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The psychology of money

Your friends are idiots. Their personal finances are a mess, they’re delusional about their spending, and most of them don’t even max out their 401(k).  The problem is: you’re probably just like them.

Our psychological makeup works against us, giving us reasons to put off exercising or eating healthier. The same behavior causes us to delay setting up our savings plan, and makes us overpay on big-ticket items, even though those decisions cost us thousands of dollars.

I’ve written a few articles on how to destroy the barriers that get in the way of you leading a Rich life. And a lot more on the psychology of investing and personal finance.

Overcoming passive barriers

The psychology of money and success

Even more investor psychology articles

Must-read psychology book

Here’s a review of a book on behavioral psychology that I love.

If you like these, you can find more of my favorite books on psychology and more here.

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