10 perfect gifts for entrepreneurs

10 perfect gifts for entrepreneurs (that they’ll actually use)

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you have an entrepreneur in your life, forget sexy lingerie, chocolates, flowers, and diamond necklaces. Nothing says, “I love you,” like a gift that says, “I support your crazy business venture despite sleepless nights, too much takeout, and not enough coffee left over in the morning.”

I’ve handpicked 10 of the best gifts for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners who want to take their business to the next level

Even if you’re your own Valentine, this is a perfect opportunity to reward yourself for all that hard work (with a gift that will help you do more hard work).

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Entrepreneur gift 1. Productivity Planner

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It’s tough for entrepreneurs to stay self-motivated — even when they’re really passionate about their work.

They still have to make their own schedules, hold themselves accountable, and handle any urgent problems that arise. And they have to do all of this while Netflix is just a browser tab away. The struggle!

That’s where the Productivity Planner can help. Designed by Intelligent Change, this notebook uses productivity hacks — like the Pomodoro technique — to help people stay on task and make the most of their time.

You can record your daily and weekly goals, give yourself productivity ratings, document your wins, and use built-in time-tracking techniques to beat procrastination once and for all (or at least until tomorrow).

Entrepreneur gift 2. “I turn coffee into money” mug

Your Valentine isn’t just an entrepreneur; they’re an alchemist.

That’s right. They can turn coffee into money, and they want the world to know it. Remind them of their power each morning — or afternoon, and probably night — with this badass I Turn Coffee Into Money mug.

Hey, if alcohol can be liquid courage, coffee can be liquid money, right?

Entrepreneur gift 3. Content Inc.

Build an audience, and you can sell anything you want. Just look at The Chicken Whisperer®.

Yes, that’s a real thing.

Entrepreneur Andy Schneider turned his hobby of raising chickens into a podcast with over 20,000 weekly listeners. From there, he built a full-fledged business with a popular book, quarterly magazine, and radio show.

This is just one of the niche success stories included in the book Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses. The author is Joe Pulizzi, founder and CEO of Content Marketing Institute.

To help entrepreneurs build their audiences, Pulizzi lays out his six-step plan, including how to find your sweet spot, grow a subscriber list, and monetize your products to already-engaged followers.

Entrepreneur gift 4. MOO business cards

You can’t feel like a real business owner until you have a real business card. Just ask Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.

Everything may be going digital, but this staple of the traditional workforce still remains relevant. And companies like MOO are giving these cards a modern upgrade with their swanky design templates.

Even if your entrepreneur is already decked out with their own cards, they might want a fresh set for the new year. Or they might want some stickers, postcards, and notecards to help spread their brand far and wide.

You can use a MOO gift card to give them the head start they need. With templates like “Now Swatch This,” “Dot Luck,” and “Just My Type,” there’s plenty of inspiration (and puns) to go around.

Entrepreneur gift 5. KopywritingKourse

Don’t be fooled by the funny spelling in the name. This course is all about great copy. And you need great copy for almost every aspect of your business: emails, videos, sales pages, product pages, content marketing… the list goes on.

To help you out, KopywritingKourse uses templates and techniques learned from over 250,000,000 emails, millions of dollars in sales, and 20 industries. It’s even taught in bite-sized lessons so busy entrepreneurs can learn while they’re on-the-go.

Entrepreneur gift 6. Waterproof notepad

Everyone knows your best ideas don’t come at your desk or during meetings. They come in the shower — where you can’t bring your phone, or your laptop, or even a piece of paper.

So you hurriedly scrub the shampoo out of your hair. And you repeat your ideas over to yourself in hopes that you won’t forget them. Then you turn off the water, jump out of the shower, run across your home — dripping wet — and try to get your ideas down in time.

That’s why your entrepreneur needs this waterproof notepad called My Aqua Notes — if only to prevent from slipping on those trails of water they leave from the bathroom to their laptop.

Entrepreneur gift 7. Tile

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“Honey, where’s my wallet?”

“Have you seen my phone?”

“Did you take my keys?”

“Is my laptop in that bag?”

It’s not that entrepreneurs are a disorganized bunch by nature. They’re just juggling so many ideas at one time, they end up misplacing things. We all do it. And then we waste valuable time trying to locate them.

That’s why Tile was invented — to help people keep track of the things they always lose. All you have to do is put the bluetooth tracker tile on your favorite items and use the app when you can’t find something.

Entrepreneur gift 8. Zero to Launch

If your S.O. has been talking about starting an online business for months (or even years), Zero to Launch is exactly what they need.

Through video lessons, interviews, worksheets, and tutorials, this comprehensive course guides you every step of the way — from finding your big idea to turning it into a profitable company. And it’s already been tested with over 30,000 entrepreneurs in more than 50 industries.

Entrepreneur gift 9. The Startup Playbook

You know what’s helpful when starting a business? Peeking into the playbooks of multimillion dollar founders, and discovering the lessons they learned while building their companies.

That’s what entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author David S. Kidder offers in The Startup Playbook.

Kidder sat down with 40 different founders, including the minds behind TED Talks, LinkedIn, Etsy, AOL, and PayPal. And he picked their brains about how they got their big ideas, overcame obstacles, and started making money.

Together, these founders prove that the path to success isn’t quick and easy — but it can be a bit less bumpy with their wisdom on hand.

Entrepreneur gift 10. This Michael Scott poster

You don’t have to be a fan of The Office to enjoy this poster. You just have to be a fan of winning — and taking credit for other people’s success. (Just kidding. Don’t do that. Michael Scott is not a good businessman. Just a funny dude.)

And this Valentine’s Day, you and your future businessperson can both be winners: You with any of these amazing gifts for entrepreneurs, and them with the inspiration they need to take their boldest, riskiest, and most rewarding shots year-round.

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