Find Your First Profitable Idea Mini-Course: Lesson 1

The Magic of Being Paid to Do What You Love

Would you know a profitable business idea if it was staring you right in the face? Most people wouldn’t. In today’s lesson, I’ll show you that it IS possible to turn something you LOVE into a profitable business.

As you watch this lesson, I want you to think about what went on in my mom’s head when I told her she was going to teach a cooking class: 

  • “Do I really have anything to offer?”
  • “Why would someone pay me?”
  • “What I do isn’t anything special enough to become a business.” 

These are probably the very same thoughts you might be having now!

TODAY’S EXERCISE: Imagine that, with a wave of a magic wand, you suddenly had no more worries, fears, or doubts. What kind of business would you like to explore? Brainstorm a list of ideas. No idea is too wild at this stage. Don’t worry whether it would work or not. Just give yourself 10 minutes to think freely and start getting ideas on paper.

What's coming next...

In Lesson #2, I’ll show you a process for generating LOTS of potential business ideas.

And on Monday 3/20 at 8pm Eastern, I’m capping off this free mini-course with a live class all about 6-figure business ideas. You’re already registered. I’ll email you the link on Monday morning.