5 fascinating articles I’ve been reading

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5 Fascinating Articles: Pieces on psychology and business straight from Ramit Sethi himself
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Last week, I flew in a bunch of my team members to NYC for meetings on new things we’re building for you. We have some AWESOME new projects we’re working on for you (some out to 2017).

Since I was working from 5am-11pm on each of those days, I decided I could write you another 9-page blog post full of jokes and psychological techniques…or I could take a nap.

Here, before I fall asleep, I’m sending you a quick list of my favorite 5 articles from the last few days.

Check these out and make sure you gZzzZzZZzzz

There’s no such thing as a slut. One of the most interesting articles on gender and psychology I’ve ever read. Read how women “slut shame” each other — and how it changes based on socioeconomic status.

The $13 Billion Mystery Angels. Who is funding these charities? “…These trusts hold about $9.7 billion. That’s…bigger than the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations combined. Only three private foundations in the country—the Gates, Ford, and Getty foundations—are bigger. But someone had taken elaborate steps to make sure no one figured out where this money came from.” (Be sure to click on the picture in the article.)

Where do you think your parents went wrong with you? Tons of interesting comments on where people felt their parents went wrong. See especially the thread about parents not demanding more from kids, so now they are lazy.

How the world’s most notorious drug lord was captured. Pay special attention to the part where he evaded law enforcement by changing the way he used his Blackberry. Smart.

New surveillance technology can track everyone in an area for several hours at a time. Straight out of Minority Report. Multi-camera plane can record over an area for hours, then stitch together the recordings to show what happened with an event…”pre-event and post-event.”

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