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Topics you want me to write about?

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I just posted this on (where I post multiple times per day):

“Feeling pretty loose and deciding what to write today. Anybody have any topics you want me to cover?”

Let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. Warning: If you post something I’ve already written about in my book/blog, you will be mocked mercilessly.

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“Nobody leaves a New Yorker job voluntarily. I was fired. And over the next few days, I’ll tell that story here.” — @danielsbaum

Just got an email about a new magazine article called, “The 6 Best Stocks to Buy Now.” Sigh

Microsites I love:

Ok, I have a ton of makeup on right now…and I look good. I now understand women

PLZ RT!! I’m going to meet John Bogle (founder of Vanguard) in 1 hour. What should I ask him?

Even though I mock frugality tips all the time, I really like J.D.’s post on his millionaire neighbor:

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  1. Personal Entrepreneurship
    How can people accomplish guilt free spending and healthy savings at the same time.

    off topic, I saw a Indian couple driving a 2 door Honda Accord~

  2. Write about making decisions using marginal analysis. Point out how most people don’t look at the whole picture when considering marginal differences (by ignoring sunk costs,etc).

  3. I’d like to know a little about the process of turning a blog into a business. what to do when the money starts coming in. I’m at the point where I need to form business and report taxes. what are the best online business accounts? what are the best ways to shelter taxes? protect interests? pay yourself? I’m sure a whole book could be written on this too 🙂

  4. Your thoughts on the value of an MBA…given the costs, benefits and importance given to the degree by the corporate world (e.g. “MBA required” in job postings or promotions based on receiving the designation).

  5. Would like to see your recommended breakdowns of the “best” Credit Cards depending on a persons situation as was discussed in DC, but thats for me personally. I am really looking forward to your post of earning your first $1K freelancing whenever you get around to it.

  6. Money Diaries: the 20 something start-up cofounder, blogger and best-selling author and sometime YouTube video star.


    Oh, and @gnuhaus is now following @ramit…

  7. More specifics about overcoming the transactions costs of turning an idea into a business, and in general, starting a small business. More entrepreneurship posts!

  8. Tips for online startups (online business accounts? How to approach angel & vc investors?)

  9. How about leveraging credit to start businesses for people who have decent credit but an unexpected drastic reduction in income. I’ve recently started buying at auctions and selling on ebay, Amazon and Craigslist. My blog/website needs a lot of work before I start promoting it. (If you get really bored you might check it out… I’m SURE I am NOT one of your core demographics!! LMAO)

  10. I’d like to hear about retirement savings/investment alternatives for those whose earnings exceed the IRA tax-deductible maximum, particularly for small business owners/self employed individuals who do not have 401(k) plans.