4 links Killing sacred cows

4 links: Killing “sacred cows”

Happy Monday. I spent Saturday binge-watching old movies (Apollo 13, The Town), then went out Sunday for my first flying lesson:

my first flying lesson
I’ll post more pics on instagram.com/ramit later today

Now back to it.

Today, I have 4 links for you. Today’s theme is “Killing sacred cows.” Sacred cows are ideas that are considered too sacred to be criticized (e.g., “more education is always the right thing to do”).

Check these links out. Which do you agree/disagree with?

#1: Do This, Not That: How to Launch a Profitable Online Business
Personal finance “experts” hate when someone talks about how to earn more (instead of just cutting back). Why? Because they don’t know how.

Tonight, I’m hosting a free mini-class on how to go from “no idea” to earning $1,000, then $10,000, even $250,000+ from an online business. You can do this using skills you already have.*


#2: Learning to code is overrated
It’s popular to suggest that everyone should learn to code. After all, it’s the skill of the future, right? But if that’s the case, shouldn’t students “have” to learn about psychology? Food? Personal finance? This argument falls apart quickly.

#3: How do fast food menus trick you into paying more?
A fascinating look into how small tweaks can have huge results. Pay attention to how the names of their burgers make you feel.

#4: Bad dating advice for men
In order, the worst advice in the world is (1) women’s relationships, (2) women’s fitness, and (3) men’s relationships. Here are lots of examples of bad men’s relationship advice.

Find your profitable business idea

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