Buying a House

As you know, I have pretty strong views on buying property. As a first-time house buyer, it’s the most complicated purchase you’ll make, so it pays to understand everything about it beforehand.

I’ve collected a few tips on real estate that will make you smarter than 99% of people, and save you thousands of dollars. And for would-be investors, there’s a seven-part guide to real estate basics.

House-buying articles from I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Notice anything above? Here’s a bonus rant on why I never call it “buying a home.

Some of the best ever articles on real estate

Guilt and real estate

Isn’t it ironic that we feel guilty about our daily latte, yet we don’t focus on our credit? If we did, we’d see that the difference between someone with excellent credit and someone buying a house with no credit, is over $10,000 per year. How many lattes is that worth?

The difference between excellent credit and no credit is over $10,000 per year

Chart from mortgage calculator, May 2009

The Weeklong Series of Real Estate Investing Basics

Regular readers know that I’m not especially enthusiastic about investing in real estate. In fact, for most individual investors, real estate is a poor choice. But if you’re prepared to put in the time to learn, you can reap the rewards. So I asked Owen Johnson to create this seven-part series on real estate investing to help you decide if you’re cut out for it.

  1. The Real Scoop on Real Estate
  2. Starting Down the Real Estate Investment Path
  3. The Transaction Mechanics
  4. A Primer on Real Estate Agency
  5. Leveraging Yourself to Grow Your Wealth
  6. Management Infrastructure
  7. Real Estate Basics – In Review

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