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Dan L.


Dream Job is a Game Changer.

Joining Dream Job is without a doubt THE best investment you could make to get where you want to be in your career. Ramit helps you break down the barriers between you and success and provides the tools, tactics and insight that will land you the job you've always wanted. I can't thank Ramit enough for developing a course like this.

Vincenza B.


Dream job is great!

I found the videos really helpful. I know Ramit says he's not about scripts & tactics, but let me tell you-- the scripts & tactics that he does include are amazing. Plus I loved that I could put all of these on my ipod & listen to them during my long commute.

Nicholas C.


Dream Job Is Good Advice That I Already Knew

I was sold on the hard sell at the end, but the more I went through it, the more I realized that it wasn't necessary for me. Maybe I'll get through all of it at some point, but I already liked my job that is paying 6 figures (emailed ramit about it before the course) and I decided I needed to focus my time on things that were more important to me. The advice is solid though, and should be really useful for people who aren't good at negotiations, or need help interviewing, or hate their current situation.

Allison C.


The best non-scam ever!

No, it's not a scam and it works like a freakin' charm.

When nothing else is working, and advice from those you look up to just doesn't make sense, Dream Job is the way to go! I was getting overwhelmed just LOOKING at job posting websites -- not even applying yet! I knew I had to get a competitive edge, and having a rockin' resume and cover letter just wouldn't cut it.

I'm not finished with the course, so I can't say that I have found my DJ yet, but I certainly have been in touch with more DJ companies than I ever would have via Craigslist. And, I rocked a phone interview thanks to Ramit's hot seat--beware, btw!

In short, it's worth every penny and will easily pay for itself. Just ask yourself: Are you worth the investment?

Jesse A.


Where would I be without Dream Job?

I asked myself this question yesterday while catching up a former coworker. The answer is the the same place I was. As I caught up with the coworker, I realized that nothing had changed for him or with him in the past year. I stopped talking about what I'd achieved and hit a few highlights.

Dream Job gave me the tools and mindset to accomplish the things I achieved last year. Yes, it will help you get that new job; it will keep helping you for the rest of your career.

Greg H.


Dream Job has been the best investment I've made since I graduated. It's that good.

After stagnating in an underpaying job for a year and a half after graduating with my bachelor's degree, FYDJ taught me how to actually go about job hunting in a way that just works. The most important lesson was to just trust the system that Ramit teaches and realize that success comes from work you do up front BEFORE you even think about sending out your resume.

Wenxin D.


Terrific course which teaches you how to really improve your chances landing a dream job through tremendous efforts

It's a great course which can afford you a success sooner or later as long as you follow the instructions of Ramit. This is called a DJ course. No doubt about it. It is not just about the lectures, but also the homework, various vaults materials, videos, etc. Soon you will realize you have to put tremendous efforts and time and energy into it to get expected results. You will test all the materials or techniques or strategies you learned from the course by yourself following Ramit's instructions.

I would highly recommend it to people who really have no idea where he or she should start with to land a DJ. You will see how you will process through the course as long as you do your own part of HW. It will pay off after months!

Mark D.


Excellent information that I would not have worked out myself for at least 10 years - if ever

I went into dream job with the aim of getting inside knowledge which is just not available in my current circles. It delivered, the psychology aspect is a) fascinating, b) incredibly powerful. The negotiation allowed me to add ツ」1500 to a job I interviewed for, and ツ」3000+ on the job that I currently have. So it certainly pays back. However, more importantly than any of the above, it has got me to take action and take steps towards becoming a top performer.

As a further endorsement, I'm now taking the Earn 1K program. Awesome stuff, I've got as much value out of this stuff as my ツ」50000+ Masters Degree. - now it looks cheap.

Stacey G.


Good program, but benefits vary based on starting point

Dream Job is a comprehensive end-to-end program that walks participants through all the steps required to find and get your ideal job -- at least, that is, IF you put the time in on a regular basis and are true to yourself during the process. I personally found it helpful in forcing myself to do some "soul-searching," but as as self-described high achiever (and former Big 3 management consultant), many of the steps and strategies weren't new to me. If you're lost and don't know where to start or if you're swimming in a sea of career "advice" and need a forcing mechanism to keep you on a strong path, this is the program for you. If you're already a high achiever and have past experience in selecting potential roles and succeeding in interviews, you'll probably find some of the modules very helpful, but you'll find others to be 75% repetitive of what you already know (aside from some slightly different approaches).

Fraz I.


Dream Job has been a great scaffolding for thinking about my career

The Dream Job program (v1.0) began just as I transitioned out of academia and into industry. As it happened, I used learnings from Ramit's other materials (Earn1K & free material from his site) to initially land my job, so I had a good deal of faith in the product that Ramit would put out before joining. I will not lie -- the course is not cheap, and I had to really work to convince my wife of the value of the program.

Of course there are tips, interview/resume advice, etc. in Dream Job. However, that is just the "icing", as it were. The main value for me has been the "big picture" that Ramit described, both within the program as well as through the stories of other participants for how to structure your career. This is the "scaffolding" to which I refer in the title. Any tips and advice needs to be placed into a usable matrix, or else it will just sit there. What did the structure provide for me:

1) a way to think about natural networking in my new industry, and how to think about recruiters

2) how to think of my current position as a platform for further development -- this is key, as one needs to continue not just to acquire skills, but the RIGHT skills. I now have an approach for this

3) Last (but not least), a step-wise approach to expand my job search (one should always be looking!) and not waste time with the fruitless approaches used by the rabble.

Is that enough for you to understand what you are getting? If you can afford it, Dream Job is truly a valuable investment of your money, time and effort. Don't forget the latter two bits!

Li L.


landed a dream job after college

landed my dream job after college because of Ramit's course. More things that happened as a direct result of Dream Job:

-learned about compensation by taking people in the industry out to coffee

-landed my job by contacting the company directly

-turned an internship into a full time position through negotiation

If you follow this and work on it as he says, it is worth every penny.

Michael E.


Dream Job is for people who actually want to put forth the effort to find their Dream Job

Dream Job is NOT for people who think camping in Zucotti Park is a legitimate way to handle the fact they they spent $200,000 of student loan money on a Fine Arts degree.

Dream Job is FOR people who are willing to take the effort to reject the mainstream hogwash we are fed about how to get a job.

If you want to learn how to determine what kids of work would make you actually WANT to get up in the morning, how to verify what you believe, how to meet the people who are doing that kind of work, find the companies where it is happening, and how to demonstrate why you will be the best thing that happened to your target company in years: Dream Job can show you all that.

What I liked best was the recordings of the practice interviews.

What I liked worst was the price. While the material presented was good, it was not worth the price paid. I took a risk when I purchased the program, because I felt desperate to learn more to help me start a new career, which I have done. However, when all was said an done, I did not feel that the material was as radical and eye-opening as advertised. The value was about half of what was charged.

If you are someone who has never spent any time thinking about what is wrong with the job finding process and how to get around the obstacles that HR departments put in the way of excellent candidates, then what you learn from Dream Job will be brand new. If, however, you have read "What Color is Your Parachute," "No Shortage of Work" (from which I learned about Dream Job and Ramit), and "Ask The Headhunter," then you will see that what Ramit adds to the field is pretty good, but not great, and not as wonderful as he would have you believe.

Ramit does offer a money-back guarantee, but it is an all-or-nothing offer: If DJ does not help you, he will refund your purchase price. Well, it did help me, but not as much as the advertising led me to believe it would.

So, if you are reading this review, you have a choice: If you need immediate gratification and have never learned anything about finding a career except posting on internet job boards, then Dream Job may be for you. If you have already realized that networking and demonstrating your abilities to the people for whom you will actually be working is the best way to find a meaningful career, then you are probably smart enough and determined enough to create your own "Dream Job" material.

Faber est suae quisque fortunae.

Corey M.


Dream Job is simply one of the best investments you can make with your career

With that being said, I'll be honest about my impressions about my experience with the program.

Background: I have been following Ramit since his early days of blogging, and I purchased his Earn1K course before I purchased Dream Job. I only made it through the first few weeks of Earn1k because I'm not interested in entrepreneurship at this point, but the quality and value of his material and the lifetime access made it an easy purchase.

That is why I whipped out my credit card within the hour of hearing that his Dream Job course was released. Many thanks to his free materials that I have digested throughout the years, I had already landed myself a dream job by the time I bought the course . Again I only made it through a couple modules because the end goal was already achieved and I needed to concentrate on my new position, but there is more to the class than just that. I am hugely excited for the release of DJ 2.0 and will review all of the modules when it comes out. There is so much benefit to the course in every day life that goes beyond finding a dream job that makes it worth magnitudes more than its cost.

Warning: If you don't have the dedication and commitment to spend a few hours a week on the material, just buy yourself the newest iPhone and a pair of skinny jeans.

Andrianes P.


Changed my life

This is the first review I've ever written of any program - and trust me when I say I've bought a lot of programs in the past. Ramit's Dream Job changed my career trajectory, and therefore, my life.

The community in the member's area is teeming with activity, and Ramit, unlike most other gurus, actually replies to your emails. I'm not sure how many hours the guy spends in his inbox to do that.

A month into the program, I doubled my salary to close to six figures (I didn't wait to complete it to implement the stuff I learned) by overcoming some my key weaknesses - eg: my psychological barriers.

Estelle W.


Dream Job is a great program which forces you to take charge of your career in a proactive way.

Ramit's videos are demonstrative yet entertaining. I learned so much without feeling like I was in school.

Gopi V.


Become a top performer!

This course is about so much more than finding a job you love. It is also about becoming a top performer which means that you can command a high salary, more job responsibilities, more respect at work, and a higher self-esteem. Even if you love your current job, Dream Job can get you to the next level in your career.

Joseph C.


New Outlook on Life/Careers

Without Dream Job I probably would not be in the career I'm in now.

Before Dream Job I was in a graduate program and pursuing a career that I thought I was interested in. But I went through the Dream Job system and met with a number of hiring managers in a casual setting and I discovered that I wasn't as interested as I thought I'd be.

During all that, I did stumble upon something that I found interesting that I didn't need a graduate degree for. So the course probably saved me from an extra $40k of debt and then working away in a job that I'm not actually all that interested in.

Before Dream Job, I would try to figure out career questions on my own or browse around random websites to get generic advice. Now, I go straight to the top players in the industry to learn. If your life's work is in question, it's best to get advice from the top people in the industry instead of people just getting by. The course has been extremely helpful in giving me the confidence to reach out to these people.

The course has many great insights on how to set yourself apart from other "advice seekers" so that people are more willing to help you.

Ali R.


The Dream Job "system" works!

A well researched complete system that harmoniously leads you to your dream job in the real world.

Forget about worrying about what to do and what not to do and when. Simply follow the ultra specific tasks of the system. Take advantage of this brilliant course in other areas of your life as well, such as productivity, networking, social skills and introspecting with benefits.

Rosalyn D.


Dream Job is the Best!

It helped me focuse on what I really want in my career and my life. It opened my options in different departments.

Frank M.


Dream Job Helped Me Accomplish My Goal!

When I graduated college, real life hit me in the face. Even though I had some work experience while in school, I didn't get the job I had studied for, my school's career department was useless in my search, and I felt like I was lucky enough to land in a job that was marginally close to my major.

After three years of the painful thought of "there's no way out of this", I liquidated my car savings to purchase the Dream Job course. My questions and hesitations included:

- Where do I start?

- How should I write my resume to get attention on Monster or LinkedIn? (hint: wrong question)

- Will these negotiation strategies work for me to obtain a great salary?

After about two months in this course, I got a job offer at the job I've always wanted, learned how to obtain mentors in that field so I can be educated and *stay* in my favored field, and negotiated for a higher salary AND benefits for a position where pay was deemed to be more or less fixed.

It's safe to say that without the Dream Job course, I'd be shaking my fist at 2013, asking why the Mayan's weren't right after all. But more likely be despairing about how I'm officially stuck in my old, boring field for life. Now, I feel in ABSOLUTE CONTROL over my future.

Even if job security cannot be guaranteed in this economy, being an excellent candidate will get you pretty damn close if the Unknown Unknowns ever happen to you.

Jesse R.


I'm a Rocket Scientist now... Not Kidding!!

If you had told me 6 months ago that Rocket Scientist would be on my pay stub, I probably would have smacked you for teasing a poor, unemployed, 29 year-old engineer.

Dream Job obliterated all my excuses and kicked me out of my own pity party. I was even featured on a nationally syndicated NPR show thanks to use of the Natural Networking techniques (and opening myself up to serendipity).

Plus, my mom is so proud of her little scientist. Puuuuke!

Victoria C.


Worth the Investment

I bought DJ about a year ago. Although I'm not doing my DJ yet, it was truly helpful in guiding me to identify what I want and the steps to get there. This course challenged me to "get outside of my head" and gave systematic steps on how to be efficiently proactive. Additionally, I refer to DJ occasionally for non-career advice, like how to write emails, how to use LinkedIn unconventionally, and how to ask great questions.

Kaz N.


Implementable steps in order to secure a future

This course will give you tools in order to hunt for a career very effectively. I have received 3 six figure letters of intent to hire since I signed up, and I haven't even completed the course yet. The caveat to the last sentence is that I have a specialized skill set that can be leveraged, and Ramit will teach you how to sell yourself down to the exact words and phrases you can use to get companies interested in you. *Warning*, this course is not a magic bullet and you will have to do some work in order to be successful.

Andrea M.


Fancy new job title and raise

Using the dream job program I followed the steps to get a raise along with a fancy new job title, that I crafted for myself. It also gave me the tools to break down my psychological barriers about my financial skills and my company is paying for my new business courses.

The Dream Job course also helped me avoid a career path that I thought I would like, but had never asked anyone who was in it about what their days were like. Turns out it wasn't for me, and I'm glad that I won't have to wonder "what if". I'm also more confident in helping friends who are struggling, because the information in Dream Job is so thoroughly researched and in depth, that it WILL help other people too.

Patrick H.


Suck it up. Challenge yourself. Make your Dream Job a Reality.

Dream Job will be up front and honest with you from the get go. You will know to expect but won't truly realize what it is you are learning till you get through it. You will suffer, you will celebrate, you will ride the wave of emotions all the way till the end. After you build momentum and figure out what exactly excites you and how to understand the game going on around you the finish line becomes within reach and it's up to yourself to deliver; which you will, you will be more prepared than any other job applicant.

Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself for a change.

Benjamin W.


It's a fantastic and extremely comprehensive program- love it!

Unlike other programs, it provides a system in which to work through the course. Also, it addressed every concern I had as if reading my mind.

Jonathan V.


Paid for itself more than 10x over in one year.

Here's the real question: is it worth spending X amount of dollars on this program? Just the negotiating script alone was worth more than 10x what the Master course cost me - per year. That's hundreds of thousands of dollars I will earn over the next decade that I would not have gotten without the material. The results speak for themselves.

Valerie J.


Dream Job is great!

The Dream Job program is great. There is so much value here and it really makes you think about what is important. If you are looking for the easy,quick way then this program is not for you. If you are dedicated to being a high performer and making yourself better (even at your current job) this however is the program for you.

What I learned, can be applied to finding a Dream Job or performing better in my current job. It helps you shift your perspective and look at things in a different manner than you normally do. You will get out of this program what you put into it. Ramit will push you every step of the way.

Jean-Charles P.


a fantastic opportunity to clear the noise

the Dream Job program helped me to focus on what is really important. What's more, I review from time to time a module and it still helps.

Zyon M.


Dream Job will blow your mind.

Look you will have your ups and downs with finding your dream job but nothing will help more than just one module of this course. It's a part of a system so take your time with it. You will have it FOREVER.

Sam M.


Do nothing if you want to continue getting what you have gotten

I had been following Ramit for around six months when Dream Job had come out. It was the first time I was willing to drop this amount of money for a course that was outside of school. In doing so, I didn't see quantitative results until well into the program, but I have recouped the cost of the course plus using what is taught. With a raise, a promotion, a natural network, and even some insights into yourself, this course is far better than I have the ability to describe.

One thing right off the bat, this course is not cheap and if money is a concern, don't. Make sure it is something you aren't scraping your life savings (which I hope you've at least read Ramit's book so this isn't the case to begin with) to do this course. If it is something you can do and are ready to take, not only your career, but yourself, to the next level, then jump on it and sign up. Ramit does some great work which is why I have done pretty much everything he has offered and see fantastic results. Do the work and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Sean O.


Step By Step Guide For Avoiding The Pack

The herd will visit job sites, carpet bomb generic resumes, and email all their friends to see if they 'know of any jobs'. Dream Job will get you thinking the right way, acting the right way and succeeding in ways the herd won't, because you will be taking smart action that others don't.

Jason S.


Tons of good stuff

To be honest, I didn't even use the depths of what the course has to offer. I was pointed in the right direction by Ramit's free material, and had only gained a relatively small amount of the expansion available in the course itself when the the techniques and strategies paid off for me.

A few key, high impact strategies lead me to follow up on leads I might have otherwise dropped (and do so in effective ways), which ultimately brought me to a new job at a place I *love* going to every morning, a 25% salary increase, and gave me the techniques to use and the confidence to ask for more, which lead to *another* raise 3 months in.

Just having access to this course gives me the freedom of not being tied to this job, which helps me to appreciate it all the more.

Jessica W.


Totally, 100% worth every penny

I can't believe I actually made the commitment to sign up for Dream Job, but I'm incredibly glad I did. I learned so, so much. I was able to take what I learned and help my husband make the leap out of a job he was unhappy in to land his dream job, which allowed us to move across country to be closer to family, something we'd been talking about doing forever. The Dream Job course was the push that made it happen. When I took a job in our new location, I used what I learned to negotiate a $3,000 increase in my starting salary, which by itself just about paid for the course. I am also incredibly grateful for everything the course taught me about meeting people, which pushed me out of my shell (by giving me specific steps to follow). When we moved, this was the first thing I did -- set up meetings with about 8 different people, landed a couple of volunteer opportunities and many more contacts. If you are willing to do the work required by the course and put in the time, you will NOT regret it. Seriously.

Mark W.


Dream Job #1 realized!

It is true that 80% of the work is done before we are at the interview table. Leveraging our own network to reach out to key experts is of tremendous value. It is how I learn what to focus in my previous role as a Software Engineer and build skills needed for my Dream Job, a Product Manager. You will feel ready after you completed the modules weekly, I was ready when the opportunity arises. Now with Dream Job #1 under my belt, I can reuse the same approach in my next Dream Job!

Eric C.


Trust the system

I took the Dream Job course in early 2012. It is perhaps the best investment I have ever made. The official duration of the course is about 2 months; it took me 10 months in total to find my dream job. Although it took time, and a lot of hard work, but I am still super happy with the results. I got a 20% raise, and moved into a more challenging role with growth potential. Now, I go back and review the material from time to time (alumni get lifetime access to the material) I would recommend whoever's just joined the program to "trust the system". It works!

Jamie B.


Dream Job is a huge paradigm shift!

DJ has changed how I research companies, job titles and networking. Ramit has outlined defined, easy to follow steps to help you towards your Dream Job. I am able to GET SPECIFIC now in my research. The biggest insight is how invisible scripts are holding you back, and how to work around them to become more productive. Now I often hear Ramit's voice scolding me or reminding me of some insight from the DJ course!

Christina P.


Dream Job is some of the best advice out there

A program that gets results. Prior to DJ I was just sending out resumes left and right with no response. As soon as I did the DJ program and realigned my strategy, I got an interview scheduled the day after I submitted my first application, and it resulted in an offer and big increase in pay.

Tushar S.


Dream Job is a treasure trove you'll use for the rest of your working lives

The Dream Job program is overflowing with extremely useful information presented in a professional yet friendly and no-nonsense manner. I can see myself referring to it for decades to come, at least until robots steal my job. You'll be hard pressed to find a more worthy investment.

Dieter H.


If you can follow instructions you can secure a great job.

There is a lot of value in the program, no doubt - and you can apply this to more areas in your life.

Jonathan T.


Dream Job teaches you the skills needed to excel in your job hunt

Dream Job is not a magical program that somehow magically grants your wish for a new job. Rather, it is a system that teaches you the skills necessary to get you into that awesome job you hunger for by taking your job search by the helm and getting it for yourself. For those willing to put in the work and effort, this program will supercharge your job hunt and supercharge your career.

Daniel W.


Dream Job Easily Paid for Itself

Having used one of Ramit's courses before I knew there would be a ton of useful information, and strategies but the price was a tough sell to my wife. Well the other day she said "I will never doubt Ramit again." I used the Dream Job material to break through some of my pschological barriers and I'm happy to report I started a new job two months ago with a 20% bump in pay! Thanks Ramit!

Judd W.


I wouldn't be where I am today without it.

Last year I realized I wanted to switch industries. Dream Job helped me focus my search, network with insiders at the company I wanted to work with, take my interview skills to the next level, and, when the offer came in, negotiate what I was worth (over 20% more than the initial offer). Without Dream Job, I don't know if I would have gotten the job, and when the offer came in too low, I probably would have just walked away instead of negotiating what I needed. The course paid for itself in the first 8 months, and will continue to create returns for the rest of my professional career. So glad I did it.

Ash D.


47% raise on Dream Job!

The program is great, and I'm sure 2.0 will be even better. Ramit backs you up and teaches you the life skills you need to be a successful businessperson, starting with doing the research to figure out what you want and then talking to people to test and confirm that. The resume & cover letter become check-the-box using these techniques.

I used the program at my current position and got a 47% raise, plus another raise and promotion at the end of the year!

Jeff W.


Why don't they teach this in college!?

Ramit delivers massive value once again! If you want to see real-world case studies and get access to actual, useful tools, resources, videos, etc. to use on your quest for your dream job (or at least a job that fits you better) then this is the course for you!

Vladimir F.


Dream Job helped me make it happen

When I joined Dream Job my whole approach to job hunting flipped upside-down and inside-out.

I had spent a lot of time applying for jobs before I joined Dream Job. I spent tons of time scouring craigslist, monster, and careerbuilder. I'd even tried "optimizing" my resume so all the good keywords showed up when the HR/Taleo software scanned it, hoping I would get a call back or at least an email saying something. Everyday I kept hearing on the radio how people couldn't find jobs, that the economy was still crap, and blah blah blah. I was convinced that I was doing the best I could.

Then I joined Dream Job. No more wasting time blasting my resume to 50 different positions on monster or careerbuilder. This was like Navy SEALS training for my career! I learned how to network better (networking used to feel sleazy, now I enjoy it and people love hearing from me and WANT to help me out). I learned how to research and target companies I want to work with. I learned how to interview better, and to package myself as the right candidate. I always had the skills for the job I wanted but now I know how to convey that to an interviewer.

I would definitely recommend Dream Job to anyone who is serious about finding a great job so they can start their career.

Steven B.


Found my Dream Job!

Ramit's Dream Job course blows away all "traditional" career advice, getting to the heart of what hiring managers want and what it means to be a top performer. You will systematically destroy the barriers that have held you back from having a great career and learn to play the career game at a whole new level! Even if you apply only some of what you learn and end up getting a small raise, the course will pay for itself. More likely, it will pay for itself many times over. The course helped me land my first dream job, and the best is yet to come!

Christopher H.


Dream Job works for me

The Dream Job program was an investment that has provided results. It helped me to focus my efforts, to network with experts, and learn about applying a systems-approach to everyday problems. To be more specific, after deciding which type of companies I wanted to target, I used strategies taught in the DJ program to meet interesting people and gain more insight about those companies and their work . In the end I landed an interview with two very interesting firms, worked on my interview skills ahead of time and was able to secure a new job about 9 months after starting the course. The new job provides more salary and responsibility than my previous job, is closer to my home, and will give me an opportunity to grow and learn new skills. What I'm really pleased about is that I will be able to continue applying the DJ approach in the future, starting from day 1 of my new job.

Matthias H.


Finding your Dream Job is an amazing programm, if you carry through!

Jonathan B.


Dream Job works even if you are still in school

I signed up for Dream Job even though I am still in graduate school and roughly two years away from graduating.. I was hoping it would help me narrow my job search in the coming years and it has helped immensely. I know far too many people who get their degree but either haven't properly looked for jobs or have no idea what they are looking for.

One concern I had about the course was that because I was still in school that I would have difficulties keeping up with the program since I wasn't looking for a job at this current moment. But, by taking the Dream Job program, I was able to focus on the specific job title and companies that I am planning on applying to by working my way through the program. This program is immensely helpful in making finding your dream job not a mystery but a series of steps that are concrete and build upon each other.

I cannot say enough to recommend this course to anyone who is having difficulties with their job search. I already feel like I have a step up on everyone else applying for jobs because I have done the background research that few other people do. Suffice to say that this course is one of the best decisions I have made in recent years.

Benjamin W.


8 weeks to change your life

In the 8 week, okay 12 because of the master classes, I learned the framework that I grew into me being able to get offers from two companies. I chose one that paid less but had more growth (you will understand in the program). One of the most powerful features is Dream Job is not about tactics, it is about process; process that can be refined and improved (I signed up for DJ 1.0, your version will be more refined, AND I get all the new stuff you do because of the lifetime access.) When you get into your job, do not stop but continue to use the process to improve your position at the company.

tl;dr The value of the program increased my gross pay 24%, seven months at the new job, got a promotion and another 10% raise.

Janet H.


Dream Job gives you all of the tools that you need to turn your career around.

The most important thing that I learned from Dream Job was a change in attitude. I had been bored, apathetic, and hopeless at my previous job. I had gotten to a point where my confidence was completely shot. By the time I finished the Dream Job program, I did not have my Dream Job. What I did have was the tools that I needed to get on track and the confidence to implement them. Although there were many moments through the program that felt weird, awkward, and self-conscious, I eventually enhanced my job hunting skills. With those new skills, I found a position that suits me well. It still isn't a dream job, but now I know I'll get there eventually.

David T.


Dream Job is a good investment.

Before I enrolled, I was on the fence. I told Ramit I felt I had already found my dream job and did he think I would still get something out of the course. He said, yes. He was right. The DJ program is a great system. The modules and content are excellent. If I ever decide I want to switch to a new dream job, the program is available to me. Since completing the modules, I've used Ramit's salary negotiation tips at my review. My base pay has increased by more than $5k. Try it. You'll like it.

Matthew C.


Dream Job works where other programs fail

Before discovering Dream Job, I tried doing all the things people told me to do to find my job: list my skills, think about what kind of job I want, update my resume, write better cover letters, and so on. None of those exercises really helped in finding a job. Dream Job was an effective and different way to approach my job search. I was learning things that no one else had showed me and was producing results, small and big, that really helped in landing a new job.

Pau R.


This whas just lifechaging.

DreamJob proposed me a way to see the job-finding process in a

systematic and progressive way.

I have not even finished my degree and I am already working in my

dream job! How do I combine studies and work? Because my employee

allows me to work part-time while I get my degree. The work is

that awesome.

This program may seem to cost a lot but the truth is that the

things you will learn here would take you years, if ever, on your


Lucy R.


Dream Job WORKS

The materials in Dream Job are so good ... they work. So far it's the only program that has given me the biggest return- a $10K raise and a promotion into a new role that I love. Now that's a pretty good start for the first run! Plus I can use the materials over and over again for the rest of my life and I bet each time the results will be even more rewarding. Definitely recommend this for anyone - best investment!

Krishna S.


I *literally* wrote my own job description and landed my Dream Job!

Ramit's approach, with its initial emphasis on strategic evaluation of yourself, rather on tactical things like business cards and LinkedIn, may at first seem counter-intuitive and off-putting. But it works!

Thanks to the program, I learned more about myself and what I was really looking for in a Dream Job -- what skills I really wanted to use, and how I wanted to apply myself. In that way, I was able to identify what i would take to make a job truly a "Dream Job" for me.

Then I *literally* wrote my own job description for an unadvertised position and landed the job by providing them with a detailed 3-year plan after my callback interview. Using Ramit's approach of being prepared and still flexible, they offered me a salary at the highest end of the salary range they had budgeted for the position -- and they're a startup.

It did take me almost a year -- but Ramit's program gives you access for life, so as long as you keep working on testing your approach and refining, you will succeed. Best of luck!

Rachael L.


Dream job is awesome

I took the Dream Job course because the free material kept recommending things I'd done in the past that had worked. The free material explained why that worked, and how to make it better. The actual course exceeded my expectations! As an introvert, I'd always found networking difficult and mystifying; now, people ask me for advice on it! I negotiated a five-figure raise with my consulting company when I moved to a new position with them. Finding new consulting gigs has become much easier. The course is amazing and has paid for itself many times over.

Amos B.


Dream Job is a system

You can find virtually unlimited pieces of advise and recommendations on how to find your dream job, meet important people, master your job application, or have a killer interview. Much of it is good.

None of it, however, takes you on an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that will take you exactly where you need to go. The best value add of Dream Job is that it takes theory and information and adds on top of it a system to take you from A to Job.

The Dream Job system helped me make a strategic career move that didn't increase my salary, but put me in an organization with invaluable contacts. One year later, I'm in a dream position earning 75% more than I was then. My investment in the course has more than paid off.

Eric C.


Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

This program is for people who have the talent to succeed, but need the extra push to focus on the right steps to make it happen. Learn how to:

- Network naturally: Learn your specific market and become aware of jobs before they're posted.

- Stand out among the unwashed masses: Find out what employers want and make them beg for you to work for them.. before you even step into the interview.

- Get paid what you deserve: Follow the systems and tools recommended by Ramit to not only understand the market rate for your services, but how to get there.

Matthew M.


I was clueless to the job game being played around me, but now I see.

Before I started the Dream Job program I thought I was a good interviewer and had a good resume. I had just come out of college and had taken a job I wasn't thrilled about, but was glad to have. That was before DJ. Now I know that I have the control to not just accept any "job that will do" but to find my Dream Job. Ramit has shown me the way to identifying extremely specific Dream Jobs (title + company). Plus, I now know how to really blow the interviewers away and also how to skip the regular application process and have my resume land on top of the pile. Dream Job is a life long process and I thank Ramit for enlightening me to the job game being played around us.

Karen W.


Dream Job shifted my mindset and re-engineered my approach to networking

I have not found my dream job yet, but I HAVE connected with highly influential people (the head of a $15.5 billion Indian MNC, and the founder of INK--India's TED Talks). Moreover, I have developed great relationships with them because of the Closing the Loop Technique, and because I now see relationship-building as an every day activity that is a top priority (and I know how to do it well, partly because of DJ)

John F.


Great roadmap to success!

This is no "in 3 easy steps" kinda program. Ramit gives you real tactics and materials that can take you to the next level, but it takes work. He's basically given you a road map to get you where you want to be, but its up to you to stay accountable and find your way. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about finding their dream job.

Sharon C.


Dream Job is awesome!

Ramit's Dream Job program helped me to identify my invisible psychological barriers and conquer them! It was the great beginning of the course. The techniques in DJ programs are so effective. I learnt to use them not only on my dream job search but also in daily life. It works!!!! Lifetime access also allows me to go over the substantial materials anytime I want. Great value of money! Highly recommended!

Jacqueline Munoz


A FOCUSED Program that Gave Me Confidence and Direction.

The biggest thing I got from Dream Job was the ability to find passion in my current job, and to also see how much I've already accomplished-- which is a HUGE confidence builder, in addition to how I can do more with my career. Before DJ I put in my time at work and got good year-end reviews, but I wasn't really growing as a person. After just a few weeks in the program I learned ways to approach my boss and co-workers about exciting projects, thereby learning new skills but even more important-- learning what I liked and what I was good at.

Then combined with studying job ads and crafting a killer resume and cover letter that GENUINELY MADE ME PROUD OF MYSELF and my accomplishments, I began to see what job titles I could get, versus what job titles I would actually want, versus what job titles I wanted but would need more qualifications for. Also, I began to see more worth in myself and that I'm capable of a more interesting job-- at a better institution-- with a higher salary. Again, the research process I learned in the program is indispensable in figuring out what courses/programs have the specific concrete skills that I want which are also what companies are looking for instead of theoretical approaches to learning.

So now I have confidence in my past career accomplishments PLUS a definite next step to expand those skills and pick up a few new ones in order to reach the next level in my career path.

Ryan S.


Dream Job is what you make of it

Like other courses Ramit has created, Dream Job cuts through all the BS that people normally tell you. Instead it focuses on well tested best practices that are high impact. As I went through the course, I realized I was already working for my ideal type of company in a job that is a great fit but there were a few things I would change so I applied some of the techniques I learned and fixed them!

My job satisfaction has skyrocketed and Fridays changed from being happy that it was finally the weekend to excited to also include that it was only a few more days until I could get back to doing work that has an impact.

cathleen aboudara


I landed my dream job

I am now in DC. I moved out here from San Francisco to start a dream job at the Smithsonian Institution. The Dream Job course was instrumental in getting this job. I have recommended it to friends and family and it was an amazing experience going through the materials and gaining the confidence I needed to follow my bliss and stay in the museum field.

Karl Siren


Dream Job is useful for EVERYONE!

Before I joined Dream Job, I thought that this course would only be useful for people living in the U.S.A. I was WRONG! Of course different countries have their own ways for writing resumes and e-mails and that part of the course was not that useful for a European working in Asia.

However, Dream Job is not about the details of how to write resumes and e-mails (although you will learn that too). Dream job is about a system that, if you follow it, will give you huge advantages in the job hunting and help you find your Dream Job (and the more active you are, the faster you will find it). If you are willing to take action and follow the system, Dream Job will be worth so much more than it costs. BUT, if you are not going to take action, there is no use in joining the program.

Lily Chan


Dream Job kicks you into action

Dream Job and Ramit are like the buddies that always tell you the truth, no matter how many excuses you make up. A lot of DJ is really about taking actual action, whether it's small steps you KNOW you should be taking, or great tips, scripts, and ideas for you to get your butt into gear and working towards the ideal Dream Job you want. The thing I loved about it is that no matter what thoughts popped into my head (excuses, lack of knowledge on how to begin or move forward, etc.), Ramit had already thought of them and addressed them in his materials. Whether the material is enlightening is really up to you - I realized I already knew a lot of these tactics, but I was too busy making up excuses to actually do anything about my life. DJ helped get me into action and is something that doesn't just end once the course ends - I'll keep coming back to it, to apply whatever new goals I've set in my career (and life!).

Steven Mirra


Dream Job Works.

Dream Job works. This is a process that at first appears so simple from a high level perspective, but goes deeper and further the more you learn and apply. I am learning a lot about myself in the process, and continue to do so. By applying what I learned in Dream Job, I discovered the career and industry I want to grow in. I discovered how to elevate the role I am in, to elevate my career. The position, while it includes long hours, a lot of overtime, difficult training, is rewarding. Career wise, income wise, and the intrinsic reward it brings.

This isn't to say it is not without challenges, or setbacks. I had immediate success my first run through Dream Job, 2 job offers, one accepted with a $20K raise after initial company training. However, while the job is right, the company, nor the location we moved to is not the right place. I learned that I didn't do the proper research that is required of me. I moved a bit too quickly in the Dream Job process. I didn't take into enough consideration my living location, and other qualities that are important to me.

Dream Job is a process that has given me the tools to be confident and to succeed. It is a framework which to guide me in my career, and my life. I am gearing up to take control of my situation, apply lessons learned, and do the necessary research required of me so that the company, living location, and position align with our goals.

Dream Job Works. Thanks.

Todor Botev


Dream Job changed my attitude and brought me to a new level

It is already one year after I bought Dream Job but I am still going over the material again and again, finding new value with each iteration. It challenged lots of my attitudes towards carreer, social skills and communication. Now when I am into it already, I do not even want to think about my old habits and thinking models.

For example - I thought netwroking was not important and was neglecting it totaly. Now I am building my network and look at each interaction as an investment and a possibility to bring value to the others. This way networking comes naturally.

In short, I really comitted to the program, put the time and effort - and it brought me to a totaly new level.

Matt Medeiros


Dream Job will put money in your pocket.. but not for free, and not without work...

The Dream Job program provides an outstanding framework for setting and achieving career-related goals. I used the techniques in the program to find non-publicized opportunities, and found out real deal info about companies that were wooing me, often for the price of a cup of coffee or lunch at a Thai restaurant. It opened up a whole new world of resources that I had previously believed were beyond my reach.

End result: I got a new job with a 20% pay increase.

The course work is *work*. And while it's simple, it's difficult. (Think "eat right and exercise," easier said than done.) So this course doesn't have a *magic bullet* that will give you a dream job, it does provide you with the tools to find one.

I would recommend this course for people who will follow through on detailed assignments in order to get a specific career-related result.

I would *not* recommend this course to people looking for a quick fix, or anyone who can't handle Ramit's sometimes abrasive approach.

Joe Souto


Dream Job changed my life

Dream Job fundamentally changed the way I approach my job search and my career. I never thought it would be possible to switch between industries to achieve my dream job, but thanks to this course, I did. After going through Dream Job I feel, for the first time, like I'm actually the one in control of my career path.

Maria Kleiber


Dream Job will transform your view of the job search to produce incredible results!

In the last year, I have increased my salary by over 30% while changing industries (from public accounting to IT consulting) on less than a year of full-time work experience. More importantly for me, I am happier than I have been in quite a while and actually look forward to the challenges that come with my new job.

You can sit there and think of all the reasons/excuses as to why this program won't provide value for you because you think your situation may be unique. The reality is that the Dream Job program provides great information that can be applied to many aspects of your life...even beyond just the job search (one can only hope that Ramit continues to provide more dating analogies or maybe even a "Dream Date" course in the future).

Don't get me wrong, this program requires you to take a lot of action on your own, but it takes away the guessing game by providing solid examples (and specific scripts!) and a structured system to get you to where you want to go. The weekly videos provide great information that goes beyond just the technical aspects of a job search (writing a resume and cover letter, preparing for an interview, etc.) to help you discover what it really is that you want to get out of your career beyond just a title and compensation. In addition to these lectures, there are plenty of other videos and material to help you further understand topics covered. If that isn窶冲 enough, Ramit窶冱 team will send you messages 窶徘olitely reminding窶�you about outstanding homework assignments or unwatched videos if you get behind...just in case you need the extra nudge (I may know from experience).

One of my biggest hesitations when joining the Dream Job course was the price, which was a lot for me as a recent graduate (but let窶冱 be for real...who really has a bunch of extra money sitting around?). I have already received much more value from the program than what I paid from compensation alone in the first year AND I know these benefits will only be magnified over the life of my career.

I had a laundry list of additional fears when I first started the program and included some below. The material helped me work through each and every one of them (often times with exact scripts), which decreased the risk of a career change.

-Leaving a well-known and "prestigious" company: I worked hard until my last day, left on great terms and was invited back by two members of upper management if I ever want to go back

-Justifying why I wanted a career change after less than a year to a potential employer: I talked about the fit of my current position and wanting different opportunities...and was not asked anything additional

-Having to pay back a signing bonus I received: I negotiated the same signing bonus with my new company

-Determining if a position/company was truly a good fit: I determined some companies I had dreamed about working for didn't provide the environment I wanted through coffee meetings with employees

Your fears may be completely different than mine, but at least you have an idea of the wide range of barriers the program helps you address.

Maybe you feel as though your job just isn't a good fit and there is something better aligned with your strengths and what you enjoy (like I felt). Or maybe you aren't completely unhappy with where you are at, but think there are better options out there. Either way, it does not hurt to at least explore what is available and take some sort of action towards making a change. The Dream Job program provides the tools to help you maximize your current position or find a different position altogether.

We all deserve to have fulfilling work that provides us with fair compensation and growth opportunities. It may sound cheesy, but I am forever grateful this program helped me to discover my dream job!

Amy Driscoll


Dream Job changed my life.

Nine years ago, I took a job working for an advertising company. It was basic, entry level stuff - answering phones, doing data entry and helping out in the office.

Eight years later, I was still doing the exact same job. I'd had some "cost of living" pay rises, but nothing significant. It was a great company, but I was sitting at the same cubicle deck and I was going insane with boredom. I'd go in "hamster wheel" mental circles, thinking that if I could just figure out my passion, I could commit to something, go back to uni, get a degree and finally start the job of my dreams. I followed every piece of advice I was given, answered dozens of personality and aptitude tests and still had no clue as to what to do next.

Then, a couple of years ago while researching personal finance, I started following Ramit. At first, I thought he was a total asshole. Maybe he is, but I implemented some of the strategies from his book anyway. They worked. They worked really well.

I decided I wanted to work a four day week (ironically, so that I could use the fifth day for working on "finding my passion"). I used three of his negotiating tips with my manager's manager and boom! - done in less then 10 minutes. I now work a four day week. And I can afford to, since my finances are doing so well.

Then, Ramit released the Dream Job course. I was nervous about buying in. Would it be relevant? Applicable to me? What if I got nothing out of it? I checked with my husband. I told him how much it was. He blinked a couple of times at that, but then he said, "You trust this guy. You're miserable in your job now. If you have the money, you should go ahead. You've got nothing to lose". I was thinking along the same lines.

So I joined.

This isn't the miracle "...then I got a pay raise of $10 bajillion dollars!" ending. It's been hard work. There are things to learn and unlearn, and risks that I窶况e had to take. I窶况e had to make changes to the way I do things and learn new habits. I've had to face the fact that I have not been a top performer - or even a very valuable employee - but now I know what to do to become one.

I love going to work now. I get out of bed and start thinking about what's ahead of me and I get excited about the possibilities.

I'm still with the same company, but now I work managing high level campaigns at the edge of the industry, supporting some of the top salespeople in the company. My pay has increased accordingly and I'm still working a four day week (although my boss is trying to convince me to go five). I'm working harder than I've ever worked before and I love it.

Taking the Dream Job course was like taking the red pill. It showed me how to see and take advantage of opportunities that were all around me. I can now see the game being played around me, the networks of people and work expectations I didn't even realise were there. I can see what I was doing wrong, and I know what to do to fix it.

Best of all, I would estimate I've only used about 20% of the course materials. There is so much information there that it will take me the better part of several years to use it all. I'm looking forward to it.

Shawn Ha


Dream Job is the complete system to keep, for life!

Using some of the techniques ( particularly The Natural Networking ) helped me land my first job out of college. And I know I'm going to make references to it whenever I need to.

Candice J.


Change your mind about finding your Dream Job

I will be brief and honest. The program pretty much goes against everything you have ever learned about finding your dream job. It is tough to handle and takes a lot of effort and invested time to adapt to the changes that Ramit suggests. All in all, if you stick with it you will see results.

Ana Ruiz


Dream Job is everything that I expected and more, in every detail you can tell all the work that's behind the program!

I'm really glad I finally decided to join the Dream Job program, 2012 is now not a lost year but a year from which I've learned what not to do. With all the advice, tools, and scripts from the program I'm confident that I'll be able to find not just any job but a job that I really like without going down the Spiral of Doom. I can already notice that even though the investment was elevated that in a way it's part of the things that are motivating me to work hard on really investing the time that's necessary to making big changes in my approach to get great results. I'm already having great result and it's only been a few weeks that I've started networking and networking.

Lawrence L.


Dream Job fills in the cracks in the process to make the road smoother and easier

Did I follow the step by step process to the minute detail? Nope

Did I learn how to go out of my way to connect to people? Yep

Did I actually contact random people to network properly? Yep

Did I learn how to focus on what I really want? Yep

Did I land my actual dream job? Absolutely

Will I use this again down the road when I go for my next job? Guaranteed

Was it really worth the price of admission? Can't respond in 1 word here. This is different for everyone. Was I already on my way? Definitely. But there were pointers and ideas that Ramit provided that certainly smoothed the road, especially when it comes to networking. I personally will continue to live this process not when I want to find something new, but on a daily basis. If anything, you WILL learn and be motivated to break barriers.

Nicholas W.


DJ requires work but yields results


- The program is systematic, so you focus on the right projects and tasks without becoming overwhelmed by the grander picture.

- Materials are well-developed and produce progress and results.

- Successful completion will yield long-term results, but it requires long-term focus. This is not (and should not be) a quick fix.

- Lifetime membership and product upgrades!


- This somewhat depends on a sufficient LinkedIn network, though Ramit suggests ways around this.

- Some modules require more work than others, so progress will ebb and flow.

This program only works for those who put in the time and effort. It is not a magic bullet!

Spencer A.


Excellent program, still requires effort

I got into the Dream Job program because I wanted to get a job lined up for when my teaching contract ended (I was in another country teaching English at the time). Ramit does a great job of explaining everything, but sometimes it comes across as being easier than it is. In the first module, you have to think about your own psychological barriers and how to overcome them. Once I wrote down my barriers and some possible solutions to them, I thought "Barriers solved! Perfect, let's move on." It shouldn't surprise you to know that breaking down deep psychological barriers is substantially more difficult than this, which created some problems for me following through with later modules.

Fortunately, Ramit gives you lifetime access and is dedicated to constantly improving his courses. This, along with his regular emails to all IWT readers, motivated me to start working through the course again--this time with a mind for how difficult this will be. Ramit has promised time and again to never offer an easy solution to a difficult problem, and the DJ course is no different. Dream Job works, but it doesn't work without any effort from you. If you're looking for a quiz or short e-book to tell you how to get your dream job, don't waste your money. If you are willing to put your heart into it and fight against your psychological barriers and get outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals, the DJ course will be money well-spent. IN RAMIT WE TRUST.

Massimiliano Cirincione


Great method, if you don't live in Italy

I'm very fond of Ramit stuff.

He's among the best resources about personal finance, applied psychology and related topics you can find on the internet today.

I had to adapt the principles to my country's reality (I live in Italy) and I can say they are working great.

Nevertheless, I must admit that his stuff is based on the american (and anglo-saxon) culture and psychology. There are things that simply will never work in Italy (and France, Spain, Greece, the mediterranean, generally speaking): e.g most of the times, the so called top performers will never gain anything more than a simple "thank you for your job". Even though you'd have a boss who recognizes your great job, she could never accept a negotiation like the ones shown on DJ's course. Labour laws down here are made to prevent differences among salaries of people at the same level.

Thank you anyway Ramit. You improved my life.


PS: I wonder how you americans can get into troubles in a country so free and inexpensive like yours!

Jack Petry


Best Investment I've Ever Made

Initially I was skeptical about the Dream Job program, mostly just because of the high price tag. But I窶况e followed Ramit窶冱 blog for years and his advice has been invaluable, so I decided to take a shot and go for it. I窶况e never looked back.

He has vigorously tested this material and truly does teach you how to manage and maneuver the career game being played around you. Ramit walks you through both the psychological barriers holding you back, in addition to the step by step process to improve your career situation. I especially found the negotiation and natural networking scripts as outstanding, and feel as if I窶况e only scratched the surface benefits from DJ.

Trust me, you owe it to yourself to sign up for his program 窶�you will not be disappointed. I plan on using this for my entire career and will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

Matthew W.


Dream Job gave me confidence!

I loved every facet of the Dream Job program. The strategy and tactics worked for me and more than just working to land my dream job, the strategy and tactics helped me create an action plan and inspired me to pursue my dream job rather than settle for a mediocre position. Ramit's take charge, direct style works for me. I love his blunt demeanor and straightforward mannerisms. Too many people tiptoe around the tough issues - not Ramit - he dives directly in and gives his strong and tested opinion!

Bennett J.


Dream Job helps you in so many unexpected ways

Dream Job helped me:

-Recognize many of the psychological barriers that were holding me back, how to start the process of dismantling them, and how to continue assessing on an on-going which ones are still holding me back

-Stop vacillating between a zillion potential career paths, and actually test my future career

-Stop commiserating with my friends about how much we hated our jobs and start looking forward to every weekday

There are lots of other ways that Dream Job helped, but I just wanted to include the key ones that might help someone else.

Brent M.


Dream Job is life changing-ly empowering

People genuinely want to talk to you about what they do. They really want to help you. All you really have to do is make the tiny effort to find them and then show up when you do find them. This is the biggest thing Dream Job taught me and gave me the power to do.

Ana Hernandez


It works.

By focusing on a long-term strategy in place of tactics, dreamjob makes it easy for you to

a) figure out what is really important for your job search, and

b) test all your assumptions in a way that leaves you with a lot of knowledge and saves you a lot of time.

Finally, when you are ready, the scripts and strategy used for interviewing and negotiating salary are superb. I aced a couple of interviews and got a job offer from this alone.

Stephanie F.


Dream Job was helpful but not all that I hoped for

I used the Dream Job program extensively in a job search. Well, actually the job search is still ongoing and I'm still using it (I've been offered one four month fellowship and one poorly paying job that the CEO told me not to take when she offered it to me). The program is great to begin to connect with people and to learn to shape your resume and cover letter; the scripts are particularly helpful for that. Two specific problems I've had that DJ does not directly address are how to network consistently in a different city or how to transition industries.

Jenny Lustig


Dream job is great!

Dream job is like my personal trainer at the gym, Ramit is helping me to build my networking and interviewing muscles! I wish that there were more opportunities to get my questions answered by Ramit or someone on his team. But overall, I like that there is new content available every week which helps to keep me on track with my job search. The scripts are extremely useful and I refer to them regularly.

Mark C.


Dream Job

After finishing DJ last year, the best take-away for me was the action I took while taking the course. Looking back, I became more prepared in the span of 8 weeks for my dream job than I had been trying for 3 years. I got to honestly see myself (literally), and even though I am still struggling with a lot of barriers and invisible scripts, I am at least aware of them. That change in perspective, and the realization that any type of relationships really share the same steps and efforts to improve them, all done with systems and tests, help me gain confidence that anything can be made better over time.

Amanda H.


Dream Job worked before I even started!

Hope I can contribute even though I have not yet completed my whole course. I will need to update this review at a later date. I completed 2/3 of the first module only!

I started Dream Job while at a crossroads in life - ended an amazing contract in Asia and was taking a planned year off on a tropical island to enjoy my new little one. I didn't even know which country we'd live in next.

After not even completing the whole first module, I was offered a position that fit perfect for what I was not-even-looking for at the moment. (flexible schedule getting paid to work in paradise at a location where little one was completely welcome at most all times with a great staff of 10 who were like extended family! Housing and meals included!)

The biggest lesson that I took from Module 1 made me feel that I wasn't ready to participate in DJ. At the same time, that same lesson was the one thing that got me this position over three others.

My one year in paradise is up, little one still needs a lot of my attention, I will restart DJ (it's free to re-take, get updates, use again, etc!), and will gain even more amazing insights.

David M.


Great way to find direction

My experience with Dream Job was much different than I expected. I never finished the entire course because I got stuck on one module: Natural Networking. I started to learn so much from different people in different industries that I was able to identify exactly what my next steps in my career should be. With my new knowledge I was able to direct my spare time to accomplish my goals, and then create the correct leverage to obtain an 18% raise at work. There is so much great information packed into this program that you can change your life with only a few of the modules that Ramit provides.

Tole H.


If you put in the effort, Dream Job will work for you

Dream Job is a highly effective course as long as you are willing to put forth the effort and action into following Ramit's advice. If you're expecting to get a Dream Job after watching a couple of videos and skimming some PDFs, you will be highly disappointed. Ramit's program will not coddle you and promise you everything will be alright. You will need to change the way you think about the job search process. You will need to put forth serious action and movement in order to make changes.

As much as Ramit hates it when people only want "crunchy tactics", it was the crunchy tactics from his program that gave me the courage to negotiate my salary and stock options when I got a new job. A new job that I was able to land by following his advice on natural networking, crafting a narrative in my resume, and preparing myself for the "question behind the question" during the interview process.

One thing to be aware of is that Dream Job was something I had to watch and re-watch multiple times in order to get a solid understanding of Ramit's concepts. One viewing and one pass at the material is not enough. In fact, i put the MP3 clips into a playlist on my phone and listened to that when I was at the gym or in the car ride to work. For this course to be effective, you should expect to put in AT LEAST 5 hours of work every week. If you don't have the time or energy for this, then don't bother buying it because you will be unhappy with your results and will ultimately blame Ramit. But if you are dedicated into putting in some time for a few months into a program that will ultimately change your career path, then this is for you.

Anjum M.


Dream Job Led Me To Find My Dream Guy

I'm pretty sure this wasn't Ramit's intention when he created this program but it's true, (cheesy but true) I found my dream guy. No, I wasn't looking for my dream guy and no, I didn't join the program for the sole purpose of finding my dream guy. It happened by accident. Dream Job helped to open doors for me. I realized that before the course, I was a very guarded person. People had told me that all the time. I wanted to work on it but didn't know where to start or how to go about it so like many people, I gave up. Then I joined Dream Job and it forced me to cold contact people within my network that I had never spoken to before. It encouraged me to take baby steps on how to interact with people that I didn't know. I followed Ramit's instructions to contact people through LinkedIn to help me be "introduced" to someone in the industry that I was researching. I used Ramit's script word for word. It turned out that my Dream guy was in my network and I had never even talked to him. He helped me get a introduction and then followed up with me consistently on how my introduction was working out. Now, before Dream Job, the old guarded self would not have talked to a stranger, not even emailed a stranger. So here I am "networking" with my Dream guy and I didn't even know it. Emailing turned to texting. Again, the old me would NEVER have texted a stranger, thinking "he could be a creep." Through texting, he offered me some more advice and tips on who else he knew in the industry that could help me out. Later, texting turned to a phone conversation. Would the old me ever have TALKED to a guy? Heck no! It wasn't until we spoke on the phone that we both learned even more about each other on a more personal level. After that, as they say, the rest is history. Ten months later, we are still together and just the other week, a close friend of mine confided to tell me that she has noticed a big change in me. She specifically said how I used to be guarded but that now I'm a lot more open. This was a huge turning point for me. I've been able to talk to more people. I've been developing more contacts. Have I found my Dream Job? Not YET, but I know so much more about where I want to head to in my life and more importantly, I'm no longer intimidated by talking to strangers or cold calling or cold emailing. Now, I'm using Dream Job for it's true purpose: to find my dream job in my dream city where my dream guy lives. To be continued... :)

Aaron Y.


Good content, bad timing (for me)

I was excited to try the Dream Job program, but realized around Module 2 or 3 that I wasn't ready to leave my current job. I went through the motions, watching the material and even interviewing for a job, but I shot myself in the foot with my lack of commitment to the job hunt.

I had plenty of time to ask for a refund on my tuition dues, but I put it off, and really enjoyed some of the content at the end of the course, especially the Master's Classes. Now I've got lifetime access to the Dream Job course, and I plan to really use it at the end of the year, when I'm looking for my next job.

Adam J.


Thorough, effective, and a great tool to take a look at your life, your work, and your self.

Sometimes it's about numbers, like the huge number of competitors you have if you're applying blind to a company. Sometimes it's about content, like why your resume is two pages long and full of garbage. Sometimes it's about you, like when you don't know how to proceed, so you just guess instead of reaching out to people for help and and intel. Dream Job covers the whole over-arching strategy of the real way to get a job you're interested in. It's not automatic, but the reasonable amount of work you put in gets exponential rewards. I can't say enough about how the course has opened my eyes and helped me shake off bad habits I wasn't even aware of.



Life changing

The course material is not something completely unknown to all, but thoroughly tested that something works on the ground. More than the material, the insights into the whole dream job concept is life changing for me.

Nicole F.



With the strength of this material behind me, I felt absolutely confident going after a job that was not only outside of my industry and education background, but high stakes and highly public. I increased my salary by $22K, in addition to a huge quality of life boost, great benefits, and a position that is allowing me to connect with brilliant people every day.

Jaime B.


Incredibly effective, and pays for itself!

For the sake of full disclosure, I did not complete the entire process.

I didn't have to.

An opportunity came up to change my career entirely while at the company I was already a part of. And by using everything I had worked on in just the first half of Dream Job, I was able to explain what I wanted to be doing, and why I was the right man for the job. Dream Job gave me the tools I needed to close the deal. I am now in a field I love, working in a role that is an incredible improvement over the one I had previously. In the pursuit of my dream job, this was a step I needed to take to get in the right direction, and there's no way it would have worked without the Dream Job program.

One last thing I want to add: The course paid for itself. If you love what you're doing, you'll work hard at it. And for me that hard work turned into enough bonuses this year to more than pay for the course. I can't recommend Dream Job enough.

Wolfram S.


Dream Job works great for German Freelancers

I am a full time freelancer and work as a Senior Software Engineer in Germany in Enterprise software development. I typically have longer-term contracts (4+ months) and often work on my client's site, very similar to regular employees.

Initially, I was reluctant about the program, because it did not explicitly focus on freelancers and I was unsure to which extend it was applicable to the German market. However, I had previously joined Earn1k and found that although I had difficulties applying some of the tactics to my situation, there was still so much valuable information in there that it could truly be called a "game changer" for me.

With Dream Job, the situation was very similar: Things like resumes are handled somewhat differently, but most of the key ideas still work in the same way. I have found the networking strategies and the specific scripts to be very effective -- these are incredibly important assets, not only for acquiring new leads, but also for a better understanding of my target market.

The negotiation section is one that I still need to work on a lot. I have had lots of invisible scripts about negotiation (and still have many), but with Dream Job I have come to the realization that I was making the most essential mistake in negotiation virtually every time. With just a minor change in behavior (correcting this single mistake and saying merely one more sentence on most occasions) I have saved between 20 and hundreds of Euros in my transactions in the past few months.

To summarize, Dream Job is highly applicable also to a full-time freelancer in Germany.

Eniola B.



Dream Job is fantastic because it provides a road map for how to determine and land your dream job. Using the interviewing scripts and techniques I was able to find out very quickly that a job I had in mind wasn't a good fit for me. Also by talking to experts, roles which I hadn't even considered (because I felt I was underqualified)) became options .

And having lifetime access is a real treat - it's like my very own "fully loaded" reference library!

Catherine Y.


You changed how I think about my career

The best part - You convinced me that flying my ass to London (from Toronto) was a no brainer for a dream job, because it's a small investment that will open tonnes of doors. You also FORCED me to do multiple mock interviews. Which is how I got my dream job. This did a number of amazing things. 1) Rather than being in a situation where the interview was PULLING information from me, I came ready to PUSH information onto them packaged in a way that I knew would serve me well. 2) Gave me an AMAZING boost of confidence. I walked into the rooms (multiple interviews) knowing that I would dominate. 3) Actually gave me amazing insight into how different friends perceive me. Honestly it was a really cool and fun way to connect with friends that was way outside our normal interactions.

Worst part: Honestly telling people they need to have "more energy" during an interview is pretty useless. More energy isn't specific enough. Victor Cheng (who I found because I had to do a case interview which scared the balls off me) has a much better resource for this "more energy" business.


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