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I’ve spoken at universities and companies including MIT, Stanford, Intel, Deloitte, and the Credit Union National Association. (My bio and press.)

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Speaking Topics

I Will Teach You To Be Rich
This flagship 60-90 minute presentation covers is targeted towards college students and recent college graduates.

  • Why don’t people manage their money? Why is this so hard — and important?
  • Optimizing your credit cards and setting up the right bank accounts & retirement accounts (even with just $50)
  • Negotiating Like an Indian: Late fees, cable memberships, car, house
  • Conscious Spending: How to spend extravagantly on the things you love, but cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t
  • The Psychology of Automation: Creating a bulletproof personal-finance system
  • Picking investments
  • Relationships & money, philanthropy, and living a rich life

The Psychology of Behavioral Change
This 60-minute presentation covers in-depth psychological strategies and tactics tested on 1+ million students to change financial behavior. It’s not just attitudes — we all “know” we should manage our money, but we don’t. What matters is changing actual behavior.

  • Why we “know” we should manage our money…but don’t — and how to change that
  • Techniques, tactics, and twists I use to measurably change financial behavior
  • Why “keeping a budget” and “financial literacy” are precisely the wrong frames to use when motivating behavioral change
  • Specific positioning and messaging used to drive behavioral change, including conversion tests
  • Research from areas of health and animal behaviors showing how to change behaviors
  • The importance of psychology, not just A/B testing
  • How to get over “information overwhelm” and credibility deficits

Other topics
Other topics include entrepreneurship, advanced automation, and reaching Gen Y for credit unions and other financial services. Custom topics available upon request.

Speaking kit

What others say about my talks

Feedback from selected hosts of my talks.

“Ramit Sethi is a genius.”

“Ramit Sethi is a genius.

He recently spoke to the staff at Boardroom Inc., the company I have helped build and run for the past 30 years, and the takeaways were awesome.

We are a true “learning organization” and sponsor what we call “Boardroom University” presentations often…and Ramit’s presentation on the psychology of behavioral change was one of the richest and most practical events we have ever sponsored.

Our staff was buzzing for weeks after the presentation, applying so much of what they learned to the areas they work in every day. I hope we can bring him back for “Part Two” soon!”

–Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President, Boardroom Inc, Stamford CT, 2011

“Your message was fresh…”

What can I say except that you certainly hit it out of the park last week at the TG Conference! Thank you for listening so well and for hearing what our attendees needed to hear. Your message was fresh, sharp and created a new environment for us to think differently about how we provide our products and services. My sense of you and your perspectives was right on target and I have to tell you that I’m absolutely delighted with the outcomes.

Thank you again for presenting at TG’s Annual Conference!”

–Sharon Cabeen, AFC. Director, Financial Literacy Operations, TG, 2011

“…One of the best talks I’ve heard all year”

“Your talk here at Persuasion Boot Camp was one of the best talks I’ve heard all year. It was compelling, full of insight, and practical. You were great!”
–Dr. B.J. Fogg, Director of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab

“Working with Ramit was an absolute pleasure”

“When Yelp employees expressed interest in a personal finance seminar, only one person came to mind: Ramit Sethi. Working with him was an absolute pleasure. With his help, we got more than 150 staff members to attend, and his talk was professional, educational, and most of all, entertaining. The feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive, and I’ve already invited him back for another talk at our New York office.”
–Cindy Lundin Mesaros, VP People, Yelp, 2010

A fantastic talk…he was able to engage students”

“Ramit visited Stanford University last week and gave a fantastic talk about utilizing strategies to reach goals and live a rich, happy life. I was particularly impressed by how he was able to engage students, even those that weren’t typically interested in entrepreneurship or business. In fact, I think that Ramit received more questions than any other speaker I’ve heard this year.”
–Sharon Zeng, Stanford AKPsi External Relations Committee Member, 2010

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