A look inside my secret community for building businesses

Earlier this year, I quietly started a small community for people who were ready to stop thrashing around on their own and finally start and grow their business.

I’m talking about REAL people building REAL businesses.

The community includes all levels — from “I don’t have an idea” newbies to 6-figure entrepreneurs ready to scale.

We’re all using a proven system for starting and building a business. 

We meet regularly via calls to workshop our businesses, talk through tricky spots, and get and give feedback. I do extensive Q&A on every call, too.

We’re also connected online for accountability, inspiration, and even faster feedback. 

I love seeing community members share their results with the group…

“FOUR new clients this week”

“I made my first sale!!”

Best of all, because the group is private — and everyone paid to be part of it — that means there are no trolls or wannabes. Just real people helping each other solve the big challenges every business builder faces:

  • How to find an idea
  • How to test and refine your idea, even in crowded niches
  • How to find potential customers (where they are, how to approach them, exactly what to say)
  • How to make your first sale
  • What to sell, how much to charge, and when to raise prices
  • How to scale up
  • How to keep going even when you’re overwhelmed or intimidated

I can’t tell you how powerful it is to WATCH other business owners overcome these challenges and more, in real time, right before your eyes. It’s magic. 

However, while I can’t tell you about it, I can give you a taste. 

You’ll get to watch an in-depth makeover of one person’s business idea, some discussion on the key takeaways, a few stories from me, and a live Q&A session with me at the end.

On its own, this 84-minute recording is a mini-masterclass in how to craft a compelling offer. Some highlights:

  • The power of an irresistible offer — the “Ramit goes to the movies” story (1:38)
  • What the news says about spending vs what business owners actually see (15:18)
  • 20-minute in-depth coaching session on how to sharpen your business idea (21:40)
  • How to get crisp on your audience’s real problems (1:00:22)
  • Q&A: “Do I need a website to start a business?” (1:04:03)
  • Q&A: “Should you go broad or go niche with your business?” (1:06:30)
  • Q&A: “Separating free lookie-loos from real paying customers” (1:17:27)

I’m sharing this on the chance that you’re also ready to stop thrashing around on your own and finally build your business. You don’t have to do it alone.

Watch the full recording