Work from anywhere with the Instant Vacation Giveaway

Work from anywhere with the Instant Vacation Giveaway

If you could work from absolutely anywhere, where would you go?

The beach? A big city? Would you travel around Europe working out of coffee shops? Or just work from the comfort of your own home.

People dream about having the freedom to work from anywhere without realizing how easy (and common) it’s actually become.

This “dream” is very attainable thanks to how simple it is to create your own online business (all you need is a computer).

If want you to experience the work-from-anywhere lifestyle here’s something you’ll enjoy:

This month I’m giving away $7,600 in prizes for my Instant Vacation Giveaway.

The winner will receive a free trip anywhere in the world, plus a fully-stocked “digital office” that makes it easy to work from the beach, the city, the cabin or wherever you decide to get away to.

Here’s what the prize package includes:

  • A $2,500 flight voucher
  • $1,000 to spend as you travel
  • Macbook Pro ($2,500)
  • iPhone 6 ($850)
  • Bose QuietComfort 20i Noise-cancelling headphones ($300)
  • Minaal carry-on bag ($300)
  • Kindle ($100)
  • Field Notes notebook ($50)
  • Total value: $7,600

You can use the flight voucher however you want. You can take a solo trip around Asia, fly family and friends to a beach in Southern California — it’s up to you.

And that $1,000 is your to spend however you see fit.

I just ask one thing. If you win, let me know how your trip went.

Click here to enter the contest here.

P.S. There’s no second prize, this is winner-take-all. Sign up here.

P.P.S After you signed up leave a comment below with a spot you’d love to work from (a Caribbean beach, a cafe in Italy, the Grand Canyon, etc.).

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