Ever had your mind blown by a single conversation?

Introducing Ramit's Brain Trust Insights: Your inside pass to the mindset & skillset of 30+ world-class experts in business, psychology, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship

It only takes one.

One idea. One insight. One indisputable truth that all of a sudden hits you like a tire iron to the temple. You feel that truth instinctively, in your gut. It sounds like: “THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING.”

The idea that clicks for you might be a brand-new way of thinking about money management — like cultivating an “internal locus of control” that actively steers your saving and spending habits even when life goes off the rails…

- A great insight from Paul Sullivan in our chat
about “The Money Habits and Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy”

Or it might be a seismic shift in the way you set and share your goals — like learning which “code words” you’re actually using to hide your fear of failure.

- One of the startlingly simple, yet life-changing nuggets
from my conversation with James Altucher, “How to deal with your fear of failure”

Or maybe it’ll be an approach that naturally earns the attention and gratitude of even the busiest people without feeling sleazy or suck-up-y.

- You guessed it. Selena Soo told me her networking secrets during our chat,
“How to connect with VIPs & grow from $0 to nearly $1 million in 3 years”

You know how these flashes of inspiration feel. You’ve had them before. They feel like something you’ve been trying to put your finger on for years…

But no one’s said it the right way yet. Until now. And it just clicks.

Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights is a collection of these lightning strikes of inspiration, tucked inside my candid interviews with 40+ of the smartest, most accomplished, most interesting people currently breathing on this planet.

Inside the Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights dashboard, you’ll find all of these expert video interviews (most are over an hour long!) plus newly created resources to help you distill your takeaways and start applying what you’ve learned to your Rich Life.

NOTE: I started filming these conversations in 2013 (which only partially explains those baggy suits and all the hair gel. Come on, past Ramit). Since then, the full collection of recordings has been unavailable to anyone who wasn’t enrolled in the original Brain Trust.

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of these interviews, I’m re-releasing them as Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights… and I’ve made the program even better:

I guarantee there’s at least one insight in these 40+ interviews that will change how you think, change what you do, or both. And that’s how we get better as humans.

Access insights from over 40 world-renowned experts — with 40+ personal challenges to help you grow

Inside your program dashboard, you’ll find a treasure trove of my in-depth interviews with incredible people like Jayson Gaignard, Esther Perel, Mark Divine, and more. 

After you watch each video, use the accompanying worksheet to get clear on your takeaways and start taking action.

Your access to Ramit's Brain Trust Insights includes…

Every program I publish is backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you buy access to Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights, watch the interviews, and don’t get anything out of it, then I don’t want your money.

Ramit's Brain Trust Insights is packed with profound wisdom & practical advice from experts in 9 areas of life and work

Here’s a sneak peek at what I talked about with these smart & successful people

Kevin Hillstrom

President of MineThatData & business consultant for major brands

From awkward analyst to CEO: How to become indispensable at work

Esther Perel

Revered psychotherapist & sex and relationship expert

The unwritten rules for better sex

Chris Guillebeau

Entrepreneur, speaker, and author of “The Art of Non-Conformity”

How to set goals, crush them, and live a better life

Nancy Duarte

CEO of storytelling firm Duarte Inc. and author of “Resonate”

How to win people over with storytelling

Erica Feidner

Founder of Piano Matchmaker & one of Inc. magazine’s Top 10 Salespeople of All Time

How to sell without being sleazy

James Altucher

Entrepreneur, angel investor, and author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book “Choose Yourself”

How to deal with your fear of failure

You could easily find one idea inside these interviews that saves you years of going down the wrong path.

This happened to a student of mine.

She wanted to be in business development (BD) as a 22-year-old college grad.

But nobody is in BD at 22. If you’re in BD at 22, you’re carrying coffee and making copies. I knew this, but she didn’t.

So I smiled, and gently suggested she go talk to a few people in business development.

One week later, she sheepishly came back to me and said, “Yeah… I can’t get into BD right now. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even really know what business development was.”


Read that again.

One idea from someone else changed the course of her life — and prevented her from wasting years in a field she thought she “should” be in.

(By the way, if this story inspired you, you’ll love my interview with bestselling author and communications expert Nancy Duarte on how to win people over with storytelling.)

And the interviews inside Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights are packed with these lightbulb moments. But also:

Ramit's Brain Trust Insights isn’t just about your career. It’s about who you want to be.

Even if you’re not a recent college grad, I’m guessing you don’t know what your next move should be. It could be that you might not know what you want out of your life. You might not even know who you really are. (Existential crisis incoming in 3… 2… 1…)

But you know who you want to be.

So you follow random advice from well-meaning Instagram influencers, hoping that yet another productivity app or morning routine or kale smoothie (why do they always have kale?) will magically turn you into the person you dream of being.

And maybe — just maybe — you’ll get lucky and stumble across the One Big Thing that unlocks your growth.

But it’s far more likely that you’ll just spend hours staring slackjawed at your phone, continuing to do things the way you’ve always done them.

I want to help you skip a significant amount of all that searching and struggling.

With Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights, I gathered the people I respect and admire most in the world and asked them every big, meaty, hard, important question I could think of. Not just for me. For you, too.

Because you’re not bad, or broken, or secretly somehow less worthy than everyone else (despite what your brain might be telling you).

You just haven’t heard the one thing you needed to hear, said in exactly the way that makes sense to you. Yet.

My students know the power of a single idea

“Ramit helped me to realise that I can actually help people with my business. I can give them something they want or need and make a living out of it.”

- Denis Busch

“I really appreciate Ramit for breaking down the psychology behind goal setting.”

- Tiffany Lin

“Now, I am confident, not just a talker but a doer, more organised in my approaches to get anything done, being able to stay focused and excited while doing something (not just motivated). My confidence level has improved significantly by the number of good things I have been able to achieve in just the past year.”

- Abhinav Singh

Ramit's Brain Trust Insights is like speed-reading 30+ books by experts in business, marketing, relationships, habits and career-building — each accompanied by your own personal action plan

The interviews & challenges inside Ramit's Brain Trust Insights will help you answer questions like…

“I can’t thank Ramit enough for explaining these techniques and concepts in a way that enabled financial success for someone who had no idea what he was doing going in.”

- Tanner Ross

“Using Ramit’s material, I learned how to network, conduct informational interviewers, and follow-up with connections, which all helped me land my first job at a tech startup (at a 27% salary increase.) I continued to follow his advice and quickly accelerated in my career.”

- Missy Titus

“I am not rich. And I now have a mortgage. I do my best with saving and investing, and I live a comfortable life. But I’m stress-free around money because through Ramit’s courses, I’ve gained absolute confidence in my business, my abilities, and my potential. My business is growing and I always know more money is lurking just around the corner. So why worry?”

- Martin Bentsen

Your inside pass to the success secrets (and actual action steps) of wildly accomplished people like…

Selena Soo

Publicity & marketing strategist making over $2M/year

How to connect with VIPs & grow from $0 to nearly $1 million in 3 years

Ryan Holiday

Author of 12 bestselling books who ran marketing at American Apparel at age 19

How to snag an amazing job and build your career

Lisa Lahey

Consultant, author, and former associate director of the Change Leadership Group at Harvard

How to always finish what you start

Charles Duhigg

New York Times reporter and author of “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business”

How to break bad habits and make good habits

Jayson Gaignard

Founder of Mastermind Talks and author of “Mastermind Dinners”

How to build a powerful network

Olivia Fox Cabane

Executive leadership coach, and author of “The Charisma Myth”

The power of charisma: How to get people to like you

Get inside the heads of my own mentors, confidants, and the people I admire

Ramit's Brain Trust Insights gives you the mindset and the skillset of the world’s most accomplished people

Cue my best Jerry Seinfeld impression:

“What’s the deal with all these interviews?”

I interview a lot of people.

And whether I’m talking to a couple with money troubles on my podcast, “I Will Teach You to Be Rich,” or guiding someone in crisis on my Netflix show, “How to Get Rich,” I LOVE getting personal (sometimes uncomfortably so) with everyone I talk to.

Because once I’ve managed to get someone in the chair across from me, I don’t see the point of asking softball questions. I’m here to learn.

That’s why in every interview for Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights, I sat my guests down in the studio and asked them questions nobody else would ask. And because we know each other, they shared the brutal truth with me about how they got started, how they handle fear, the critical time-sucks they wasted time on when they were starting out, and what they wished they’d known years ago.

I learned SO MUCH during these interviews. Honestly, I feel like I personally leveled up during every single conversation.

With the newly re-released Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights system of interviews plus personal worksheets, you can learn the same things I did (without trying to score an hour of a famous person’s time).

Access insights from over 40 world-renowned experts — with 40+ personal challenges to help you grow

Inside your dashboard, you’ll find a treasure trove of my in-depth interviews with people like Gretchen Rubin, Esther Perel, and Mark Divine. After you watch each video, use the accompanying printable PDF worksheets to get clear on your takeaways and what to do next.

Your access to Ramit's Brain Trust Insights includes…

Like everything I publish, the Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights program is backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Curiosity Never Expires

Curious about what you might discover inside Ramit's Brain Trust Insights? Follow that feeling

Becoming deeply curious has served me better than any class, book, or experience in my life. Because curiosity sidesteps envy, anxiety, and guilt (AKA all the usual head trash that keeps us stuck).

Instead of asking “Why don’t I have that?” curiosity asks, “How do you do that?” 🤔

Getting curious is a fast track to learning. Which means it’s a fast track to growth.

Past members of Ramit’s Brain Trust used their takeaways from these interviews to…

That’s why I’m bringing these interviews out of the vault for their 10-year anniversary. Because curiosity never expires. And neither do its results.

The ways in which you can become a better communicator, better partner, better entrepreneur, and even a happier person don’t change on the scale of years, or even decades.

The insights inside these conversations are just as valuable as they were in 2013. Maybe even more so, considering what my guests have gone on to accomplish since then: publishing bestselling books, filming TED Talks with millions of views, getting hired at Fortune 500 companies, growing their business revenues into the tens of millions, running ultramarathons, and a lot of other crushed goals that I’m getting tired just listing out.

These interviews gave me brand-new ideas, methods, and perspectives it would have taken me YEARS to come across on my own. It’s only fair I share them with you.

Remember, even if you only get ONE thing from Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights (unlikely), that one thing could be the key to advancing in your career. Or starting to gain real traction in your business. Or growing your income. Or finally creating that habit you’ve always aspired to. Or building a deeper relationship with your partner. Or becoming someone people genuinely like and look up to.

Or so much more — and you can watch me pull these insights out of my guests’ brains right here.

John Dupra

“ I discovered Ramit during my period of corporate dronesmanship. He had just published I Will Teach You to be Rich and was a guest on a podcast I was listening to. My personal finances were a mess, and the interview resonated with me so much that I bought the book the next day. It changed my life and I was a follower and fan ever since. Years later, my personal finances are still in ship-shape.”

A few more of my favorite interviews inside Ramit's Brain Trust Insights

Josh Kaufman

Author, entrepreneur, and expert on business and rapid skill acquisition

How to learn any skill rapidly (while actually enjoying the process)

Gretchen Rubin

Author of bestselling book “The Happiness Project” and “Better Than Before”

How to be happy for life

Paul Sullivan

Author of “The Thin Green Line” and “Wealth Matters” columnist at the New York Times

The money habits and secrets of the ultra-wealthy

Who’s this for?

Francesco Fontano

“I know, it’s unreal, but learning how to manage my money in a healthy way, completely changed my view of the world and myself.

In my B.R. (Before Ramit) era, I didn’t have a clue about how to manage money.

And to be honest, I didn’t have a clue about how to manage a lot of things, not just money.

Learning how to fix the bills was the kickstart I needed to fix everything else.

Thanks, Ramit.”

What you’re really wondering isn’t in the FAQ… (but here it is anyway)


Once you buy, you’ll find all the Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights videos inside your program dashboard. Each interview video is accompanied by a transcript and two ways to apply real-life action from the interview:

  1. A Change Catalyst inviting you to reflect on what hit you hardest about that particular interview.
  2. A Ramit’s Brain Trust Challenge created by each expert that offers you a quantifiable, time-based, did-I-do-it-or-didn’t-I way to put your learnings into practice.

You can watch the videos (or read the transcripts) at your own pace, or binge-watch them. Your access never expires… and neither do the solid-gold takeaways in these interviews.


First of all, thanks. I hope my other programs have been helpful for you.

Here’s something you might not know about the programs, podcasts, blogs, videos, and other content I produce. Most fall neatly into one of a few buckets: money, productivity, career, marketing, business growth, and self-improvement.

But Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights isn’t so easy to categorize, because it taps into every single one of those buckets. 👆 The experts I talk to share ways to level up in every area of your life — from your career or business, to your physical fitness, to your mental health, to your relationships and the way you talk to yourself and others.

So, the short answer is: if you like my other content and programs, you’ll love Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights.


The program material are yours to keep forever. Or at least until the sun explodes. But we’ll both have bigger problems by then.


Then I don’t want your money. Like my other programs, Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights is backed by a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. That means you can buy access to Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights, take the videos and accompanying materials for a spin, and if you don’t like them, email support@iwillteachyoutoberich.com within 60 days for a quick and friendly refund. (But I’m pretty sure you’re going to get a LOT out of these interviews. I did.)


You’re not wondering if Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights will help you make positive changes in your life, or if you’ll “get anything” from it.

You’re wondering “If I buy this, will I actually watch the videos and use the worksheets?” And only you can answer that. But for what it’s worth, I designed this all-new Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights system to be almost as easy as lying on your couch and watching my Netflix show, which you should also do.

Get 100% of your investment in Ramit's Brain Trust Insights refunded for any reason

I’ve got your back. If you buy access to Ramit’s Brain Trust Insights, do the work and don’t like it for any reason, just email support@iwillteachyoutoberich.com within 60 days of your order (that’s 2 full months to sink your teeth into the interviews and challenges) and I’ll send you a 100% refund.

Your backstage pass to the psychology, advice, and daily habits of 40+ world-class authors, CEOs, marketing masters, and productivity geniuses is waiting right here:

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