How to Improve Conversion Rates: 21 Tactics for 2024

A good sales strategy doesn’t just involve attracting people to your website. It’s about converting them to buyers. So, how can you improve your conversation rates and turn those visitors into loyal buyers? 

I’ve got you covered. As someone who’s created multimillion-dollar business, and shared insights on my Netflix show, I’ve learned a thing or two about the art and science of conversion. And while it hasn’t always been straightforward, it’s certainly achievable.

In this article, I’m going to share with you my 21 most effective tactics for increasing conversion rates. They have been invaluable to my businesses over the years and I’m hoping they can also help with yours.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your approach, these insights are tailored to help you optimize your conversion strategy with confidence. Let’s begin!

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21 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Conversation Rates in 2024

In 2024, staying ahead in the digital game means optimizing EVERY touchpoint for conversion. Here, are 21 proven tactics that have served me well in increasing conversion rates:

1. Offer Incentives

There’s nothing like a good incentive to make your customers feel valued. And when they feel special, they take action.

Plus, the FOMO on a good deal adds to the excitement. Make sure the reward you give is something your target audience really wants, such as instant discounts, free shipping, or a free trial. If it’s not what they want, it won’t really work. 

Here are some tips that I’ve seen work like magic in real life that will help make your offers more appealing to visitors:

  • Create a sense of urgency and scarcity to make them act fast (like saying “Limited time” or “Only 2 seats left at this price”)
  • Reward early buyers (give a free gift to the first X buyers or offer a discount if they buy within a specific time)
  • Clear call to action (ensure your visitors know exactly what they need to do to benefit from your offer, such as using a specific promo code at checkout or buying today for a discount)
  • Leverage Exit Popups (when a visitor is about to leave your site without making a purchase, an exit popup offering an instant discount can be a powerful motivator to complete the transaction)

2. Add Social Proof

Before whipping out their wallets, customers are going to stalk your online reviews like it’s their job. So, make it ridiculously easy for them: plaster your site with genuine reviews, user testimonials, and any media mentions right where they can see them. Highlighting awards and certifications doesn’t hurt either. This strategy directly tells your site visitors, “Look, people love what we’re offering, and they’re not shy to say it.” It’s about leveraging trust to turn those on-the-fence visitors into sure buyers.

I use different types of social proof on my website, like customer testimonials:

Ramit Sethi Review

And media mentions:

Ramit Sethi Review

Make sure it’s clear that customers have liked your product or service. If not, your conversion rate might go down.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Most online users shop using their phones, this is nothing new. Even Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites, so optimizing for mobile is vital. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it could hurt your Google ranking and reduce conversions. 

So check if your site is mobile-friendly using Google’s testing tool. It gives tips to improve your site’s mobile performance, like adjusting font sizes, compressing images, or speeding up page loading.

4. Add Live Chat

If someone visits your website but doesn’t buy, the reason could be that they might have some questions or doubts. Adding a live chat option can help here and boost sales. This way, your team can help assure customers right away and prevent, potential losses.
The best part? This doesn’t have to be expensive, especially now with AI chat solutions that offer more human-like responses.

5. Optimize Your Website Copy

Write website copy so that it speaks directly to your target audience—anything less, and you’re just leaving money on the table. Your unique value proposition serves as the backbone of your entire site, so make it crystal clear why you’re the best choice from product pages to the “About” page, even down to your blog posts.

Keep it tight, make it right, and watch those conversions climb.

Here’s another example from my website where I carefully crafted copy that I KNOW addresses my audience’s concerns and paints a picture of their ideal rich life:

Ramit Sethi Rich Life

6. Remove Distractions

As I said above, everything on your website should be crafted carefully to drive your people to buy from you. That said, you shouldn’t overstuff it with unnecessary elements and pop-ups. You have only a few seconds to grab their attention, and a messy page can make them leave. Design a clear page that makes it easy for visitors to find and click your Call to Action (CTA).

7. Highlight Your Value Proposition

Remember, your visitors are eyeing the competition too, so your value proposition needs to hit hard and clear. It’s not just about what your product does, but how it makes life better for your customers. Highlight the benefits of your products, not just the features. And remember, the proof is in the testing. You’ve got to put your value proposition through its phases with your target audience to truly gauge its impact. Keep refining until it’s not just heard, but felt.

8. Send Abandoned Cart Email

This might be an old trick, but it really works well. It involves sending users a reminder about the items they left in their cart without completing their purchase. You send them a reminder about it, possibly a special discount. Not sending this type of email could cost you a lot of conversions, so don’t forget it.

9. Minimize Required Fields

Users may not convert if there’s friction in the process, like long forms or too many required fields. Your goal is to make buying, subscribing, or following as easy as possible. So, make sure you identify these problems and refine the process within an inch of its life.

Think about what information you really need. Do you need their name, email, phone, job title, company, and address? Or is some of it just nice to have?
Short, simple forms reduce hesitation and build trust in your brand. They’re also quicker to fill out.

10. Strengthen Your CTA

A compelling CTA, when matched with a catchy headline, is the winning combination for boosting your sales conversion rate. Whether it’s nudging users towards snagging an irresistible offer, spreading the word on social media, or getting them hooked on your email wisdom, the call-to-action is your closer.
For instance, on my blog, I use this CTA for my FREE newsletter (see how I made sure they know it’s free so that I don’t lose any leads):

Stick those CTAs early in the game for maximum visibility and impact. Yet, tread carefully; overdoing it screams desperation.

Here are some proven tips for increasing your conversion rates with strong CTAs:

  • Place CTAs strategically throughout your website and landing pages for easy access.
  • Early placement of CTAs on a page increases visibility and conversion potential.
  • Avoid overuse of CTAs to prevent them from appearing spammy.

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11. Allow Guest Shopping​

Insisting on account creation before purchase can deter first-time buyers, lowering your conversion rates. Many are reluctant to commit to a new brand and manage yet another password.
Implementing a guest checkout option can significantly lift sales by removing this barrier. Over time, satisfied guest shoppers are more likely to register an account for convenience in future transactions, enhancing their shopping experience and your sales metrics simultaneously.

12. Add Multimedia Elements to Your Landing Pages​

Enhance your landing pages with videos, images, and multimedia elements like graphs and video testimonials. These visuals vividly demonstrate your product’s value, making your offer more compelling and credible, simultaneously boosting your conversion rates.

13. Analyze Visitor Data

Improving conversion rates starts with analyzing your real time data and understanding your user behaviors. Understanding how users interact helps identify and focus on optimization.
Metrics like page visits, time spent, and heat maps show what works. Segmenting data by traffic source, like Google Analytics, reveals differences in behavior. This helps create an ideal customer journey for faster conversions.

14. Conduct Customer Research Regularly

Get into your customers’ heads with targeted research. Figure out why they bail or get frustrated on your site, then fix it. Use reviews and surveys to directly ask what they think. This feedback is your secret weapon for fine-tuning your approach and converting more visitors into loyal customers.

15. Streamline Your Checkout Process

If customers face issues such as unexpected costs, the requirement to create an account, or a complicated checkout process, they’re likely to give up on the purchase. Streamlining the checkout, removing unnecessary hurdles, and making the journey from selecting a product to making a payment as straightforward as possible can significantly reduce cart abandonment.

16. Provide Multiple Payment Options

Another way to improve your conversion rates is to offer multiple payment options to your users. This can help boost sales, build trust, and improve the user experience. Customers are more likely to buy if they can pay in a way that’s convenient for them. Additionally, you may even expand your global reach when you offer more payment options.

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17. Conduct A/B Testing

Testing out is the best sales conversion strategy. You won’t know what’s effective until you try A/B testing. Experiment with different headlines, colors, text, layout, photographs, and CTAs to see what resonates with your audience.
Get creative with your tests, such as trying new CTAs or changing your copy format entirely.

18. Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

A reassuring return policy goes a long way, especially with the anxiety around online shopping,

This promise acts as a safety net, reassuring customers that they have the option to return a product if it doesn’t meet their expectations. Such transparency not only provides peace of mind but can also significantly enhance trust in your brand, encouraging more visitors to take the leap and make a purchase, thereby boosting your conversion rates.

19. Make Your Website Easy to Use

Customers don’t want to spend hours on your website and struggle with finding what they want, especially if they’re ready to buy. So, add a search bar to make it easier for them to find what they want and increase conversions. You can try features like image-based search, recommended products, and suggestions when a search doesn’t have relevant results.

20. Add a Point of Purchase Upsell

Just before customers complete their purchase, offer a related product they can add with one click. This one-click addition can easily increase your revenue by 10 to 20 percent. Experiment with various upsell moments to see what works best, optimizing your chance to enhance each sale.

21. Check Your Technical Setup

Tech issues like slow loading, clunky mobile sites, and dead links are real mood killers for your site’s visitors. Mobile speed? Number one priority. People bail if it’s too slow. Fix these, and you’ll see your conversion rates and sales pick up. It’s all about making your site smooth and fast, cutting the frustration out of the browsing experience.

FAQ: How Can You Improve Conversion Rates?

What Influences Conversion Rates?

Conversion rates are influenced by these six factors: Value Proposition, Relevance, Clarity, Distraction, Urgency, and Anxiety.

Making sure your offer is clear, relevant, and valuable while minimizing distractions and addressing concerns can improve conversion rates. Creating a sense of urgency can also encourage people to act quickly.

How Can I Improve My Form Conversion Rate?

Simplify the fields to the essentials to minimize friction and enhance clarity, making sure each element is there for a reason and adds value to the user’s experience. Removing any unnecessary distractions that could divert attention away from the form and addressing potential user concerns upfront can significantly reduce form abandonment. Additionally, incorporating elements of urgency, such as limited-time offers or exclusive benefits for early responses, can motivate users to complete and submit your forms promptly.

Ensure your sales messages highlight the unique value proposition of your products or services, making them irresistibly relevant. Streamlining the purchasing process to eliminate any friction points, such as complicated navigation or lengthy checkout procedures, will also help. Addressing potential buyer concerns upfront and incorporating elements of urgency, like limited-time deals or exclusive offers, can further motivate immediate action. Lastly, continuously testing and refining your approach based on customer feedback and behavior analytics will lead to ongoing improvements in your conversion rates.

How to Increase Conversion Rate in Digital Marketing?

To increase conversion rates in digital marketing, craft personalized content, optimize landing pages for ease of use, and use clear calls-to-action with a sense of urgency. Employ A/B testing for strategy refinement and leverage social proof like testimonials to build trust.

How to Improve Conversion Rate in Google Ads?

To improve conversion rate in Google Ads, refine your targeting to reach more relevant audiences, use compelling ad copy that highlights unique benefits, and direct users to optimized landing pages. Implement A/B testing to determine which ad elements perform best, and utilize ad extensions to provide additional information and value. Continuously analyzing and adjusting based on performance data will enhance your Google Ads conversion rates.

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