Meet Lisa, the photographer who doubled her revenue while working less on her business

Case study quick wins:

  • About Lisa: Lisa had a 6-figure photography business but was overextended. She
    wanted to grow her business but couldn’t fathom adding anything to her workload.
  • How she used 6-Figure Consulting: Instead of adding items to her to-do list,
    Lisa was able to look at the big-picture strategy and land high-value, low-headache clients.
  • Results: Lisa doubled her revenue from $170,000 to $340,000 while spending less
    time on her business.

Lisa E., 6 Figure Consulting student

“Working 50-60 hours/week, I was exhausted”

Lisa was proud of the business she’d built, but she wanted more. She knew that it could be bigger, but had no
idea how. It seemed impossible for her to both make more money and have more time with her family.

She spent 6 days of the week hustling for her business and was so exhausted by Sunday to do anything except “veg

Take a look at her typical week:

For Lisa, growing her business was about more than just money, she wanted her time back.

“I felt completely trapped”

She sought out anything she could find on how to take her business to the next level including:

She would get home with a to-do list a mile long and no time to implement any of it. It became a vicious circle
of guilt and exhaustion, which left Lisa feeling trapped.

See how my 6-Figure Consulting System finally broke the cycle:

Using 6-Figure Consulting, Lisa learned to focus on what really “moved the needle” in her business. While her
colleagues had theories like, “If I post more photos on Facebook, more clients will find me,” Lisa had a system
in place to double her revenue.

Watch as she shares how finding high-paying clients was a game-changer for her business:

“I feel relaxed and able to enjoy my life.”

This year, Lisa expects to double her revenue from $170,000 to $340,000. In the first quarter alone (by far her
slowest season), she saw revenues jump from $13,000 to $30,000.

It was never just about the money for Lisa. Check out the difference in her lifestyle now versus just a few
months ago:

Now after joining my 6-Figure Consulting System, Lisa has a clear plan to grow her business instead of a
mile-long to-do list. The result is double the revenue, better clients, and most importantly, more time with her

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