Your Rich Life Insiders Kit

Thanks for becoming a Rich Life Insider. As a special bonus I wanted to offer you my Rich Life Insider’s Kit. I’ve compiled my very best material on how to start living your Rich Life today. This is only a taste of what waits for you inside of IWT. We’re glad to have you on the journey with us!


Money Management Made Simple

IWT’s Ultimate Guide to Personal Finance

Good news: You don’t have to be perfect to be rich. Or the smartest person in the room. Or a type-A personality. Or lucky. In fact, you can set yourself on the road to wealth with any amount of money if you use the easy, “set it and forget it“ system we’ll show you in this guide.

Earning More is Easy

IWT’s Ultimate Guide to Making Money

Do you want more from life — more money, more freedom, more security, and more time for the activities you love? You can spend hours a week clipping coupons to save a few bucks … or you can negotiate one raise at your job that pays you thousands more a year for the rest of your life.

The Art of Talking to Anyone

IWT’s Ultimate Guide to Social Skills

What if you could talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere and never worry about awkward silences or saying the wrong things? Wouldn’t that feel great? I’ve spent years studying, testing, and refining the best strategies for improving these skills — and I’m going to walk you through how you can improve your social skills in this guide.

Peak Performance Made Easy

IWT’s Ultimate Guide to Habits

Do you ever wonder how the most successful people get so much done? But when you set the same goals, you’re not so sure. Maybe you will do it. Maybe not. Each time you try, it’s a yo-yo. You start, hit a roadblock, lose motivation, then beat yourself up for not finishing. Over and over and over again. The truth is, you’re more than capable of achieving every goal you set. But if you really want to accomplish the goals you set, you need a better strategy for getting things done. A proven system that helps you stick to — and finish — everything you start.

What's Inside IWT

Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the things you can learn with IWT