What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

I love when top performers reveal what they wish they knew five, ten, even twenty years earlier in their careers.

Ramit in elementary school
So much I’d love to teach Little Ramit

A few weeks ago, I read the Letter To My Younger Self from Pete Sampras, one of the greatest tennis players ever.

Sampras goes into excruciating detail about lessons he learned the hard way:

  • He warns his 16-year-old self about the dark side of fame
  • He remembers matches he lost by refusing to try new techniques
  • He even scolds himself for putting the wrong things in his body, like the time he drank Coke mid-match and puked on the court

These are the hard-fought insights that only come from experience. Any up-and-coming tennis player would be crazy not to listen to Pete’s advice.

This isn’t just true for tennis pros, either. We all have knowledge, skills and insights that people in the same situation we were in a few years ago would love to tap.

What’s yours?

Maybe it’s that skill you spent an embarrassing amount of time mastering (like ironing).

Maybe it’s the diet that finally worked for you after ten other ones failed.

Maybe it’s the relationship lessons you learned from years of dating.

We all have something worth sharing.

Think about the major areas of your life — your relationships, money, careers, health, or personal growth. What hard-fought lessons have you learned? I want to hear.

Pick just ONE thing you know now that you wish you could teach your younger self. Then share you idea in the comments below.

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