The best checking accounts of 2019

One checking account beats all the others on perks. But there are also 4 reasons to get a different one.

My checking account pays me $83 per year for using it.


First, I have an APY that gives me $5 per year. That’s pretty small, but it’s a start.

Then I have an ATM fee reimbursement. All my ATM fees get refunded at the end of the month. If I use the ATM once per month with an average fee of $4, that’s $48 per year.

And finally, my checking account has no foreign transaction fees. I travel internationally twice per year and usually withdraw $500 each time from international ATMs. Some banks have foreign transaction fees as high as 3%. That would cost me $30 for the year. Instead, I pay $0.

Not to mention that I have no minimums and no maintenance fees.

That’s a pretty sweet deal for a checking account.

Our financial lives revolve around our checking account. The majority of our cash and earnings pass through it and we access it all the time. Instead of having a checking account that dings you with fees and limits, get one with the perks that help you live your rich life.

The best checking account for you is largely going to depend on just a few things:

  1. Start with the best default: Charles Schwab checking. This is what I use.
  2. Do you want extra help with saving and budgeting? If so, get Simple.
  3. Do you deal with large amounts of cash or foreign currency regularly? If so, get a bank with a local branch.
  4. Is convenience a priority for you? If so, get a checking account at a bank that you already use.
  5. Do you want a cash back program on your debit card because you’re against using credit cards? If so, get Axos or Discover checking.

The best banks with the best checking accounts

Based on our criteria for what makes a great checking account, we’ve narrowed the options down to this list:

When building this list, we looked at these factors:

User experience

The user experience on a checking account matters a lot.

Unlike a savings account that we might check a few times per year, we’re in our checking accounts all the time. The online and mobile apps need to be decent. Thankfully, most banks have invested in their apps over the past few years, so the overall quality is much higher than it used to be.

We’ve only included checking accounts that have great online and mobile apps.


I see no reason to ever get a checking account with a minimum balance or maintenance fee. Every bank used to have them. And the big banks were the worst offenders. Then some upstart banks released no-fee checking accounts, which forced most banks to remove their fees.

Nearly all the banks in our list have no minimum balance or maintenance fees. And if they do, we’ve made sure to call them out.

In our opinion, there are too many amazing checking accounts without regular fees to settle for an account that does have them.


As you consider the different checking account options, keep convenience in mind. Over time, simplifying your accounts and prioritizing a single bank will become a higher priority.

In the beginning, perks tend to matter more than convenience. Then it tends to flip at a certain point in your financial journey.

Take ATM reimbursements for example. Saving $3-5 every month makes a big difference early on. Then when you reach a certain level, skipping the ATM reimbursement to simplify your life starts to sound pretty appealing.

There’s no right answer here, it comes down to your preference. If you’re not sure, use these guidelines:

  • If you don’t care about having another bank login or you’re setting up your accounts for the first time, maximize your perks. Find the account with the best set of perks.
  • If the thought of managing another account feels like a headache, feel free to sacrifice a few perks in order to get a checking account at a bank that you’re already using.

We looked for checking accounts that either had great perks or other popular offerings that could be bundled together.


Right off the bat, we excluded several checking accounts from our list. Mostly from major banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

While not every major bank is horrible, a few of them definitely are. Wells Fargo committed one of the largest banking scandals of all time. And the list of horror stories from Bank of America is seemingly endless.

Some big banks are decent (like Chase), but we didn’t even consider offers from Wells Fargo or Bank of America. These are terrible banks. No matter how good their accounts, we recommend staying away.

Why APY doesn’t matter for your checking account

Lots of checking accounts promote their annual percentage yield (APY). Get another 0.40% return on your cash, sounds pretty amazing right?

Having an APY is completely worthless on a checking account. It’s effectively zero.

I’ve personally used the Charles Schwab checking account for years, which has a 0.40% APY, one of the highest out there.

And yet it earns me only $5 per year.

Why so little? There’s no reason to sit on a bunch of cash in a checking account. Even if you have a relatively high cash reserve (for whatever reason), you’re much better off putting that cash into a savings account, which gets you an even higher APY.

Sacrificing the $5 that you might make from a checking account APY in order to get another perk that’s more valuable is well worth the cost. When you’re looking through checking accounts, don’t even consider the APY. It sounds good in theory but has no real impact on your finances.

Best checking account reviews

Here’s how our top checking accounts all break down.


Axos has three primary checking accounts, and each has a different set of perks:






Up to 1.25%


Monthly fee




Minimum balance



$1,500 average daily balance to get 1% cash back up to $2,000 per month

Mobile deposit




ATM reimbursement

Unlimited for U.S. ATMs

Unlimited for U.S. ATMs

Unlimited for U.S. ATMs

Foreign transaction fees




Physical branches




The Rewards and CashBack accounts need a bit more explanation.

First, you can’t get an APY and cash back on the same account. You have to pick one or the other by choosing from one of the accounts.

For the APY on the Rewards account, it’s up to 1.25%. You’ll get 0.4166% each time you meet one of these conditions (do all three for a total APY of 1.25%):

  • Get monthly direct deposits of $1,000 or more.
  • Use your debit card for a total of 10 transactions per month (min $3 per transaction).
  • Use your debit 5 more times for a total of 15 transactions per month (min $3 per transaction).

On the CashBack account, you have to maintain an average daily balance of $1,500 over the month. The 1% cash back will also only apply to “signature-based transactions.” This means that the debit card has to be run as credit. Confusing right? Here’s another way to think of it: if your debit card is run as a debit card and you enter your pin, you don’t get cash back. You have to pick the credit option each time you use the card. And the cash back is limited to a maximum of $2,000 per month.

At first, the cash back sounds amazing. Cash back on a checking account seems like an incredible perk.

The problem is that the cash back will only apply when you’re using your debit card. With the minimum balance and the “signature-based” restriction, it’s not nearly as attractive as it could be. That’s an awful lot of restrictions when you could simply use a cash back credit card instead. By using a credit card, the cash back rewards will be much higher and with fewer restrictions.

I’d only consider Axos if you’re completely against using credit cards and want a checking card that has a debit card with some rewards. In that case, this is one way to get a cash back program without a credit card.

Even the APY Rewards account isn’t that interesting. In order to get the full 1.25% APY, you have to be using your debit card regularly. And if you’re using your debit card, you’re not using your credit card. The extra APY isn’t worth forgoing a credit card rewards program.

Charles Schwab


  • APY: 0.40%
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Mobile deposit: Yes
  • ATM reimbursements: Unlimited
  • Foreign transaction fees: None
  • Physical branches: They do exist but there’s usually only 1-2 per city

For perks, Charles Schwab is the undisputed champion.

There are no monthly maintenance or minimum balance fees, no foreign transaction fees, unlimited ATM reimbursement without any restrictions, and an APY.

If you travel internationally or are looking for the checking account with the best perks, get the Charles Schwab checking account. We can’t recommend it enough.

There is a small catch when opening a Charles Schwab checking account: They require that you also open a brokerage account with them. There are no fees or minimum balance on the brokerage account — it’s completely free. The only requirement is to open the account. You never have to do anything with it. Schwab is hoping that you’ll use them as a brokerage when you’re ready to have one later.

The only real downside to the Charles Schwab checking account is the limited physical branches. If you handle cash or deal with foreign currency frequently, their branches might be extremely inconvenient for you.

As long as you do all of your banking online or get lucky by having a branch near you, get a Charles Schwab checking account.


HSBC has quite a few checking accounts to choose from:

Basic Banking

Choice Checking






0.01% on balances above $5

0.01% on balances above $5

Monthly fee

$3/month regardless of balance

$15/month if minimum balance isn’t met

$25/month if minimum balance isn’t met

$50/month if minimum balance isn’t met

Minimum balance


None with direct deposit or $1,500

$5,000 minimum balance w/ direct deposit or $10,000

$100,000 across accounts

Mobile deposit





ATM reimbursement

None, fee of $2.50 when using out-of-network ATMs

None, fee of $2.50 when using out-of-network ATMs

4 times per statement (U.S. only and doesn’t include NY)

Unlimited (U.S. only)

Foreign transaction fees





Physical branches





Compared to the other accounts in this list, HSBC’s offerings aren’t great. There are monthly fees that are somewhat difficult to get waived, the ATM reimbursement is limited, and the foreign transaction fees are super high. None of the perks get competitive until you’re at the Premier level, which requires a $100,000 balance.

Why include HSBC at all?

One reason: some folks need a truly global bank. If you’re doing business internationally, have homes in multiple countries, or have an international lifestyle, the support of a global bank could be well worth the extra fees and lack of perks.

For most folks, skip HSBC entirely and choose one of the other options in this list.



  • APY: 0.60%
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Mobile deposit: Yes
  • ATM reimbursement: Up to $10 per statement
  • Foreign transaction fees: Up to 1% of transaction
  • Physical branches: None

Ally has a pretty solid checking account.

However, it’s not as good as Charles Schwab. First, it has a 1% fee on foreign transactions. That’s a deal-breaker for me when traveling. Second, the ATM reimbursement is limited to $10 per statement. Third, while the APY is higher than the Charles Schwab checking account, the APY doesn’t matter on checking accounts anyway. Lastly, Ally doesn’t have any physical branches at all.

Ally has a good checking account, but you’ll be better off with Charles Schwab.

Capital One 360


  • APY: $0 – $50,000 is 0.20%, $50,000 – $100,000 is 0.75%, and over $100,000 is 1%
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Mobile deposit: Yes
  • ATM reimbursement: Up to $15 per statement
  • Foreign transaction fees: None
  • Physical branches: A couple of branches or “cafes” in a few cities

Getting a 1% APY sounds nice but the Capital One 360 Checking tiers make it completely irrelevant.

Why would you have $100,000 in your checking account anyway? Even if you’re sitting on cash deliberately, it should be in a savings account, which will always have a much higher APY. And with the lower APY of 0.20% on lower balances, the value ends up being minor.

Don’t factor the APY into your decision to get the Capital One checking account.

That said, all the other perks for this account are pretty good. No maintenance or minimum balance fees, no foreign transaction fees, an ATM reimbursement up to $15 per statement, and a couple of physical branches if you’re in a major city.

While it’s not quite as good as the Charles Schwab account, it’s really close.

I’d strongly consider getting a Capital One 360 checking account if I already had a Capital One credit card. Being able to keep my accounts consolidated would be a huge bonus.



  • APY: None
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Mobile deposit: Yes
  • ATM reimbursement: None
  • Foreign transaction fees: None but good luck trying to get a Discover card accepted internationally
  • Physical branches: None
  • Cash back: 1% on up to $3,000 of debit card purchases

The Discover checking account is a bland account. There’s nothing bad about it, but there’s nothing good about it either.

It does have two main perks: no foreign transaction fees and cash back. The foreign transaction fees are irrelevant. I wouldn’t even attempt to use Discover when traveling internationally, I stick to a Visa card. The cash back at 1% is nice, but you’d have to skip a credit card rewards program in order to use the debit card. This is only valuable if you’ve decided to avoid credit cards entirely. It’s also limited to $30 worth of cash back per month. That’s extremely low.

I’d avoid the Discover checking account unless I was already using Discover credit cards and desperately wanted the extra simplicity from having all my accounts in one place. Or if I was avoiding credit cards entirely and wanted a debit card with a cash back program.


Chase actually has three checking accounts:

Chase Total Checking

Chase Premier Plus Checking

Chase Sapphire Checking





Monthly fee

$12, waived if you have $500 of direct deposits, a balance of $1,500 at the beginning of every day, or an average balance of $5,000 across your checking and savings accounts

$25, waived if you have an average balance of $15,000 across your checking and savings accounts or a Chase mortgage with linked payments

$25, waived if you have an average balance of $75,000 across your checking and savings accounts

Minimum balance




Mobile deposit




ATM reimbursement


4 times per statement


Foreign transaction fees




Physical branches




The hurdles that Chase requires in order to get the monthly fee waived is annoying. This is the main downside of the Chase checking accounts.

However, they could still be the best accounts for you. I’d seriously consider a Chase checking account if I was also planning on getting a Chase savings account and knew that I’d easily hit their balance requirements in order to get the monthly fee waived. We have a deep-dive on all the best savings accounts here.

Once we factor out the monthly fee, the Premier Plus and Sapphire Checking are both decent offers. APY doesn’t really matter anyway, both have mobile banking and deposits, no foreign transaction fees, and ATM reimbursements. Plus, we get the added bonus of being able to walk into a physical branch since Chase branches are in most cities.

Basically, the Chase checking accounts are a competitive checking account with all the benefits of a major bank. And if you have the Chase credit cards, you could get all your accounts with one bank, making everything really convenient.



  • APY: 0.01% with $1,000 or more
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Minimum balance: $25 to open the account, then no minimum balance after that
  • Mobile deposit: Yes
  • ATM reimbursement: Up to $15 per statement but there is a $2 fee from USAA on every ATM withdrawal after the first 10 per statement
  • Foreign transaction fees: 1%
  • Physical branches: Branches in Colorado Springs, West Point, Annapolis, and San Antonio
  • Military perks: If you’re part of the military, there’s no initial deposit required, you get a pre-filled 1199A, and you get paid a day early

If you’re in the military, there are a few unique perks that other checking accounts don’t have. But I wouldn’t call them game-changing perks. The 1199A is a direct deposit form. You only have to fill this out once when setting up your new account (unless you switch jobs). This only saves you 15 minutes of time.

Getting paid a day early is kind of nice but only impacts you during the first payment cycle. Then your paychecks will have to last the same number of days as they usually would.

Otherwise, none of the perks are that great. The ATM reimbursement only lasts until $15 and then USAA hits you with a fee after the first 10 per statement. There’s also that 1% foreign transaction fee to watch out for, so you’d want to avoid using this account when traveling internationally.

On the whole, there are better checking accounts to choose from. I’d only consider the USSA checking account if you’re already doing a lot of business with USAA and want to keep your accounts in one place. For example, their car insurance is pretty good.



  • APY: 2.02% on “Protected Goals” with a balance of at least $2,000
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Mobile deposit: Yes
  • ATM reimbursement: None
  • Foreign transaction fees: Up to 1%
  • Physical branches: None

Simple does things a bit differently than the other banks. Instead of splitting your balances between checkings and savings, Simple has “Goals” and “Save to Spend” sections.

In other words, Simple is more of a combined checking and savings account with an amazing UI that helps you control your spending.

You’ll set up as many Goals as you want and when you want to hit your savings goals. Like saving $2,000 for a trip to Italy in 6 months. Then Simple automatically figures out how much you need to save and regularly reduces that amount from your Safe to Spend amount.

Your Safe to Spend amount is your total balance, minus your Goals and scheduled bills over the next 30 days. Whenever you’re wondering if you can afford something, simply check the Safe to Spend amount and if there’s enough, go for it. This helps immensely with guilt-free spending.

Simple also has a set of reports to track spending across categories over time.

I highly recommend Simple if you’d like an account that makes it easier to save and budget.



  • APY: None
  • Monthly fee: None
  • Minimum balance: None
  • Mobile deposit: Yes
  • ATM reimbursement: None and Chime has a $2.50 fee for any out-of-network ATM
  • Foreign transaction fees: No fees on foreign transactions but you do get the $2.50 ATM fee since Chime’s in-network ATMs are only in the U.S.
  • Physical branches: None
  • Early direct deposit: Yes
  • Send checks by mail: Yes, Chime will send the check for you
  • Round-up savings: Automatically round up every transaction to the nearest dollar, placing that extra amount into a savings account

Chime is another bank that combines your checking and savings accounts. It’s similar to Simple.

It has a great UI and a nifty way to help you save. It’ll automatically round up your charges to the nearest dollar, putting the difference in a savings account. Saving a few pennies will add up fast. If you’ve had trouble saving in the past, this will help a lot with hitting your savings goals.

You can also transfer up to 10% of your pay into a savings account. While this is a nice touch, it’s possible to set up an automatic transfer between any checking and savings accounts.

On the whole, we recommend Simple over Chime, since Simple has more features to help you with saving and budgeting.

The 5-step process to finding the best checking account for you

  1. Start with the best default: Charles Schwab checking.
  2. Do you want extra help with saving and budgeting? If so, get Simple.
  3. Do you deal with large amounts of cash or foreign currency regularly? If so, get a bank with a local branch.
  4. Is convenience a priority for you? If so, get a checking account at a bank that you already use.
  5. Do you want a cash back program on your debit card because you’re against using credit cards? If so, get Axos or Discover checking.

Step 1: Start with the best default checking account

If we look at the value of perks across different checking accounts, Charles Schwab beats all the other accounts easily. There are no maintenance fees, no foreign exchange fees, unlimited reimbursement on ATMs worldwide, and an APY.

If you’re looking for the most valuable checking account and the following steps don’t apply to you, we recommend getting Charles Schwab.

For the other options that we’re about to walk through, evaluate those accounts against the Charles Schwab checking account.

Step 2: Do you want extra help with saving and budgeting?

Let’s say that you’re earlier in your financial journey and still developing habits around saving and budgeting.

In that case, I strongly recommend giving Simple a try. It’s a combined savings and checking account with an interface built around helping you save. It’ll also figure out all your bills for you, telling you exactly what you can spend at any given moment, completely guilt-free.

Yes, Simple’s APY on its savings account isn’t as high as other savings accounts. And the perks on its checking account aren’t as valuable as Charles Schwab. But the extra support you get with saving and spending is well worth it in my opinion.

Step 3: Do you deal with large amounts of cash or foreign currency regularly?

As much as I love doing everything online, there are two good reasons to choose a checking account that has fewer perks in order to have a bank with a physical branch nearby.

1. Large cash withdrawals or deposits

If, for whatever reason, you deal with large amounts of cash regularly, you really need a physical branch.

Take my friend for example. One of his main hobbies is gambling. He treats it as an expense and always stays within his budget. He’s in the fortunate position of being able to do this.

He heads out to Las Vegas once or twice a year and withdraws a bundle of cash for the trip. Neither of us has personally tried to see how many consecutive withdrawals we can make from a single ATM, but we don’t really want to find out. In situations like this, a local bank completely solves the problem.

If you need to withdraw more cash than a typical ATM can handle even once or twice a year, it’s worth getting a checking account at a local bank.

2. Foreign currency

If you deal with foreign currency regularly, I’ve found it immensely helpful to have a physical branch nearby.

Years ago, I did a workshop for a Canadian startup accelerator and got paid $4,000 in Canadian dollars. They mailed me a check. While it’s possible to do a mobile deposit with normal checks through my Charles Schwab account, that doesn’t work for checks in other currencies. Luckily, Charles Schwab tends to have a branch in most cities. I still had to drive all the way across the city multiple times to get the deposit sorted out. Thankfully, I haven’t had to deal with this again. But if I did, I’d get a checking account at a large, local bank just for depositing checks in foreign currencies.

Another perk of having a local branch: exchanging foreign currency back into U.S. dollars. After any international trip, I always end up with $50-100 worth of leftover foreign currency. I consider the airport currency exchange kiosks a complete rip-off. Not only are the exchange rates terrible, a lot of them don’t accept smaller bills. Having a local branch completely solves my leftover foreign currency problem. I can simply walk in, give them whatever I have left, and they deposit it into my account at a decent exchange rate. Problem solved.

So if you’re dealing with foreign currency or large amounts of cash even a few times a year, it’s worth getting a checking account with a local branch, even if the perks aren’t as good. Hopefully, one of the banks in our list has a local branch near you. If you’re not sure, start with Chase, since they have branches all over the U.S.

Step 4: Is convenience a priority for you?

Before jumping into a new account, ask yourself how much you value convenience.

Do you really want to manage a dozen different financial accounts? I know that seems like a lot, but when you factor in checking, multiple credit cards, a mortgage, student loans, 401Ks, brokerage accounts, savings, joint accounts, and all the accounts for your spouse, it adds up really fast.

The more time goes on, the more you’ll value simplicity across your accounts. I know multiple people who have gladly paid ATM fees again just to get a few of their accounts under the same bank.

Capital One is a great option for simplicity, since they have great credit card offers and they have a really strong checking account. While Chase’s checking accounts aren’t as good, their credit cards tend to be among the best. And if you use Discover cards, definitely consider Discover’s checking account.

Step 5: Do you want a cash back program on your debit card because you’re against using credit cards?

Generally, you want to use credit cards for the majority of your spending. With all the travel rewards and cash back credit card options out there, it’s free money back in your pocket. As long as you pay off your credit cards every month, there’s no downside.

But what if you’re still against credit cards? Some folks have trouble controlling their spending on credit cards and others are philosophically opposed. Or maybe their credit score is too low to get a credit card.

If that’s you, there are a few cash back programs on debit cards for checking accounts. Axos and Discover both have great options.

Again, a cash back program on a debit card will always be inferior to credit card cash back offers. You will get less money back by going this route. That said, it may still be worth it for you if you’re trying to avoid credit cards entirely.

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  1. avatar

    My credit union (limited membership; my employer is affiliated) offers a rewards checking account with very, very sweet terms. Specifically, for 12 debit purchases a month I get:

    -unlimited ATM fee refunds
    -2.3% interest. This has fallen from 4.9% in 2009.
    -really, really, really awesome staff. I bank mostly online but this still matters to me.

    They also do manual underwriting for lines of credit and offer 0% loans for CSA / farm shares.

    • avatar
      Ramit Sethi

      Those terms are great. I just hate minimum requirements to use debit cards, since there’s basically no consumer-friendly reason to use them.

    • avatar

      In my opinion you leaved the most important feature of the schwab investor checking! Well most important if you travel internationally. This one doesn’t good card for travel!

  2. avatar

    My wife and I argue about every month about her spending. I think having separate accounts might work, but she is against that. She is a stay-at-home mom, so all the income comes from me. It just seems like she doesn’t grasp the concept that there is only so much money per month and if we spend it we need to stop, so she just uses credit cards. She was raised where whenever she needed money, it was there. It’s just a struggle to get her on-board with the concept that we should stop frivolous spending and focus on the $20k credit card debt.

    Where in your diagram does spending money go? And by spending – I’m including household spending as well – groceries, etc. as well as eating out and personal spending.

    • avatar
      Ramit Sethi

      Read my book to find the details of how the automation system works.

      And you’ll find Chapter 9 especially interesting. One of the topics is relationships and money, including specific scripts to use with your partner so you can work together on managing money.

  3. avatar

    On link to sign-up for the Schwab account it says near the bottom: “Brokerage Products: Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • May Lose Value”.

    It seems to me that their checking accounts are not FDIC insured.

    • avatar
      David Kassa

      Introducing the Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking account:

      Earn 0.25% variable APY— that’s 2 times the national average.1
      No ATM fees. We reimburse any ATM fee you are charged— worldwide.2
      Enjoy free standard checks, free online bill pay and a Visa® Platinum Check Card.
      Get full-featured FDIC-insured checking for up to $250,000.3

    • avatar
      Cody McKibben

      Brokerage products are not insured by the FDIC—that means the investment accounts and investment products you receive through Schwab, whereas the *checking* account is. And if what David says is true, FDIC insurance for up to 250K is much more than the standard 100K through most banks I believe(?) Although, who are we kidding at the end of the day, do you really think you can rely on the US government to protect your money when the big banks go down? Doesn’t matter where you store it, they’ve proven they are not able to fulfill those promises already, so you may as well just keep it wherever you get the best terms 😉

      Thanks for a killer writeup Ramit. I love my Schwab account.

    • avatar
      Steven Andos

      Brokerage accounts are never insured. Banking accounts are

  4. avatar

    I decided to go with the Fidelity option: mysmart cash account. Almost all of the same features except it is on the Fidelity platform which, from experience in the investment business, is rock solid.

    • avatar

      +1 !!

    • avatar

      Great choice! Lower broker fees than CS for stock trading, and similar checking account benefits.

    • avatar

      They charge a 1% foreign interest fee that can’t be waived, which is why I’m going with CS.

    • avatar

      My 401k is through fidelity… But when I looked at checking and broker accounts… Their broker account requires 2500.00 minimum to open. CS has no minimum. I wanted to go with fidelity… But I’m not interested in having to deal with fees and minimums.

    • avatar

      State Farm Bank also has these same options and you can have as many accounts as you want and get also deposit cash using PNC BANK atm deposit sharing option to get cash into the online bank. They offer unlimited atm reimbursements and I prefer them more than Schwab

    • avatar

      State Farm will only reimburse foreign ATM fees if there is a direct deposit made in the same month. I discovered this while researching account options for my teen nephew who is about to travel abroad.

  5. avatar

    I opened the Schwab Investor Checking on your advice around 2 years ago, Ramit, and I love it! Another thing you might mention about the “no fees” is that it’s REALLY no fees–I was surprised to learn that there are no foreign transaction fees when you use the debit card abroad. I took advantage of this to save some money when I went on a trip to the Netherlands last year. I put the hotel charge on my Schwab debit card (with a Visa logo, so you can mostly use it like a credit card) to avoid paying a 3% fee.

    • avatar

      “there are no foreign transaction fees when you use the debit card abroad”

      Can’t thank you enough for this tip. I opened an account there today (already had a Schwab Roth) and customer service called me to see if I had any questions (can you imagine that?). They confirmed that there are no foreign fees (my credit card charges 3% and my credit union debit card 1%).

    • avatar

      But don’t they set their own currency conversion rates? Do they make the money they “give” you on fees back by giving you a slightly worse conversion rate?

  6. avatar

    Ramit, as always, I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge you so freely share. I also think your book is great!

    I wanted to ask if you have recommendations for small business checking/saving/credit cards, or if you just recommend using the same products you’re mentioning in this series?


    • avatar

      +1 for this.
      after listening (and then reading) the book, I’m trying to move everything to online banking. personal, home, etc.
      but schwab doesnt offer business checking.
      any recommendations ramit? (or edward)

    • avatar

      I am wondering the same thing. I own a real estate company and currently use a major bank which is a horrible bank but due to lack of options I am still with them for years. I’d like to find a checking account for business that offers no fees and the ability to pay payroll but I haven’t found one. Any suggestions for us Ramit? Thanks!

  7. avatar
    Al Pittampalli

    The ATM reimbursement benefit is huge. Thanks for the tip, Ramit.

  8. avatar

    I think you missed the most important feature of the schwab investor checking! Well most important if you travel internationally. There is 0% fee for taking money out in foreign currencies. Most charge 1-4% to take cash out in a foreign currency. This one doesn’t! PERFECT card for travel!

  9. avatar

    I am embarrassed to be asking these question, but here it goes:

    When I write a check, sometimes people take forever to cash it. And I see the online balance in my account and *think* I have that much $$, but really I don’t and end up over-drafting. Hello $35 fee. So the representative at BofA did this thing where he set me up with 2 checking accounts which are linked to each other. One is for my debit card / direct deposit, the other for my checks. When I write a check, I have to go online, and transfer money to the account with the checks, and then I know that money is “out of my account”.

    Honestly I hate BofA with a passion, for numerous reasons but the set-up has worked. I keep thinking there has to be a better way than this, right?

    Also, how does overdraft protection work with CSchwab if there is no savings account linked to the checking that guarantees you have enough $$ to write that check?

    • avatar

      If you can arrange it where you mail a check, like we do sometimes when I hire someone to work on the house, ING Direct allows for you to make a payment from their website and they mail it, the amount is then shown subtracted from your account. On the bottom is this notice: “If this paper check isn’t cashed within 90 days from the date it was sent, the funds will automatically be deposited back into your account.”

    • avatar

      I have a question regarding your BofA setup. You have 2 accounts, but checks to only one account, correct? So when you write a check and move the money to the other account, how are the checks covered? Are you writing a check from the account where the funds are transferred to? We have this issue as well, so I’d like to set up something similar with our bank (if I can). Any additional information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  10. avatar

    I have the Fidelity account as well, along with their 2% cash back American express card and 1.5% cash back Visa card. I have also set it up so that the credit cards are automatically paid of in full every month. Never a missed payment and never any finance and late fees.

  11. avatar

    @Ramit: yes, this is the problem with those rewards accounts (all through BancVue, I think). it’s hard for me because I’m very frugal. but if you can make the requirements easily it can be a fun game.

  12. avatar


    I looked into the Charles Schwab account a while ago. It is a great service, BUT with one major problem: The account seems to be for US Citizens only. (Obviously not a problem for most people).

    What about someone like me who is not a US Citizen yet? What would you suggest? (I tried calling them, they were like “sorry, not a citizen, can’t really help”.)

    • avatar

      This isn’t my experience. I’m a US resident but not a US citizen – you can’t sign up online and need to mail the application in but as long as you give them the ID they ask for you should be fine.

      I called them up ahead of time to ask what ID they needed. They wanted some form of US state identification. I didn’t have one so I sent a Canadian driver’s license instead. It’s taking longer than I thought to get the account set up… I sent in the application ~2 weeks ago and the brokerage account is active but there’s still some extra checking they need to do on the, uh, checking account. It’s supposed to clear up any day now though.

    • avatar

      Ah, therein lies the problem. I should have mentioned, I’m technically not a US Resident either. I’m here on an H1B visa.

  13. avatar

    Does anyone use PNC’s Virtual Wallet? I’ve seen people rave about it. Ramit, I’d love to hear your take on it. It allows you to create buckets of savings, categorizes where/what you’ve spent your money on, what is pending but hasn’t gone through yet, along with a whole bunch of other stuff.

    • avatar

      The VW account by PNC Is the best account in terms of features that are useful.Downside is that the reimbursement of ATM fees as well as foreign transactions still come with a cost or are limited. You’re right, you can put money away for a specific item, you can write a check and if you upload the check number and amount in VW, it’ll track it for you so that you never OD an account. It’s a great feature that I wished other banks could offer. I have also used the Schwab account and it’s awesome because of the cost effectiveness while traveling abroad. I’ve recently encountered some debit card issues while paying at a store, and I was intrigued by Fidelitys account.. So I switched. That’s another solid option for any of you trying to make a decision.

  14. avatar
    Brian Gerald Murphy

    I’ve been looking for a new checking account, this is perfect!

  15. avatar
    Ashley N

    Thanks for the great tip! As always…looking forward to more concepts and ideals from reading Ramit’s work.

  16. avatar

    Ramit – You are what Uncle Jessie did to parenting on Full House. You make saving cool.

    • avatar
      Ramit Sethi

      Weirdest analogy ever

    • avatar


      Brother she meant it complimentary, Uncle Jessie all the women love, so she thinks (for lack of a better word) hot. At least that os the way I interpreted it and I think that is the way Rishi meant it.

    • avatar

      Sorry for the misspellings, I’ve gotten so use to spell check… She meant thinks your a hot guy, handsome man, etc… Yes, I recognize os meant is. Cheers.

  17. avatar
    Tom Harari

    Ramit, glad you’re bringing this up. I must have a read a post fo yours back in 2007/2008 and immediately opened up a Schwab checking out. I can’t even begin to imagine how much ATM fees I’ve saved since making the switch, especially since I spent 6 mo. overseas and ALL of my international ATM fees were re-imbursed! And they were really fair with exchange rates – just an amazing experience from the beginning. Weird to say that about a bank 🙂

  18. avatar

    Does Schwab Investor Checking allow direct downloads into Quicken and online Bill Pay? As much as I may loathe BoA for some of their business practices (I personally have never had an issue with them) and have come to depend on those two features.

    • avatar

      I switched to Scwab about a month ago after reading Ramit’s book. I just checked online and the answer is yes to both of your questions.

  19. avatar

    I see that Schwab also lets you deposit checks from your android phone. Does anyone know what the limit for these picture deposits? I know some banks max you at $1,000.

    • avatar

      I am interested in knowing this too. Most other banks and checking accounts that offer this restrict it to 1000$ a day and 3000$ a month or something similar, would like to know if Schwab is more generous.

    • avatar

      The limit on mobile deposits is $10,000 per check.

  20. avatar
    c vos

    Schwab looks like a great system for personal accounts, what is the best business bank account? Most of the big banks charge massive fees on all their business banking accounts and it would really be nice to have a stable alternative.

    • avatar

      I called Schwab, and they said that you can open an institutional “Schwab One” brokerage account. If the money is sitting in cash investments or their “deposit sweep” applies, then it is FDIC insured as usual.

      It offers free checking, and of course can accept checks in the name of your DBA or LLC.

      Here’s the link their rep gave me:

  21. avatar

    Did you hear that ING is for sale?

  22. avatar
    Fred Perrotta

    Are you also reimbursed for foreign ATM fees? I’d love to have a checking account that I could use abroad without incurring fees.

    • avatar

      @Fred – I’ve traveled to Japan and Thailand several times since I opened my Schwab account in 2007, and every time I call to ask about exchange rates. Without fail, every time they assure me that there are no added exchange fees, any foreign ATM fees are reimbursed, and that the exchange rate used is whatever the industry rate is at the time of the exchange (i.e. no special, consumer-raping set rate like some exchanges do). Any time I hear about my friends traveling or going abroad, I urge them to open a Schwab account.

  23. avatar

    How does this Schwab account differ from Ally? Thanks!

    • avatar
      Kevin Burke

      I use Ally too… pretty much the same feature set

  24. avatar

    Ramit- Any suggestions for a business banking account?

    • avatar

      I called Schwab, and they said that you can open an institutional “Schwab One” brokerage account. If the money is sitting in cash investments or their “deposit sweep” applies, then it is FDIC insured as usual.

      It offers free checking, and of course can accept checks in the name of your DBA or LLC.

      Here’s the link their rep gave me:

  25. avatar

    I’m very intrigued, but currently have Ally as well. Although it seems the same, one big difference i see is the deposit by phone feature with Schwaab. This might make me want to change over. I currently have a local BofA account just for depositing checks.

  26. avatar

    I found BB&T a good option for my business account.

  27. avatar

    @Andrew – you said “can” open a brokerage account. The FAQ says “need”: Do I need to open a Schwab One brokerage account with my Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking account?
    Yes. The Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking account is only available when linked to a Schwab One brokerage account. The two accounts may be opened at the same time.

    It might have been good to know this in the main post! It’s not a “no-catch” account…. There’s “no obligation” to use the brokerage account, but it’s not clear what the impact is of opening said account.

    • avatar

      @Lisa – I am referring to using the brokerage account as a business checking.

      Apparently, the Schwab One Brokerage Account (for Organizations) is registered to your EIN (Tax ID) and business name (DBA, LLC, Corporate), and has checking features, all for no fee.

      It’s my understanding that if you open the investor checking as well, that you get remote check deposit (via smartphone), of up to $1k per day or $10k per day, with the same limit applying per check.

      I haven’t opened these accounts yet, but once I go over some things with my accountant and open the accounts, I’ll post back here to answer any questions about using it. I got the idea from a very old post here:

  28. avatar

    @Andrew thanks for the clarification. That being said, both the personal version and the business version (of checking accounts) require the paired brokerage accounts.

  29. avatar
    Hasan Diwan

    It shouldn’t be a problem. I never needed to show Schwab my passport when I opened my account, just my driver’s license.

  30. avatar
    Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    schwab is def a good one, i also like ING and USAA (only veterans and family can qualify). ease of use, no fees and most importantly customer service are my three biggest criteria! a decent interest rate can’t hurt either

    Ally is a up and comer – keep an eye out

    • avatar

      anyone can join USAA now, its not limited. they changed the policy a few years ago

  31. avatar

    Hi Ramit!
    This question has been asked, but not answered, before.
    I am living in Europe, so I can’t use the Schwabs account. Are there similar accounts like this one for Europeans?

    • avatar

      And for Canadian residents! Or maybe any alternatives?

  32. avatar


    If you’re starting over, and the credit is not great, they do a hard hit on the report, do you know if they pull it for ID (USA Patriot) or for getting the account? With my credit I probably wouldn’t be approved.

  33. avatar
    Will Franco aka Flywheel

    I heard Ally was good… what are your thoughts?

  34. avatar

    The USAA credit card has all the same features and has run lots of consumer rewards. They also have a best price in auto insurance. You no longer have to be part of the military to join. I HATE almost every major corporation and I generally hate all banks but I can not say enough good things about USAA, LOVE THEM

  35. avatar

    Hi I just came across your webpage yesterday. Really liking your stuff so far. Going to buy your book.
    Just two questions.

    It states on the scwab webpage that only US residents can create accounts. Do you know of a similar bank that I can use up here in Canada?

    Can the concepts in your book be applied in Canada?

  36. avatar

    Great tip! I just signed up for an account … I recently moved and kept my old checking account in my old town (over 1000 miles away). I don’t write checks and rarely need to deposit them, so this is perfect!! Love that I can deposit using my iPhone! Awesome!!!

  37. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    I have a question regarding the closing of a checking account. I use CIBC and am frustrated with paying the $3.9 monthly service fee plus additional atm fees and therefore plan to change to an account (such as ING). That said, I wonder what will happen to the rest of my accounts held at the bank. Have you come across the situation where people wish to switch only their checking accounts to ING and keep the credit + investing accounts untouched at the original bank? Can I pay off my credit card using the ING account? Thanks so much, Jon

  38. avatar

    What are your thoughts on Ally’s Checking account?

  39. avatar

    My fiancée has Charles Schwab and loves it. Great for international travelers, and way better than the big 3 banks (Bums of America, Chase good customers away, and Well Forget You). Only problem is you need to set up an investment account with a minimum $1,000 deposit. A similar checking account is at Fidelity, but their investment account requires an opening deposit of $2,500. Fidelity has lower broker fees, but who wants to drop $2,500 to open an account???

    • avatar

      So to open the checking account you need to deposit 1K into the investment account??

  40. avatar

    Other noteworthy checking accounts can be found at local credit unions without a $1,000 investment account deposits.

  41. avatar

    I love my investor checking account with CS and several other retirement and business accounts. I have all for ten years now. The only issue for those that need large sums of cold hard cash, is that CS is not a bank where you can go in and withdraw money, so you do have to use ATMs and there is normally a limit. For me that’s not a problem, for big spenders? — maybe.

  42. avatar

    I openned up my Schwab Investor Checking after getting fed up with Chase and reading Ramit’s book. Chase charged fees onto my college checking when they said they wouldn’t and for the longest time, I lived in areas without Chase branches- for college. I have no idea how much money I wasted by not openning up a local account. Thank god for this account though because that will never be a problem again. I do sometimes miss having a branch around, like when you need lots of quarters for the laundry machine in your building or need to deposit cash. Overall, it’s a nice account.

  43. avatar

    does anyone know about a similar option to Schwab for European citizens/residents?


  44. avatar

    i am an U.S. CITIZEN that will be retiring in JAPAN.
    i will direct deposit my SOCIAL SECURITY to CS.
    I will have a JAPAN HOME ADDRESS and do online
    banking to pay my credit card bills.
    is this a problem?

    Thank you,
    looking forward to opening CS online banking

  45. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    I love Charles Schwab investor checkings and savings accounts – I fired Bank of America and switched to Charles Schwab based on your recommendation – best decision ever.

    I am now looking for the best online bank option for small businesses (a checking account and possibly a savings account). No minimum requirements, no silly fees, easy online pay (similar to Chase Quick Pay, though I don’t like Chase), Apply Pay option are key criteria for my decision-making. I’ve researched and most online banking does not specify options for business accounts. If the best business checking accounts don’t happen to be with online banks, that would be an option to consider, though I would prefer an online-only bank, if available.

    Your recommendations would be much appreciated.
    Thanks much!

  46. avatar
    Mario Abad

    I’ve been touting Schwab to my friends for years and they still don’t get it. Schwab has reimbursed me for every ATM fee I’ve ever incurred, no matter how high. I even had to pull funds in Vegas at a *cough* restaurant and they reimbursed me for all of the $30 ATM fee I was hit with. Hands down the best checking account there is. I don’t know why anyone would still bank with BoA or Wells or any of those other banks that charge you ridiculous fees.

    In addition to the great technical features of the account, Schwab has great customer service. Can’t ask for anything better.

  47. avatar

    LOVE my account, with two exceptions:

    1. I cannot deposit cash. Too often I’ve come into possession of a bundle of cash and I can’t deposit it and I’d rather not hold on all of it for too long.
    2. As a contractor, I sometimes receive checks that are in the sum of thousands of dollars and Schwab has a hard limit, even after a phone call, where I cannot deposit the check.

    For this reason, I have no choice but to keep an account open at another major bank that DOES charge fees (although I’ve gotten around it thankfully). So while I love Schwab, it does not cover all my needs sadly.

  48. avatar
    J Washburn

    I absolutely love . Best bank ever. Seriously, you have to check it out. All the same perks mentioned above, only with an Apple-like interface. So easy to use.

  49. avatar

    Hello, Ramit,

    I am in the process of reading your book, and it has been unbelievably helpful for reorganizing my finances to suit my banking habits (read: lazy. I like setting things up and doing little afterwards).

    I have a question about the Schwab Checking Account, though. I was reading the Account Agreement (…I’m sorry. Yes, I’m THAT person) and it seems like their Overdraft Protection is a system for transferring funds from other accounts (ex. savings, brokerage) or from a line of credit (if the customer qualifies) to cover the overdraw. If the customer doesn’t have another Schwab account (or has insufficient/no funds in the account(s)), then the account is overdrawn (at Schwab’s discretion) or the transaction is declined and they are charged a $25 non-sufficient funds fee (up to a maximum of $100/day).

    Is there something that I’m missing? It seems like everybody has only good things to say about the account, so I’m not sure if I’m just misunderstanding. Charging for just declining a transaction seems a bit sleazy…

  50. avatar

    Edit: Never mind; I should have done more research before posting. Apparently, the aforementioned sleazy business practice is standard amongst banks.

  51. avatar

    I opened up a Schwab High Yiend Investor Checking account a couple of years ago (after seeing it recommended here by Ramit) and must say that it is everything he said it would be. Awesome for everything you need it for and more; and for traveling though it is particularly handy. A total lifesaver.

    Thanks, Ramit.

  52. avatar

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  53. avatar
    Jake Gibson

    I love the idea of having your money funneled to the necessary accounts automatically. It seems like there’s a lot to consider when choosing a bank. I also like the idea of doing my banking from the convenience from my computer or smart phone.

  54. avatar

    If I withdraw cash from an ATM in Canada, will there be a foreign transaction fee? In other words, ignoring the ATM fee, if I withdraw $20 in Canada and the current conversion is $0.73 US dollars per $1.00 Canadian dollar, will I see a $14.60 debit from my Schwab account? Or will there be an additional charge because of the currency conversion?

    • avatar

      The foreign ATM will spit out its local currency, but you will see the debit from your Schwab account in the USD equivalent. I have always found the conversion rate to be close to market rate.

  55. avatar

    Hello! A co-worker of mine has recently introduced me to your book and I’m hooked! I’m still two weeks in, but I’m already saving a couple hundred bucks following your guide.

    I wanted to ask a quick question: I have an Ally interest checking account and have had if for a couple of years now. I’ve read up on Schwab and I really like their options. The trouble is I’m still attached to my Ally account, is it smart to have two checking accounts one for each bank or just go for another bank?

    Thank you so much!

  56. avatar

    Shwab sounds like a great bank and there is another online bank that I have been cosidering, though What are your feelings on the safety of your money within an online bank that has no physical brick-n-mortar location?

  57. avatar
    nikki jones

    This post is very helpful for people And thanks for share tips for check account

  58. avatar

    Hard to find something stable to invest in. The best I’ve tried is , I get returns of 10%. Also, is another one of my favs.

  59. avatar

    Please be aware that charles schwab will do a HARD PULL on your credit when you open the account.

    Not a big deal for all the great benefits they offer, but if you don’t have “great” credit they can potentially close your account. The hard pull will stay.

    You can not deposit cash, however they accept money orders deposits at local branches, so keep your big bank account open if you plan on doing many cash deposits then just transfer to schwab.

    Ramit, I think you should inform future readers about the hard pull. Thanks for the awesome posts too!

  60. avatar
    anand kuteer

    re; free ATMs with Scwab…do they give a lower currency exchange rate to make up for the ‘freebies’??

  61. avatar

    It only pays 0.06% which is pathetic. Capital One 360 offers a higher rate (up to 0.9%) if you have $100,000. The debit cards are also no charge.

  62. avatar

    One thing to keep in mind is that Charles Schwab will do a hard pull on your credit when you open this account. I got approved but it brought my FICO score down from 793 to 766. So definitely don’t get it if you’re planning to get major loan in the near future or don’t want a hard pull on your credit.

  63. avatar

    Hi Ramit,

    Big fan of your book. 2 questions:

    -I’m a recent grad who has barely used my 2 year old credit card because all my expenses (besides my loans) were paid by my parents. Will Charles Schwab deny me for bad credit? Is it worth trying even though they do a hard pull?

    -I’ve heard they use the VISA exchange rate which tends be ~1% worse than what other cards use. Is there any validity to this and if so do the pros still outweigh the cons?

  64. avatar

    I was debating between this account and the Capital One 360 before spending an extended period of time abroad. It seemed as if the only major difference was that Schwab refunds ATM surcharges, whereas Capital One does not. I am the kind of person who does not like to carry large sums of cash on me, thus I don’t like to withdraw large amounts at a time, despite that method allowing you to save on ATM fees.

    Schwab did do a hard credit pull on my Equifax report, and I don’t understand the point of it since I’m not even requesting a line of credit. However, based on the money I saved, I didn’t mind it in the end. Now I don’t really have to think before choosing an ATM to withdraw from, but of course I still try to go for ATMs with lower surcharges, since you won’t be reimbursed that money until the end of every month. After each withdrawal abroad, I did check against my currency exchange app and found that the amount deducted from my account was always consistent with the market rate.

  65. avatar

    It should be mentioned in the article that you need to open a brokerage account (with a $1000 minimum to set up) to go with the checking account.

  66. avatar
    Nick D

    @RAMIT: Very informative article regarding the best checking accounts; this is greatly appreciated. Will you please do a follow-up article in regards to the best savings accounts. I know you mentioned a few in your book, however, since that was written years ago, updated information information would be appreciated. More specifically, the best online savings accounts for 2018.

  67. avatar

    With Schwab or another checking online account, what do you do in the rare event that you have cash to deposit, such as getting a birthday gift?

    • avatar

      It's almost never happened in the last 8+ years. In the cases where it does, I keep the cash and just use it for miscellaneous spending, or in a couple extremely rare cases, I deposited it to a different bank and transferred it where it needed to go.

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