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Earning multiple streams of income

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I love December because everyone else is getting fat and lazy, yet top performers are busy dominating.

See, if you put even a small amount of work in in December, you can hit the ground running in January and be off to the races, while others are still wasting time creating vague New Year’s resolutions.

It’s like starting a race having already stretched and hydrated, while the person next to you is still unwrapping their new shoes. SEE YA BRO. That is what I shout out every January.

2012 has been the year of mastering the game being played around you. So this week, I’m doing two live webcasts on earning more.

FREE WEBCAST #1 (Tuesday): How I built multiple streams of income.

  • See some of my actual streams of income — product sales, consulting, book royalties, and more — including how I built these revenue engines.
  • How I went from $20/hour to $25,000 for a half-day of consulting
  • Learn which revenue streams to pursue first, and how to “scale” them up to earn thousands per month

FREE WEBCAST #2 (Thursday): How to start earning more in 2013.

  • Learn how to pick one profitable idea
  • Too many ideas? Learn a testing procedure to rapidly narrow down ideas to find the “golden” idea
  • Save time: Run an “80/20 Test” your idea to eliminate time-wasters and earn more, even with only 5 hours/week.

I’m doing both of these presentations this week — Tuesday night and Thursday night at 9pm ET (NYC time).

If you simply want to “ride out” the rest of the year and coast, do nothing. Just click on another blog to read! Or say, “I should really do something with this…I’ll do it later.” Same result.

But if you want to take a long-term perspective and live a rich life in 2013, you know that 1-2 hours of your time in December could be a massive game-changer.

Here’s what to do.

I put together a quick page for you to register for these webcasts. Pick 1, pick both — up to you. They’re both free. But you MUST register to attend. Please don’t waste my time by giving me excuses about your time zone or your grandma or your dog. Decide to attend or don’t.

If you’re in, and you want to learn about multiple streams of income, I’d like to share what I’ve learned over the last 10+ years with you. It’s free, and it’s a treat to be able to share this with the people who want to learn it.

The webinars are over, but I’ve added new, proven strategies and tactics to my newsletter. Sign up today at


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  1. Hi Ramit, thank you for your free webinars.

  2. These sound great but what time are they happening?

  3. I got an email confirmation that says that I’m signed up for the “Multiple Streams of Income” webinar series. Since I picked that I’m attending both webcasts, does the series include both webcasts?

  4. I am DEFINITELY using these next 6 weeks to ramp up for next year! And it’s a GREAT feeling!

  5. I’d love to attend, but do you really need my phone number? That’s going to be a deal-breaker for me.

  6. Hi Ramit, can you tell us approximately how long the webcasts will be?

  7. But Ramit! My grandmother’s dog is sick and he’s in another time zone.

  8. Ramit, I haven’t gotten the link in my email. I got the reminder text too.

  9. Received the text but no email with link. How do I get on the webinar?

  10. That is really impressive. I am looking forward to learn from you and enhance my stream of income.