A Sneak Peek of Find Your Dream Job

Find Your Dream Job excerpt #1:
Behind an $80,000 raise: Advanced interviewing techniques

Imagine walking into a room with your manager, then walking back out with an $80,000 raise — and they were more than happy to give it. How does that happen?

From the outside, negotiating a massive raise might seem a bit like magic. Especially one that adds hundreds or thousands of dollars a month to your pocket. But it’s not magic. It’s a system. One that you can learn, follow, and benefit from yourself.

In this video from deep into the program, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how to engineer a massive raise. This is just one tactic out of many in Find Your Dream Job, but it is incredibly powerful.

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Key takeaways:

  • Good interviewees know the answers to tricky interview questions. GREAT interviewees go one step further.
  • If you follow the right system, you CAN land a massive raise. Find Your Dream Job breaks this down for you, step by step, with examples.
  • You can use this technique when applying for a new job or asking for a promotion.

Find Your Dream Job excerpt #2:
How the Dream Job System works

In this video, I’m going to show you how Find Your Dream Job works.

Thousands of people have used this system to find their Dream Jobs, across dozens of different industries. Once you understand the system, you can sail past people who follow the usual, broken advice.

Key takeaways:

  • Each of us goes through different phases in our lives and career. Do you want to grow in your career FAST? Do you want to prioritize travel or family? Do you want to reinvent your career completely?
  • Companies are always hiring! We’ll show you how to find them.
  • Find Your Dream Job is packed with everything you need to know about finding enviable jobs, crafting door-opening resumes, interviewing flawlessly, negotiating raises and perks, and more.

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These videos are just two of many in Find Your Dream Job that demystify the process of finding and landing the job of your dreams.

Find Your Dream Job covers the ENTIRE process of finding your Dream Job:

  • The advanced strategies for finding great jobs (not simply submitting a resume and waiting to hear back)…
  • All the done-for-you templates and real-world examples of 6-figure resumes and cover letters…
  • All the proven responses to tough interview questions and the word-for-word scripts to nail any negotiation…
  • All the live makeovers and behind-the-scenes hiring manager confessions to SHOW you exactly how the best candidates approach every step of the job search and what hiring managers wished you did…
  • And all the deep psychology, hidden breakthroughs, and ready-to-use frameworks to make it easy for you to find the job you’ve always wanted — and get paid everything you’re worth.

It’s a COMPLETE system.

With Find Your Dream Job, you get ALL of this, protected by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Nothing else comes close.

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