You are the Giver

Whether it’s spending time with your friends and family, donating to a cause you believe in, or simply being a person those around you know they can count on, your Rich Life begins with generosity. 

Some ways you can build more Giving into your life might be:

  • Sending a thoughtful gift to a new parent.
  • Picking 1-3 charities and automating your monthly giving.
  • Taking your parents with you on a trip.
  • Creating an event around a cause you care about.
  • Planning drinks with friends before you all see a comedy show.
  • Setting a minimum amount you’ll tip every year — e.g., $2,000.
  • Blocking off time every month to volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about.
  • Inviting friends for a weekend at a rental.

However you do it, the more you give, the Richer your life will be!

How to build your Rich Life

Now that you’ve identified your Rich Life Archetype, I’d like to help you explore what a Rich Life can mean for you: Introducing the How to Design Your Rich Life mini-course!

This fast, fun, and free program is designed to help you expand and enhance your own Rich Life vision. It should take you less than an hour. When you’re done, you’ll have a crisp, compelling vision of the life you want to live.


Not your parents’ vision. Not your friends’ visions. Not even mine. Your Rich Life vision.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • What a “Rich Life” is (and why it’s much more than the toothless daydreaming that most people waste their time with).
  • How to create your own Rich Life Map.
  • How to pinpoint what makes you happiest — and “dial that up” in your life.

And I’ve included plenty of “How to” videos and fun exercises to help you along the way.

Are you ready to start building your Rich Life?