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Hi there, I'm Ramit.

I launched I Will Teach You To Be Rich in 2004 to share what I'd learned on the psychology of money. Since then, I've shown people how to find their Dream Job, start businesses, and improve their finances. Since then, IWT has become a close-knit team, hosting material for over 500,000 readers/month. Our unusual business model lets us give away 98% of our material free, turn down people with credit card debt from joining our flagship courses, and spend years developing our courses — so we can get IWT students results like this.

In 2009, I published I Will Teach You To Be Rich through Workman Publishing, which became an instant New York Times bestseller. IWT has been found in most major media sources, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal Today Show, PBS, and NPR.

We continue to show people how to use psychology, persuasion, and behavioral change to improve their own lives and the ones around them. And to expand our reach, we're looking to add to our outstanding team. I hope you'll consider joining us.


Remote. Our entire team is remote, and we stay in close contact via online channels like Basecamp, Skype, and email. We also meet in person every few months! We think the flexible schedule is a huge bonus, but you should be comfortable working for yourself in your own location.


We believe in highly competitive compensation for top performers

Available Positions

We're looking to add to our outstanding team.
I hope you'll consider joining us.

Chief Operating Officer

This is a key role for IWT. As our COO, you'll work directly with me to help build our team, plan our projects, and “keep all the trains running.” This position is unique in its scope: On one hand, this is a highly operational role, and you should have extensive experience hiring, firing, and managing multiple projects at once. On the other hand, you'll use your in-depth knowledge of the business to make strategic recommendations for staffing and projects.

If you're the kind of person who ends a conference call saying, “OK, what are the action items?” this role might be right for you. If your your friends joke around about how you have 50+ filters/folders to manage your email…we should talk. And if you can talk to an entrepreneur and identify key strategic recommendations (or oversights)…this role is for you.

In general, this is NOT a highly creative role. I'm looking for someone highly experienced in executing complex project plans, setting up reporting systems, and “making sure the trains run on time.”

We'll work together extensively, so a fun personality is a must.

If this role is right for you, I hope to hear from you!

- Ramit

Tasks and Responsibilities

Education and Experience

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We’re expanding our reach, and we’re looking for a copywriter to help us communicate our key messages via partner articles, sales promotions and internal messaging. Your copy will be seen by millions of people.

This position will require three key skills:

You’ll work with our Content Manager to draft and edit copy. You should be comfortable with direct feedback and rapid iteration.

We anticipate hundreds of applicants, and we’re looking for the best. You should expect a small writing assignment as part of the application process.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

To apply, please complete this writing test: Copywriter Writing Test

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Executive Customer Support Rep

General Purpose

Top-notch customer support is a cornerstone of I Will Teach You To Be Rich. We're looking for a Customer Support Rep to handle all customer inquiries and questions, become knowledgeable about all product content and help with retention projects. This role will have heavy phone contact with our customers.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Education and Experience

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