“Why I Joined Zero to Launch”

150+ students’ uncensored reasons

Ramit Sethi

Hi, it’s Ramit. As part of the enrollment process, I ask every Zero to Launch student
why they enrolled. I thought you might like to see their reasons for investing in this course and in

The comments are unedited and uncensored, except to remove personal identifying information.

Knowing that it’s not just for the first launch or product, it covers the steps necessary to grow the
business far beyond my current expectations.

– Richard

I was impressed to see such a smorgasbord of students from a plethora of industries all getting desirable
results from applying the same course materials and their genuine enjoyment in truly helping their
clients whilst do so.

I appreciated the intellectual honesty in the course marketing campaigns emphasising the reality of hard
work, long-term strategies, efficient tactics and the realistic expectation-setting of sensible

– Andrew

I trust Ramit.
I believe in the power of systems.
I want to create a successful online business that helps a lot of people

– Kevin

I got tired of working for the man, and I am not in control of my own career. People says that I should
find a job that’s stable, but there is no such thing as a safe work anymore, especially with this
economy…where people are getting laid off for a shitty reasons. Also, I would love to be able to work
from home and live anywhere we want. I also believe that I can add more value to people’s life by giving
them insight from my 11 years in advertising, design and marketing industry.

– Norio

All of the “heavy lifting” was already done. I just have to follow through, see what I get, and keep
refining. I love the fact that all of the guesswork is taken out of it. Also, Ramit’s copywriting skills
are world class, why not learn from his proven templates which have been extensively tested?

– Shayne

I appreciate your forthright approach & cutting honesty.

– Shelley

Having gone through some of Ramit’s other training I feel he is the person to listen to when it comes to
creating and growing an online business.

– Casey

Listening to all of the successful case studies + I am currently gathering ideas and strategies to create
an online product.

– Lisa

– Building a system from the ground up.
– Tools to scale up my business with time and effort.
– Realistic presentation of material!!!!!!

– Barry

Ramit is always an inspiration for me. I’m sure that I will get high value from this program.

I have a few ideas of online business but I don’t know where to begin. I watched all the videos from Zero
To Launch presentation and they convinced me that this course will show me the path.

– Michael

I’ve been an entrepreneur for a few years and while I love building high-growth startups, I’d like to
create a few products of my own.

– Rob

I want to serve a customer niche in loyalty marketing and learn a new way of how to market this

– Reto

The extensive testing and being able to speak the customers’ language.

– Syaz

A clear system to follow to launch my business

– Gary

After Earn1K and FYFPI, I have too many half-baked ideas. Productization was my original interest anyway,
so here we are. I work hard enough in my day job as an architect (a field that scales horribly), so the
last thing I want is another job to come home to at night!

– David

I realized that my desire to start an online business will never go away. I could put it off by saying,
“I’m too busy. . . it’s not the right time. . .” But then I realized that it will never be the right
time, and if I decide not to take action, the time is going to go by anyway, and I will be a year older
(or 2 or 3 years older) with very little progress to show towards reaching my goal.

– Alison

Ramit’s High Quality Earn 1K Course, Book, Emails – consistent honesty, ethics and wisdom from being
there already. As this course is completely about creating a long term high value automatic business and
I’m out to free myself from 9 to 5…this was a no brainer.

– Rusty

I had good results with the previous online system I bought SBI/Sitesell.

I’ve also put Ramit’s book and his Earn1k course to good use. Although I certainly could’ve done more
with Earn1k.

– Rob

You mean besides the fact that you used New Edition in your copy? Well I’ve been reading your material
for a while now and while it has resonated with me in the past, this time everything just clicked. The
testimonials were on point and I believed them. Most importantly though, your writing is very honest and
I believed you. I got the sense that the course was comprehensive and yet straightforward enough for a
beginner like me to be able to complete.

– Tasia

When Ramit asked why you want to start an online business, I thought of why an online business would make
my life better. Like others, I did not think about potential clients. I now realize that I do this also
in my job, and I can tell that just by changing my mindset and thinking about who my customers really
are at work and how I can add value to their life, I will probably dramatically improve my performance
at work. I think that if such a small comment could make a difference, the course can probably be

– Michelle

I have been following you for the past few months and started to implement some of the things you talked
about and saw small results. And when you started talking about online business I absorb every word and
quickly realized that you have a lot to offer.

– Noreen

I know that you can be trusted because I’ve tried out your ideas from freelancing to doing this on my

– Brian

Ramit is right about all the “so-called gurus” giving you nothing to build on. Their only goal is to sell
their list more products for years.

Ramit cares about student success.

– Warren

100% Money Back Guarantee
Step by step approach
Tested on 15,000 students
Genuineness of Ramit
Social Validation with 4200 other people in the webinar

– Dan

I wanted to help people all over the country and not just in my local area. I also wanted to provide
information to a larger audience whereas right now I help people mostly one on one.

– Shirley

i love people i love to talk and just want to move to the next level by sharing what i love doing and put
it online.

– Haunani

I want to grow my business using your insights. I like how you run your business, and I want to know more
about how you do it. My site, at the moment, is a subscription site with online lessons for guitarists.
What I want is for it to REALLY work for the students. I want to learn how to understand the students
very deeply, get behind WHY they are wanting to use my material, and how best to give them what they
want, or lead them to the changes they want to make.

I also like that it feels daring of me to do this. Or stupid. Haven’t decided which yet…

– Mike

Ramit’s honesty on what makes an online biz successful

– Irene

I’ve straddled the entre/wantrepreneur borderline for too long! I’ve attempted, and occasionally
succeeded at, small entrepreneurial ventures in the past, but want to develop a serious and
substantially automated business system so that I can live the life that I dream of.

– Matt

Ramit is always an inspiration for me. I’m sure that I will get high value from this program.

I have a few ideas of online business but I don’t know where to begin. I watched all the videos from Zero
To Launch presentation and they convinced me that this course will show me the path.

– Michael

I’d like to create a world-class course that helps men become their best selves through health and
fitness. I’ve tested on myself for over 10 years and gotten my nutrition certification.

ZTL will give me the systems I need to build the business around the idea to provide the best results

– Marc

It’s time for me to take control of my destiny.

– Scott

I’ve really enjoyed all the courses that I’ve purchased from IWT. Given that this is year’s worth of
data, research and time put in by Ramit, I felt that this could be something I could benefit from.

– Justin

I’d like to reposition myself in the market as a life coach + create a course that’s aligned with my

– Cynthia

Trust in the IWT product and a desire to run a successful online business.

– Nichole

I’ve been toying of the idea with launching an online product, and I trust Ramit’s products (I doubled my
salary with DreamJob)

– Daniel

I like how Ramit backs his products and tests them.

– Marc

I’ve been following your work for 4 years. I’ve followed and studied every one of your launches, but I
never signed up. (Price mostly).

I thought to myself, I can do this on my own.

I know I could, but the fact is I didn’t.

This year I’m doing.

– Tristan

I like that you have structured the model around a framework vs singular tactics. It’s been something
that i’ve been studying myself and it’s time to do this on my own. A $2000 bill forces me to be
accountable to go through it.

– David

That it’s tested across industries and it’s designed to be actionable, particularly for making products
from the softer skills, like public relations.

– Siobhan

I had been waiting for a course that seemed right for me, and this seemed to be it. I’ve been interested
in starting a business for a while and never felt like I had the knowledge or means.

– Kimberly

I’ve been wanting to set up something online for years but have been too busy to figure out what and how
– this is exactly what I have been waiting for, and I already know that Ramit’s courses are worth the

– Michela

I want to help people navigate their career search to find jobs that allow them financial stability,
personal growth, and a feeling of self respect.

– Tiffany

Gain the knowledge, skills, and drive to build products that will transform the lives of others and give
me the freedom to build tight relationships with my family.

– Warren

I have followed you (Ramit) for the past year. In my life I followed the “proper” path, the “traditional”
path. I did well in school, became an Army Officer, served in Afghanistan and earned a Bronze Star, and
became a manager for a billion dollar corporation, but in the end I haven’t created something on my own
terms to offer value to the world in a unique and helpful way.

– Mark

I have already been building a list, and have recently written a 30,000 word book on weight loss/strength
building that I want to release with the best results.

– Greg

I’ve been semi-retired for several years and am bored and unhappy. I want to build something and have a
sense of accomplishment everyday. I hate the corporate world, the higher you go the more politics there
is. I feel like an online business will give me the satisfaction of building products that make a
difference for people but also give me the flexibility and lifestyle that better suits my capabilities.
I came down with Type II diabetes a few years ago. I can’t travel and work 12 to 14 hours a day in a big
corporate job or a venture funded startup anymore. But I want to feel like my best days are ahead of

I’ve always been a system builder and I think Ramit is a genius at that. I love the idea of learning and
implementing his system.

I’ve wasted money on courses before – thousands of dollars but I think this time will be different. I
respect Ramit’s straight forward and direct approach and feel like I can learn a lot from him. He
reminds me of myself when I was younger and I’d love to get that fire back.

– Purvi

The promise of step by step systems, and the fact that Ramit has built a product that I KNOW is based on
research of his customers’ needs.

– Mike

I have been exposed to Internet Marketing for almost a decade. Shamefully I have never tried creating or
selling a product because I didn’t think I had any value to deliver. Ramit’s credibility is superb and I
am really praying I will be one of his success stories (from Jamaica 🙂 ).

– Locksley

I finally have a team working with me and are moving toward an online platform but I was not sure how to
attack it and thought that Zero to Launch can give me step by step plans to execute

– Dominique

PRIMOZ, story squeeze page, explaining the results he achieved.

– Irving

I’ve tried various online strategies (can’t really call them businesses) over the last 7 or 8 years. I
trust that Ramit’s program will be the 1st I’ve come across that actually provides the systems. With
those systems, and my hard work, I believe I can begin to generate income beyond my service

– Candice

Control of my time

– Shiva

Ramit’s passion, skills in delivery, high quality of contents, along with my desire to succeed convinced
me to invest in ZTL.

– Boon

Ramit’s straightforward approach to everything and the fact that you’ve put together a system to follow
from idea to launch

– Ed

I’ve been reading your emails for years. I have bought your templates for emails and Success Triggers. I
just started going through the Success Triggers right before you started promoting this class, so I am
not done yet.

On your emails you said to think of 3 products that you might want to promote and vet them. So I started
working on one because people thought it was a good idea. I’m going to an event in a couple of weeks
where a lot of my potential clients will congregate. I want to have a prototype by then and do some more
research with people I don’t know.

– Mukhya

The detail and the guidance. The refund policy

– Kiran

All the specific goals that Ramit mentioned in his video and basic step by step ways of becoming

– Thomas

You deliver on your promises. I have been dicking around with trying to figure out how to make money
online – and know that if I follow the specific steps you tell me, if I put the work in, this will help
me build a system that actually works instead of my fumbling around in the dark.

– Steve

A discussion with my wife leading to the consensus that it sounds like something worth trying!

– Daniel

I believe in systems thinking and how Ramit has set up this program. I don’t have the time to observe and
collect and curate the information I might need to get started to convert that info to knowledge. I know
I stand out in a crowd and am charismatic – it’s time to harness that energy, figure out my true assets
and scale up.

– Chamika

I’ve taken several of Ramit’s courses (always great), and I’ve been looking to focus less on
freelancing/consulting and more on developing a core business.

– Dan

The idea of having a plan and system in place and being able to learn from someone who has successfully
started multiple online businesses.

– Jim

I’ve been working to start an online business for over a year now, and I am just getting bogged down in
the details and not taking enough action. I really liked the idea that so much has already been tested
and researched with this product.

– Russell

I would like to have a new income stream and i would like to learn how to create an online business. I
would like to share and know how to monetize my ideas.

– Maki

I want to invest my time to learn from the best about breaking psychological barriers and to be able to
act and get results in my goals and in my business.

– Michael

My husband has followed you for years, and he got me to watch your webinar tonight (it was my first
encounter with you). I loved how real you are, and how specific your program is. I recently did another
online business course (yes, you know the woman running it), but ended up asking for a refund because
the program was soooooooo general. I also like how much content your course includes.

– Joanne

Ramit’s outside-the-box ideas. I love systems that work.

– John

NO-BRAINER. This is what I’ve wanted to do all along: (1) not freelance on the side after an exhausting
day at work (though E1K taught me how to get in the heads of hiring managers to get a dream job with 10%
raise) and (2) not just getting another dream job that would be fun but would still limit the number of
people I could help and the projects I really want to work on. I predicted the price for the pro level
would be the price you actually charged for the master level. “OMG,” I said, “This is a no-brainer; I am
joining the course right now!” And I know it will deliver 10x the results of another course that cost 3x
as much (which I did not purchase a few months ago).

– Nathan

The fact that Ramit’s material is very specific and that the course is designed in such a way as to save
me time. Also, access to the Zero to Launch community was an important factor.

– Meg

This questions easy – this is a product always wanted to buy and this is the first time I’ve seen it

– Jacob

I have lots of knowledge and patience but not the systems , no guidance to earn money on the side.

– Piyush

I’ve known Ramit for six years. The quality of his pitch exceeds everything he’s done.

– Charlie

You always give great advice, so I guess my trust in you is what made me even consider taking the course.
The interviews you made available before releasing the course (especially the interview with the analyst
regarding positioning) really solidified my choice to take the course since the interview was extremely

– Nicole

I’ve had products that I’ve wanted to launch for a while, but I’ve been holding myself back. I want the
benefits but I wasn’t on the hook for making the success I desired a reality.

– Joseph

Aside from the fact I hate my job, I just really need time flexibility now that I’m a mom. I’m sick of
wasting hours of my time everyday at the desk not really creating anything significant when I could be
spending time with my baby or creating something of value that uses my talents. Also, I’ve been day
dreaming about working on my own for a long time and it really is about time.

– Jinny

(SaaS for recurring revenue). 60 days money back guarantee seems like a safe bet to get going. If all
else fails, I have only lost some effort.

– Jørgen

I’ve been reading your material for many years. I’ve also purchased Instant Network. I’m most interested
in extending my reach and impact, sharing the things I know about with others to help improve their

– JT

Risk free offer and my confidence in the program. Also I am not on call this weekend so I can begin in a
few days.

– Travis

What convinced me to invest in Zero to Launch was my want to do something different so I finally get what
I don’t have – a thriving side business. I was resistant at first but when considering the opportunity
costs in not joining tonight my fear was no longer an object.

– Marielle

I have identified digital products I could create by the consulting work that I am doing. After looking
for mastermind groups in my city I could not locate any with the goals I had in mind. I have resulted in
forming my owe group and see this course as just the group I need to achieve my goals.

– Scott

I want to develop an online business focused on providing information products to help owners of pets
with chronic diseases, or who want to see their pets achieve optimum health. This course was advertised
in part by building systems for products that help people with their problems.

– Kristopher

Coincided perfectly with the launch of my online GMAT coaching and MBA Admissions Consulting

– Ashwin

I have a separate business idea which is complimentary to my current profession that is designed to help
people locate and use valuable information (my target customers are individuals who do not need an
attorney or legal advice, but need guidance on where to access information as well as tactical guides on
how to handle certain DIY tasks.

– Roshni

I have a lot of ideas – many of which I FEEL are not good ideas and never follow through on testing if
they were actually valid ideas people would pay for. I have very few marketable skills – I feel I’m more
on the soft skill side – but I know people will excellent technical skills I would like to know how to
leverage their knowledge to build a product.

– Andy

10 years, 15,000 paying students tested ZeroToLaunch system.

Knowing you test everything and having our common mentor BJ say that as well.

– David

I’ve been dreaming about starting an online business for over a year and a half, but have been stuck due
to “analysis paralysis” and reading endless material. I have plenty of great resources, an immense
amount of technological experience (had a web design business in the past), but when it came to building
an information product — I could NOT think of an idea “worthy enough” to start. “What can I help people
with?” “Why will people ever listen to me?” These are the constant ‘invisible scripts’ that ran through
my mind.. hopefully, until now.

– Daniil

Those materials are highly tested.

– Yufa

I’ve been studying online marketing for about 2 yrs and have put up a website selling unique t-shirt
designs. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished (branding,designs, and site build I did 100% myself).
Although I’ve sold a few shirts with no promotion on my part, $2/shirt isn’t going to secure us
financially. I’m tired of being stuck at this place in our lives. My husband wants to start his own
business and I have an idea for an online business and I hope to develop these with ZTL.

– Mary

I know I have ideas and skills that others need to hear and share with others. I feel like the time is

– Marisa

I know I have knowledge I want to share with people but I don’t know how to start an online business in a
way that is not overwhelmingly complicated

– Vineta

I’ve had a few ideas for starting online businesses, but always get analysis paralysis. With my current
company (family business), I have the opportunity to create my own product(s) and sell as much product
online as possible. I believe the Zero to Launch will help me get there faster.

– Craig

I am interested in the systems that Ramit uses to create and run his online business. I hope that the
systems will help me refine, grow and scale the business that I have already started.

– Wang

I’ve been looking for a way to earn money on the side. I feel like I have the ability to teach others and
exhibit this at my day job. Now I need help finding the right subject matter/idea, and start helping
people in a way that fits my time/goals.

– Justin

Getting a solid blueprint. I’ve got a few income streams but want to solidify them a bit. I’ve got to
where I am through trial and error and though it’s pretty good, I want to do more.

– Becky

Your case study James A., I feel like we are in the same space, education-wise. He was able to move from
tutoring to online business without exchanging time for money. He is also in the science field like I

– Grace

I wanted to take the unique technological skills I have and help people solve their problems, live a free
life using Ramit’s proven systems, earn money while I live, and lastly invest in myself to improve the
way I identify other people’s needs.

– Yawhann

I’ve followed Ramit’s material for a number of years, and have wanted to start my online business but
have always held back. This coures looks like it has a good framework and will give me what I need to
get started.

– Trent

Wanting to learn about the psychology of selling, and I really liked your open approach and desire to
cater to an audience that is interested.

– Jeff

The analysis and testing that went into developing the course was a plus, as was the talk about
automation and systems. My banking and investing have been automated for years and it’s worked really
well for me. I wouldn’t mind paying to save some time figuring out how to apply that to business.

– Mandy

1. I want to build an online business that generates enough passive income to cover my expenses so I
could have the freedom that I want.


2. I’m tired of wasting time and energy on things that don’t work. I’m dreaming about passive income
since I was 19. I’m 24 now. I’m not where I want to be (read: I make maybe 5$/month in passive income,
yes, that is five dollars a month, with my Kindle e-book). I’m afraid that life is passing me by.


3. I assume that Zero To Launch is the best product on the topic there is since I got an impression that
Ramit doesn’t mess around when it comes to his online courses.


Bought the course.

– Agota

I decided to invest because I wanted reach more of my clients in a personal way by offering online
courses and materials to assist them in their spiritual growth. A number of my repeat clients have asked
for these courses and information.

– Melissa

I have wanted to start an online business for a long time, and believe that I have truly found a system
that will make the investment in myself worthwhile. Systems, not tactics, are the highway to leading an
impactful life, and it is that life to which I am truly looking forward.

– Evan

I have been interested in starting an online business for a few years, but have never been able to
successfully come up with an idea worth committing to. I’m hopeful this system will get me over that

– David

I want to be a branding coach for small businesses in Central PA.

– Debbie

I have been trying to come up with ideas, get into online businesses for many years, trying different
things and different books, have not joined a course or coaching style program, I know Ramits quality of
products and its about time he releases such a program.

– Hesham

1) I already know your strategies and systems work.

I first began reading your materials and bought your IWT book in April 2010. Using your advice I cut my
expenses by 60% in 3 months and started saving for retirement too.

I followed your dream job advice on natural networking and scheduled a lunch date with a hiring manager
in a matter of weeks. The person who did the introduction wasn’t even a close friend. Just a nice guy
(in my field of interest) I had met at a breakfast counter a few months back.

And lastly, with this set of free pre-Zero to Launch materials, I finally got off my ass and spoke to
some friends about the ways I love helping others develop their business ideas. This led to a new client
with a guaranteed income of no less than $600/mo and a host of new leads. So I know I can actually
afford the course.

2) The case study with James A. I’m in education and seeing his results sealed the deal. It made me
realize I really have not “tried everything.”

– Rhoda

I have been trying to come up with ideas, get into online businesses for many years, trying different
things and different books, have not joined a course or coaching style program, I know Ramits quality of
products and its about time he releases such a program.

– Hesham

In addition to completing a master’s degree, I would like to have other income sources. I have summer
break coming up and should have time to work on side projects again; if one of my ideas seems worthy, it
would also be the perfect season to be working on it.

– Bhuvaneswari

I work in North Alaska half the year so that I can enjoy living in Lake Tahoe the other half. I’d like to
make living in Lake Tahoe an all year possibility.

– Taylor

I’ve been wishy washy for over 8 months now on starting an online business. I’ve had success using
Ramit’s free advice in the past and now have 2000 reasons to stay focused. Sure, I could have invested
it (which I probably would have) but why not work towards something bigger with an online business?

– Jeff

Two years ago I was working for a large firm and proofreading essays for high schoolers and college
students. I was $9 / hr, or about $4 to $5 per essay. I know I can provide same or better value, help
students save money, and earn more as a byproduct.

– Proofreading

I didn’t need convincing.

– Lily

I don’t need to be highly knowledgeable about a subject in order to create a profitable business that can
also help people.

– Damian

In affiliate marketing and network marketing but want to create my own products as an authority for that
market because they are in great need of help and so am I

– Billy

The promise to take the shackles off while letting me actually make a difference in the world and help
people who need it.

– Mike

I’ve wanted to create an online business for a while but there are so many ways to go about it. I like
the no-hassle sound of information products, but I’m a little nervous how to pull it off. I know Ramit’s
material will be thorough enough to help me get going successfully.

– Mark

I have one rule that I always follow: Learn from the best. Model the best. Follow the ones that are
getting the results. That’s what my life is about 🙂

– Nelson

Ramit’s webinar tonight hit all the right buttons – I became convinced this is the right Ramit course for
me right now. I’ve been reading IWTYTBR stuff for a long time but this fits my need.

– Judith

1. The many, many resources and support available
2. Ramit’s always honest, transparent, and helpful method of communication
3. The risk-free guarantee

– Lauren

Your tell is straight style and the fact that someone will call you to check up.

– Michael

Past results with other IWT products, and the idea to start my own business in a field completely
different from my day job


I’ve been reading your e-mails for a while and decided that on my self-proclaimed year off (I graduated
college a year early) I’d actually start a business instead of going off to travel. I decided to get the
program so that I could have someone else show me how to structure the business, since I am, admittedly,
not the best organizer.

– Emily

The testimonials of videos from past ZTL students and their results.

– Kimberly

I struggle with day to day business steering. i run a small Ecomm biz on the side and want to scale that
but also understand and relish the opportunity to create an excellent product one time and have
recurring sales. I need a comprehensive system so I can stop wasting time researching. Ordinarily i
would continue to piece the info together from other resources but trust that I can find everything i
need here.

– Jeff

I work crazy hours, and while I love my job, I have no work life balance, my marriage is suffering, and I
have hit the ceiling on my income for at least the next 4-5 years. I’m hoping to launch a side business
that will eventually allow me the freedom to focus on my relationships while generating a similar or
higher income through helping others, instead of just my employer.

– Maria

The focus on the system, not the tactic.
How to confront psychological barrier.
That you made it and tested it.
The importance of market positioning.
That I need support and a better plan to attain my objective.

– Eric

Ramit Sethi. 🙂

– Gwenn

In the last 2 years I have been able to achieve high level of success (according to my own definition)
when I met the right people at the right time, but I wanted a way to:
– package that knowledge so that
– I can scale the impact I’m making but also
– make my product/service/value discoverable and applicable.

– Ange

I find that I do really well with specific courses of action that tell me exactly what to do – at least
to get started in a new endeavor. ZTL is the first course I’ve found for online biz that is set up that

– Jeremy

I would like to build a digital product line serving cancer survivors and their care givers.

– Christine

I want to find out what my skills are and how I can offer them to help people. I have been struggling
about finding a profitable idea and hope this program will help me find one.

– Tara

Well Ramit to me is a guy who understands the business. I’d definitely love to learn from him.

– Bahareh

The trust I got in Ramit knowledge and his ability to teach. The courses are getting better with time,
and this course focus resonate greatly with me.

– Alexandre

I want to start an online business to help myself and others! I want to be able to have the freedom of
money worries and travel the world.

– Kevin

I have several ideas and wish to ascertain viability, plus these skills will benefit across the board. I
am interested in streamlining/fast-tracking the process, as my experience in many areas eg technology,
payments process, marketing, is enthusiastic but limited!

– Julie

The Sunday Presentation presented by Ramit, finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in this
program, as I was overloaded by information and took a lot of time to find out how to launch a
successful online business, but took no action.

– Hye In

I’m struggling with the ways to best communicate what I do to potential clients and looking to tap into a
broader market than what my current location can offer. I think some of the information offered in Zero
to Launch can help me improve upon that.

– Caroline

I’d like to help people and make an impact in the world around me but I haven’t found a way to do that
effectively and balance my financial needs.

– Sachit

The idea of a roadmap. I work best when following a recipe or guide with step by step instructions. Zero
to Launch appears to provide this guide.

– Adam

I don’t know how to get awareness about the products I create, I don’t know how to manage or utilize an
email list, and I don’t know how to set up an automated payment system for my customers

– Glenn

Using Ramit’s fantastic advice and products in the past and knowing his courses are great. And this is
exactly what I’ve always wanted to make but never even completely knew it myself. I love to learn things
by myself, go out and adventure and experiment but I know I could do it hundreds of times faster by
taking this course.

– Eric

I’ve browsed and seen lots of those internet marketing scammy type sales pages, but Zero to Launch called
to me because it promised an actual tested system from someone who has been extremely successful online,
and not JUST from teaching people to create online businesses like theirs.

– Bianca

My friend Selena Soo recommended it. We are both interested in launching products.

– Jo-Na

I don’t want to waste another day thinking about doing something vs taking action. I was impressed that
the reviews were from legitimate students who did the work and developed an online business.

– Janet

I started a website four years ago hoping to turn it into a profitable online business, but I have spent
too much time spinning my wheels and not producing the results I want. Ramit has one of the most
successful online businesses in the world and he has spent a lot of time and money on research to deeply
understand the struggles of his customers and how to best serve them. If he isn’t the best coach to help
get me on the right track, I don’t know who is.

– Alykhan

That it’s a complete system for creating an online business: creation, sales, psychology, etc

– Joe

The thought of working until retirement doesn’t appeal to me. There has to be another way to gain
financial freedom – that is to start my own business!

– Jason

This is my 3rd of Ramit’s courses (although I just realized I used a different email address for the
others) so I know the course will have substance & value. I’ve been working on a product/service
launch for way too long, and the timing of this course is perfect to help me confirm I have a valid idea
& finally get it launched.

– Glen

After Earn1K and FYFPI, I have so many ideas. Productization was my original interest anyway, so here we
are. I work hard enough in my day job as an architect (a field that scales horribly), so the last thing
I want is another job to come home to at night!

– David

1. RBT’ers whom I know like Naveen and Primoz have had great success with this program
2. I’ve taken courses from Ramit like Success Triggers, Finisher’s Formula which I’ve found to be really
useful and had great success with.
3. I could not really find a course to start an online business that is comprehensive and when Ramit
says this one is, I trust him.

– Akshay

I love Ramit’s teaching style. Step by step, test everything, details everything from A to Z on what
works and what doesn’t. No BS. Everything you need to know about starting and succeeding in an online
business seems to be in this course.

– Vid

I invested in Zero to Launch because I’ve learned about pieces of the puzzle separately from many
sources, but have never quite understood how to connect the dots in a systemic way. Succeed or fail, I
expect to be able to understand how to learn from each experience and build upon its results.

– Bridgit

I feel this is an investment in myself, for my career, my future, my ability to share ideas and knowledge
with others who share my passions. This course may help to build systems in order to create something
bigger than myself. I was impressed by the video reviews of previous members and feel this course will
stretch my comfort zone (positively) in order to share more of what I have to offer. Having a roadmap
with systems to back it up seems perfect for an analytical person such as myself.

– Travis

You have the best eyebrows in the industry. But seriously, your free material is awesome, and I’m excited
to learn how much better your paid material is. Your live webcasts definitely pushed me over the edge to

– Jordan

I’ve been wanting to start an online business for a long time now but put in very little effort out of
fear and also not knowing what to do. I decided to join this course because I’ve been reading Ramit’s
emails for many years and have viewed some of his webinars. Although I might not agree with Ramit 100%
of the time, I think that he is extremely smart and has a lot to offer. Also, I trust that Ramit’s
course will be great because of his track record.

– Kevin

Ramit’s free material has helped me dramatically improve my career (specifically with revamping my resume
to tell a focused story, negotiating higher rates for freelance positions, and growing a vibrant
professional network via informational meetings). Currently, I’m in a position where I have the time and
desire to build my own business, and so when this course opened up, I immediately recognized the value
in joining.

– Annette

Your experience, testing and results of other members.

– Brendan

i have always been taught, if you want to do something learn it from some who has gone before you. I just
started a consulting business, but now have no idea where to go from there.

– Darian

I’m interested in helping people like myself – people who work in the tech, and especially the startup
space. I can help them, simply and comfortably, regardless of their fitness level, to:
– re-connect with their bodies and their physical energy
– rid themselves, and their body’s systems, of the toxic effects related to the technology we all work
on every day and our modern lifestyles in general
– show them how this brings about a deep, internal sense of wellness that flows from within, and which
eliminates many of the stresses and reactions that cause disease, physical discomfort, and illness
(especially among those who work a lot with computers!)

– Ben

I’ve been subscribing to Ramit’s email list for years and I’ve purchased several of his products, so I
know his stuff is good. I’ve been wanting to start an online business for a long time, and I’m so glad
he’s finally put together this program – I can’t wait to get started!

– Mengju

I have been trying to figure out how to start my own business for a while now. I am still a student
majoring in psychology and I love it but I know I am already starting to get tiresome of school and
completing another 2-3 years for my masters will be to much for me. And looking at the bigger picture, I
was thinking how was is an BA in psychology going to take me. How much will I really be making.

Working in retail and in hospitality industries has taught me what it feel like to be at the bottom of
the food chain and struggling to work your way up. I have always wanted to work for myself. Bet on
myself to see why my 100% can get me.

So the bottom line came down to money, time and my happiness. I would like to change my life for the

– Shakira

I am not sure yet what type of business to get started on, but the idea of being able to reach a large
audience is incredibly intriguing. Without a doubt, the freedom of creativity and lifestyle play a big
part in my excitement and ultimate decision to choose Zero to Launch.

– Deborah

It looks like what I need to be doing right now.

– Daniel

I am interested in starting a web business relating to info products, but I’m not sure where to start.
I’ve read a lot of things.. and I have some ideas but it’s a bit overwhelming. I’m ready to take

– Crystal

I have been a student of the Dream Job and Earn 1k and I learned a lot but I think this was the course I
really wanted all along.

– Tiffany

I bought this course because I knew that it would save me years of trying to figure things out for
myself. Ramit with 10 years of experience I can trust that this will be exactly what I need to take me
to the next level. I was already planing on making and selling a course on my website so this is really
a no brainer for me to do it right. Besides, I really want to change how I make money and really have a
great online business.

– Steven

The knowledge that it will serve as a more structured guide to existing plans

– Steven

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