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Should you make a career change? (How to decide)

How do you know when to make a career change? Sometimes, the right path isn't clear. Senior year of college, I had a great job offer. It would have impressed my friends and parents, I would have made a lot of money — but there was something in the back of my head saying no. My other option was to stay ...


How to crush your performance improvement plan

There are two types of people who stumble onto this page. Either you love your job and hope to crush your performance improvement plan, so you can rise through the ranks of your company. Or you really don’t love your job. You’d rather do something else you’re passionate about -- where you’re respected, appreciated, and paid ...


How to turn negative performance review phrases into a 30%+ raise

Here’s a dirty secret about performance reviews your HR department doesn’t want you to know. Any performance review, even a bad one, can hand you the ammunition you need to get a significant raise (10%-50%) in as little as 6 months. Sound crazy? Hear me out. I’ve got the proof to back it up. So if ...

3 creative writing careers that actually pay

I found a woman who writes research papers for people on Fiverr. For $5, she’ll take your assignment, dig through mountains of research, compile her own notes, and write a quality, cited piece for you. For $5. Can you believe it? I cringe when I think about how much she earns for an hour of work. It’s not ...

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I’m hiring for 10+ positions

When I went on my book tour in 2009, the economy was in the toilet. I went to 13 cities – places like LA, San Francisco, Denver (AKA “Menver,” as I was bitterly told by the guys there), and Salt Lake City. No matter which city I was in, the local news directors all had a curious pattern: They all wanted ...


How to get promoted in 6 months without working yourself to death

Imagine this just happened to you: After 3 years of working with the same company and getting nothing but pitiful 1% to 3% "cost-of-living" raises, you decide you’ve had enough. You want more responsibility, pay, and challenging work. You schedule a meeting with your boss and artfully ask for a promotion Without flinching, she says, “Yes. Let’s do ...