8 Types of YouTube Channels You Can Start Today by Ramit Sethi

8 best types of YouTube Channels to start making money online

If you’re here, you already understand the clout of YouTube content—its expansive reach and lucrative potential for monetization. In fact, you’ve likely toyed with the idea of starting your own channel. So, what’s the hold-up? It boils down to one burning question: What type of YouTube channel should you start?

In this post, I’ll cut through all the noise and break down 8 types of YouTube channels you can start today! Feel free to skip to the ones that appeal to you the most.

8 Types of YouTube Channels You Can Start Today by Ramit Sethi
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Table of Contents

8 Popular Types of Channels on YouTube

There are countless types of YouTube channels out there, each with its own unique flavor and audience. Today, we’re zeroing in on 8 standout YT channels that not only fuel your passion but are also proven moneymakers for creators.

Before we delve into specifics, let me remind you: with a YouTube channel boasting over 470k subscribers, I’m no stranger to the game. But let’s leave the boasting aside and focus on what truly matters: finding the right channel niche for YOU.

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1. Money and Finance

To make your mark in this space, pinpoint a specific finance-related niche—be it personal finance, investing, or entrepreneurship. Then, choose a content format that resonates with your style, whether that’s how-to guides, expert interviews, or insightful commentary.

My own YouTube channel serves as a prime example within this genre. It’s not just a platform for sharing financial wisdom; it’s a tool for building credibility, showcasing expertise, and broadening the reach of my brand. I employ a multi-faceted approach, offering sneak peeks and highlights from my finance podcast episodes, making sure that my content is informative, engaging, and accessible.


2. Vlogging

Vlogging is turning your daily life into an engaging, ongoing narrative.
It’s all about giving your audience a front-row seat, whether you’re hitting up incredible spots around the globe, cooking up some amazing eats, or just sharing the ups and downs of everyday life. The beauty of vlogging lies in its diversity and the personal touch you bring to your content. For instance, look at successful vloggers like Casey Neistat; they draw in millions by not just documenting life but crafting a story, integrating their unique perspective and filmmaking skills to transform ordinary events into captivating visual experiences. To excel in vlogging, focus on authenticity, consistency, and a knack for telling your story in a way that connects and resonates with your audience.


3. Gaming

Gaming channels demand creativity among tough competition. To stand out, focus on a specific game or genre, offering in-depth content like tutorials, reviews, or insider tips. Trending topics can also give your channel a boost. Channels like PewDiePie thrive by adding a personal touch to gaming content, blending humor and unique commentary with gaming expertise, proving that a strong, relatable personality can turn gameplay into a shared experience.

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4. Educational

Choose a topic you are an expert in, be it academic subjects, practical skills, or hobbies. Consistency in your niche attracts a loyal audience. Diverse formats, from detailed tutorials to insightful expert interviews, can enrich your content. Channels like TED exemplify success, offering a platform for experts to share groundbreaking ideas, making complex topics accessible and engaging. Their success comes from high-quality content and the ability to spotlight and promote a diverse, thought-provoking perspectives.


5. Fitness & Wellness

Fitness channels are perfect for fitness professionals seeking to showcase their expertise or anyone passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle. These channels can also serve as a platform for promoting health-related products or services. Successful fitness channels, like FitnessBlender, offer diverse, accessible workouts and genuine, expert health advice.

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6. Tutorials and How-Tos

Whether it’s makeup, home repairs, or cooking, these channels make learning accessible and engaging. Blend your tutorials with other content types, like beauty or tech, to broaden your appeal. Channels like Tasty stand out by breaking down intricate recipes into visually appealing, easy-to-follow steps, showing that with clarity, creativity, and a bit of flair, you can transform simple instructions into a go-to resource.


7. Reviews

Review channels guide viewers through the sea of products and services, offering honest insights before they make a purchase. By focusing on a specific category, like tech gadgets or beauty products, your reviews can attract a dedicated audience looking for trusted advice. Channels like MKBHD thrive by delivering in-depth, reliable, and visually appealing reviews, all the while building a trustworthy brand.


8. Travel Content

We all love thse. Travel channels range from immersive travel vlogs and practical guides to destination reviews. Deciding whether to feature yourself can shape your channel’s personality, creating a more personal viewer connection. Successful channels like Drew Binsky excel by combining captivating storytelling with useful travel insights.


Start Growing Your Youtube Channel Today

While there are eight main ideas to get you started, the key is to align with what truly resonates with you. People have a knack for sniffing out insincerity, even if it takes them a while. So, don’t try to be something you’re not. Show up as your authentic self, put in the work, and let your genuine passion shine through. 


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