Episode #101: Where Are They Now? Netflix Reunion with Millie and Christian

In this special limited series, we’re following up with couples from my Netflix show, How To Get Rich. Tune in to hear what’s new, what isn’t, and where their money conversations have gone since our taping. Today, we check in with Millie and Christian on the MLM, gambling stock, and more.

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Show Transcript

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[00:00:00] Millie: Ramit, we thought we were going to be the golden children of this show. We thought you were going to come in here and be like, you know what, I’m just going to leave because you guys are perfect. And then, like Christian said, you just kept calling us out on all our bullshit, and all our stuff that we were hiding under the rug. Sometimes I don’t like getting told what to do, and the fact that I was able to–

[00:00:22] Christian: Sometimes.

[00:00:23] Millie: All right. And so just being able to be like, okay, Millie. Just letting go. Um, being okay with finding a job, and getting back into that, that was something that I had to really accept. Yeah. Right.  

[00:00:42] Christian: I think it just shows a relationship shouldn’t have egos. We’re one team. We’re not here to say, hey, uh, this is my side. This is your side. I think we’re one team, and we’re working towards one goal. 

[00:00:54] Ramit: Yeah. 

[00:00:55] Christian: It’s our money. It’s not your money and my money. And I think that was something we were struggling with for the past few years.

[00:01:01] Millie: He’s my husband at this point. We’re not just boyfriend and girlfriend and a high school relationship. This is forever. 


[00:01:10] Ramit: Welcome to today’s special Where Are They Now episode with Christian and Millie from my Netflix show How To Get Rich. Now, today you’re going to hear where they are financially and otherwise a year after filming the show. If you haven’t yet finished the show, hit pause, go watch all eight episodes, and then come back here so I don’t reveal any spoilers.

Okay, here’s what you need to know. Christian and Millie told me that they want to create an empire together. They own their own place, and they generate positive cash flow by renting out units of their apartments. He works for the federal government. She’s a realtor. But as I learned, she also is involved in multi-level marketing.

I had no idea before I met them. In fact, on the show, Episode 6, I actually got the chance to go to an MLM event. This is my fantasy. This is why I truly have my own rich life, because I get to go to MLM events and then ask very pointed surgical questions along the way, which you get to watch.

Now what I really liked about Christian and Millie is they are both very family-oriented. They both are children of immigrants. In fact, one of Christian’s financial goals is to retire his mom. But the problem is they keep making these bone-headed financial moves. Like he invested in a meme stock and lost tens of thousands of dollars, and she has been saddled with a Cadillac from her MLM. Listen in to find out where they are now. 


[00:02:45] Ramit: Uh, first of all, have you heard some news about the show?

[00:02:49] Millie: Yes.

[00:02:49] Christian: Yes.

[00:02:49] Ramit: What have you heard?

[00:02:51] Millie: I’ve heard, um, that they’re going to announce it tomorrow, and then that it’s launching on Tax Day, which is cool.

[00:02:59] Ramit: Yeah.

[00:03:00] Christian: I’m going to be honest. I was skeptical from the get, uh, even Millie told me, “Hey, we’ve been selected for this show.” I’m like, well, this is going to be for you, Millie. I love you, and I would do this for you.

[00:03:11] Ramit: Oh, wow. Millie, hope it works out for you. Good luck. Wait, why is that, Christian?

[00:03:15] Christian: I believe TV is all set up, and like, you know what, it’s all fake. A lot of it’s fake. And I’m a big skeptic. It’s all made for viewership and stuff like that. And I’m like, all right, I’m doing this for her. So finance just really interested us. And that’s one of the reasons why I really accepted to do the show because she told me, hey, it’s about finance. And I’m like, you know what, it’s no, um, housewife BS. I’m like, this might be something real, and let me give this a fair shot.

And it really opened my eyes because I thought this was going to be something totally different than it actually turned out to be. You made us feel very comfortable, and when we were having this conversation, for moments there, I felt like it was just the two of us sitting down talking and the cameras were gone. It really felt genuine, I guess is the word. It felt genuine.

[00:04:02] Millie: Yeah. We were just hanging out in my living room like we were talking to a friend. Because this is how– we like having these conversations. We like talking about money, and what we’re going to do next, and what we’re investing in. And you can’t have that conversation with everybody. Not everybody feels comfortable to have that conversation. It was either somebody was going to come in and yell at us or somebody was just going to be like, oh, everything’s perfect. You guys are doing great. And that’s it. But no, we were genuinely just chatting.

[00:04:30] Ramit: Yeah. We’re having a good time, and it was also fun because you two have a good sense of humor. So I can joke around with you, and I can be like, you did what? And I think that just makes the whole thing fun. Money doesn’t have to be so serious. Ah. Okay. I’m excited. Um, I just want to know also what’s been going on. So can you give me an update?

[00:04:51] Millie: Boo, you want to go first?

[00:04:54] Christian: I’ve gotten a raise since we last spoke.

[00:04:56] Ramit: How much?

[00:04:57] Christian: Um, so I went from making– last year I was making 109 to making 118, but with, uh, 25% availability pay, which I discussed with you prior. It comes out to around 147. I’m making about 147 now.

[00:05:13] Ramit: Wow. Nice work. That’s awesome. Yeah. I saw some bigger numbers on the update. I was like, ah, what happened here? That is fantastic. Okay, great. So congratulations on that. That is amazing.

[00:05:26] Millie: There’s so many updates though. Christian’s being modest.

[00:05:28] Christian: I can’t think on the spot.

[00:05:30] Millie: What do mean? We got married since the last time–

[00:05:32] Christian: Oh yeah.

[00:05:33] Ramit: Oh yeah. That. Okay. All right.

[00:05:35] Christian: I’m sorry.

[00:05:36] Millie: No big deal.

[00:05:37] Ramit: Maybe we should have Millie, uh, run this part of the conversation. What do you say?

[00:05:42] Christian: Yes, please.

[00:05:45] Ramit: Millie, you got married. Congratulations, Christian.

[00:05:47] Millie: Thank you. Yeah. So excited. We got married, everything came out perfect. We went on our honeymoon for a month.

[00:05:53] Ramit: Where’d you go? What? 

[00:05:55] Millie: Italy.

[00:05:56] Ramit: Oh my God. Tell me about it. Where’d you go?

[00:05:58] Millie: Everywhere. We rented car. We landed in Rome, rented a car, and we didn’t plan anything. We just went with the flow. It was amazing. We went to Rome. We went to Florence, the Amalfi Coast. We ended up in Switzerland. We went to Monaco, um, Sylvania. Uh, where else?

[00:06:18] Ramit: Unbelievable. 

[00:06:20] Millie: Venice. We went to all the major cities in Italy.

[00:06:23] Ramit: Okay, so this is amazing. When we met, you were both very focused on the future, which I love. You had this cash flowing thing, and you were talking about generational wealth. All that’s great, but I was like, what about now? What’s going on now? And to hear that you took a one month honeymoon and just rented a car and said, let’s go, in Italy, to me, that is just so beautiful. Congratulations. 

[00:06:48] Millie: It was a crazy experience, but I loved it.

[00:06:52] Christian: The freedom of not having to worry, do we have enough money for moving from place to place? We really didn’t think about that. We were just like, let’s enjoy our honeymoon. We deserve it. Let’s enjoy these next, I think it was 25 days, right, Millie?

[00:07:05] Millie: And you’d be proud of us because we weren’t cheap with where we were staying either. We were staying at very nice hotels, luxurious. Usually we’d be like, okay, where can we stay?

[00:07:18] Christian: Yeah. 

[00:07:20] Millie:  For the flight back, when we went to the honeymoon, we did first class or business class, I think is what they call it now. I was like, Christian, you shouldn’t have done this to me because I don’t want to go back. Wow. It was different.


[00:07:38] Ramit:  This is what I mean when I say you should live a rich life today and a richer life tomorrow. In order to do that, you’ve got to know your numbers, and you’ve got to be working on improving your money psychology. So when it comes to your numbers, things like your savings rate, your investments, what exact month and year your debt will be paid off. All of this is covered in my book and in my money coaching program. I’ll throw links in the show notes below. 

Now, it could mean that your rich life today is staying in luxury hotels or buying fancy cars. Fine. Or it could mean that you’ve planned for it, you’ve designed your rich life. And maybe today what’s possible and meaningful to you is a picnic in the park with your kids. It doesn’t matter the level of fanciness or extravagance. What matters is that it is intentional and personal because that is what makes your rich life meaningful to you. 


[00:08:36] Ramit: Congratulations on the wedding. Double congratulations on the honeymoon and the income increase. That’s amazing. Give me the rest of the updates.

[00:08:44] Millie: What else? Okay. I started a new job. As soon as we got back from the honeymoon, I started applying to literally everywhere. Um, I really wanted something remote because I want to be able to travel when Christian travels. Um, which also we’ve been traveling a lot. We’ve gotten to Hawaii also since then. We’ve traveled a lot. You’d be proud.

[00:09:07] Ramit: I am proud.

[00:09:09] Millie: Um, so I got a job. I ended up getting a position– funny story. So I applied for their accounting position, that’s what they had listed on Craigslist, and then after one day there, he was like, I want to make you the manager. I want you to be in charge of sales. And literally after one day, that was it. That’s all he needed. We renegotiated my contract, and now I’m at 35 an hour. I’m going to be getting commission on sales once I start sales. It’s a whole 180.

[00:09:41] Ramit: Wow. Congratulations. That’s cool. Okay, so you have a stable job. How many hours a week?

[00:09:48] Millie: 40.

[00:09:48] Ramit: You’re making 35 bucks an hour, so that’s roughly 70k a year plus potential commissions off of sales. Okay. How does that feel?

[00:10:00] Millie: It feels good to have a job again, and be doing something, and being busy. And it’s a little bit, um, of a shock because whenever Christian’s going away, I want to go with him. He’s gone to Abu Dhabi. He’s gone to Hawaii. He’s gone to– oh my God, how many places have you been through since January that we got back?

[00:10:23] Christian: India. I went to India.

[00:10:25] Ramit: You went to– oh yeah, I saw a picture on your social. I was like, what’s he doing there? Okay, so Millie, you’re saying it’s an adjustment because you can’t just get on a plane with him. 

[00:10:35] Millie: Yeah. It’s a little frustrating.

[00:10:37] Christian: I was a bit torn. Yeah.

[00:10:39] Ramit: All right. Well, the good news, in my opinion, is you have time to think about what decisions you want to make. And also doubly good news is you have a stable income. I have one question for you, because when we talked, you had had that bad experience with your past boss and it had turned you off to working for anybody. What’s it like so far with this boss?

[00:11:02] Millie: I really like him.

[00:11:04] Ramit: Awesome. 

[00:11:05] Millie: I really like him. We get along, and we have similar personalities, so we just understand each other. I enjoy his company. And he says that same to me. He’s like, I enjoy having you here. I love working with you. And it’s only been a couple weeks or a couple months at this point actually. Sometimes I don’t like getting told what to do, and the fact that I was able to– 

[00:11:27] Christian: Sometimes.

[00:11:28] Millie: All right. And so just being able to be like, okay, Millie. Just letting go, um, being okay with finding a job, and getting back into that, that was something that I had to really accept. Yeah. Right. 


[00:11:47] Ramit: You ever meet people who go, I can’t work at a job, I’m an entrepreneur, but the problem is that their business is totally failing and they’re making no money? I meet a lot of people like this, and they will tell me all these reasons why they can never go and work for the man again. And I’m like, I think you need to get a job because it’s nice to have all these stories you tell yourself, in some cases, pure delusion, but the fact of the matter is it’s better to have a job that lets you pay your bills than to dream about being an entrepreneur. Cover the basics, save some money, and then you have options. 

This is one of the reasons that in my business program, Earnable, I encourage people, if you’ve got a job, keep that job, start something on the side, and if and when it becomes successful enough, then you can decide what to do full-time. Now, one of the patterns that happens with people who say this thing, I could never work for anybody, is that they had a bad experience at one job and now they’ve generalized it to all jobs.

 That’s what happened with Millie. She had a bad experience with a boss, and she made $12,000 in a single month with her MLM, so she said, I’m not going to work for anybody. I don’t like that. And also, I’m really successful over here. I personally am really proud of Millie for getting a job where she’s now paid more, she has stability, and she can contribute to her and Christian building their empire. 


[00:13:11] Ramit: Now let’s talk about the MLM. What’s the latest on that?

[00:13:16] Millie: So I still haven’t terminated my account, and I still don’t plan on it because the money that it does make me pays for the car. 

[00:13:26] Ramit: You still have the car. 

[00:13:27] Millie: I still have the car.

[00:13:29] Ramit: Christian, I’m coming to you in a second. Don’t worry. I want to hear your opinion. So you still have that car. Okay. It’s a nice car. It’s certainly nicer than mine. And, um, the payment on it, am I remembering right, 660?

[00:13:42] Millie: Yes, 669. And I make enough where it at least pays for the car. And just because of that, I don’t feel like I should terminate because then that’s now one more huge bill that I’m going to have. 

[00:13:56] Ramit: Yeah. Right. I loved, uh, discovering how much you were paying for the car. I still remember the look on my face. I said, say that again. What? And then going out and sitting in the car, because I thought it was some old person car. And it wasn’t. It’s a nice car, but I’m like, I can’t sleep thinking about this car right now. So I love the family. That was my favorite, but I’ll also never forget that car. Uh, I loved it. So you keep it, and then in the last few months, how much did you get paid?

[00:14:30] Millie: I honestly haven’t even calculated. I didn’t prepare well for that question.

[00:14:35] Ramit: That’s okay. Most people I talk to, um, don’t prepare speaking to me. It’s, uh, I have a dream that one day they will. You said that that MLM has covered the cost of the car, which by the way, they mandated you get, but how do you know that if you haven’t calculated how much you’ve made over the last few months?

[00:14:55] Millie: Oh, for last year though, I did calculate and it made enough where it paid for the car. That’s how I know that because we just got our, um, 1099.

[00:15:04] Ramit: Got it. Okay. Uh, Christian, what do you think about this?

[00:15:10] Christian: I think she should get a smaller car payment and hand it in the car. Uh, but then again, I think, um, we’ve taken your advice as doing the proportion method of incomes to pay off the bills, and that’s helped out a lot, and I know it’s been a big stress reliever in the relationship. Um, so with that being said, when it comes to the car, she pays that by herself, and that’s something she’s taken upon, so I think she’s done the math on that and it’s working out for her.

[00:15:42] Ramit: I approve of that. That’s awesome. So let me tell everybody watching why I like that, is sometimes we choose to have something extra nice or extra expensive. That’s okay in a relationship, but the person who chooses the extra nice or extra expensive thing should probably at least pay the difference in what the two of you might pay, or maybe just pay for the entire thing. Not the choice I would make, but it’s not my money. It’s your money. It’s your rich life. So that’s cool. All right, more questions. The proportionality. This is a big deal. How does it feel overall doing that adapted system?

[00:16:23] Christian: It feels good. Uh, I’ve always been for it. I always wanted to help out more. She was always a person right down the middle. Everything had to be 50/50. She was always that kind of person. I’m always like, hey, I don’t mind providing more. I don’t mind doing this. But she was always stead set in her way of, no, 50/50. I want to put up my share. Um, so I respected that, and we got to a point when we started doing the show and we started to realize– you brought up the proportionality, and I’m like, hey, we never thought of that. And I think that’s helped our relationship a lot in many ways. Not only money wise, but I think emotional wise.

[00:17:00] Ramit: How so?

[00:17:03] Christian: I think it just shows a relationship shouldn’t have egos. We’re one team. We’re not here to say, hey, uh, this is my side. This is your side. I think we’re one team, and we’re working towards one goal.

[00:17:15] Ramit: Yeah.

[00:17:16] Christian: It’s our money. It’s not your money and my money. And I think that was something we were struggling with for the past few years.

[00:17:22] Millie: It’s just, like he said, an ego thing. And I’m glad I let my guard down because, I mean, he’s my husband at this point. We’re not just boyfriend and girlfriend and a high school relationship. This is forever. 

[00:17:38] Ramit: So that’s why it’s partnership. One person takes the lead, and then that might shift. And I love that the two of you have found a way to work together for both of you. That’s awesome. Okay. Any other updates on the financial side?

[00:17:55] Millie: Yes. We never sold the stock.

[00:17:58] Christian: Oh God.

[00:17:59] Ramit: The gambling stock? 

[00:18:02] Millie: No, not the gambling stock.

[00:18:05] Christian: I thought we were we going to miss this part.

[00:18:09] Ramit: Millie’s like, uh-uh, I have my list of things to talk about. Tell me Millie.

[00:18:13] Millie: So we haven’t sold DraftKings. Remember DraftKings, the one that we lost 80 or 90,000 on?

[00:18:19] Ramit: Yeah. How could I forget? So you kept it, and how’s it doing?

[00:18:23] Millie: It’s going up actually.

[00:18:25] Ramit: Oh God. So what is the lesson that you take away from this? I always love when people take away the absolute worst lessons. What’s the lesson you take away, Christian?

[00:18:34] Christian: Um, just wait it out.

[00:18:40] Ramit: Buy a super risky gambling stock and then you’ll probably make a ton of money. Yeah. That’s a good lesson to take away. 

[00:18:48] Christian: Yeah. No, definitely not. I think, uh, I’ve learned my lesson with this. Um, I guess part of me does not want to let go yet with I guess the hopes. But I’ve spoke– Millie and I have discussed this, and I think, uh, we’ve set a target loss ofprice. 

[00:19:05] Ramit: Oh, okay. 

[00:19:06] Christian: So basically once it reaches that target loss, I will take the money out.

[00:19:10] Ramit: What is the target loss? How much are you targeting to lose?

[00:19:13] Christian: $40 a share. So we bought in at $65 a share. So once it goes back up to $40 a share–

[00:19:19] Ramit: You’ll sell.

[00:19:20] Christian: I’ll sell. Yes.

[00:19:21] Ramit: And what is it at right now?

[00:19:23] Christian: I can actually look right now, uh, give you– 

[00:19:25] Ramit: You know he has that on his homepage of his phone. It’s not like–

[00:19:29] Christian: I can give you the latest.

[00:19:30] Ramit: Yeah. Down to the second.

[00:19:32] Christian: Um, it’s at 18.35.

[00:19:40] Ramit: Okay. So it only needs to more than double. Okay, great. And what if the stock goes down?

[00:19:47] Christian: Oh God. Don’t say that. I was not expecting to be called out as much as we were called out on our stuff. And I think that was a wake-up call. But you calling us out and calling me out on DraftKings made me wake up and be like, hey, listen, um, it’s all right. You do whatever you want your money, but maybe you should communicate with your wife. It’s something you guys need to speak about more. Even if you’re going to decide on doing it, it’s something that should be mentioned.

And the same goes with her as far as the MLM. You asked me, “Hey, do you know how much she makes?” I had no answer for you. It’s something we just didn’t discuss. I handled the stocks, she handled her MLM, and it was something surprising.

[00:20:31] Millie: Ramit, we thought we were going to be the golden children of this show. We thought you were going to come in here and be like, you know what, I’m just going to leave because you guys are perfect. And then, like Christian said, you just kept calling us out on all our bullshit, and all our stuff that we were hiding under the rug. So that was necessary.


[00:20:51] Ramit: God, this is such a great example of why the vast majority of people should not be investing in individual stocks. Christian made a random, arbitrary decision to buy a stock. He’s lost tens of thousands of dollars. His wife didn’t even know about this, and now, rather than sell it, he’s decided to create another arbitrary number that it has to reach, which by the way is more than doubling where it is today. And all the while that money is sitting there doing nothing for them. 

That money could be better spent or better put in a simple thing like an S&P 500 index fund. But because we are cognitively wired to never want to admit large mistakes such as this, it’s going to be very difficult for Christian to actually become decisive and sell this stock. Again, a great lesson on why the vast majority of people should not be purchasing individual stocks.


[00:21:48] Ramit: Any other updates on the financial side?

[00:21:50] Millie: So we have also implemented the automation.

[00:21:56] Ramit: Yes. How’s going? 

[00:21:57] Christian: Oh, yes. We’ve opened savings accounts and have automated that. Yes.

[00:22:01] Ramit: Yes.

[00:22:02] Millie: So every month we have money, a percentage– we separated all our percentages. I have it all in my phone, organized. I did Christian’s. I did mine.

[00:22:11] Christian: Millie, tell him how we came about this. So we finished your book on our honeymoon between long drives.

[00:22:19] Ramit: That’s very romantic for everybody listening. That’s exactly what you do. You know what’s funny? I finished writing that version of the book on my honeymoon, so it’s coming full circle.

[00:22:30] Millie: Oh my God.

[00:22:31] Christian: Wow. That’s amazing.

[00:22:31] Ramit: In fact, I was writing part of it in Italy. How funny.

[00:22:34] Millie: I love that.

[00:22:35] Ramit: That’s cosmic. All right. So you finish it on the honeymoon, then?

[00:22:41] Christian: And we started opening the accounts right then and there in the car. 

[00:22:44] Millie: So I feel peace, literally. I don’t have to stress about that. I already have saved for it. My sister had her bachelorette two, three weeks ago. I already had the money saved for it. And actually, when we calculated everything, it says that we have a lot more spending money than we thought or that we’re comfortable spending.

[00:23:07] Ramit: Yes. Guilt-free.

[00:23:09] Christian: But Ramit, I can’t do it.

[00:23:11] Millie: I feel guilty. 

[00:23:12] Ramit: Oh.

[00:23:12] Christian: I still can’t do it.

[00:23:14] Ramit: I’ll help you guys with that. Honestly, it’s amazing to see just the look of relief and of joy on your faces like, we have a system.

[00:23:24] Millie: Yeah. We have been telling everyone, read the book. Please, read this book. It’s so good. And I love that– it’s like an instruction manual. It literally tells you what to do. It’s not just reading. No, it tells us what to do, and then you’re so laid back in it, and your jokes, and it just makes it fun to read. We’ve recommended it to so many people. And every chapter is something that is helpful in a different way. Credit cards, investing, everything was necessary. And everything that you talked about, we were already in a little bit, but not to the best of its abilities, basically. We weren’t really– 

[00:24:07] Ramit: It wasn’t optimized, that’s for sure.

[00:24:09] Christian: It wasn’t optimized.

[00:24:11] Millie: That’s the perfect word.

[00:24:12] Ramit: Because of the work that you’ve done, you’ve now earned the right to think beyond basic savings and subsistence. And you can’t keep yourself small. You can’t. Your parents came here, they taught you so much. They gave you the opportunity. You’ve got to take advantage of that. You have this money. You’ve already nailed all the other things. Now it’s time for you to really focus on how do we build the skill of spending our money in a meaningful way? Can you do it? 

[00:24:43] Christian: Why don’t we think of these things? No, that’s great. I totally agree with you. That peace of mind is amazing, because money’s been put towards that and has been saved towards that for these things that come up. And I think that has not only has helped us financially, it’s helped us emotionally with the both of us.

Because money’s a stressor. As much as we didn’t want to talk about it, money was always a stressor. Yes, I made good money even back then, but it was communicating, hey, do you want me to buy a $100,000 of DraftKings, or do I have to do it without telling you?

[00:25:24] Ramit: Yeah. And now you can talk about it, and now you have a structure to be able to talk about it. It’s not, uh, you want this and I want that. It’s like, what do we want? And it’s also being honest. Hey, we are going to have some birthdays this year. We are going to have a wedding this year. Let’s talk about it.

What do we envision? One of us wants to go for three days. One of us wants to go for one day. All right, let’s talk about it. But money is not always driving the conversation. I love the level the two of you have reached, which is, let’s start with what we want to do, and then let’s use our money to support it. That’s the way. That’s the rich life. You start with what’s our rich life, and then how do we find money and deploy it to create that rich life? You guys are living it. So I love that we did it together. 

[00:26:14] Christian: The most memorable part that comes into my head is the conversation I had with my mother in my backyard. I don’t know if you remember that. When I told her– Millie and I took her to the backyard and I told her, hey, in a couple years– we plan on setting up our finances to be able to retire you, and you won’t have to worry about working anymore.

And it just sent chills. It put me in a spot I’ve never felt. And it put her in– I saw the tears run down her face and it made the tears run down my face. And I’m like, this is a feeling I’m never going to forget. It was one of those core memories that I’m never going to forget for the rest of my life.

 I’m doing what my parents intended for me to do, and that is, they took the risk coming to this country for a better life, to give their children a better life. And I’m trying to do what they intended for. And after filming the show, my mom said, we’ve had a few conversations about it, and she’s asked me questions, and she just sits down and tells me, she’s like, I’m extremely proud of the man you’ve become. And the show has helped me or has made me open in my eyes to show me, hey, Christian, you’re doing the right thing.

[00:27:25] Ramit: You were ready to play ball. And, uh, as you will see, not everyone plays ball. You two did an awesome job being open to change. Honestly, you are I think the last people I’m speaking to today before the news comes out tomorrow, so nobody knows. My friends are going to be like, is this a joke? Um, it’s crazy. So I’m excited. I can’t wait for the world to meet you two. I think it’s going to be so much fun.

[00:27:57] Millie: Ah, I’m so nervous, I’m not going to lie, because the world can be a little mean sometimes. Um, but I am really excited too because I talk about this. This has been a passion. When I talk about it, you can feel it. I like this stuff. So I’m excited. 

[00:28:14] Ramit: Thank you.

[00:28:15] Christian: I am really excited, even though my facial expressions don’t show it sometimes, but deep inside I’m very excited. 

[00:28:21] Millie: This is his excited face. 

[00:28:22] Ramit: Well, the two of you have been so great. I’d love to stay in touch. And, uh, congratulations. It’s so impressive, even where you were when I first met you, but especially where you are now. I’m so proud of both of you. Best of luck, and let’s stay in touch.

[00:28:39] Millie: Thank you.

[00:28:40] Christian: Take care now.

[00:28:40] Ramit: All right, see you. Bye.

[00:28:48] Millie: Bye.