Find Your First Profitable Idea Mini-Course: Lesson 4

"What if I'm not an expert in anything?"

Just like in the full Earnable program, this mini-course includes lessons on the hidden inner psychology of successful business owners, as well as all the nuts-and-bolts tactics.

In today’s lesson, I share a powerful perspective shift that will help you overcome your limiting beliefs and develop the bulletproof mindset of an entrepreneur.

TODAY’S EXERCISE: This one is simple but incredibly powerful.

Revisit your list of potential business ideas. Apply the mindset described in this video. Even if it feels awkward at first, give it a try anyway. Which idea do you want to try first? Which would be second? Prioritize your top 3 ideas.

If none of them excite you, don’t panic. That’s normal. You can use this time to generate additional ideas and run them through the Pay Certainty Test.

Remember, it’s much easier to thrash now, at the beginning of your business. Better to change your mind now than after you’ve spent months of work on an idea you weren’t excited about.

What's coming next…

You can review Lesson #1 here: The magic of being paid to do what you love.

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You can review Lesson #3 here: How to find your profitable idea.

And don’t forget! On Monday 3/20, I’m capping off this free mini-course with a live class all about 6-figure business ideas.

We’ll go over:

  • The difference between a passion project and 6-figure business idea
  • How to test your business idea before you invest time and money
  • Proven shortcuts for going from “initial idea” to your first sale…and rapidly scaling up your income

You’re already registered. I’ll email you the link on Monday morning. If you have any questions before the live class, you can send them to me at