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How to Negotiate

Fundamentally, there are two ways to have more money. You can either earn more money or cut costs. So negotiation skills are the most powerful tools in your toolbox, because they help you do both.

We’ll start with some easy ways to save money on bank and credit cards fees. All it takes is a phone call. Then I’ll teach you, in detail, how to negotiate on your car insurance, potentially worth thousands of dollars each year.

But that’s only the warm-up.  Because I’m interested in the Big Wins, I want to give you the skills and leverage to dominate your career by
teaching you about salary negotiation.

How to negotiate on bank and credit card fees

Negotiating down your insurance and bills

Salary negotiation – have more money by earning more money

Here’s a bonus for you guys.  Real readers respond with how they have successfully applied my negotiating techniques to save on fees and bills.  Read how Christopher goes one better, and negotiates his way to a raise.

Bonus negotiation videos

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