make is a one-off, has supreme quality and is more durable than a new one. I love and enjoy what I do. Online business gives me an opportunity to approach people not only locally but also globally.

  694. Being free to see others share my passion.

  695. It’s always ON and I can run it from anywhere in the world. It allows for greater flexibility; middle of the night, early morning, 2-hours a day or 12. I would work whenever I feel like. Moreover, I’ll be in-charge. Last but not least, I’d be happier and content doing something I love.

  696. You know what excites me about an online business? The idea that maybe folks out there might actually acknowledge the skills I have, and appreciate them.

  697. What excites me the most is not relying on a check every two weeks and earning money on a daily basis and being able to be flexible in what I want to do when I want to do it. Exploring the unknown but also having plans to get to the ultimate goal of having a very successful business. I want to explore the world and be able to experience life most people will not be able to. The flexibility will be huge.

  698. What excites me most about starting an online business is that I love to write and people love to read what I write. I already taste success with my unpaid content (posts and notes) through fb. My content is sad/happy/funny/insightful first-hand experiences and learnings about ‘parenting as a form of leadership in the 21st century’, and ‘building strong marriages’. Several of my readers apply my content consistently and give me strong positive feedback. My readers are extremely excited about my content and demand it, even if I skip a coupla days of posting. I am forever intrigued (and intimidated) by the potential of my writings… But I would like to take the steps and do a zero to launch.

  699. Freedom. Freedom to do what I want with my life (music, reading, electronics, travel, ANOTHER business), all while knowing I’m set financially for both myself and my folks.

  700. What’s attractive to me: helping people lead better lives, doing something no one I personally know has done, the potential for unlimited, leveraged income, being location-independent

    What’s most exciting to me: the challenge of turning subscribers into customers.
    I say this because doing this successfully would mean that:
    1. subscribers value the free stuff so much that they would pay me for new/extra content
    2. subscribers see the value in investing in themselves and are ready to take action to better their lives
    3. they trust me, value me as a teacher

  701. What excites me most about online business is that I can be my own boss and that my success depends entirely on my dedication. I feel like the constant reminder that “If you don’t work in this field you say you love, you’ll suffer” will keep me dedicated to the business. I feel like I’m in a constant need of dedication that wasn’t there.

  702. The thing that most excites me about the possibility of having a successful online business is that it offers a geographical freedom unique to that kind of work. If I want to work in a cafe all day, I could. If I wanted to work from an adorable home studio set-up, I could. If I wanted to fly off to Chicago and work amongst the offices of a friend’s new tech startup, I could. As someone who loves her home but also loves to travel, that’s the most exciting prospect to me.

  703. I love the idea of having an online business that lets me do work that gets me excited to churn things out, and not because I need to make the hours.

    Being successful to me is not constantly feeling that I am chained to my desk, unable to be with friends and family because I am distracted by financial guilt or stress.

  704. What excites me most about an online business is the freedom to work from home (and anywhere, for that matter) so I can be with my family more. Also, starting an online business that pays the bills means freedom from the graveyard shift and a lifestyle that revolves around work instead of the other way around.

  705. Ha! That video was great, thanks for sharing. What excites me about the prospect of an online business is the satisfaction and validation that would come with selling something I have made / created.

  706. The idea that I could run my business while being anywhere in the world and being able to design my work around my life, not the other way around. Basically, time and location freedom!

  707. The most exciting thing for me is the fact that I created that income. It would give be a greater sense of accomplishment as opposed to money I’ve earned from my employer.

  708. The potential reach of an online business is mind-bottling.

  709. STEP 1: I’ve begun lots of “attempts” at online businesses. I remember a specific instance in 2012 when I had begun taking “massive action” in a few areas, working out huge in the gym while eating a ton, AND going out in SF every night, AND starting a blog while working on a membership site. On top of working at my job.

    Why this online venture failed was for a few reasons:
    i. I was 27, I still felt *invincible* and like I had infinite energy, but the truth was I was doing too much. Its insane that I kept it together for the 3 or so months I did. Eventually, I got over-stressed, and couldn’t even keep doing one of those endeavors alone. So…mistake #1 — doing too many things, and then ending up with none of them going anywhere.
    ii. I told someone who was an “authority figure” in the niche about my idea and, well, he said “I’m starting something like that.” In fact, he wasn’t *really*, well, it was a membership site, but not really the same, umm, calibre, I guess. He said “if you want we can work on this together” and then working together…didn’t really work out. Plus, (i) above meant I had even less energy to deal with a “partnership” on the project.
    iii. I kept having issues deciding “how competent am I really in this niche anyway?” I felt I needed to be “provably” an authority and that people would be testing me all the time, and with (i) above, losing my energy made me lose my mojo.

    Beyond this one endeavor in 2012, I have spent time reading about different IM strategies, and have different friends who are for example either successful affiliate marketers who tell me to affiliate market products I know sell but don’t like (e.g. porn), but my background is as a software engineer so I feel like I should build some SaaS type product (e.g. basecamp or 37signals type thing), but I also have a friend who started out that way and currently DOES run an internet business that is SaaS for internet marketers, and he tells me to start out by looking at specific other landing pages, copying someone else’s funnel, as long as they don’t rely on “authority” (e.g. IWTYTBR I couldn’t just copy this exact business because people *know* Ramit but then don’t *know* Tom yet, so there’s not as easy a mechanical copy-paste method…but there are businesses that *could* be copy-pasted in some sense).

    So at this point, there’s a good deal of directions I could take. Even beyond that on some forums I look at certain people say “freelance and work as little as possible for others to keep a steady income” and then others say to just follow X Y or Z strategy.

    For some reason, deciding which way to go…is confusing.

    STEP 2: Zero doubts on this one, what EXCITES me most is the
    i. overall increase to my sense of self-esteem, being proud of myself, self-competence, knowing that I can actually make my way in the world, without needing to work for someone else
    ii. that would make me certain that I *CAN* be who I want to be without pandering to a corporate office culture where I have to be afraid of saying “That’s what she said” lest we get an HR complaint.

    In exchange for this market research Ramit I’m looking forward to your breakdown of what route to be taking with online business. I look forward to seeing your way of breaking this down.

    • Dang…what I love about this is…I just wrote out my post and then scanned up and down and when looking at other people’s posts I was all “Dang, nobody here is remembering ‘to get what you want you need to think of what other people want/need’ and Ramit often talks about that.”

      Then I looked back at my post and thought “Dang, neither did I.” (Of course Ramit’s questions clearly are asking about us, the reader…kinda weird thinking all meta like this, the role of a “blog reader” vs “business owner.”)

    • Your friend — the one who told you to plagiarize someone else — sounds like an idiot.

  710. Being able to operate from all around the world, not being tied up to a one single office, having the ability to promote your idea without any restraints that limit you and hold you back. The ability to attract a vast number of people to your idea.

  711. What excites me most about an online business – is the ability to make money while I’m away – doing things I enjoy & value more.

  712. There’s freedom from debt, and financial security and blah blah blah. But, what actually excites me about an online business is being able to be hungover, spend a whole day watching Netflix and still making money in that lazy day.

  713. Very simply put:
    1. Income that is directly proportionate to the effort I put. More effort = More reward
    2. Location independence
    3. My time becomes my time.
    4. Time for Family, Friends and Myself whenever I want
    5. Debt free

  714. I’m most excited about how it would feel to envision and build from scratch a product that you know would help people and that they would love. There’s nothing like having something so tangible. Too much of corporate world is pushing paper and electrons around. I want to make something again, and I want to see the look on someone’s face (or read their emotion in an email) that tells you how excited they are about what you created. (Of course, the income, freedom and flexibility is a great bonus, too!)

  715. I am from India.I am going to start a portal which helps people to choose there dream car.
    But I am not sure the revenue part of it. How I can make a revenue from the portal apart from advertisement income.
    I am in the process of finalizing the content and design of the portal.

  716. I’ve tried building an online business with Fiverr, MLM, adsense on my blog…But the returns are disappointing so far. I was going to try the ebook route but you put a doubt in my mind haha!
    What most excites me about an online business is encapsulated in one word: FREEDOM!
    Freedom to be who I am, do what I am called to do, from where I want, when I want, and NO BOSS to breathe down my neck and get the profits from MY work!
    And of course, the time to pursue my charitable works knowing that the bills are paid.

    Hmmm. That’s a long list!

  717. When I have an online business, I will have an opportunity to extend my reach; effecting millions of people. The idea of ‘creating’ excites me. The potential to make millions is overwhelming but extremely desirable. Unlimited time to travel, meet new people, and enjoy my free time is intoxicating.

    Life is meant to be lived with abundance in whatever way you wish it.

    I have unlimited time available to begin my journey from “Zero to Launch.” I am dedicated to the process, its highs and lows, and to making a successful online business that will grow and continue to prosper for years and years.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Dad. :)

  718. I would like to start an online business, I have zero experience with working in or starting online businesses. Online businesses have always intrigued me because I’ve been curious about how they function and generate income. I would like to diversify my income stream and have a business that can be run from any location in the world appeals to me. I’m also interested in learning what kind of services/products can be offered and be successful in the online marketplace.

  719. Earning additional income online would mean paying down debt, spending more quality time with my 3 sons and being able to travel without cutting corners on hotels, meals, etc. Starting my own business would give me a legacy to pass on to my sons, showing them that anyone can do it and, hopefully, instilling in them the entrepreneurial spirit to be their own boss as well.

  720. Building something new and then get a profit from it without having to go to the office every day!

  721. I run a web development firm for the past 14 years. Though successful, I am looking for a change, an online business that will give me more time with my growing son and pays be well enough to allow my son the best education, and good retirement income for my wife and me about 10 years from now.

    I have been exploring drop shipping and affiliates but am in a confused state right now. NEED HELP BADLY from a mentor…hope you are the ONE.

  722. What excites me about having a successful online business is to have a peace of mind when it comes to my finances.

    Rather than feeling limited and just chugging along with my day job I think this will help me feel empowered to take charge in improving my finances.

    Most importantly this will help me give my mum the retirement that she deserves. I don’t want to wait till it’s too late.

    I’ve implemented what I learned from IWTYTBR and I’ve seen great improvements in how I handle my money for the past 1 year. I look forward to the new course, Ramit!

  723. I am already involved in building an online business and find the time I spend on it (at night) enjoyable and rewarding (unlike my day job).

    To enjoy working and make serious money would be unbelievable.

  724. The idea that I will be doing/building my dream and be making money while doing it, all from the the comfort of my location. The fulfillment that comes with it.

  725. What excites me are the endless possibilites of starting something new.

  726. The most exciting thing about an online business for me is control. I am at a point in my career where being unable to make decisions about how to run the business is chafing me.

    I could go out and start my own practice, but that would require long, long hours and tether me to one place for longer than I would like.

    Starting an online business would allow me to control when, where and how long I worked for. The idea of being my own boss and working on something I care about is intoxicating.

  727. i always wanted go to travelling by myself (adventure) around the world, but if i stick on those basic Job (start on 8.30am and be home by 6pm) and without able to take long period of leaves, i am unable to achieve my dream!!! that why i am looking for flexible job hour :) i hope online business could help me on that :) and of course funding my trip also important as well. So i am excited on the ideas of online business
    Brian Chang
    From Malaysia (between Thailand&Singapore)
    sry for bad English

  728. Honestly, as bad as I want to start my own online business, and while I had many ideas and many blue prints of “how to” the blocking is psychological rather that technical, and there is always some trivials that take priorities.
    If u can help me psychologically too, that would be the key!

  729. Succeeding with an online business would give me a new sense of accomplishment. Big difference in generating earnings on your own compared to earnings working for others.
    What I earn now as a consultant is enough for the lifestyle I want. But with an online business I would have the freedom to work when I want and also to pursue other dreams.

  730. I want to create an online business because it reaches to people where i physically can’t. It gives access to global clients and global competition. Its the best way of saying “Let the best man win”. An online business promotes creativity as opposed to a job(Just Obey you Boss).

    With an online business I could get over the worry of my monthly bills are focus my energy more on things that I enjoy like being with my family and create something that makes world a better place to live.


  731. What I would want from an online business is the experience of making something that people really find fun and/or helpful, while working on my own terms. Not only schedule and place, but mostly being responsible for every piece and part of it. I know this means responsibility too, but it seems like a great challenge. Also, if possible, it would lead to some other business as well like consulting work, but that would just be a bonus.

    Also I have a question to ask or request to make if I may. Is it possible to find a good way to decide which language to use: English or my own? I am from the Netherlands, which is a very small language area, but naturally I speak and write it better than English. On the other hand, many more people speak English,so the potential market is much, much larger. Or else why wouls I have bought your productivity pack. Maybe this is the case for other international readers as well. Please discard if this is inappropriate!

    • Paulien, my writing style was too pedantic and I was including data and science that interested me but not my readers. Someone suggested I see my role more as a “bridge” between readers who want the ideas/results and the research expertise I have.
      In your case, when using a second language, definitely go with the larger readership, English. You don’t need “brilliant” language usage, you need to convey your message and content in simple terms, the simpler the better!

  732. The ability to build something greater than me that keeps on giving and rewards me for effort put in. Something that stays with me and grows over time and can’t be taken away on someone else’s whim!

  733. i live in india and am just stepping out of school this april. for the past 1 year i have been having this urge to set up my own online business and i had been planning to do so right from the april and now you are launching this programme. this is amazing timing.
    thankyou very much

  734. My online business would serve the same target audience as my present offline business, giving them a much easier way to fulfill one of their dreams while giving me a steady stream of pre-qualified leads for my offline business. The online business would be my revenue core, letting me be far more selective with the clients I choose for the offline business.

  735. What excites me about having an online business.

    First of all, what is exciting to me is the ease at which anybody can do this. In other words, the barrier to entry is quite low compared to traditional brick and mortar businesses. You don’t need to invest $150,000 just in equipment. So that is exciting.

    But that excitement is quickly dampened by the realistic realization of the fact that it is still quite difficult to generate a profitable business online. There is a lot that goes into it and I failed at my first attempt. I took a course, that while good, didn’t quite have the same finesse that your courses have.

    I plan to take up this challenge again in the near future though. Really looking forward to what you have to say about it.

  736. The most exciting part of starting an online business for me would be seeing additional income from doing more of what I love. My wife and I are quite happy working in our current jobs, but since we both work in nonprofits we aren’t getting paid the same way out friends in the private sector are. To me that means I need to hustle harder to pay the bills – and I’m actually excited to figure out how to do that with an online business!!

  737. I’ve done corporate. I’ve done academic. I’ve done government. None of these systems are something that work for me and I’m looking for an alternative. The idea that an online business could allow me to be my own boss, give me the ability to be location independent, and do something I’m excited about just seems possibly too good to be true, but certainly worth a try.

  738. The mission of my current offline business is to help baby boomer women make smart financial decisions before, during and after divorce.

    The thing that most excites me about an online business is the ability to reach, impact and ultimately help more women dealing with divorce than I could do purely through offline channels.

  739. An online business would mean I could finish paying off my debt (finish off student loans and soon to be mortgage), have more money to save for retirement, and have more freedom in general.

  740. What excites me most about an online business is the opportunity to earn money from every location on the planet. Maybe even in space. To be able to travel to wherever I wanna go and still be able to work and most importantly earn money is just incredible to me.

  741. Excited to create something that others value and will give me flexibility.

  742. I would just like to build something from scratch and see that it can succeed. Just to see myself taking the first step, going live and making something available for the rest of the World – that’s what excites me currently the most!

  743. The fact that we can help a greater number people help themselves with far less effort and time, excites me most about an online business. There have been cases where people don’t get the traffic they intend to but, the fact that other’s do, strikes the previous point off as bs. I’d love to learn about getting more traffic. An online business allows me to go upto someone before/while they huff and puff about a certain problem and ask how can I help, and get paid for it! That is just friggin awesome!! :D

  744. The most exciting thing about running an online business is the huge amount of value your money has when it comes automatically. You can actually enjoy your money – you have free time – you choose what you do with your time. You are not dependent on WORK. Also you are stress free – if so you choose – being 100% responsible for your work means having only yourself as a judge.

    Probably even more exciting than the financial freedom, the free time and all the beautiful things you can enjoy while having this lifestyle, is the impact you can have on the world. You can do the thing you love most free of stress or financial limitations. You can express your limitless passion.

    Also for me something very exciting is the chance of becoming more widely known for your services :) – how does getting invited to talk at the local university sound? how about national TV? :)

  745. The most exciting thing for me is the opportunity to participate in all the things I love to do. Although I like my full-time job very much, it’ll be another year before it pays enough to cover my basic expenses. In the meantime, freelance work fills the gaps. There’s neither time nor money left to pursue hobbies and interest — things I get lost in, like photography — except superficially.

  746. The idea of reinventing myself is very exciting. Having a 12-9 job leaves me with no time to see my son and wife. I have NO idea about how to even create a website but I’m very open minded and coachable!

  747. I’m most excited about the idea of being creative and doing something that makes a difference – ultimately it’s being free to do what I enjoy and to live the life I want on my own terms.

  748. I look forward to the day where I can up and spend all day going on adventures with my family because I have the freedom to work my own hours and make my business work for me!

  749. Since I have been out of my traditional job, my creative thoughts have skyrocketed, and I haven’t even done exciting things yet! Having time to foster personal creativity excites me. Making lots of money without the daily grind- not spending 3 hours a day in traffic, when I could spend that time dancing with my son.
    I want to go on a last minute ski trip!

  750. Ram Kumar Singha Link to this comment

    I want to start a online business so I can leverage the power of mass reach, no geography constraint, automate. I want to automate my money making part so I can do what excite me more.

  751. I get most excited about the idea that I can share my vision, my ideas about future work life and my guidance with more people than ever possible before the internet came up. On top it could provide a platform for inspiration and motivation to all the people out there who are committed to make a big and positive change to their life.

  752. Not just the freedom, the euphoric reward in creating something that works and more importantly that we are passionate about. If we are passionate, we’re not working, we’re enjoying. And getting paid. So we can focus on doing everything we want in life and dying one day with a big smile on our face!

  753. What excites me most about starting an online business is the chance to create something great and that people want.

  754. Hey Ramit, I know you like straight shooters so I’ll be honest, I haven’t read all 800 comments, I just flicked through until I saw your toga photos to get a feel for your mood and how I could add value. Your honesty (albeit brutal) is consistent which creates integrity. I think you have just given me my ah-ha.. I don’t need to fear coming off preachy or evangelistic or sleazy when sharing the knowledge I have that can help people – my passion for helping people is the differentiator.
    ‘You can’t please everyone rockwell’

  755. What excites me? Creating something of MY OWN that people will want to use/buy/read. Expressing my skills in a way where I get direct feedback and the opportunity to make an impact directly for someone else.

  756. I want to work when ‘I’ want to work, and execute my own ideas. I want to build myself as a brand. Also I like to think myself as a man of principles, I don’t want to make money my selling (in whichever manner) stuff which I don’t believe in, at a price I will not buy it myself (provided I had the money). Of course spending more time with family rather than at stupid pointless totally unnecessary meetings would be an added advantage. The problem is that I don’t see anyone in my area of work earning online. So I need help on what all I can do.

    Would you be able to help me Ramit?

  757. Concentrating on the task at hand (what it “exciting”; not what is the core benefit, or why do you want to do an online business), I would say the most exciting thing would be that my personal business idea bore fruit; that is, people wanted the thing I made, or the service I offered. May sound simplistic but it is inherent for me.

    — “Hey! People are buying my solid gold hats at a record pace!!!”
    That would be great to hear.

    *Disclaimer: not really selling solid gold hats.

  758. I’m looking for the freedom and flexibility of an internet business.

  759. Online business offers a low cost entry into the world of being an entrepreneur. A world where you control whether you sink or swim. If you swim it leads to more freedom, more time with your family and potentially greater income. I have lost a job, I have been asked not to take a vacation, I wake up everyday at the same time, drive the same roads and get home to spend time with my kids for about 3 hours out of the day. At times I feel like instead of living I really am just dying slowly. I want to live, I want to have a purpose, I want to make a difference, I want to live. Online business seems to be the best avenue towards my GOALS and DESIRES. The pursuit of my true inner passion is what excites me about the potential of online business. You never know unless you GO!

  760. I really love my job. The problem is that I’m an employee, and everything I create, I create for a company that sells it to another company, that will profit from it. I realized that there’s no point to work for somebody else at any level. The reason I do this (and the others like me), is that we’ve been too worried about perfecting our craft during our careers, but never took the time to develop our entrepreneur skills. The other problem is that I have to spend my days working in front of a computer just because they want me to, regardless of it’s the best solution.

  761. The primary characteristic that excites me most about having my own online business is the responsibility. Owning an online business means that I am in charge of my own fate and that I am not able to push blame onto anyone else, keeping things honest. If I fail, the only reason I fail is because of my actions, in-actions, and decisions, not because my corporation went bankrupt or some uncontrollable factor as such.

  762. The thing that excites me most about having an on-line business is I could have flexibility in my work schedule. I would not have to do direct selling.

  763. I am excited to try out working the way I think it should be done—performing with excellence without overworking yourself. When it works, I want to tell others: people willing to take the leap and go out on their own, but more importantly, the managers and business owners who haven’t yet encouraged this kind of strong confidence in their own companies.

  764. Freedom! And the ability to help my family and friends get free as well.

  765. The incredible reach of the internet is by far the most exciting thing about an online business. It would be great to develop a local business that generated income, but online could conceivably open the market to most of the world.

  766. A scalable, repeatable business model that allows freedom of location opens up an entirely new life for myself and those around me I love!

    It excited me most to shape my own future, and peruse my own dreams as opposed to being a cog in a wheel that helps others achieve their dreams while I sit on the sideline and watch.

  767. Like other commenters here, it would be nice to spend more time with my family. Also to have the freedom to do what I love and to see that what I do directly impacts people.

  768. I’m excited to discover what I can offer to enrich lives – my own and others’. But I don’t yet have a sense of what strength I can apply to create a profitable meaningful business.

    Catapulting beyond the “physiological” and “safety” levels of Maslow’s hierarchy would be a dream come true. An online business represents greater options, including more freedom to be selective about what your day job is (or if you have one). I never want to wake up knowing that the day’s required work will be uninspiring. I’d love to have the flexibility to be a hospital volunteer during “traditional day job” hours, travel, and spend more time interacting with people.

  769. The feeling of making a difference for others would be wonderful.

    I’ve experienced it in small ways, with friends and family, or through feedback from my blogs.
    But the idea of being able to do so on a much larger scale, and to earn a living from it, is what truly excites me.

    Working for a fixed salary has so many limits, but having an online business will give greater leverage, flexibility and freedom as my own boss.

    How to “market” something, how to attract people to a website and get them to click a “buy” button – these things are alien to me and I really am looking forward to learning from Ramit.

  770. Surrogate Asian Father, Ramit,

    The most thrilling thing about running an online business for myself, is being able to commit. It takes a lot for me to commit I’ve realized that the secret sauce for me is servicing and being able to add value and fill a necessary gap.

    I’ve realized that as we become a global economy, more and more users will be online and I want to be able to position myself in a way that accesses this new change and at the same time is of worth.

    Finding that the perfect space in cyberland is exciting to me.

    Of course, there’s also the joy to having freedom and accomplishing the things on my bucket list, along side, creating work that is birthed out of passion and relevancy.

  771. It is the learning curve in a new field that most excites me in starting up an online business. That will be fun and profitable. What more can you ask?

  772. The flexibility to be creative with my work and not feel stuck in a job that is depressing and demotivating. That and the freedom of not worrying.

  773. The thing that excites me the most about an online business is the freedom to be location independant. To not have to be tied to one city, state, or country for that matter. I am currently in a desk job that requires me to be present each and every day. That job is in Germany. I am from the US and stationed with the US Army. With an online business model I would be able to visit my family in the States more often.

    With a higher income and mobility, my parents would benifit by being able to see thier son, daughter-in-law and of course grand daughter!!

    Looking forward to what you have to offer Ramit.



  774. Honestly, I’ve not been all that interested in doing a strictly online business, because so much of what I think I’m good at involves face-to-face encounters.
    BUT…if I could figure out how to package what’s in my head in order to 1. reach a bigger audience, and 2. do it so that I don’t have to be there personally –because I know that my time limits are my income limits in these cases–it could open up a whole new life for me and my family. That’s what really excites me!

    Thanks, Ramit–as always, you rock.

  775. I love what I do at work, and I loved having my own business in the past. Unfortunately what I do now does not allow me to have a side business in the same field (legally), which is where most of my passion lies.

    Before you tell me look elsewhere or negotiate a higher salary, I have already done that to the extent possible. I am well-paid and I don’t think I can have the impact I currently have just by looking for another job in the same field.

    All this being said, I would like to make more money than I currently do, and I have a lot of other interests that i spend time on outside of work. I would love to be able to monetize one of these interests, as well as share my passions with a larger audience other than the same friends who I imagine sometimes grow tired of always being the outlet for my various interests.

  776. Excites me to work towards achieving my own dreams as opposed to simply standing on the sidelines and being a cog in a machine that helps others achieve theirs.

  777. First and foremost I simply want the freedom to work when and where I want. My last two jobs have kept me tied down to one area with little chance to travel or even take a break.

    Second, I would gain enormous satisfaction in creating something that is successful and helpful to others.

  778. I’m most excited about an online business because it would let me reach and help more people – to leverage my knowledge for more than one person at a time, without me burning out from the process!

  779. An online business excites because I feel like at my current job (as a stay at home parent, ha) not all of my skills and talents are being used. I hope to start something that I can be invested in and grow of my own work that can fit into my current lifestyle.

  780. Sandro Mancini Link to this comment

    The freedom associated with it:
    – Work from “anywhere”, make your own schedule. I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and today I have to endure a 3 to 4 HOUR DAILY COMMUTE just to be able to work, because I have a work schedule set up.
    – Being my own boss, being directly responsible for my revenue, work more and better, earn more, make decisions and be directly responsible for them, learning from the mistakes and understanding the sucesses. I work in a family business, so being a WANTpreneur (an entrepreneur wannabe), you can imagine my frustration. I tried to be an INTRApreneur (doing entrepreneur work inside the company), but had no success there.
    – The world is your oyster, you get to know people, places you didn’t had the chance before.
    – The online world is a more vibrant one, more adept to new ideas, exchange of ideas, sharing, fast paced, not dullness, no repetitive and dumb stuff (unless you trap yourself in that business-killing loop).

  781. FREEEEDOMMMM! (Braveheart style.) (Possibly in a kilt.)

  782. The prospect of freedom from both time constraints and monetary constraints.

    I am not, however, in it for just the money. I want to help small (specifically local) businesses grow and thrive.

  783. Online business excites me because it lends itself to freedom and more income. I could basically have the schedule I want, and I could make more money than I do now in less time.

    I’m psyched for this, especially the peek into your business! Nearly nobody does that, and so I can’t wait!

  784. The most exciting thing about each sale is realizing that there’s a person, possibly somewhere halfway around the world, who likes your product and finds value in it.

  785. The idea that I can avoid being my first boss who owned his own businesses. In the 5 years I worked for him he took 1 week of vacation, and called every few hours to make sure we weren’t driving his baby of a fiscal cliff or burning the place down and warming our hands over the ashes. It would be a dream come true if I could replace my income, help people solve a problem, and teach my fiancee how to create a lifestyle business for herself.

  786. The most exciting thing about starting an online business is the ability to have a business where I can scale my efforts to provide more time and funds for my family to travel and experience life together.

  787. I believe we all have something inside of us to share to the world…. It is just finding that right person or vehicle to help you see how to do that…. This is very good

  788. What excites me most is the flexibility to live where I want and take advantage of the outdoors during the day. In the winter I would love to take a few runs on the mountain, and during the summer spend some time in the ocean. At my current office job I only get to do these things on the weekend.

    It would also be incredibly exciting to really own the hard work I put in. When putting in extra hours for a company, it is nice to feel like you are supporting your team. But the feeling would be completely different if those extra hours went to my own company!

  789. The idea of being able to reach and distribute products – in my case, music and/or food – through channels that would have been more difficult to access if not completely unavailable before the Internet is exciting. I’m looking at an online presence as a way to promote and market on one hand, intellectual property and on the other, a perishable product, as an avenue that any American in today’s economy needs to be able to understand, master and use intelligently. It would be great to be able to generate income while I sleep or on vacation, but I expect that’s a long ways off.

  790. I like the idea of directing my own work. Being able to focus on something that generates real results instead of moving numbers around in a spreadsheet is very appealing.

  791. My experience with starting an online business has been one of learning. I have tried twice to kick start a blog thru which to share my artistic process and offer consultative services, only to “fail”. I am in the process of using what I have learned to start again, though I have to say its not been easy. I currently reside in Nigeria (yes, I know) whre I am from and there are challenges from finding time outside work to irregular electricity supply to low income, etc.

    What most excites me about startingan online business is the opportunity to begin to tender the seed of my life’s purpose. My life’s purpose has taken me about a decade to clearly define, which is this: To be amongst a group of people who build a city (in Nigeria) that will assist over 1 billion people on our planet create sustainable livelihood. Yes,…i know.

  792. I want to get my podcast out to distributors of It Works!, the maker of the crazy wrap. I want to keep them inspired and motivated so that they can have a successful business.

  793. The thing that excites me most about starting an online business is the opportunity to focus on issues that I’m passionate about and being able to share my experience and knowledge with others. Specifically, I’ve worked in the addiction field for almost ten years and I feel that experience could be valuable to the right audience, such as parents dealing with drug abusing teens.

  794. An online business, one that is successful, means that what I’m doing isn’t just busy work, it isn’t useless, it would be me creating something of value. The standards and quality of what I would offer would be my own reputation. The scary part about this is there would be no buffer between me and a bad rollout, or me and the problems a business can run into. I don’t have even the observation of a successful business to know what I am getting into.

  795. Most excitement… the money. I grew up poor and am still not wonderful on income (changing… I’m starting a dreamjob next week!!!!). Since the dream job will take care of money, then the most exciting thing of an online business is to have a community of followers… my own little tribe of people, like Ramit’s Brain Trust. The community and connection I see here on ramit’s blog–knowing that I’m making a difference for these people–that’s the most exciting thing about an online business. Oh also… come on, who doesn’t want people talking about their ideas? How cool would it be to have YOUR ideas and thoughts echoed in magazines and blogs and videos? I think we’ve all got a little narcissist in us. Mine is not so little. Ha.

  796. The most exciting about an online business to me is that you can work from anywhere, at any time and potentially make endless of money :-)

  797. My experience with starting an online business has been one of learning. I have tried twice to kick start a blog thru which to share my artistic process and offer consultative services, only to “fail”. I am in the process of using what I have learned to start again, this time with a small project to make thrice the amount I collect at work; though, I have to say its not been easy. I currently reside in Nigeria whre I am from and there are challenges from finding time outside work to irregular electricity supply to low income, etc. Ramit, I know I can’t afford you. But your no BS approach is what I need. I need a tough f*&%ing teacher. And someday, if I learn correctly, I will bring you down to Lagos.

    What most excites me about starting an online business is the opportunity to begin to tender the seed of my life’s purpose. My life’s purpose has taken me about a decade to clearly define, which is this: To be amongst a group of people who build a city (in Nigeria) that will assist over 1 billion people on our planet create sustainable livelihoods. Yes…trust me…I know.

  798. I love the idea that I could invest my time doing something that I enjoy which would actually be profitable! And if it would enable me to spend more time with my wife and kids I would be thrilled!

  799. I’m most excited about the prospect of taking what I’ve already built with my side business (tutoring in math and physics), and making it both time and location independent. I’m happy with my hourly rate, but I’m only one person and can only be in one place at a time. And I usually have 10x more value that I could provide to each client if I were only able to spend 10 hours per week with each. The online model removes that barrier.

  800. The freedom that it brings me.

    – buying what I want and not having to always be worrying about price
    – doing what I want, not having to ask my boss for permission for time off
    – the freedom to spend infinitely more quality time with my family, who I don’t get to see nearly enough due to the work demands.

    And that freedom could apply to them. I could retire my parents, my sister, just being able to provide that kind of gift…its hard to even put it into words how great that would be.

  801. i want to be part of this.

  802. What most excites me is the prospect of being financially free to just say yes to exciting opportunities and have freedom to travel. The main focus of this is not just to discover new places, meet new places but be able to do that with my family and friends.

  803. To the point, the most exciting thing to starting a business is having more money to get out of debt. After that, it’s independence, respect and flexibility.

  804. It’s definitely the flexible schedule. Time with my daughter is super important.

  805. Basically…bring it on…….your the Watson of online marketing…..

  806. Getting money and freedom by providing something that really helps others excites me most.

  807. Flexible hours AND flexible place. Need freedom in a retirement business, income is secondary, bragging rights important

  808. I’m excited to bring my unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry to more people! I have a website, but most of my sales are person to person at shows, home parties, etc. I would love to be able to get that feeling onto my website, where my personality comes through and people want to buy beautiful things from me!

  809. Like a ton of other commenters, I am excited to spend more time with my young child instead of going to an office all day.

    I am also excited to feel like my work directly benefits someone. Right now I am in an interesting industry but it feels like the end result of my work is just that rich people/companies get richer. It doesn’t feel meaningful.

  810. Excitement that is specific to an online business would be doing things that work. Seeing that what you do amounts to something. It would be very hard to see that when you are working in a company or in my case, a government agency where your contributions are not recognised, and all the glory and attention is taken by some figurehead. I am not some attention whore, but I think I need the attention because I am the one who is in the position to help, and not that figurehead, but instead because of the structure of the organisation, things are like that. If I had an online business, then I think that I will be in the correct position to make the impact, that fits my capabilities, and what someone out there might need best.

  811. To have a steady stream of income while I get to enjoy life more with family and friends.

  812. Online entrepreneurship is the best career to accommodate time freedom and a disciplined yet worry free lifestyle!

  813. An online business would enable me to reach and teach more people than I can currently do on a one on one basis.
    It means I can leverage my time, generate a passive income stream that frees my time to do the things I want to do when I want to do them

  814. As a 23 year old, the most exciting part will be building relationships with people I never met before and having a positive effect on their life. People don’t care about what you say. They care about how you make them feel. To be able to live life to its fullest with out any financial and time limitations for myself and my family will be unbeilieveable. True freedom is living the life you want and building your dreams; not building the dreams of others. Heres to you, Ramit! Cant’t wat.

  815. I am most excited about the freedom, flexibility and security offered by an online business. It would provide a backup to pursue my wildest dreams.

  816. The exciting thing about an online business is that you can access the entire world to have an impact much bigger than was otherwise possible. You can affect the lives of many more people, while also making more money that ways!

  817. Jarrett Coggin Link to this comment

    As I filled out in my survey responses, I want to live a more congruent life instead of feeling like I’m living two lives: One that pays the bills and another that brings personal fulfillment and happiness.

    I’d also love the flexibility of being able to dictate my own schedule and take trips to visit friends and family when I want, instead of when is convenient for work.

  818. I want to be able to look at my bank account and not break into a cold sweat
    I want to be able to look at my week and see free time and possibility instead of piles of obligations
    I want to be able to commit my energy and efforts toward something I enjoy and respect
    I want to be able to view my contribution to the world as unequivocally positive as opposed to neutral or negative
    I want to be able to make money while I eat, sleep, or exercise
    I want to be able to travel and spend more time with my family, particularly my baby sisters

  819. I’m thrilled to be able to live in Brazil because I have an online business that generates enough revenue to pay my bills. For me, it’s being able to be where I want to be, when I want to be.

    I like the fact that I work fewer hours even though I don’t earn a significant amount of money, but my time is what’s most valuable to me. I do spend a lot of time thinking about building better systems and getting more of my work to be outsourced so I can focus more on sales and marketing to grow my business but keeping with the quality.

  820. I am attracted to having the ability to work independent of location. Not even because of a need to travel all the time, but rather to work where and when I want.

  821. Freedom, especially from obligations and worry.

    I’m sorry, was it supposed to be more complex than that?

    So why haven’t I done it? Because I don’t want to be Another One Of Those Guys, an internet marketer with all sorts of bright, stupid ideas.

    Passive income is never truly passive, and I don’t want it to be. I’ll know I’ve found the right thing when I can’t help but think about it and work on it.

  822. The idea of being excited about my job and having income that allows me to do other pursuits – work to live, not live to work.

  823. I’m on track to build a very solid income, but all at the cost of my time. As James mentioned, I would love to create an amazing life for my family AND enjoy it with them. PLUS the bonus of creating something of my own that can positively affect more people while diversifying my income is very exciting.

  824. An online business provides and opportunity for freedom. You don’t have to wake up and go to the same office, go through the same commute, see the same people, every….day….

    With the right systems – you can fulfill product / orders from anywhere in the world. a beach in Miami…anywhere.

    That is what what excites me most. Freedom.

  825. Nathan Strange Link to this comment

    This year, I have already gone from dreaming and talking and wish to DOING. I’ve started a non-profit based on urban sustainability and we are making strides, quickly. The one sustainability skill I lack is how to be *financially* sustainable simply because I felt overwhelmed and frightened. This non-profit has put my feet to the fire and you know what? It is thrilling. I and thrilled to be forced into facing something that terrifies me, and knowing without a doubt that I can do this!

  826. Haven’t done online before

    Only reason I’m joining is because I liked your approach to Finishers Formula – it was a way to get what you said it could deliver

    I could probably talk about it but actually having, not ‘running’ one- the 2 questions tie up…

    Having an online business that generates revenue for me as another stream is also what excites me. Simple as that

    Trust me I’m a very creative individual but for this and as it’s new and I like what you do, I’ll keep it at that. If that happens you’ll have a genuine and worthwhile fan

    Good seeing a western born desi up there bringing applicable wisdom creatively to entrepreneurship

  827. Rather than repeating my “step 1″ answer on here, I’d also add that the challenge of diving into the psychology and needs of the prospect/customer in order to create win-win situations for both sides is extremely exciting – I am a big fan of the Challenger Sale model. Creating a product that both helped people and contributed towards some of my “step 1″ goals would be quite fulfilling.

  828. MONEY

  829. The most exciting thing to me is the possibility to use my creativity in a way that helps people AND get paid for it! Thanks for all the awesome material, Ramit.