Find Your First Profitable Idea Mini-Course: Lesson 3

How To Find Your First Profitable Idea

In this video case study, you’ll watch as I help a real Earnable student go through the process and evaluate their business ideas. (This kind of behind-the-scenes detail is only available in Earnable, and now this mini-course.)

TODAY’S EXERCISE: What was the #1 insight you took away from today’s video? How can you apply this to your own list of business ideas? Carve out 20 minutes to revisit your list of business ideas:

  • If you haven’t brainstormed a list of potential ideas yet, here is another chance to begin.
  • If you have, run through your list again. Are there questions from Lesson #2’s exercise where you could dig in deeper?

What's coming next…

You can review Lesson #1 here: The magic of being paid to do what you love.

You can review Lesson #2 here: The Overnight Business Idea Generator.

In our next lesson, I’ll explain what to do if you’re not an expert in anything.

And on Monday 3/20 at 8pm Eastern, I’m capping off this free mini-course with a live class all about 6-figure business ideas. You’re already registered. I’ll email you the link on Monday morning.