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So entering into this [job search] process at the beginning of senior year, I was pretty terrified…

"I was very passive in the recruiting process... I'd apply to one job and then I'd wait awhile before applying to another. I didn't have a lot of jobs or interviews waiting to back me up.

Before, I'd send a follow up email once and that was it. [Ramit] really taught me the value of continuing that contact and making sure the warm contacts don't get cold.

It wasn't necessarily a concern I should have had at that point. So once I got over my fear of LinkedIn, I was able to turn that into a tool that will help me so much in my job search. Ramit really helped me to take down those barriers and discover what was at the root of the problem.

I felt... pretty scared about the job market and my prospects for getting a job really. I'd heard all these horror stories about people that are very qualified. People who have years and years of experience. People who have families and can't get jobs, and people in my year that can't get jobs.

A lot of people, including myself, like to really blame it on fate, blame it on outside forces, and say 'the economy is tough, I can't get a job.' But what Ramit taught me is really there is so much you can control - by taking the initiative and doing a lot of work behind the scenes. It may not be pretty work. It may be kind of boring work. But it's that work that is going to help you and is going to make you a good prospect for whatever job you are interested in applying for."